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Comfortable and efficient

My driver Tony was flexible and accomodating with my distinct travel plans and spent a few minutes upon meeting planning the best route to take to ensure all expectations were met. He provided some fun facts of Hualien and Taroko Gorge and even recommended a movie to watch for more local exposure. Thank you, Tony!! Very much appreciate your guidance!

Jessica Teng · 21/02/2021


Mr Chang was an excellent and friendly tour guide and driver.

Mahalia Corrales · 07/02/2021

Miss Gao helped to make this journey pleasant. We did have difficulty communicating but except that she made every effort to make most from the trip. Highly recommended

Avinash · 07/02/2021

Overall 100% satisfied. Really had a great time while enjoying nature’s view all around. I really recommend this scenic place. A must try! ? The tourist guide was so kind and compassionate to tell the history of the place. Thank you so much sir! God bless you a thousandfold.

SHU YUN · 31/12/2020

The driver was nice

OverAll travel is nice but the approved ITINERARY From the local tour was not correct. They admit they didn’t look into details of the itinerary so make some arguments during the travel. Luckily the driver is nice

Christine Penaflor · 27/11/2020

I really enjoyed this trip because of the very kind and friendly driver. He's the best! He made my trip to Taroko Gorge unforgettable. Apart from that, he really makes an effort to talk with his passenger using a language translator app. I My picture at Qingshui cliff was taken by my driver.

Raquel · 28/10/2020

great driver

Great trip. Worth every step at taroko

Ming Juan · 27/08/2020

The driver was incredibly nice and he will take us to all the scenic spots. The driver was very chill so we don’t feel being rush, overall we were ?satisfied

Susan Emilia · 25/08/2020

Taroko Customized Tour

Awesome Tour! It is recommended!

諭穎 劉 · 02/07/2020

Taroko Customized Tour

Awesome tour, it is recommended!

諭穎 劉 · 02/07/2020

I didn't want to spend big bucks on a private tour, so I rented a car and driver from Klook to take our family around Taroko Gorge. Man, were we happy with the service! Mr. Huang took us to all the major sights, including a good lunch spot and a stop by the seaside on our way home. We walked about four miles in total. I don't really see the point of springing for a guide, as there is plenty of informative signage in English. At the same time, it was great to have a big, comfortable car at our disposal (I rented the SUV) and a driver who adhered to our timetable. I didn't have to plan or think about a thing - just relax and enjoy a beautiful region of Taiwan.

Usha · 12/04/2020

A Great Time

We had a great time seeing all the beautiful sights. Our driver was great. She did an excellent job taking us to all the different places. She was very kind and polite to us.

Guest · 05/04/2020

great driver, recommended

the driver was very experienced and super familiar with the local traffic. That was very helpful for helping us get to the train station and maximizing the tour time. the driver/guide also showed us the best viewing spots at each point to avoid the "usual" crowd. very courteous, the car was very clean.

Eric Jaklitsch · 17/03/2020

Huang Yulin, our driver for the day was amazing. He picked us on time and drove us to all main attractions in Taroko Gorge and also took our pictures at main points. He spoke little English so we were able to communicate fine. While going back to hotel he offered to drop us at night market but instead we asked him to drop us at Carrefour, he was very kind and offered to wait and dropped us back to hotel from there. And to top his good natured gesture he bought some yam cakes for us while he was waiting. What more can we ask for, it was good meeting him. Definitely recommend him and tour.

Surekha · 15/03/2020

really nice service

We appreciated that the driver was flexible and also took good care of our parents on the trip

Jenna Cody · 09/03/2020

We booked 1 sedan and 1 SUV for our group 10 people for Toroko but we turned out getting 2 sedans which are 2 Toyota Wish. That's mean we paid more than we got. Also it was not comfortable for two people sitting at the back. The driver couldn't understand English much but he's polite and friendly.

Supreeya · 05/03/2020

Great trip

Efficient and time saving

Toh Zan Xiang · 04/03/2020

The driver text us day before the tour and he meet us a hotel lobby on time. He tell us a lot of info about Hualien, which souvenirs to buy and where to have delicious local food.

Ka Wai · 24/02/2020

Beautiful place to visit when you’re at Hualien! The driver was helpful in guiding us and explaining to us the history of Hualien.

Sooi · 24/02/2020

Excellent and fuss-free experience. Driver contacted me one day prior to give details of meet up location and time, as well as advise on return train timings. Driving along the winding mountain roads was safe and smooth. The driver was friendly and knowledgeable of the local landmarks and history, providing a narration as we drove along, and an accurate estimation of the time to spend at each of the stops along the way. 10/10 would do this again if I'm back in the area.

Derek · 23/02/2020

Miss Gao was very good. We had some difficulties communicating due to language , but there is always google translate for the harder words. We covered quite a few places and had the luxury of our own schedule. definitely recommended.

yen ping · 21/02/2020

The driver was waiting for us at Hualien train station. Don't worry if you don't have any idea where exact to visit in the national park because the driver had plan for you, in contrast, if you already have plan in your mind, you can tell him where you want to go. Though the driver could not speak English, google translate did its job well enough. The car suits up to four people.

Pimrada · 15/02/2020

Reliable driver and even recommended some lunch place which is not too expensive.

CALYN · 06/02/2020

The driver was a very nice man who waited for us as our train got delayed. He knew the routes well and drove us to places we wanted to visit. I’m giving it 4 stars as it was very difficult to communicate. He did not know English language, not even basic words. He did attempt to translate using Google however the translation was inaccurate and we were unable to understand him for the most part.. I’d recommend this tour if you’re able to speak basic Mandarin. As for the sights, they were splendid but after a while you do get bored do seeing rocks and boulders therefore in my opinion a half day tour will suffice if you’re not big on Geography

Shamita Siew Lian · 31/01/2020

Our driver was very punctual not just in his arrival time but with all the drop off and pick up times. He is very friendly and jolly, and though he didn't speak any English, he carried a voice translator that made things easy. He knew all the spots, gave us tips and directions, making this tour the best part of our trip.

Nino Paulo · 24/01/2020

Lady driver was friendly and was able to recommend where to go. It didn’t feel rushed and we can spend longer time at places we liked. She also lent us torch when we went to the Baiyang Trail. Better than bus tour with fixed timing.

Phee Suan · 18/01/2020

Good service! Driver took us to key attractions including other suggested places:

Rassadarie · 17/01/2020

Driver was very punctual, communication was great and shared with us his personal experience as a local in Hualien. He also took initiative to bring us to see the beach when he saw our mum slightly bored by the Taroko Gorge - superb service. My only regret was not being able to tip him as I didnt have small notes with me. :(

Joel · 16/01/2020

Driver is on time. Operator will only contact a day before booking and provide car plate, name of driver. The itinerary is planned out by driver and explanation given to each spot. Driver also provide us with free coffee.

CHEE KUEN · 12/01/2020

great and brings much more freedom as to where you want to go as compared to the tour buses. tip: if you are unwilling to pay a lot for lunch, decide on a lunch place beforehand and tell the driver. if not, he will bring you to their visitor center for lunch which cost around 600 Taiwan dollar for 2 people for a soso lunch. ask the driver to bring you to get "lao pai zha dan cong you bing" and he will help you to book beforehand. is the bomb!!

JUNJIE · 11/01/2020

The driver was on time and very enthusiastic. She made things fun using google translate. We were able to see most of the sights and would love to go again..

Lee · 11/01/2020

Driver is so polite and drove so well for the whole journey. He is also so friendly and talkative that introduced a lot of Taiwan history to us. Highly recommend the trip! And the place is specular though quite a number of tourists at the time and quite crowded, but overall experience is great!

Yee Yan · 11/01/2020

Half day tour is perfect when we have done a full day. Again, Mr Lu was there to pick us up on time and provided amazing service. The communication is excellent. Highly recommend.

KOK CHEE · 09/01/2020

Highly recommend going with a local driver even though I have done my research and knows exactly where I want to go. With your own private driver, you could cover more areas. Mr Lu was fantastic, very friendly and accommodating.

KOK CHEE · 09/01/2020

Recommended this trip! U can experience taroko park with ur own plan and preference. The driver even help us to take some nice photo! Very nice natural scenery and we are impressed.

En Joe · 08/01/2020

Driver will contact you one night before to confirm pick up details and itinerary. He was very friendly and will share local stories about the attractions. Very patient and punctual too!

Joyce · 07/01/2020

Our Hualien private tour by Mr Jiang (蒋国为 师傅) is definitely the highlight of our stay in Hualien. For those who are travelling with your family, I recommend a private tour as it is less stressful compared to if you're following a tour bus or van. We get to tailor our own itinerary (according to Mr Jiang's suggestion), and understand the culture and tradition of the Taiwanese people through conversations in the car. Hualien's scenery is so beautiful and the air is so clean and refreshing! Definitely a good getaway from the city! Mr Jiang even made tea for us; grateful for the hospitality! Very value for money and worth it!

TZER SHYAN · 07/01/2020

Our driver Mr Ceng was really helpful and friendly. He shared with us some history of Hualien, and brought us to many beautiful places around Taroke Gorge. We really had a great time and peace of mind. We did not have to tell our driver where to go at all. He knows the entire place at his finger tips! Excellent service!

Wei Shang · 07/01/2020

The driver suggested insta worthy places. A bit disappointed as I requested for english-speaking driver so that he could explain about the history of places we visited. Nevertheless, we survived with google translate. And the driver was super nice too!

Emy Sarah Ng · 07/01/2020

the agency will provide you the driver contact 1 day before travel date, the service was very good. driver was really kind, he always helped us to take a group photos at the good point.

YOUDYONG · 07/01/2020

The charter service is super convenient, it allows us to tour Taroko, Qingshui cliff, Seven star beach in less than a day. Our driver called the night before to discuss the places to go and showed up 10 minutes early the next morning. He is helpful and polite. We really enjoyed the the walks along Shakadong trail and around Buluowan.

Ye · 05/01/2020

Really good experience! Our driver Rao Zhengzhong recommended the itinerary, brought us to ride the ATV and showed us around the less crowded places and provided explanations about the gorge along the way. He even drove us out to the city area to get souvenirs and snacks. Would definitely recommend. He doesnt really speak english so it would be useful to have someone who can converse in Chinese, otherwise Google translate would suffice

Pavithra · 05/01/2020

Good experience. Driver knows the place well and suggest areas which we might be interested in.

Boon Kiat · 03/01/2020

Driver was very friendly. He offered to help take pictures and played the tour guide role well. He even brought us to an additional site when we were early for lunch.

Xinyi · 03/01/2020

A bit disappointed, last minute they changed the driver without informing me and it was not a private car but was a taxi and the interior is a bit run down & smelly. The taxi driver is quite friendly but he is not knowledgeable about the history of the attraction places. Is a bit out of my expectation.

BOON SIONG · 29/12/2019

Flexible time for having a full day charter service. Driver comes tour guide is very nice in sharing his knowledge about the surroundings.

Chew Hui · 28/12/2019

Our driver Mr Weng is polite, helpful and experienced. He knows the routes well. Taroko Gorge route is a must do for first timer to Hualien. The scenery was mersmerizing, my kids enjoyed stacking up the pebbles at QiXingTan.

zhuo han · 27/12/2019

The driver was very friendly and drove safely. He suggested options he thought were suitable for us. The gorge was beautiful and definitely worth the visit. We recommend opting for the hikes - they are quite easy and very scenic.

Zhen Quan · 26/12/2019

Driver is knowledgeable and the service is very good. Highly recommended for group travel, especially with young children. Great convenience! Thanks Klook for the awesome experience ??

Jia Ren · 24/12/2019

We booked a whole day Hualien car charter and we had an excellent enjoyable day sightseeing the many places in Hualien and Taroko Gorge areas. Our day started with the train ride from Taipei Main Station at 7:40am and reaching Hualien 9:40am. Our driver was waiting for us at the agreed meeting point. Managed to visit a number of tourist attractions based on our timings. There is no need to wait for others like in a tour group or for buses. It is so convenient as we were able to spent more time at attractions that we like and lesser time at some other locations. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you.

ChooiMing · 20/12/2019

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