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Redemption process was fast and easy. Kids enjoy the activities very much. 3 hrs was pretty short to complete all the activities. Love the butterfly up close! Omni theatre show was so so only. $5 curiosity voucher just nice to end the day with a gift purchase for kids to bring home something as a souvenir. Note that minimal spending of $10 required for each $5 voucher and voucher cannot be combined.

WEE KWANG · 14/03/2021

My wife and I enjoyed it very much. Its like going back to our young days. Feel so young seeing so many young kids and teens. Maybe next visit will be with my children already ?

Adrian · 13/03/2021

What an eye opener for me. Last visit to Science Centre was during my pri sch time. Now I am reaching 40 already. Thks to SRV that I am able to explore my excursion once again.

Adrian · 13/03/2021

book with rediscover voucher and it was a fun trip with my boyfriend. Its been awhile since I last visited Science Centre Singapore. Many exhibitions have changed probably due to covid but overall we had fun exploring. I personally love the butterfly exhibition as i get to see them upclose

Siti · 10/03/2021

Science centre was an eye opener! We get to exposed to different stations and hands-on experience! Really enjoyed ourselves but was holding that the duration could be longer because 3hrs is barely enough ☹️

Yong Yi · 08/03/2021

I had an enjoyable time at the Science Centre. 3 hours was just about right to visit the various exhibits including watching a 45 minutes documentary on Superdogs at the Omni Theatre. It's a great way to learn about Science. Enjoyed the various abstract visualisations too.

Zheng Wei Edwin · 06/03/2021

The place is not new but still packed with full of activities for education and enrichment. It’s good for kids education. Nice experience with warm staff. Coupon can be spent in gift shop.

Ming · 21/02/2021

very educational and interactive. enjoyed my time with my daughter! butterfly park is sooo peaceful :)

Nur Fazillah · 20/02/2021

Is been a long time ever since we visited the Science Centre during our childhood days. Now that we have kids, we are bringing them to the Science Center again! Some new exhibitions are added but we can still remember that some of the main exhibitions remain the same. It was a nostalgic experience. We managed to catch a robotic show and are amazed at how the screens moved in a coordinated manner. There were also many other interactive experience that was fun and it was a good learning experience for the kids! Highly recommended!

Huiting Cindy · 20/02/2021

No hassle booking and redeeming the Singapore Rediscover Voucher. Gentle reminder to book the time slot to enter Science Centre (from Science Centre website) AFTER you bought your tickets. Then enter the Visitors Centre to redeem the Omni Theatre tickets (they will give you slip to show it at the theatre entrance). The Superdogs show was awesome. My girl loved it! Butterfly ? upclose exhibition also let her got up close with love butterflies. She also loved the Phobia show (like haunted house). Best part is of course spend her $5 at the Curiosity shop. We bought the 2 to go bundle so it's $5 per pax. She got to spend $10. Overall it was a great experience. We got a pack of magnetic write on calendar with white board marker, an ang pow with 2 big chocolate coins, and 2 packets of butterflies ang pows from the butterfly up close exhibition. I must say, made my day even more when I discovered the chocolate coin has my name on it! I'm not sure it was a coincidence (because I never use my English name to book) but it certainly brought smiles to my face. Great day out. 3 hours were not enough at all. Will go back again.

Yan Yee · 14/02/2021

Always love Science Center and what the place has got to offer for both the kids and adults. Good to be always revamping the different experience for next round of visits.

Brian · 13/02/2021

Was expecting a quick in and out experience at the Science Centre which I last visited in early 2000s. Pleasantly surprised at the upgrades: interactive exhibits, walk through mazes and even mini- butterfly park. Spent a good 2-2.5 hours here!

Jun Quan · 10/01/2021

Buying tickets from Klook was fast & easy and instruction on booking the time slot was clear too. It was fun, wonderful experience and gaining knowledge in the Science Centre but 3 hours is not sufficient to explore all activities and exhibits. The butterflies Up-Close was interactive and nice. Also, I will like to suggest to input Chinese/Malay subtitle for the show in Omni-Theatre so that elderly will understand the show better. We managed to spend the $5 curiosity voucher each in the shop. Overall, it is recommended to visit the Science Centre!

Gui · 09/01/2021

Science centre was of great fun, but 3 hrs are not enough to explore all activities and exhibits. Plus the queue for the gift shop where the $5 voucher can be used was super long after 5pm, and we weren’t able to redeem the vouchers (3x$5). Available slots for SRV voucher users are very restricted though there are still plenty of slots available for visitors buying tickets through official website.

Lijia · 05/01/2021

My kids enjoyed themselves so much and asked to come again, particularly the butterflies up-close! 3hours is not sufficient to cover everything and do be prepared to queue at the curiosity shop to redeem the vouchers. Overall, redemption is easy and fuss free! We will definitely return!

Lee Yin Shirley · 27/12/2020

A fun day for kids and adults alike. Plenty of exhibits to keep the whole family entertained.

Shixiong · 25/12/2020

It was an enjoyable trip. Due to Covid, we have to visit in session. 3 hrs per session is not enough to see all the exhibits. Will visit again.

FOONG LOO YVONNE · 25/12/2020

My daughter had loads of fun at Living World exhibition..We spend more than an hr here.. Lots of things to explore, very interactive and educational. The Sci fi trail is basically just going online by yourself and answer some qns (u can find the ans from parts of Science Ctr exhibition or guess the ans yourself).. Quite disappointing.. I would rather go for the 3pm show (which wasnt included in this package, I think cost $5 per pax).. We didnt really explore Science Ctr due to time constrain.. Instead, we went to Tinkering Studio and build a Santa's sleigh which we enjoyed alot..!

Effe · 23/12/2020

Kids and my helper enjoyed this place tremendously even though the omnitheatre was fully booked.. but 3 hours is not enough for us to cover the whole place?. But it is ok.. we will be back again

Irny Hidaya · 19/12/2020

great for families as it is not over crowded due to crowd control. advise to leave slightly earlier before closing time at 5pm if you wish to shop at the store beside the entrance.

chong hao · 19/12/2020

Really enjoyed my experience there, fun exhibits and a lot of interaction with the exhibits! Enjoyed using the $5 voucher as well for the package deal

Gwenda · 18/12/2020

Staff were friendly and approachable! Too many exhibitions to choose from within the three hours, so I encourage visitors to visit early. Enjoyed the 'Living Worlds' and 'Know Your Poo' trails! ?

Ming Sheng · 12/12/2020

Very good way spending our holidays during this pendemic as we cant fly anywhere.

Bhavesh Kishore Desai · 07/12/2020

Lot's of fun for all ages. I'd allow plenty of time if you wanted to see everything as there is so much to interact with, explore and learn

Dennis · 10/02/2020

My nephew had fun even us the adults... He even wanted to go back and book another to avail the kids stop and omni theater with affordable price... Thank you klook!

Gianelli Rey · 05/02/2020

Fantastic spot for kids and adult. There is annual pass available at the spot too. Since we are Foreigner, just bought the ticket with klook. Easy to redeem and no long queue. Spend full day in the science center. Don't forget the performance schedule, worth to watch.

shing sheau · 20/01/2020

It's a informative and interesting exhibition with lots of interactive multimedia activities to be done...

Hui Ling · 10/01/2020

it just awesome... 10 years ago i came here and tell my wife will bring my kids here when they're big... and now here it is... the latest show robotic and fire hurricane so amazing

Darwan · 08/01/2020

It was fun and enriching. The exhibits were engaging and educational. We had fun getting lost in the mirror maze. Overall, a fun place to spend for half a day. The Omni theatre facility was also mind blowing - it's better than IMAX, in my opinion!

HON MENG · 07/01/2020

Worth to spend a day with kids year 3-10... free to experience wide-range of interactive learning... Amazed by the robot show as well as many kids play to learn features.... will come back again.

Shin Yee · 02/01/2020

It is fantastic museum!!! If you bring your kids here, I think it can stay for a whole day! This round, my husband And I have spent about 6 hours there and did not experience all the tasks yet. The mirror maze is extremely high CP!

MING SUM · 01/01/2020

Awesome place to spend a day at. Soo many things to look at and experience and try. We also enjoyed the Tesla Coil show and Fire Tornado show. There’s also halal food option. Highly recommended!

Khadija · 31/12/2019

Excellent place to have fun, learning, and see something new. The Science Center Singapore does have great surprise with the number of things to do, as well as idea that never seen elsewhere of the world. Built in 1977, it has modernized and updated with all sort of information. Special of the day is review of F15E fighter as well as fire tornado; we have spent half a day there without worrying to go elsewhere. The package with Omni-theatre is great. Otherwise kidstop is completely different thing; suggest to use it on another day. Strongly recommend to go.

Ho Sze · 30/12/2019

Science centre is worth visiting especially on the Solar eclipse event on 26th Dec. Klook voucher was easy to redeem. Omni theatre show was awesome. Overall, it was a fun day to explore Science around us. Thank you Klook!

KIRANKUMAR · 28/12/2019

Prize from KLOOK is amazing, save a lot and the package is very interesting. It is take 40 minutes in cinema, 20-30 minutes in butterfly area and 2-3 hours in science center and 1-2 hours if you want to play at water park. so the best time to get there is in the open time, you can spend full of day until closed at 6pm. for food there is McD there. Good place and worthed.

Jerry · 28/12/2019

This is an awesome place for young kids. It helps in learning various facets of modern science. The Butterfly Park was amazing. A must visit place, will require 6 to 8 hrs to visit the centre.

PRANAB · 27/12/2019

Very good, clean and unforgettable! Kids played very happily and games are very meaningful. Will go again next year! Staffs are very friendly and the omni theatre is very amazing

po yu · 27/12/2019

my children love the science centre Singapore, they can play and also learn many things with all the information. The Omni theatre also amazing, we were enjoying watched Bear Rain forest's documentary. The butterflies close-up also good experience for my daughter, she love playing with butterflies and many other activities.

Kasmin · 27/12/2019

Brilliant place for spending a day with your kid. Ticket was instantly booked, redeemed at the visitor services counter at science centre easily. We bought kidsstop tickets at the science centre (since there is no option to buy kidsstop+science centre tickets on klook). there are tons of things to do there and loads of fun to be had.

Sharmili · 23/12/2019

I rated it with five stars because my daughter enjoyed the place so much since it is all about science?. It offers so much knowledge especially for kids. The place is huge you can spend all day There. Omni theatre was amazing I recommend you should try it. Butterfly up close was good. Over all experience was amazing.

JAde Vine · 22/12/2019

very good place for kids .. can learn many things .... learn science, learn music, learn professional job (acting) ...

CAHYOADI · 21/12/2019

The children had a fun time at Science Centre Singapore! We've been here many times but we still haven't finish exploring the entire place! A visit to butterflies up-close and watching the show at Omni Theatre usually takes up a bulk of the time we spend there. Will be back!

Mabel · 18/12/2019

A place you must visit in Singapore and don't forget to ask about the times of shows . Tickets are cheaper on klook

Mohamed · 18/12/2019

always a breeze getting tickets from klook. though need to exchange for physical tickets to enter the centre, its relatively easy process, amd customer service centre is just next to the entrance. we bought the combo tickets to omni theater and butterfly park. kids love it! if you are driving, parkings are available on site or nearby hdb blocks.

CHEE KIN · 14/12/2019

The redemption is very easy. Just proceed to the Visitor Centre and they will print out a different receipt for you. Upon entry, their crew will do strike off on the entrance code and chop a LED on you arm so you can make numerous entry within the day. Keep the receipt if you also going to Omni Theatre as they also need to do the headcount check and strike off the entrance code. Overall, the entire experience was very good. Science Centre added many new things compared to years ago. The kids were having a great time there.

Pooi Fun · 14/12/2019

Such a amazing place to visit because there are a lot of attractions especially for the kids. All of us were amazed by the exhibition and we would come again next time. Awesome place to visit for kids. Is sure a fun place to visit. I recommend to buy ticket from klook as is more cheaper than other place.

Chek Keong · 14/12/2019

Such an amazing place to visit because there are lots of attraction especially for the kids. All of us are amazed with the exhibition and wonder if we could come again later. I would recommend buying from klook as it is easy and cheaper !

Mohd Irwandi · 12/12/2019

we came here with our toddler instead of Universal because we thought it would be age appropriate and we were right! Our baby enjoyed our visit. definitely a good place to go to with kids!

Catherine David · 09/12/2019

Easy to book. Voucher was received immediately. Enjoyed the exprerience. Will book again. Recommended.

JACLYN ANDRE · 07/12/2019

Omni Theatre Movie is a little bit bored. So we went out in the middle of movie time. But butterflies up-close was interesting than I thought. Klook price is lower than off line.

SUMI · 07/12/2019

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