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such a nice view seeing the waters while riding the gondola, and the sailman ia good in singing as well. thank you klook!

Janille · 05/02/2021

Enjoy the ride , good experience and will come back again . Nice song and good service.

Keat Hui · 12/10/2020

Soprano voice. Complete your travel to Macao by feeling the songs with Gondola Ride. Such a romantic trip and get experience likely at Italy. Haha. Thank you klook!

NAZIATUL · 18/09/2020

we totally had fun during the boat ride here. the guy who’s driving it for us was funny and cheerful and entertained us by singing and asking us questions related to where we came from. He knows some of the songs and actually strung it on his guitar and convinced us to sing along with him. it was fun and relaxing too. i’m hoping to have another experience like this in the future. hoping for the safety of all during this pandemic. pls hang in there. this too shall pass and we can travel more in the future. Thanks again klook for this hassle free transaction

Ronaliz · 03/07/2020

The experience was great. The service was fast and efficient. We were first in line because of purchasing an online ticket ??

Alexis · 29/06/2020

very beautiful experience...children will love it...

NAMRATHA · 29/02/2020

Their voice while singing is very beauiful it matches tha ambiance of the place with the beautiful scenery. a must try in macau.

Janelle Jemimah · 05/02/2020

Was raining when I reached Macau, planned for a day trip only. Thanks Klook, was able to book the ride and enjoy Venettian ? fast confirmation of ticket.

Ellen · 30/01/2020

The ride was so much fun , we had 10 minutes but the view was spectacular and the staff was very friendly and cheerful . They were keep talking with us and keep us occupied throughout the journey with their fun talks.

Mehvish · 25/01/2020

We celebrated our birthday there. The staff and the guests/tourist greeted us with a birthday song... it was so sweet and romantic... a nice ride, must try.

agnes · 23/01/2020

One of a kind experience in Macau. We easily redeemed our ticket and found ourselves in a gondola (no long lines, how lucky). Our gondolier was amazing. He sang romantic songs for us. Will cherish this experience. Thanks Klook.

Reymella Grace · 18/01/2020

A trip to Venetian Macau would not be complete without a romantic ride in an authentic gondola down the canals of the Shoppes at the Venetian.

Arjon Joseph · 13/01/2020

Super experience with KLOOK "Gonola Rides at The Venetian Macau" with my family members; No queue with front counter needed and we enjoyed the relaxing ride and the song by the rider. The view was wonderful and my kids liked it very much. Will definitely introduce to my friend to book it through KLOOK for activity mentioned when they visit MACAU.

YEW HAN · 13/01/2020

need to share gondola with others. easy to redeem. enjoyed the ride. recommended

LADIA · 11/01/2020

Very romantic

Nice gondola ride with singing done by the guide. One of the nice things at Macau

Navin Pinto De Menezes · 11/01/2020

We nees to wait for about 20 minutes because one of two canal is closed, but 20 minutes was fine. The ride was so enjoyable, we need to share with another 2 person that we never met before since we only 3 person. The person in charge of our gondola was nice, friendly and hebaings very well, we were amused! You can get cheaper price buying through Klook.

Wan Nor Azlin · 11/01/2020

We got really excited to try this activity. It may not be that amazing kind of boat ride but we were so pleased with our sailors who serenaded us with very lovely songs as we go sailing along the Venetian. She were not only very beautiful but she got a big voice too!

April Ann · 09/01/2020

Easy to use

Very convenience. Just exchange the ticket at the souvenir shop close to the Gondola point. Must do experience in Macau !!!

Guest · 09/01/2020

The duration of the whole trip is 13 minutes only but the singing voice of the gondola lady is really nice and attractive. My family has 4 persons and when redeeming the ticket, the cashier told me the max no. of passengers is 6 per gondola and it depends on the availability. So If u want to ensure 4 persons can occupy the whole gondola, you would better consider to purchase the whole gondola ticket which is just slightly higher than the price of 4 individual persons.

Pik Kwan · 07/01/2020

Amazing Gondola Ride

Amazing experience. My mother and sister were so happy and enjoyed the ride. The ambiance and scenic view inside the Venetian Hotel provided an amazing experience. Thanks to KKday.

Aldrin Galario · 07/01/2020

We always felt safe, well taken care of with a very friendly attitude from crew while they showed us a great time, both fun and educational. And we will definitely do it again. Excellent. We took the road less traveled and that made all the difference.

Melvijane · 06/01/2020

Very romantic and beautiful place! When in Macau don’t miss visiting Venetian Macau and experience this romantic Gondola ride. We had a guy who sang and played guitar for us. Made our ride more memorable ????

Preeti · 06/01/2020

We easily claimed our tickets by providing the QR code. It was a great experience riding the gondola ride. The one who’s paddling our gondola was also friendly and has a great voice as he sang his heart out as we stream through the water.

Mari Nicole · 04/01/2020

Gondola Ride at Venetian Macau was really an amazing experience. My family was very fascinated when our gondolier sang us a song. Its a must try experience if you travel to Macau.

RENALYN · 04/01/2020

Bought this for my parents. Fun experience. Only off-putting thing was that when we went to the gondola shop to claim our ride, the staff told us 3 times that waiting time would be long. First they said 15 mins then 45 mins then 50 mins. And I kept saying that it’s ok. Lastly, I asked them if I had a choice seeing that I had already purchased it. Otherwise we went on the grand canal. Parents really enjoyed it. Especially the singing. We even got the picture souvenirs after that although they were pricey - MOP 488 for the set (2 pics in an album, snow globe and 2 complimentary keychains).

Petrina · 03/01/2020

My gondola driver was amazing. She had a beautiful and serenaded is during the ride. She was also very friendly and made everyone feel welcome and appreciated.

Michelle · 02/01/2020

Bought these tickets too along with the Hop-on Hop-off Open Top Bus Tour. We didn’t have wait in the queue for that long since it was a really short line. We got on the Gondola ride at around 4 pm. So thrilled that we got the boat to ourselves (we were a group of 4) and didn’t need to share with anyone else. Our gondolier was lovely - she had such a beautiful opera voice. She sang us 2-3 Italian songs throughout the ride. The only song I recognised was “Santa Lucia”. I forgot her name though since I was too busy taking pictures and videos.

Jamie Lyn · 31/12/2019

one of the attractions we enjoyed a lot. the ambiance is really good and very nice. we will come back definitely. by the way i booked this is on the spotand saved a lot:)

Jacqueline · 30/12/2019

We have to show the voucher to the ticket counter for ticket exchange but they only stamp it. Staff was accommodating and there's a Filipino staff who is also friendly, glad to have kababayans around the place. Although the ride wasn't 20 mins, only 10 mins, but at least the staff in our boat was an italian great singer. Glad to experience this boat ride once in our lifetime. ??

Darlyn Pearl · 30/12/2019

We enjoyed and had so much fun riding in the gondola.. we were being serenade by our gondolier and i think it’s worth the price.. but the souvenir items were a lot expensive

Love Sandyz · 30/12/2019

Good experience, easy to redeem ticket and price are cheaper compare to counter price. We were very lucky because less queue on that day, we only wait for 15 minutes only. Kids enjoyed the ride very much. Very recommended.

Foong Peng · 29/12/2019

This was a very nice experience for my family. We made it just in time before the ride closes. There was a line and we had to wait for about 20 minutes but it was fine. The entire ride was enjoyable with Mr. Julio entertaining us with his singing and silly antics. Thanks again klook!

Michellene Mae · 27/12/2019

Bought the voucher just before we rode the Macau gondola at The Venetian. It first asked for a verification code before paying, and it was sent to my phone number. I didn’t purchase a sim card in macau, therefore i couldn’t get the verification code. However after attempting a few times, finally payment was successful without having to enter a code. Cheaper to buy via klook than paying at the counter. It was out first time to Macau and 7 of us reallt had a great time! The man even sang 3 songs for us which was very special! Thanks Klook!!

Novita · 27/12/2019

Having booked ahead of your trip saves time and money. Just present your printed vouchers at the Gondola shop to have it stamped or if you were not able to print it out just show the qr code and let them print it out for you. There was a long queue on holidays so get ready, redemption of ticket is up to 22:00 only.

Jennifer · 27/12/2019

Booked it on the same day I decided to board the gondola and the confirmation was fast and easy! Great experience given by klook as always. Thank you klook!

Jareth Maeleen · 26/12/2019

Christmas Gondola ride

Easy to exchange ticket, long line to get to the boat but it's ok. The 15-minute ride allowed us to hear 3 songs from the boatman. We enjoyed the ride and sang together. We purchased the photo souvenir even if it's too expensive which is excluded in this package. Purchasing via kkday is cheaper than in the store, so grab now for the memories to keep.

Jennifer Erice · 26/12/2019

Wonderful experience! This is definitely must try if you want to experience a gondola ride with a venetian feels here in asia. We are very entertained during our gondola ride! ??

Kryzyll · 25/12/2019

It was fun! Me and my family had a great time. You will really feel that you are in Venice.

Kenneryn Joy · 25/12/2019

We really looked forward for this experience in Macau!!! I felt that I was in Venice, I almost forgot I was just in Venetian Macau. It's a great experience specially with someone special.

Ameerah Jamaica · 25/12/2019

Its one of a great experience.. and we love the souvenirs so much... if you visit macau you must try this here at venetian?❤️

Joanna Rose · 20/12/2019

Gondola ride was very amazing. Our Gondolier has an amazing voice when she sung us a 2 songs and she made the gondola rock as well. Overall, It was very fun seeing ing people waving hi to us while we were in the Gondola.

Ryan Danielle · 17/12/2019

Our gondola guide was an italian. A guide perfect for this kind of ride... thank you klook for the assistant,

Cirilo Joseph · 17/12/2019

The experience was so good. I love the voice of the man who sing. They are very accommodating. Thank you klook for the great service

Umairah · 15/12/2019

We were able to easily book by Klook on the spot using the free wifi at the Venetian. There is also a considerable discount compared to buying from the ticket counter.

Carlo Jerome · 14/12/2019

Although have bad attitude from one of the staff as there are 2 big size tourists in front of us while we have 4 pax and the staff insist to get us share the ride with 2 of them. We told the staff that we couldn't fit in to the boat, the staff told us that the boat is not private. At the end, they accept the fact that we can't fit and arrange us for the next ride. Enjoy the ride and its quite fun. Just show the voucher to the ticket counter for ticket exchange. Kids have great experience especially they ask us throw a coin to make wish.

Ciasiang Sunantha · 12/12/2019

We booked the activity on the spot and recieved an instant confirmation.Voucher redemption was smooth and easy. We're able to ride the Gondola right away, no wait time as there was no queue. A must try activity whenever your in Macau, it completes your Macau experience. ?

Charmaine · 12/12/2019

Other than having to validate the tickets, the rest of the experience was excellent. We got a female gondola singer and her voice was really good. She also gave us tips on where are the good photo angles. My kids totally enjoyed the gondola ride! Thumbs up!

Lam · 11/12/2019

This is our 2nd time to ride the gondola. We had a great time. Before we went there, I only booked for my father and daughter. But when we got there, I decided to buy a ticket so I can ride with them. It's much cheaper to book through klook. I bought my ticket inside the Venetian for 158 MOP which is more than Php 1k.

Myla · 11/12/2019

Staffs are friendly. Easy to redeemed. The teller says 30mins waiting, but we just wait for 5mins. The one incharge to us is accomodating.

Nimfa · 10/12/2019

Pretty amazing experience with the gondolier at Venetian Macau whom also sang us a few songs which was really beautiful.

jing chun derek · 10/12/2019

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