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Had an enjoyable time exploring River Safari despite the rain as the entire park was covered with sheltered walkway; and wheelchair friendly. MamaPanda restaurant was slightly crowded at lunch time but its staff was helpful to assign a table at their private function room for social distance and to ensure safety measures are kept.

Swee Lee Jennifer · 13/03/2021

Nice place to go but sadly Cruise suspended.Weather not on our side today as it was raining hence n chance for us to take the boat too.

Alia Hanim · 12/03/2021

It was a pleasant trip to river safari. However, didn’t manage to get to try the boat ride. Overall, it’s still a good experience there.

yong liang · 12/03/2021

Wonderful weekend family bonding. A lot of knowledge learned of living things along and in the river. Unfortunately didn't get to try the boat ride as its was raining heavily in the early afternoon. My boy was disappointed as we could not see the others animal along that boat ride. Overall, its still a good experience. Worth a try

Kamalrulsahrin · 11/03/2021

Thank you Singapore for giving Rediscover voucher.

Qi Fang · 07/03/2021

We completed the park in 2.5hrs. Spent $5 each for unlimited Amazon Water Quest Ride (approx 10mins) but we only took 1 round as it was quite hot in the late morning. Missed the show as limited seating capacity and people started queuing an hr early to get in. Overall it is nice experience.

Siok Keng · 06/03/2021

Great place to visit. The whole place is sheltered thus very comfortable to walk in. Lots of animal to see, you can expect to spend around 2-3hours. The Pandas are really cute ?. The show near boat plaza is also quite entertaining, just make sure you arrive there 30min before start of the show to secure a seat.

Er · 05/03/2021

Booking through KLOOK is a breeze. Instruction is clear. River safari is quite interesting and educational. The whole route and exhibit have been planned and structured out nicely. Due to safe distancing and crowd limitation. It turns out you get to have more space and time to enjoy the exhibits during off peak period.

Frank · 03/03/2021

I booked 3 senior tickets (my mother, hubby and me) to Singapore River Safari using the Singaporediscover vouchers worth $51 via Klook platform for 1 March 2021, 4 pm time slot. Our first stop was to catch the 4:30pm animal show called Once Upon A River. So we walked slowly through the sheltered walkway, passing by the gigantic oceanarium of giant manatees and fishes. The animal show was very entertaining and educational. Next, we paid $15 for the Amazon River Quest which was a very relaxing and enjoyable 10 minutes river boat ride. We managed to see all the animals close by. The famous pandas enclosure was our next stop. We managed to see Jia Jia enjoying her meal on bamboos. After that, we slowly walked through all the exhibits on various types of river fishes and reptiles. All in, we took about 3 hours to cover the whole River Safari taking our time to read the descriptions of each exhibit. I would strongly recommend everyone to pay a visit to this fantastic River Safari which offers so many things to see and learn about nature.

Winnie · 02/03/2021

Small yet cozy! Highly recommended! The main highlights were definitely the pandas and the squirrel monkeys! Would like to go there again someday!

Wei Yang · 01/03/2021

It was my first time to River safari and it was a great experience despite the rather small size. Spent 3 hours there and the pandas were so cute!

Wei Yang · 01/03/2021

Not my first time visiting but I went with different people on each visit. lol ! Anyway, this time I went with two of my friends and we enjoyed the time there. Took a lot of pictures and tried out the food inside. Though we didn't get to see KaiKai on that day but JiaJia is cute too. I bought a red panda plushie back as it's too cute and I already got a panda plushie from River Safari years back and it's still with me now too. Definitely recommended to visit no matter you are local or not. ??

Serene · 01/03/2021

Despite gg on chinese new year the crowd was much less than expected. 1st timw here aince opening and making use of the srv will definitely recommend this place dor a weekend daybout with kids and family.. Takes yr own time tonpass every past of the park.

Norasianti · 23/02/2021

Great day out with kids. The zoo wasn't crowded at all and there was virtually no queue for all attractions except for the Once Upon a River show (must arrive around an hour before show time to get in) where there was a max 50 pax limit due to social distancing restriction. Highly recommended!

Kittipat · 22/02/2021

Love the animal show 'once upon a river' . the show host is very interactive and shares a lot knowledge. the boat ride is fun. The animals are not hidden and be seen in all exhibits. However, the queue is very long for some exhibits.

Siti Nurfaizah · 20/02/2021

First time being at the river safari, I've got to say everything is pretty amazing, and the boat ride is enjoyable that we went 2rounds, just that my partner was looking forward to go for reservoir cruise but it was suspended probably due to covid :( Nonetheless, it is an awesome experience that birngs out my inner child.

Hui Shi · 18/02/2021

River Safari is a combination of mini Aquarium + Zoo, and perhaps a bit of Bird Park into one. Quite an interesting place to spend a leisure day. You may check-out Rivers of the World and then exit to take a Coffee Break at Starbucks and afterwards re-enter to complete Wild Amazonia. Queue to see Giant Panda may be very long but it moves very fast too. While queueing, u get to watch how Jia Jia and Kia Kia fly SQ to Singapore. Boy, these pandas are huge! Fishes at River Safari are huge too, and there are some rare species as well. The best part about River Safari is it is almost sheltered throughout, so u are sheltered from the oppressive heat or rain. There is a cool sitting area where people rest and watch the Huge Fishes in the Glass Aquarium swim before your eyes, very relaxing!

P H · 14/02/2021

a really really fun activity for everyone regardless of age! the whole walk through river safari was sheltered & there were a few viewing areas that were air-conditioned. overall a very fulfilling day at the zoo :)

Athira Binte · 12/02/2021

Best timing to catch Kai Kai & Jia Jia (the ?s) in the morning. Visited them again in the afternoon (~2pm) & they are off to lala land ? Almost sheltered throughout the journey with some places with aircon. Don't forget to catch their show (Once Upon a River) too

TZE KEE · 05/02/2021

It was an amazing trip I had with my friends. Due to covid, we don’t have to queue and it was not congested. We could take our time to have a good look at the animals. It was our first time here and we had a great time! I would definitely recommend.

Ewanny · 02/02/2021

Beautiful park with plenty to see and exeprience. The park is easy to navigate with great facilities and places to rest and fill up. The animal habitats are well-maintained despite now being the pandemic period and visitorship muted.

Yan Sin Alex · 27/01/2021

A relaxing walk through the River Safari compound. We took it slow. Enjoyed the Once upon the river show & Amazon River ride. Too bad the boat cruise was closed. About 3 hours+. Not very hot, as a lot of the exhibits are under shelter or partial shelter. A couple of exhibits in aircon spaces.

Lynda · 26/01/2021

Place is very clean and green. Lots of animals that you don't commonly see in zoos. My child enjoyed the boat ride (thrilled that the boat is lifted up at the start of the ride...and occasional splashes of water). Happy to see both Pandas enjoying their meals in almost natural setting.

Jarsel · 25/01/2021

Had a fantastic day at River Safari. Enjoyed meeting the famous stars Jia Jia and Kia Kia. Once Upon A River show and Amazon River Quest boat ride were great. Tks Klook as entry was made very easy and fast.

Yvonne Poh Wah · 08/01/2021

Great encounter with lovely Jia Jia and cute Kia Kia. ‘Once Upon A River’ show was very entertaining, and Amazon River Quest was very exciting too. Had a very enjoyable day at River Safari. Will not regret if you go.

Yvonne Poh Wah · 08/01/2021

River Safari is Asia's first and only river-themed wildlife park inspired by the world's most iconic rivers. Witness some of the biggest, most endangered animals from these rivers, in lofty tanks and luscious walk-through exhibits! A must-see are giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia in Southeast Asia's largest giant panda exhibit. Plus the world's largest freshwater aquarium themed after the Flooded Amazon Forest!

Liang Huat · 06/01/2021

Was super happy with our visit to River safari on the 2nd day of 2021! Despite of the heavy downpour, we are thankful that the whole place is well covered and we get to enjoy our visit in the cold weather. ?

Siti · 03/01/2021

Easy admission using the Klook app! easy usage of using the SRV too.?? Recommended for families with elderly / children as the areas are indoors/sheltered(some parts are even air-conditioned) & they're well equipped with ramps, brilliant accesibility for wheelchairs/strollers etc Expect a long Q(about 20-45mins) to get into the Squirrel Monkey Forest(this one is super worth it!!you'll get super upclose to the squirrel monkeys & parrots), the Giant Panda Forest & boat ride(at additional cost). Overall it was a fun place to visit! Just hope that the animals(especially the pandas) aren't shy to come out?

Sofia · 01/01/2021

Wonderful visit to the River Safari. It rained while we were there but most of the area is sheltered or indoors so we were not affected. I recommend to eat at the area outside the gates before/after entering as there's only one proper restaurant inside aside from snack kiosks.

Sham Hwa · 01/01/2021

I love going to river safari so much. I get to explore and see a lot of river safari creatures. Booking with Klook made the check-in process more efficient. Just that I have to book online for the specific timeslot to gain entry into river safari.

Muhammad Nadzmiy · 31/12/2020

Wonderful time spent at the River Safari with family, the show was entertaining, the exhibits were very educational about wildlife and habitats of animals in rivers from all over the world. Learnt more about pandas and their lifestyles, and it was wonderful seeing jia jia and kai kai, who were the main stars of the park!

Carl · 31/12/2020

very good experience n cheaper to buy on klook with extra discount n credit. my kids very enjoy so long never go river safari as now also cannot go anywhere so only can tour in sg.only problem is must go counter print ticket which abit troublesome cannot direct entry. if can direct entry better save time.

Serraine · 30/12/2020

Easy entry using the SG rediscovery vouchers. Very interesting and educational with land, & sea animals. however, missed the live show as the timing does not match our schedule and need to q 1 hour which is too late. Suggest to go straight to the show upon entry as max # is 50 pax per show with 3 timings a day. Boat ride with additional fee is recommended.

Shermeen Sui Min · 30/12/2020

Grateful for this initiative by the government - SG discovery vouchers! If not for the vouchers I don’t think I would have step foot into River Safari. Boat ride (at an additional $5 and a 45 mins waiting queue) is highly recommended, or else there isn’t much to see at River Safari! Saw Kai Kai but Jia Jia is nowhere to be found ? Entire area is covered by sheltered walkways so you don’t have to worry about wet weather!

Shayna · 29/12/2020

We went there was so interesting place and many animals and the boat ride too it is really fun at the boat ride. The weather was good and sunny day. My son was excited some animals not all animals at river safari had the same animals in singapore zoo. I will recommended to my family, relatives and friends too.

siti · 29/12/2020

Fast and easy. Just showed the online tickets and we are good to go! River Safari opens at 10am so we straightaway went towards the Upon A River show and started queuing. Eventho the show starts at 1130am, people already queuing by 1030am as it can only cater for 50 pax per show. And the next show was in the afternoon. Too late for us. Overall, it was a great experience at the River Safari!

SITI NUR HANIS · 28/12/2020

The panda and the Once upon a River show is a must see.. But have to Q about an hour for the show which is totally worth it!.. The Amazon River Quest boat ride (not included in this package) is also a must go..! Enjoyable trip for the whole family!

Effe · 26/12/2020

No fuss during entry.. And we had an enjoyable time looking at all the animals.. We had to miss the boat quest though cos our toddler didn't meet the minimum height rule. Nonetheless still a delightful day for us.

Nuraniah · 15/12/2020

River Safrai is an pleasant place to go, i get to see the aligator and play the adventure trial game. its an event for the period of december. we won book and even sticker and charm. definitely an rewarding trip. the monkey feeding was also pleasant, being up close to the monkey gove utmost happy experience for us visitor.

Ping Cheng · 13/12/2020

Wonderful destination for the whole family regardless of age. The park is mostly sheltered so despite rain or shine, your experience will not be compromised. Easy to move around even if you do not have a park map, and the crowd is manageable. Amazon boat ride is not included in the Klook booking and you can purchase separately at the park (Adult $5, Child $3 - min height 1.06m). There is hardly a queue and the ride is a swift 10mins journey. Gentle reminder to pre-book your Park entry date and time slot after you have purchased your tickets from Klook.

Wendy · 10/12/2020

Online Booking through Klook App making much easier and faster way to book online using mobile without any hassle or waiting to purchase attraction ticket. Great for on the go type of users who like simple and trendy way to purchase entrance ticket to any amusement ride or anything on klook.

MOHAMED FAIZAL · 07/12/2020

it was fun and relaxing trip at the river safari which is thanks to klook we don't have to line for the ticket we just scan the voucher from our phone to enter the park and the 15 minutes cruise to the reservoir makes you relax

Michael Angelo · 14/03/2020

Great experience! Right next door to the zoo, can walk to it and then after seeing a few animals including the Giant Panda go on a little river cruise thats free for about 15 minutes. A well deserved break if you’ve been walking all day. The River Quest is awesome too, a different experience I would definitely recommend.

Daniella · 13/03/2020

it's my 4th time in SG but this is the first time i visited this place. the kids had so much fun in this place. glad i was able to buy the tickets during 11.11 sale were i got a big discount. ive been a klook user for 6 yrs now, i always buy tickets via klook bec it is hassle-free and i can plan the expense ahead of the trip. i usually buy 2-3months in advance. thank you klook!

April Grace · 08/03/2020

The Amazon quest was amazing and the staff prompted us to have a 2nd go! the flooded forest and giant panda exhibits are the main attraction. The Ganges exhibit should have had the endangered Ganges dolphin.

Shriram · 04/03/2020

The Amazon quest was amazing and the staff prompted us to have a 2nd go! the flooded forest and giant panda exhibits are the main attraction. The Ganges exhibit should have had the endangered Ganges dolphin.

Shriram · 04/03/2020

A really amazing experience! Got to see a lot of marine animals that I haven't seen before. I was also able to achieve my long-time dream to see a panda. The river quest and river cruise were also enjoyable. And booking it with klook made it easier. Highly recommended.

Lemuel John · 26/02/2020

Get to enjoy the amazing experience using Klook in redeeming, the tickets when entering the area, was able to go in with the barcodes given through emails and from Klook App, also we do not have to show physical ticket when using the facilities. Overall good experience

Gary · 24/02/2020

Amazing experience and for the first time ever i have encountered a panda..and its soo cute that me and my friends tend to go back there so often.. the scenery also is not the common scene you can see in a is really a superb kind of experience

Maricris · 12/02/2020

It was raining hard when we visited the zoo and the Amazon River Quest and boat ride was suspended due to inclement weather. Luckily, the rain stopped at 5PM so we were still able to ride the boats before closing time.

Maricar · 10/02/2020

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