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Big fun place

The weather was cool on the date I just went, so it’s very suitable to take children to see the animals~ I will go again later

芸萱 朱 · 09/03/2021


The naughty world is quite interesting and entertaining, so it is quite suitable for playing with children

秉豪 陳 · 09/03/2021

Use the app to save time and money

Purchasing through the app is really time-saving and money-saving, and the tickets also belong to KKday! I will go there again when I have a chance to go to the south

均珊 戴 · 09/03/2021

Unexpected multiple animals

Although it was the first time I went there, I can see some traces of the years, but I was surprised to see many rare animals and I also felt the care of the animals in the museum.

釆霏 謝 · 08/03/2021


It is recommended to come and play~ A lot of animals and it’s safe, but it’s a bit far away.

玟淵 曾 · 08/03/2021

Good friends outing

A journey full of memories! Going out with a good friend is different!

鎮豪 古 · 08/03/2021

Naughty World One Day Tour

Good place for children to let the wind go! Recommend, it's a pity that many places are under construction this time

芊宸 賴 · 08/03/2021

Fun and fast

Easy booking time, fun and fast admission! Bring a family of four out to have fun

雨慈 和 · 08/03/2021

Nice place

The park is well planned. There is a play area for animals and children. You can plan to go early in the morning and go out to the salt water at noon to eat food

明澤 李 · 07/03/2021

Like it

Fun place is very suitable for family to travel together, I will go there when I have the opportunity

丁阿明 土水工程 丁 · 07/03/2021

Product information

Say "Hi" to exotic animals such as capybaras and penguins at Wanpi World Safari Zoo and learn about their enticing behaviors. Explore different areas of the zoo and enjoy close interactions with the animals.

  • The shows are subject to change, cancellation, or stoppage due to adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, please consider before booking
  • Attractions are subject to closure due to maintenance or adverse weather conditions, please check announcements at the entrance for details
  • Horse-drawn carriages, miniature horse riding, and other attractions are subject to cancellation due to adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, power outage, or other unforeseen circumstances without prior notice, please consider before booking
  • The voucher cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or promotions and cannot be exchanged for cash, please consider before booking
  • Present your voucher at the ticket counter to exchange for KKday special event ticket, note that the ticket is only valid on selected dates
  • Free cancellation applies to unredeemed voucher
Purchasing notice

・Free admission for children aged under 3, proof of age is required, and the child must be accompanied by a parent 
・Each adult may only accompany 3 children aged under 3 or 1 child aged under 3 with special needs 
・Child/infant/senior/concession tickets are required to be purchased on-site, please note that the aforementioned ticket types do not entail KKday discounts and special event ticket
・Certain attractions, restaurant, and services will incur surcharges, please consider before booking 
・If you wish to re-enter the zoo, please have your hand stamped at the entrance 
・The following behaviors are not allowed: feeding animals without permission, chasing animals, littering, touching display cases, climbing guard rails, using strobe lights 
・This product cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or promotions and cannot be exchanged for cash, please consider before booking
・This product is not available to a group of 30 or more travelers