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Small but complete

Although the entire museum exhibition is not large, it is very exciting. This time, I collected all the seals at the beginning. It took a lot of time to finish the seals. It took a lot of time to read each pocket crafts carefully. It is a feast for the eyes! It is very recommended to go to Taipei. Visit!

昱忻 謝 · 09/03/2021

Happy mood

Excellent value for money, although it only takes more than an hour to visit, but the dazzling array of miniature art is really beautiful.

承煬 黃 · 09/03/2021

My dream home

Each piece is exquisite and is worth tasting carefully! It can also be used as a reference for future house design and can also increase the inspiration for ordinary art creation. Each work is delicate and lifelike, and the interior design is beautiful!

雅雯 蘇 · 08/03/2021


good way to save money and quickly get e ticket. that is friendly app for user to use.

Sean Lan · 08/03/2021

Buying tickets online is convenient and cheap

Buying tickets online is fast and cheaper than on-site, but you still need to line up at the counter to scan the QRCODE to enter the venue. You can go shopping for two hours if you are serious. Go early to avoid too many people!

WEI YEH · 08/03/2021

Miniature Museum

Although the site of the Miniature Museum is small, you can find many unexpected ingenuities in the works if you look carefully. This is why a work takes several years to complete, and it can take a long time to taste it. If the camera angle and light are good, you can take pictures of lively scenes, which is very suitable for recommending friends to visit.

佑羽 陳 · 07/03/2021

eye opener

this is something i haven’t ever seen anywhere before n it was really interesting to see once in your life

Jing Hwei Lim · 14/01/2021

Small but having a lot of collections. Kids are very enjoy the tiny building, houses and castles.

LIN NI · 30/12/2020

Nice experience and worth the trip. Glad to make use of the deal ..

PAMELA · 08/12/2020

Everything is so cute and mini! I was not having any expectation but it's become one of the highlight of the trip. It's not difficult to reach from MRT station, just need to walk a bit of distance with nothing to see along the way.

Hui Koon · 30/11/2020

good! nice experience!

FANGYING · 28/11/2020

Collection in this museum is comprehensive and amazing. Should promote more to domestic guests.

CHENGYU · 15/11/2020

Miniature Museum is very fun

CHIEN CHIA · 14/11/2020

great museum to visit

I love all the handmade tiny houses with stories presented in the museum

書帆 溫 · 15/09/2020

If you’ve already done all the touristy things in Taipei, and have an interest in miniatures, I’d recommend booking tickets here! We spent about 2 hours and we were browsing through quite quickly. Don’t let the size of the room fool you - there are so many displays and details that you could easily spend a half day here. It’s tucked in a residential area and on B1 of the building. Follow Google Maps and the signs when you get to the building. We didn’t have any difficulties locating the spot nor getting in with our QR code. Do book through Klook as it will save you a bit of money rather than paying at the door!

Kristi · 14/09/2020

interesting but Small

J Y · 02/09/2020

Doll Houses

This museum has a big collection of delicate doll houses from all over the world. You can see the details of the interior design of all the rooms in the houses. what an eye-opening experience!

Pei-Lin Chen · 30/08/2020


很佩服 每樣都用心製作

妙如 · 21/07/2020

One of the "hidden gems" in Taipei City, especially if you like miniature things. Worth a visit!

Andika Rama · 19/07/2020

Great location and experience

Sui Shan · 13/06/2020

Really fun to see miniature figures and interesting too. Although the place was small but was fun.Thank you.

Teo · 01/03/2020

Good experience to see such detail miniature work......

Pey Chii · 29/02/2020

Many beautiful miniature to explore which is very detail in making it

Chong · 23/02/2020

easy to redeem. it is a very enjoyable experience. We will surely use klook again next time we travel again

Ann Jhoanna Marie · 01/02/2020

Not bad full recommended

I personally love this little thing, although there are not many exhibits but it is very delicate

· 31/01/2020

It's a quick tour but it's amazing! You can also buy dollhouse kits you can assemble on your own :)

Edleen Danielle · 31/01/2020

Museum was open even on CNY. No issues with using the voucher as I only had to show the code on my app. I wasn't expecting much but was very impressed when I saw the dioramas. Very detailed and expansive.

Nino Paulo · 26/01/2020

Enjoyed this place very much, spent 2 hours browsing each and every miniature case. It was an activity appropriate for the young (7-9 years old), the adults and the old. The level of details was amazing, what was impressive was the miniature tv what was actually working. The kids had fun with the photo stamps, racing to find the next picture for their stamp card. Museum was very well maintained, price of tickets very reasonable, no Q to access museum and there is even a little gift shop, cafe outside to rest when you are done with the visit.

Li Lian · 21/01/2020

Interesting experience. Spent 1.5 hrs there. More than enough time

Georgina · 18/01/2020

Very nice place for young and teenage kids. We adult enjoy it too! The art works are so delicate and define.

Rachel · 16/01/2020

Nice experience to visit this museum, i have buy many of the miniatures souvenir at there.

Min Rhu · 13/01/2020

The level of attention to details is excellent! As a kid growing up with dolls, I really liked the museum. I also saw familiar miniatures such as Snow White and the seven dwarves, Peter Pan, UK palace and so on and so forth! It is in a Basement Level of the building, no need to use the elevator. ?

Danica · 12/01/2020

Quite an interesting experience to see the miniature artwork. Be ready to get impressed by the small details in the art pieces. But I feel it is more suitable for older children & adults.

Ruey Yi · 10/01/2020

Easy to reach, short walk from MTR. Worth spending an hour, I liked the miniatures of Roman army and food items.

PIYUSH · 01/01/2020

Really enjoyed the museum! It was small but there was a lot to see ?

Maria Jarena · 27/12/2019

Great collection of toys and doll houses. A good place to go after some walking in the city. As always, reliable and hassle-free redemption process from Klook.

Frendy Aristo · 27/12/2019

We went with our kids and they had a great time admiring the exhibits at the museum. We spent about 1.5 hours at the place and they were intrigued by how skillful and delicate it was to produce such tiny exhibits.

Pei Pei · 26/12/2019

tricky to find, located inside a building. go see. very cute.

Ezra · 24/12/2019

This place is a must-visit!! The collection of miniature houses, dolls, etc is amazing! Both kids and kids at heart will enjoy this place. The gift shop also offers very cute souvenirs and memorabilia. Highly recommended especially to those who love cute stuff.

KATRINA · 21/12/2019

Pretty nice place to visit for 1st timers. A lot of skill required to produce the miniatures. Passport activity for kids too.

Chang Wen · 18/12/2019

I really enjoyed this place. You’re like traveling through the miniature models.

Christine · 17/12/2019

If you're interested in looking at dolls, house models and details, this will be the place to spend an hour at. the place is not big but it does have a great collection of miniatures together with Chinese and English explanations. a pretty enjoyable experience. If the children like a little souvenir to bring home there is a little stamping passport for them to stamp at various stations, remember to purchase them at the entrance for 20NT

Li Hoey · 16/12/2019

The directions provided in klook is easy to follow. The experience was amazing and there is a miniature souvenir shop selling DIY kit.

Pei Ling · 15/12/2019

To see it is to believe it. Well worth it in terms of money and effort to find it.

Arthur Cedric · 15/12/2019

Museum is not big as you think but take time to look appreciably. Everything is so fascinating. You should come visit here. Recommend!!

Sukanya · 12/12/2019

The place is really lovely and full of miniature models.

Kedsara · 11/12/2019

Nice to explore during raining day. Very innovative and intricate designs to very details. A good description of life of poor and rich, scenery and historic arts.

Yi Her · 10/12/2019

Admission ticket is easy to redeemed. Walking distance from songjiang nangjin Station. It is interesting place to visit.

HENG JIN · 09/12/2019

love this museum! the details on the minatures are amazing and the colours are so pretty as well. i think this place will depend on whether you like to look at details or not, i spent 2 hours in here while others may only spend 15 mins. The shop of the museum is really cool, they sell all sorts of miniatures and have a whole collection!

Zhi Wei · 07/12/2019

I loooove all the details in every miniature displayed here. But i am most impressed with the Buckingham Palace & the Hall of Mirrors! I highly recommend this place especially for miniature collectors as the shop sells a lot of pieces to add to your model.

Marie Lyle · 05/12/2019

Product information

Visit the famous Miniatures Museum of Taiwan in Taipei and see miniatures of real-life objects and even people. Admire the pink Rose Mansion, Treetop Mine, and other fascinating artworks.

  • Please note that eating and drinking are not allowed on the premises
  • Please do not run in the museum and do not touch the exhibits (including the display cases) as travelers will be held liable for damaged exhibits
  • Please note that no gaming activities are allowed on the premises
  • Admission may be denied if travelers engage in behaviors that are deemed unmanageable, please consider before booking
  • Travelers are required to follow the museum's regulations at all times, failure to do so may result in admission denial, refunds will not be granted