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The environment is relatively simple. But the master’s technique is good, there are pain points, and I will consider revisiting

YINYU · 02/03/2021

It was a hassle free experience. Just go in the spa area and show your voucher. The massage was fine, the personnel were attentive but the talking between personnel could be limited esp when they are massaging their customers.

Jonalyn · 25/02/2021

I enjoyed more then the people I took with me who found the massage too painful so beware if you aren’t prepared for an intense massage. The masseuse did a great job finding all the knots in my body and working them out. The only weird part was that he kept hitting me as part of the massage, including on my head, which was neither relaxing or effective at getting rid of knots.

Kaiya · 23/02/2021

This is my fixed massage location in Taipei, very professional massage and service, every time it makes me very happy and the whole person is very relaxed, I highly recommend this shop, thank you very much!

ZHENDONG · 22/02/2021

It was good and relaxing. The massage came with hot packs and heating bed

Jessica · 01/02/2021

Very kind and comfortable

Worth going, the price is not expensive, the massage aunt is super kind and comfortable

Tan Yee · 21/01/2021

The foot massage is really very comfortable! The master is very serious! No time to steal! Click very carefully! Little by little! You should call when you press, and I feel sleepy after pressing! This is really a very comfortable foot massage!

MEI FANG · 31/12/2020

Was a nice detox experience. The lymphatic drainage consists of a traditional shiatsu massage for 60 minutes plus a full body oil massage with guasha and deep tissue foot massage. Reception is on the second floor. Parking nearby under xinshen express way

Angela · 19/12/2020

Nice place with good services. Places like this are suffering from the pandemic. The prices are cheaper now as well. You should definitely go!

Chingguoa · 17/11/2020

It is very convenient to use the electronic voucher, and it is also very convenient to make an appointment at the time of purchase. It is suitable for people who do not want to call another appointment. The overall environment is quiet and comfortable. It seems a bit embarrassing if there are no foreign tourists. The counters and chefs in the store are very kind and will not sell separately. The tactics are also very good and will repurchase again.

HSIN YI · 09/11/2020

This is the second time I go to this health center for massage. The master massage is very professional and the service is also very good. I will go next time, thank you!

ZHENDONG · 05/11/2020

I like to buy the itinerary on klook. The e-ticket is too convenient and the interface is well designed. It is recommended to buy the ticket in advance on Klook, so as to plan and smoothly.

WANCHEN · 21/10/2020

The masseur is very professional and can teach some health tips, and the counter service is kind and fast!

YI CHAN · 06/10/2020

Good Good Good Good Good

HUIFANG · 25/09/2020

Great massage experience! 40 minutes for back and foot. It was so painful (but in good way?) They were very professional and super friendly. Just a bit of a shame there aren’t as many tourists anymore - it did feel a little empty, so it would be awesome to support them!

Lisa · 31/08/2020

Great to support local businesses as covid has sure reduced their business. Great location and great people

James · 31/08/2020

Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good

JEN SUNG · 24/08/2020

The master has the strength, the pressing is very comfortable, wearing long pants will provide shorts replacement

Po Hua · 13/08/2020

The masseuse was ok. The service over all just ok. Facility also just ok.

Christina · 23/07/2020

The price is the same as the site, there is no cheaper, the male and female masters can choose by themselves, although it hurts when pressed, but it was very good to sleep that night, experience article:

Chinfang · 11/07/2020

Get the voucher immediately, KLOOK's plan already includes the service fee, so it is still cheaper than the on-site discount.

SHIHYA · 01/07/2020

The counter is on the second floor of the building. The environment is very comfortable and elegant. Master 65’s massage technique is familiar~

YIJIUN · 28/06/2020

Press the soles of the feet, the master has good skills, while pressing, I will also talk about some small knowledge about the meridians,

mei yue · 23/04/2020

I came to this "Zaichun Health Life Museum" for a 30-minute foot massage last weekend. Although the process of pressing it hurts, I screamed, but after I pressed it, I fell asleep very well and felt the morning

chu mei · 22/04/2020

When I arranged the female master at the beginning, I was still worried that my strength was not enough. The technology is super good and highly recommended.

tzunghuei · 16/04/2020

The service is good, the master is super professional, every strength is very good, I like it very much. It is recommended that if you go shopping nearby, you can arrange a massage for half an hour to an hour to re-spring if you are tired!

YIJU · 16/04/2020

Near Taipei Zhongshan MRT station, it is easy to find, the intensity is sufficient, and very professional, remember to drink more water after pressing the foot, accelerate blood circulation, Klook staff service attitude is poor.

Yeung · 13/04/2020

goodgood goodgood goodgood

HUIFANG · 07/04/2020

The foot massage master pressed it seriously, and his attitude was very kind and a great experience.

HuiRu · 15/03/2020

opted for a guy and lady for couple massage. #3 and #68 was soooooo good. recommended if possible to pick massage therapist.

Bee · 02/03/2020

Although it was only booked for 30 minutes, the master was very careful to press well and full. There seemed to be some foreign group visitors at the scene, but they were separated, really comfortable, and highly recommended!

HSIEN KUN · 17/02/2020

KLOOK full experience, the master is very professional to explain, there are acupoints and text can be compared, a very good experience. By the way, Master 23 is very good.

YI CHUN · 16/02/2020

KLOOK full experience experience, the master is very professional to explain, there are acupoints and graphics can be compared, a good experience

YI CHUN · 16/02/2020

It is very convenient to buy with discount on Klook, and the skills of the masseuse are not bad, because there are no people on site

shumei · 12/02/2020

The master is very kind and courteous, and the technique is quite good. Have a chance to try it out

MENG YING · 08/02/2020

The service is very good, there are many masters, all of them are Korean guests, but the original price is very expensive, and crooked nuts are probably rich.

Szuhsien · 05/02/2020

The master is Vietnamese and has a very good attitude and good service. He will pay attention and speak Chinese! The price is a bit expensive, and it will be bought if there is a discount.

hdinkang · 03/02/2020

It's very close to the MRT station. Master No. 35 is very kind and full of massages. The people are very nice. In the future, I will use klook to buy back.

TZUPING · 24/01/2020

The service staff is very kind and there are many tourists waiting by the side. The master's hand press technique is also good. It will adjust the strength of the massage. It is worth experiencing!

CHIA YUAN · 15/01/2020

A great massage experience, the professional master will also inform the location of each acupoint. Comfortable experience

JUIHSUAN · 13/01/2020

??massage, nice service, reputable massage place, central location.. Well recommended & try again in future !

carys · 06/01/2020

The master is very kind and courteous, and the technique is quite good. Have a chance to try it out

MENG YING · 03/01/2020

The master was kind and polite, and his technique was good. Have a chance to try it

CHUNMING · 29/12/2019

Clean and comfortable, friendly staff, clear explanation, crowded people, it is best to make an appointment first.

SHIHCHI · 25/12/2019

Very good, very nice and good place

James · 24/12/2019

Had a good massage. But if only they allowed you to shower after that. Oily feeling all over at the end.

Jiang Rui Ivan · 08/12/2019

the most professional chinese message therapist with comprehensive knowledge on acupoint system! thumbs up!

Yiu Cho Brian · 04/12/2019

We were so satisfied with the service. The receptionist knows how to speak multiple languages. He spoke Korean to the guests before us, Mandarin and of course English. The staff were super accommodating too. We came here after a long hike at the Yangmingshan National Park and my goodness it was a perfect idea to go for a massage. The masseur knows my shoulder and neck condition so I felt like he really focused on that area of my body. Will definitely book this again if we go back in Taiwan.

Giani · 18/11/2019

Great service and good team who know what they are doing.

Cassandra · 09/11/2019

We didn’t have the time to take pictures bec everything happened in a bliss. We had a hard time finding the place bec it has no english name in their sign board. If you’ll consider this, better be early. Four of us booked this voucher and we had the same comments — there is inconsistency with the points they press and it seems like the process is in a hurry. Although, we really felt lighter after and some of the areas that we felt pain before have lessen plus they offered tea which is a good point, it is still less than what we have expected. The people who gave us massage are also talking to each other while doing the massage and laughing as if they are talking about us which is not good. It is very awkward to wear the robe and the shorts they gave but while doing the massage, since it is open area, it feels uncomfortable to have your feet lifted up while the other person is in front of you looking. There are other parlors which are cheaper and looks better. I hope they’ll improve their service more.

ROSAVIC KHAYE · 02/11/2019

Product information

Take a break from the busy city and head to Tsay Chuen Kuan, a renowned wellness center in Taipei, for some quiet, soothing treatment. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage right in the heart of Taiwan's capital.

  • Please note that you may need to wait for an appointment upon arrival
  • A grace period of 30 mins applies for reservations. If you are late, you will have to wait on-site. Please inform us in advance if you wish to postpone the session