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Choosing klook's superficial view is really great and the coach will help take pictures

CHENG HSUAN · 07/03/2021

The bear diving shop is very professional and will help us choose suitable winter clothes, shoes and life jackets, and the diving goggles can be selected with a degree. We choose to go snorkeling at 9 o'clock in the morning. Then the instructor will ride a bike to take us to the snorkel The place initially taught everyone how to wear diving goggles and snorkel, as well as how to breathe while diving. Then let us try snorkeling first, let us float without any problem, then take us to the other side to dive. Luckily we saw the turtles, although it was only a few minutes, but we were still very excited ?? The coach will help to take pictures and upload them to FB. Let us download the photos by ourselves. Very recommended

YIFEN · 02/03/2021

The store provides a good service attitude, high-quality equipment and a good environment. It provides good training before entering the water, which can fully adapt to the water. The coach also kindly provides photo services, and also carefully helps us find sea turtles and even teaches us to know about sea urchins. And touch the sea urchin, it is really recommended, you must specify the bear diving when you go to Xiaoliuqiu!

SYU · 01/03/2021

The turtles are very cute and very big. They can also snorkel to see turtles and small fish. It's fun! You can come and have fun.

PEI CHIA · 28/02/2021

Super fun coach super enthusiastic will also take pictures and upload to FB

amy · 27/02/2021

Super high cp value, well-equipped, and the neutral coach is kind and humorous, professional and handsome, and will help take many photos, very patient!

Tang Jing · 25/02/2021

It's good experience which we saw many sea tortoise.

HUNG SHUN · 08/02/2021

The corals here are very beautiful. Don’t step on and remember not to put sunscreen into the water. It’s very convenient to buy on KLOOK. The sea is clearer in the morning. If you see turtles floating, the coach will take everyone away.

CHING YI · 05/02/2021

When you come to Xiaoliuqiu for snorkeling, you can directly choose Klook Diving, 300 yuan is already very cheap, and there is a 20% discount, only 240 yuan, the instructor is very professional, safety, there are instructors please rest assured, help take pictures along the way, free! It's free! It's free! It’s very important, so it’s said three times. The photos are very clear. Download directly on FB. This experience is really great. When invited down, a super big turtle came into view, watching him swim by us leisurely, the excitement in my heart is difficult In other words, this dive is really worth it!

MING KO · 05/02/2021

Although the cold current hits, it can't destroy my heart to see turtles! It’s just that I’m not too embarrassed to the coach so cold and still have to accompany us into the water ? Coach Ahua is very patient and will inquire about our physical condition in a timely manner, and professionally explain the underwater creatures, will also take us to find sea turtles, and let us professionally You can often take pictures in the same frame with sea turtles, a great experience?

CHING JUNG · 09/01/2021

I was really looking forward to snorkeling when I saw the turtles on the shore the day before snorkeling. Thank you to the coach for letting us see the turtles swimming with our own eyes. The sea is very clear and the fish schools are so cute. So we forgot to look up and take photos. Hahaha. It is recommended to think about what poses to take before participating, and if the hair can be fixed, use it first, otherwise it will be fluttering. XDD can wear your own swimsuit to take good-looking online photos, but this time I will choose to wear a wetsuit to experience! In addition to the shower room, the store also provided towels. Thank you very much~ I want to continue walking in the sea next time. ❤️

WEI HAN · 22/12/2020

The instructor is very careful in teaching. At the beginning, he will practice first before going into the water. Don't worry about the first time snorkeling. He will take you to find sea turtles. The turtles are very cute. I recommend coming to bear diving!

CHIEHHUA · 16/12/2020

The instructor is very professional and explains in a simple way, so that everyone will understand quickly, the first time snorkeling is easy to get started, and will help take pictures, the photos are very clear, very recommended.

WEICHE · 15/12/2020

It's really fun! Snorkeling? saw 5-6 big sea turtles on the day, the instructor's photography skills are super good, super professional! Very few people go in the off-season, it’s good to have fun, the CP value is super high???

Yu an · 15/12/2020

Very well service and staff super nice. Equipment is good quality

Dong Ray · 12/12/2020

Before snorkeling, the well-equipped instructor will also guide the putting on and taking off. During the snorkeling, the instructor will explain the introduction carefully, assist in recording many photos, return to the shop after snorkeling to clean the environment, and also have a towel dryer.

chang chih · 11/12/2020

The instructor Ahe from the bear diving is very good. It is safe and fun to see many large and small turtles. The temperature in Xiaoliuqiu in November is just right to play in the water. I will come again next time.

DER YEU · 23/11/2020

The instructor explained the essentials and precautions of snorkeling very carefully. Fully equipped, with hot water (super hot) in the bathroom, shower gel, shampoo, hair dryer, free lockers, free photos, it is worth coming. I saw a big turtle that day.

LiYu · 20/11/2020

Great value for money! The sea is very clear, the coach is very humorous and powerful, and showed us more than a dozen turtles! I chose the first elevator at 8 o'clock in the morning. Only our group is fully booked. The shower room is also very clean. Shampoo, body wash, hair dryer, cotton swabs, hot water are available, very recommended!

Tzu Yin · 07/11/2020

Very rich experience, the sea is very clear, the turtles are very close, I have been to many countries to see the nearest turtles. I am sad to remind you that you cannot touch the turtles. The team leader is very dedicated. He also reminds me of safety precautions such as the reef. It is the first time to tip in Taiwan because the service is great. Will also help take pictures

Meng Jie · 05/11/2020

it's very nice experience to do it. very nice and should try again.

Vishnu teja · 05/11/2020

It’s worth the fare~ It’s your loss if you didn’t come to experience~ The professional and friendly service of coach Ahua takes us to find traces of sea turtles, teaches us how to protect the ocean, and professionally takes commemorative photos on the bottom and surface of the water~ This snorkeling let us Leave an unforgettable memory, this price is really a word of mouth! If you want to come to Xiaoliuqiu, I really recommend "Bear Diving"???

PEIHUI · 16/10/2020

I really wanted to play in the water during this trip. Finally my parents agreed to let me see the turtles. I was so lucky. I was a little nervous when chasing the turtles on the Ryukyu Vase Rock but also fulfilled my dream of snorkeling hahaha. The coach took a lot of pictures for me. Thank you Xiong Qianshui for your recommendation

RU JING · 15/10/2020

We participated in the 7 o'clock in the morning on 10/10. Although it was early in the morning, it was not cold or hot. The coach was very good at taking it. He would try his best to let us see the turtles before going ashore, and also paid attention to whether everyone would use snorkel mask I was worried that children would be scared, but adults and children were happy when they saw sea turtles. Although only three were seen this time, it was a worthwhile trip. The coach would take pictures for everyone during the process, so we didn’t bring them. Something, will go again next time, big push bear diving ?

PAO NING · 11/10/2020

Very very good! It completely exceeded my expectations. Coach Ahua is very interesting, very professional and very nice. The full set of equipment, guided tours and photography are really super cost-effective. And see a lot of turtles. I wanted to take part in a try, but it's hard to change another room. The result is very good. In the future, I will take part in the bear diving of coach Ohua in Xiaoliuqiu. Thank you

Mingching · 07/10/2020

Ordered the day before and can be used immediately the next morning. It is very convenient and cheaper than the one provided by the hotel. The coach is very professional. First help everyone choose the right equipment. My husband also has 1000-degree goggles for myopia. The coach is very patient, kind and funny, so that gentlemen who can’t swim can relieve a lot of anxiety and fear, and took a lot of photos before, during and after entering the water. There are free lockers and flushing rooms on site. .Hair dryer. Water dispenser etc. are very convenient. The point is that the coach took us to see 4.5 big sea turtles ?. I am very happy to have such a great experience, and I recommend it to everyone. Next time, bear diving is the first choice. Thank you for the perfect service?

Yu Chieh · 04/10/2020

Snorkeling equipment is provided (also provided with frog glasses), go to the beauty cave for snorkeling, turtles are not difficult to see, the instructor will assist in taking pictures, the photos taken are also good, you can also use the discount coupon provided by Klook Or points, very cost-effective!

IYEN · 19/09/2020

In addition to professional teaching, Bear Diving Ahua also introduces turtles. Individual photos/group photos/photos with sea turtles are not missing. The facilities are complete, in addition to the basic diving equipment, there is also a shower room with shampoo/body wash/towels, and a washing machine for dehydration. Good value for money?

Chiungwei · 21/08/2020

The coach of Ah Wah was very nice. Although the waves in the beauty cave were very heavy and the water was muddy, but still saw four turtles, the coach also tried his best to help us take many photos. I hope the coach will remind him not to put on sunscreen before he goes into the water. There are many small Liuqiu turtles, but everyone needs to protect them together.

KUOTING · 08/08/2020

Snorkeling tours are common in Southern Taiwan. This tour offers a possibility to see sea turtles, which is super exciting. The tour is nice, the place is nice. All in all good. It was very helpful that they had staff who can communicate to foreigners who don't speak Mandarin. I only wish that the tour group size were smaller. We were twelve, and it got so crowded that bodies would bump often.

Fe Alexandra · 07/08/2020


hsin yu · 06/08/2020

recommend everyone come here experience

HONGJIA · 30/07/2020

It’s a pretty nice experience with convenient online booking, you can just get there before 20min. The booking fee is cheaper than others but I think it will be better if the platform provides the number of landlord, then we can contact them with any questions

Hao Chu · 28/07/2020

To cooperate with Xiaoliuqiu bear diving, klook is very cost-effective (300 yuan/person to buy on site), we choose the itinerary at 7:00 in the morning, the sun is not too strong, and it is not cold, the instructor will take it differently according to the weather and time We went to the beauty cave this time. Although the waves on the shore are a bit big, there are many turtles, and they can be seen standing in shallow water. The turtles are right by our feet, and there is a super big turtle around us, so we are not afraid People, you can watch him up close, so touched! The coach also took a lot of pictures of us with the turtles. It is a rare memory and worth recommending!

HuiYu · 26/07/2020

Super recommend bear diving! The coach is very patient! We saw the recommendation of the Internet and chose Bear Diving~ It didn't disappoint us. All 8 people successfully snorkeled and saw a lot of sea turtles! There is also a beautiful underwater world! Will choose bear diving next time! ! Great!

PEIJU · 26/07/2020

You can buy tickets immediately and come snorkeling with a happy mood. Once there are crowds of people on the scene, you can still be in danger. The itinerary is arranged one by one. The action is efficient and fully equipped. We will get the equipment in less than 10 minutes. Start with a happy mood. When I came to the snorkeling site, Lobster Cave, I was lucky enough to encounter green turtles this season. The coach often reminded us what to do. He was very professional and left a good impression on me. We experienced snorkeling this time. Leaving a great memory deeply, the coach also helped us to take a lot of beautiful photos, thank you for this event.

Ti · 21/07/2020

The coach really recommends ~ often help us to take pictures ~ patiently explain ~ this time I saw six turtles and I am very happy to visit Xiaoliuqiu, I would like to recommend it next time I have a chance ~ the coach really recommends ~ often help us Take pictures~Patience to explain~ This time I saw six turtles and I am very happy to visit Xiaoliuqiu. I would like to recommend it next time I have a chance~

TZUYING · 20/07/2020

If you are in the middle of the team , you may only see few sea turtle (1-2 maybe) . Good things is that the coach will take many photos.

Chiatsun · 20/07/2020

Try asking them for time slots when they have fewer customers. They will available to help you get the best experience that way! Nice instructor and great that they focus on taking photos so you can focus on the rest.

William · 07/07/2020

It was a very fulfilling itinerary. The weather was pretty good on the day. I saw more than 10 turtles eating water plants and many sea urchins. Coral reefs and fish. The coach also took us on a guided tour of the seabed. Regardless of whether the coach, the store, or the diving equipment have been showered, the CP value is very high. With this plan, the price is really too worth the return fare~~~???

YIHSUAN · 30/06/2020

It was an extremely busy weekend, but we were able to get out and have a great experience and see sea turtles and lots of other things as well.

Katherine · 29/06/2020

Great experience! Gave us the opportunity to see beautiful turtles up close and everything was planned accordingly.

Oussama · 10/06/2020

???? ????? ? ?????

WEI LUN · 07/06/2020

Professional coach, passionate boss. The waters of Ryukyu were very clear at this moment. During the trip, six turtles of different sizes were seen. Many of the small fish and big fish in "The Story of the Sea" were right in front of them. Water snails near the sea swim in the waves, like them the most. These photos were taken by the coach, I like it, I really like it!

Ta Yun · 27/03/2020

Best experience ever!!! My husband and I really amazed seeing those turtles. Also the diver who teach us really well. Thank you.

Corinne · 15/10/2019

definitely a fun activity the equipment was good and easy to use. the experience is great especially for first timers, only wished we had a longer time for this activity.

Clarence · 15/10/2019

The guide was very experienced and organised. We saw a giant sea turtle. And the tour guide took you so many photos for free. The only flaw was my snorkelling mask kept leaking. I had to adjust my mask every 30 second .

Kaiting · 01/09/2019

The coach is very nice and professional. He also took the pictures for each of the team.

Isaac Weiluen · 01/08/2019

A lot of kids in the morning during week day, maybe it is better at the end of the day. Guide was very friendly. there are a lot of people at the spot to see turtles, I kind of feel guilty of participating of such a massive touristic activity. Not sure how long they are going to last.

Miriam · 25/06/2019

The friendly guide made the effort to ensure everyone had photos and is safe. He was patient towards younger children and those that werent feeling confident. He would seek out turtles and give everyone the opportunity to see them! I would definitely recommend this :)

Jieyi Sandrina · 01/06/2019

Product information

Dip your body into the crystal clear waters of Liuqiu Island and witness wild sea turtles swimming around you. Make the best use of this tour with the photography service to make the memories last forever.

  • Please do not stay up late or drink alcoholic beverages 1 day prior to the tour, travelers are recommended to have sufficient sleep and keep a good mood
  • Admission will not be granted to travelers not meeting the minimum physical requirements, please note that refunds will not be granted
  • In the event of snorkeling cancellation due to adverse weather conditions, full refunds or reschedule will be granted
  • The activity photos will be uploaded to Bear Diving's Facebook page for participants to download
  • Travelers will be required to provide the following info on the day of tour for insurance purposes: name, date of birth, ID number/passport number
  • Please note that sea turtle sighting is not guaranteed and refunds will not be granted to unsuccessful sea turtle sighting
  • Please do not put on any makeup or sunscreen in order to protect the ocean