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All fun! Less queue and more rides! Just that lights camera action and waterworld is closed. ???

Jackie Lou · 10/03/2021

You can easily make appointments on klook without much troubles. And this e-ticket can get you into the park without queuing much under the big sun! ☀️? I had a great time there with my besties! it’s a great deal and I will definitely order again here! :)

SZE YI · 09/03/2021

It was convenient and easy to book via KLOOK. Upon arrival at USS, I showed my soft copy voucher as no hard copy is required and that’s it! I had the best day screaming my lungs out on the rides to get rid of all my stresses ? Besides the rides, took snapshots with their lovable characters! USS truly unleashed the “kid” out of me!!!

Imee · 09/03/2021

Managed to try most of the rides and we were all happy to be there. Was an enjoyable day throughout.

Wan Chuin · 08/03/2021

We all enjoyed ourselves and managed to get on most of the rides as the queue was going very fast. Enjoyed the Mummy ride and of course The Galactica too.

Wan Chuin · 08/03/2021

Managed to try out all the rides during this period and it was so fun. Enjoyed our time there.

Wan Chuin · 08/03/2021

Managed to get on most of the rides during this period. Family was happy and managed enjoy everything.

Wan Chuin · 08/03/2021

The rides are attractive and fun. I have a great time playing.

GUEK KUANG · 07/03/2021

Purchasing tickets through klook using SRV voucher was smooth and easy. Park was not crowded and there was no waiting time to enter the park as I went on Thurs. Tried most of the rides in the park. Be sure to download the Universal studios app which will show you the waiting time for the rides. I waited about 10- 15mins for most of the rides except for The Revenge of the mummy ride which had the longest wait time of about 45mins. There is a nice mix of intense and milder rides at the park.

Raveendran · 07/03/2021

highly recommend ! booking was surprisingly easy with klook and the singapore rediscover vouchers simply just offset a free uss trip:-) i love the same perks enjoyed through the rws ticketing site, with early entry and free snacks! we redeemed our snack late in the afternoon so there weren't corndogs left, but the dino nuggies sufficed! beautiful sunset while zooming down thr battlestar galactica ~

Alyssa · 07/03/2021

Fun place to be for all ages. Beautiful architectures and themes for photography. Depending on what day you plan to go, because the queue can get crazy. I waited 2 hours for the Mummy ride, 1 hour for Madagascar, an hour and a half for Jurassic Rapids ride. Almost all rides average about an hour of waiting time. The rides are fun, if you are willing to spend more on Universal Express Pass aka No Waiting Time.

NURUL HAFIZZAH · 06/03/2021

Been here for fourth time in the USS. Recent visit was on the 4th day of CNY. It’s always a great experience! Happy I able to meet so many characters and manage to play most of the rides without having to wait a long queue. Enjoying my day here and will plan to visit more!

Wei Ting · 06/03/2021

Highly recommended to use rediscovery voucher! Kid’s also easy to redeem. Went on a Friday around 3pm and queue was short and fast! The longest queue was 40mins. Take the popular rides at 5-6pm and the waiting time will be bearable. Thank you for this short getaway!

Yue Xia Michelle · 05/03/2021

Highly recommended to use rediscovery voucher! Easy to redeem as well. Went on a Friday around 3pm and queue was short and fast! The longest queue was 40mins. Take the popular rides at 5-6pm and the waiting time will be bearable. Thank you for this short getaway!

Yue Xia Michelle · 05/03/2021

It was good! However when i went, some rides are close due to lack of manpower and it was lots of ppl during the holiday season. But managed to get nice photos

Naim · 05/03/2021

It was a great experience going around and taking the rides! queuing time was bearable up to 45 mins depend is which ride one is taking. manage to go during post CNY period and get to see the display. And a free corndog for snack during the visit.

Hui Min · 04/03/2021

Our family had a blast getting on Universal Studios Singapore. It is truly a place with many photo spots not to mention the nice rides they have there. It was one of the best experience we had in our Singapore travel. Thanks Klook!

Adolfo Jhon J · 04/03/2021

USS was fun! Worth a visit!!! The queues are shorter than usual during the COVID season. There was enough time for us to try all the rides available. Note that there aren’t any shows this period though.

Shieu Huei · 04/03/2021

Love it so much , we went on a Sunday and I thought it’d be really crowded but turns out it wasn’t and when it was night time everything was even more beautiful . Not only that every ride we queued for only took less than 20 mins or even not more than that . It was so easy to use klook for transaction too thank u !

noor · 02/03/2021

For the nth times, the feeling like it was the first time. So fun and enjoy! Will be back again! ?

Judy · 02/03/2021

Worth it... manage to play all except two rides which didnt want to play... went on fri...

Ya Chin · 01/03/2021

it was indeed a fun experience there...the staff working there were all friendly and extremely caring about our health and wellbeing

Ng · 01/03/2021

This is really the best place to have fun with your families and friends together. Went together with my family and we really enjoyed ourselves a lot, although I would say the food standards such as the famous pizza restaurant have really when down. The last time we came the pizza was super good, but right now comparing I think Pizza Hut is way nicer LOL

Lee · 28/02/2021

Enjoying all the rides during the off peak time. :) will deff go again.

Swee Peng Jeannie · 28/02/2021

The USS staffs are very friendly and helpful. A very good opportunity for bonding with your love ones. Many photos were taken and will definitely be back.

Celine · 27/02/2021

It was a totally awesome and memorable experience in Universal Studio Singapore. Getting to take photos with the mascots and trying out all the rides.

Celine · 27/02/2021

The deal is very worth it as it included a ticket for an adult, a ticket for a child, 2 snacks (corn dog or nuggets plus an ice cream), and 2 x $5 retail discount voucher. It wasn’t too crowded on a Sunday and no fast pass was required. Could even use the rediscoversg voucher and get $10 subsidy. Only paid $4 cash.

Mei Yee · 27/02/2021

Too crowded on the day i went. USS should limit lesser number of people instead. The queue to each ride is crazy and super long wait. We only managed to take 3-4rides on that day. Very dissapointing and a waste of time and money.

Sulianti · 26/02/2021

The whole process went smoothly. Got to use my SG $100 voucher and top up just a little bit. Great experience

Nur Fadilah · 26/02/2021

Went on a Thursday so the it was not so crowded. Going in was a breeze wif the barcode provided. Most of the rides waiting time were 30 mins or less. Sadly some experience were closed but had a great time nonetheless. For Muslim visitor do note the musollah is close but u could pray at the empty space near the musollah next to the mummy ride just need to bring your own stuff.

Naazreenah · 26/02/2021

aquarium was very therapeutic. but would have been better if the exhibits werent so repetitive. being the biggest is one thing. having enough variety is another.

Vashon · 26/02/2021

Best to go in before the 2 pm crowd. Long q form up after 4pm. But overall most ride q is quite fast. Have free corn dog to eat. Only 2 halal restaurant open. Cannot take close photo with the mascot

riszuandeyshah · 24/02/2021

Highly recommended. Got to enter early at 12pm to take pics with the mascots. The rides starts just before 2pm. Not many people around and there wasnt any waiting time for the Qs on a weekday.

Mohamed Haziq · 24/02/2021

The whole process is hassle-free. Got to use my SG rediscover 100 Voucher and just top up for the remaining amount of the tickets. The experience is awesome and will recommend people to use Klook to book the Universal Studios Singapore ticket.

LEE · 22/02/2021

Awesome day at the Universal Studio! The ticket allows us to enter in advance for photo taking with the mascots; managed to secure pictures with almost all the mascots before 2pm. The rides will commence at around 1.45pm; average waiting time was around 10mins per ride as it was a weekday.

Pei Pei · 21/02/2021

Great experience! Went on a Friday, and the waiting time for each ride was less than 5mins. Only the Mummy ride took longer cause of social distancing. You can enter before 2pm for meet and greet sessions, but different characters would appear throughout the day for you to take photos with. Unfortunately, shows weren't operating, but we had a fun day still! Good time to experience USS at a leisurely pace.

Michelle · 13/02/2021

Is was great and fun at Universal Studios Singapore with my Wife and Son. My son was so enjoy and having all fun to taking photo with Ku Fung Panda. He even asking me to bring him to visit Universal Studios Singapore again. Thks to all staff working at Universal Studios Singapore give my family have a great day.

Lee · 13/02/2021

It was easy buying the tickets from Klook. Had a great & wonderful time at the USS. It rained on that day but there were sheltered area so no problem. Some rides have long queues but luckily there were fans everywhere. It made the waiting time more bearable. Overall, we enjoyed ourselves very much & will definitely make our way there again in the future.

Nooraini · 12/02/2021

Tickets were easily purchased on klook app and instructions given to book and confirm the date of visit. The redemption was easy and staffs are friendly at USS. Went on a public holiday and the queue for the rides was long.

yee haur · 09/02/2021

Easy to use Klook app to purchase the tickets and instructions were provided to book and confirm the date of visit. The tickets come with retail and meal discount voucher. The queue for the rides on a public holiday was very long and bought the express pass separately .

Wong · 09/02/2021

Impromptu outings to USS. Kids love the rides so much. Some rides are close, such as Shrek 4D, light camera actions, And no performances, but that is ok.Cause we manage to take lots of pictures and enjoy other rides multiple times. The staff is really friendly and warmth. They are jovial. Booking with klook is easy, Kids love their elmo ice cream that came with the promotion. They even had our corn dogs.?. definitely going again, and definitely will book via klook again.

Razlinah · 08/02/2021

Have a great time with family members, a day trip at USS, worth for it & will definitely come here again to enjoy & spend whole day here. Direct entry at entrance gate really save time & easier for everyone

Han Li · 06/02/2021

I am in love with this place. It is literally the fairytale! We are adults, but there we felt like children - we have visited all the sections and tried all the attractions, it was amazing. Good place to spend here 7 hours. Definitely we plan to visit it again.

Aleksei · 06/02/2021

even though it was a friday there wasn’t much crowd and queue was really fast especially for usual high demand mummy ride, cylon and human. my friends and i had fun the whole day from opening till closing time. really worth the price esp. if u use your SGDiscovery vouchers :)

Tay · 06/02/2021

Went to USS on a Thursday with an early entry ticket. We absolutely enjoyed our time & spent a total of 6hrs here ! On board a lot of thrilling rides, took plentiful nice photos, bought a couple of things in d souvenir stores.... I am proud to see everyone wearing masks n following d safe distancing rules with staff constantly wiping d handles in d rides after every customers. Great job n kudos to all d staff members in USS.

Wan Hua · 04/02/2021

We had so much fun! We were able to ride most of main attraction maybe because it ia not peak season when we went there. So many thrilling rides and good for kids at heart. Wish we can come back soon once the pandemic is over.

Joann · 01/02/2021

Visited the park today, 30 Jan 2021. Tickets redemption was so smooth and very easy. Totally enjoyed the day! Thank you Klook & Universal Studios Singapore for making this happen during this trying period of time. Some shows are still remain closed due to current Covid-19 issue. Wish if USS can work out with opening more shows/ event maybe like through special booking or something.

Muhamad Asri · 31/01/2021

Not crowded, and waiting time is just below 5 mins for all the rides. Safe Distancing Ambassadors are present to ensure adherence to the rules. It was so much fun compared when there are huge crowd prior to Covid-19 situation, primarily due to the least waiting time for the rides. We managed to take two rides for those we like, such as Canopy Flyers and Transformer. Do bring yr snack or food as some cafe are closed inside USS. Also checked weather on the day before confirming your Booking for the trip.

Shannon Chai Keng · 30/01/2021

Have a great time with family members, a day trip at USS, worth for it & will definitely come here again to enjoy & spend whole day here. Direct entry at entrance gate really save time & easier for everyone

Khartini Alni · 23/01/2021

USS opens from 2-9pm which I thought was pretty short, but turned out that I managed to play way more than usual as there is almost no one around when I went and the max waiting time was the mummy ride at 10min. Its a great time to visit USS. Klook allows early entry which is from 12-2pm for photo taking and meet n greet sessions. Do note that rides only start at 2pm. It'll be good to bring a raincoat along too as you might get wet in the jurassic park ride. It rained while I was there but the rides continued operating so the raincoat will come in handy too. The mascots for the meet n greet were dressed up in cny clothes which was cute. The tickets include free corndog for adults too.

Wang Sui · 22/01/2021

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