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It was a nice experience taking the cable car ride after so many years. The ride was a terrific one and get to take many nice photos. Note that the cable car doesn't have aircon and can be quite hot especially during a sunny day. But overall is a worthwhile trip and comes along with a scoop of premiere air cream too.

Lim · 13/03/2021

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Sheng · 11/03/2021

it was a pleasant and unique experience when I travelled in the cable car. This was the first time so I was pretty excited. moreover, I could get tickets easily to go for the cable car ride.

Rasinah binte · 11/03/2021

This pass includes both the mount faber line and sentosa line (note that they are 2 different lines). You get to hop on and off each station once which is great for exploring sentosa. A scenic ride.

Wang Sui · 09/03/2021

Nice ride with scenic views. There are 3 stations in total, mount faber, harbourfront and sentosa (imbiah lookout). Note that the sentosa line (merlion, imbiah lookout, siloso) is a different cable car line and not included in this package. B&J ice cream only had 2 flavours to choose from (coffee or raspberry sorbet - it probably changes everyday). Still found it a little pricey as the boardwalk or monorail into sentosa is free/a lot cheaper but u get to go to Mount faber's bells attraction and see the top view of sentosa.

Wang Sui · 09/03/2021

Very happy, is my very first time taking our Singapore local Cable Car, very exciting, feeling very great, nice senery along the ride, I already purchased the 1 year membership, will visit Sentosa butterfly park with cable car ride again and again as long got time ?

Dann Fong · 07/03/2021

Superb experience! We managed to take it and see the sunset then when it’s dark to see the lights. When we reached Mount Faber, we went to the restaurant to grab our free 4 scoops of ice cream. We had Ben & Jerry’s Coffee & Salted Caramel icecream. The kids had strawberry & chocolate ice cream that wasn’t Ben & Jerry’s but the serving portion for the scoop was large. There’s a nice bell bridge (like the lock bridge in Paris) & we rung the Poland’s bell of happiness. Awesome experience thanks to SRV vouchers!

Joyce · 06/03/2021

wonderful experience taking cable car from Harbour Front to Sentosa. From Sentosa to Mount Faber, had an ice cream at Mount Faber. Lastly, took cable car from Mount Faber to Harbour Front.

ENG HUA · 05/03/2021

Very good experience and recommended to family members.

Ah Gee · 02/03/2021

We are enjoying the cable car rides. Great and nice experience

Ng · 02/03/2021

beautiful and easy ride. no need to pre book slots. the qr code from Klook are usable at the point of boarding.

HUI SAN · 02/03/2021

Great experience with cable cars. Our kids definitely enjoyed the rides and fun time in sentosa. smooth journey without long queue in the morning and we loved the sunshine during the rides. Great work and systematic operations as well.

Tor Koon · 02/03/2021

Easy to redeem and hassle-free! Used my SGrediscover voucher to redeem and it’s really worth it! Alighted at Mount Faber stop to redeem the Ben & Jerry ice cream at arbona - there are 3 flavours to choose from. Highly recommended to get through klook :) Staff were really friendly as well!

Yu Pei · 02/03/2021

The unlimited pass with the free drink is worth it. As I can spend longer time, going around or within the stops, to explore. The normal passes, I see a time limit, so not really good. Although I wished they had a unlimited round trip for both lines that include dinner or lunch with or without the desert, and with drinks.

Amanda · 02/03/2021

Second time Ive been here. Great place for a nice view of places and sea as well ?

Nur · 01/03/2021

It's my kids' first time on the cable car on their birthdays and we were so glad they enjoyed the ride! Our first ride to Sentosa was good, not stuffy inside but just not as cool as on our ride back to Harbour Front. It wasn't too bad considering we took it at 1pm. But on the way back was much cooler as it was about 4-ish and the carriage was a bit swaying as the wind was quite strong.

Hafidza · 27/02/2021

Easy redemption for the ticket... cheaper than on site purchase, there's a promotion for annual pass for on site purchase ... Nice view of the entire harbourfront and sentosa area... Get a cabin for own family, no sharing... Saw a VIP cabin, inside very nice, wonder how much is that. But disappointed that the ice cream cannot eat there, and it is not frozen properly (melted soon after redeemed).

LAI HENG BETTY · 22/02/2021


Very good service and responsive

Suresh · 21/02/2021

great deal!

This is a very good deal. Don’t buy onsite.

Janice Dalmacio · 17/02/2021

Good deal

There are three places to go but we are too late to go there and time is not enough hahahaha

Lee Ching Hiap · 10/02/2021

We bought the tickets (cake set) using SRV through Klook. It’s so easy and no fuss to use. We just showed up at Abora restaurant, had our lunch and cake set and took the cable car straight into Sentosa. We only had to flash our vouchers which had the QR code and we are all set! Great fun and highly recommended as another experience of heading into Sentosa!

Catherine · 01/02/2021


great it make our day happy and memorable, hope to go again

yip · 28/01/2021

Went on a weekday. No crowd. Avoid crowd will recommend to go on weekday. Nice view of singapore from cable car. Good family bonding. Restaurant Arbora service was good. We had our lunch there too with lunch special! Brought my grandparents there and they have senior lunch special!

Jie Si · 26/01/2021

The sky pass allows you to use the mount Faber line and also Sentosa line, both are separate lines where one is a cable car service within Sentosa and the other fetches you from sg island to Sentosa island. Both rides are fabulous where u can see the island skylines and you will also hear commentaries from inside the cabin.

sze heng · 26/01/2021


Very Nice experience ticket also very cheap thank you tiqets ?

ARVINTHAN · 26/01/2021


very nice experienced..all the staff is very friendly

crisel · 15/01/2021

Awesome! Super easy to redeem, just show voucher on phone! This is a very good deal, we enjoyed the scenery and the cake is surprisingly yummy and aesthetically pleasant! Thank you, Singapore Rediscovery Voucher!

Shau Thun · 14/01/2021

For a round trip pass to Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass, this is cheap. I rode from the mall to sentosa. Instead of getting a grab or riding the mrt, i just rode the cable car. It has an amazing view and is very fast. I was alone so i have the whole cable car to myself. I didn’t have to wait in line because cars are available every after a minute or two. Super nice activity here in klook! ??

Louize Ayrah · 11/01/2021

Hey there! Booking through KLOOK was easy-peasy and reliable. You don’t have to queue at the counter to get your tickets. What you need to is just show your mobile phone to the staff your booked tickets and its done, hassle-free. Will be making more bookings in near future after the pandemic subsides. Thank you KLOOK!

Imran · 06/01/2021

Good experience for 1 time thing, not much scenery since its a short ride. Nerve wreaking for anyone with Acrophobia, or Fear of Heights. Didn't get ro redeem the ben & jerry ice cream since we went on New Years.

Azizah · 03/01/2021

Had a great time with family. The views are amazing. We ensured that we got to view the sunset as well as took a ride back in the night to watch the city lights. The downside was that the waiting line was an hour.

Devanshu · 02/01/2021

Went over to Sentosa Island with family by taking cable car from Mount Faber. It was super easy to get onto the cable car by simply scanning the e-tickets. We had an enjoyable trip and had our ice-creams on return.

Kwai Quen · 02/01/2021

It was a breeze and we went straight to level 15 for our first cable car ride (for everyone in the family!). Totally enjoyed the amazing views to and fro. We went early on Christmas day so there was no queue yet. We made several stops to stroll and take in the sights around Sentosa and we all came home happy! ??

Huay Jiun · 25/12/2020

Wonderful Christmas eve

Thanks KKday for the free upgrade, my family and I had an Unforgettable Christmas eve. We enjoyed very much, the atmosphere, the food, good weather and able to watch sunset...all are good. Thank you.

Daphnie Lim · 25/12/2020

Seamless experience and really enjoyable! The lines available could be clearer and response from klook could be faster in order to pass out accurate information. We did not collect the free ice cream and retail gift as we had to alight and re-queue for the cable car (it was really long) Otherwise, we really had a blast!

Eileen · 24/12/2020



Shamini Ganesan · 23/12/2020

We really enjoyed this time. Not much people and the tickets can go straight to level 15 no need to redeem etc. My son was very happy he doesn’t want to go down anymore. He was still a baby when we first ride the cable car. He said we will come back next week hehe

Teresa Mamolo · 22/12/2020

Easy to book through Klook and redeem Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers. The voucher from Klook is the actual ticket and not required to exchange for physical ticket at cable car ticketing counter, just have to show the e-ticket before boarding. A different view of Sentosa when viewing from the cable car. My kids enjoyed their first cable car experience.

Soh Pun · 18/12/2020

cable car sky ride

it was exciting as first time on the cable car. however, as it was raining, the views were not so great

Ee Ray Lim · 18/12/2020

It was a great experience for my 2 children and my helper. We all enjoyed it so much with the beautiful scenery around Sentosa ??? the cable cars are also clean and the staff did sanitize the cabin once passengers left it.

Maria · 17/12/2020

As usual it's always hassle free with Klook!! The cable car, skyride & luge was fun indeed and the best part with the tixs purchase from Klook we don't need to Q for the tix at the counter. Save time on purchasing it from the counter n more fun time!!

Nur Suzana · 13/12/2020

Last minute decision to book tickets to try and catch the sunset while getting the entire family on a cable car adventure. Booking was smooth as usual and next thing we knew we were up Mount Faber, parked and off for a awesome time. Managed to catch the beautiful skyline and sunset. Cheers.

Goh · 12/12/2020

In life I do really phobia of height but my wife and two little boys makes my confident level up and I give it a shot as Daddy I could overcome the fear and go thru the obstacles if we want too..Definitely I would like to take the ride again and recommended to my peers .as the views are fascinating.

Hamid · 08/12/2020



ASHOKAN · 07/12/2020


It was amazing....we had a great time enjoying the view and scenerios...awesome experience

Kym_mi_e93 · 30/11/2020

fun with good deal

suitable for teenage

Eileen Tay · 19/11/2020

seamless cable car ride

ease of exchanging tickets. no queue to board onto the cable car..V new interior but not as windy as expected as we wanted to catch the sun set.. it's a worthwhile trip

Eileen Tay · 15/11/2020

Extremely convenient & fuss-free, the QR code can be scanned directly without having to exchange to physical tickets. We took the cable car in the evening - the view from the cable car is pretty amazing & it was quite an experience. Would purchase this again!

Nurul Ain · 13/11/2020

Fun trip for family

We took from Mount Faber to Sentosa and walked over to the Sentosa Line Imbiah station which is 3 minutes walking distance away. We stayed in the Sentosa Line cable car from Imbiah to Merlion then to Siloso Point and back to Merlion

Onn Chee Wong · 24/10/2020

Fun trip for family

Best deal at 50% off. We took from Mount Faber to Sentosa, then we switched to the Sentosa Line by walking to the Imbiah station. We stayed in the Sentosa Line cable from Imbiah to Merlion to Siloso Point and back to Merlion.

Onn Chee Wong · 24/10/2020

Product information

Insider Tips:
  • Use your Cable Car Skypass to enter and visit Sentosa Island as well as the many attractions in Sentosa mentioned above
  • Enter Sentosa during the day and exit in the evening to witness two stunningly different views of Singapore
  • Head to Mount Faber Peak with this pass and dine at Arbora Restaurant or at Sentosa’s Good Old Days Restaurant
  • You may opt to upgrade to the 4-course Sky Dining dinner on the Singapore Cable Car for a better experience
  • Get to see the spectacular views of Singapore while enjoying a zipline ride when you book the MegaZip!
  • Do allocate extra time for SafeEntry check-in/check-out system and temperature screening prior to participating in the activity
  • Please refer here for the detailed safety measures video of Cable Car