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Was a little surprised that the driver came with a tiny car and his wife as navigator. :)

Mun Wye · 11/02/2021

Great service. Driver was friendly and helped with luggages.

Hang · 04/12/2020

Good experience. Car was in good condition. Price is affordable. Driver was good.

Fai Fai · 03/12/2020

very good

The car maker is very attentive. My parents travel without children for the first time, so I prioritize book services on kkday to have good service, affordable price, and especially enthusiastically guide and advise visitors.

Khanh Chi Vu · 26/11/2020

7 seat car rental

Friendly driver, on time. Thank you for your contribution to this wonderful trip

Đường Quyên · 25/11/2020

Really convenient and handy, I booked it a week before the trip, car is nice as well as the driver.

Sin Hang · 05/11/2020

Good service and nice drive

SUYI · 29/10/2020

Found our driver quite easily. But dear lord the car was small - it was a size of Nissan Micra or even smaller- like a microcar. We hardly fit in with our two suitcases despite choosing the right "car size" for us. The drive lasted way longer than it should have and on uphill roads we thought that the car won't make it there since you couldn't even get enough speed. Driver was kind, but obviously a bit sick at the time.

Katariina · 14/04/2020

Airport transfer

The driver service is very good, the interior of the car is very clean, the arrival time is very punctual, and even early, the luggage is left by the driver for you

陳 昱劭 · 27/03/2020


Celeste Hui Yen · 16/03/2020

Eliminates language communication problems

If the language is not fluent, use this medium to order and take passengers directly to the destination, and the transfer driver will take the initiative to carry luggage and open the door, and always smile

陳 昱劭 · 11/03/2020

Very satisfied

Once arriving at the door, the driver changed his name and waited. The service was good and the car was clean. He would make another booking next time.

Suki Lee · 06/03/2020

We prebooked the pick up service and when we arrived, the driver was waiting for os with our name. It was so easy and good. I will use it again to the airport from our hotel.

CARSTEN · 05/03/2020

Car and ride was fine. We messaged when we found out our flight was delayed - which was acknowledged. Even so, there was no driver waiting on arrival. We were told he waited and left since we werent there at the original booked time.

MICHELLE · 01/03/2020

Driver was waiting for us with a sign as we arrived at the airport. Got us to our hotel safe and sound :)

Sinead Yin Fun · 23/02/2020

Excellent driver

The driver is very friendly. The local address of Phu Quoc Island is not very easy to find. He also tried his best to help us find the address of airbnb. He also took the initiative to help with luggage and get on the car.

Steven Hsu · 22/02/2020

The driver was already waiting for us when we arrived at the airport. Very good and reliable service.

CHENG MOH · 18/02/2020

Driver was there on time, car was comfortable and driver was driving with care. All good! I would recommend it.

David · 17/02/2020

The driver is very kind

Very actively help us to connect with Airbnb industry. Although English is not very good, there is no problem using translation software to translate Vietnamese

Steven Hsu · 16/02/2020

The driver was waiting for us at arrival hall. The car is good.

Bee Thin · 11/02/2020

There was a change schedule with the airlines and there was a small complication with the pick up at the airport. This was quickly solved by getting in touch with the person that had emailed the day before. So everything eas fine. The vehicle was nice and the driver was good. Got us to our destination safely and promptly.

Richard · 06/02/2020

Overall ok, the car was good..just the driver cannot speak in English..

Mohammad Farid · 04/02/2020

Good service, waiting us In front of the Exit some times. Caused we queue around 1hours inside the Airport.

Yu Hong · 03/02/2020

Car picked up on time. Car condition was good and comfortable.

Soh Kam · 02/02/2020

Car condition is good. Punctual on pick up time. Do advice that please contact the person according to the contact's person given. Not necessarily the person who booked for their own used.

Soh Kam · 02/02/2020

I don’t like to leave less than five star reviews but an airport transfer service needs only to do two things: (1) be there on time and (2) get you there safely. Once the driver arrived the transfer service was as expected but... despite confirming the transfer for 1pm the day before there was nobody waiting for us when we arrived. This is unfortunate because there are a lot of taxi drivers at this airport hanging around wanting to take you where you are going. The service didn’t respond to Whatsapp messages or calls and only after a friendly local phoned them on our behalf did they respond and send somebody. The end result was that we were waiting outside the airport until after 2pm before leaving for the 20-minute journey to our resort. He was very apologetic and the drive was fine but the reason you book a transfer at 2x the cost of a taxi is so you don’t have an interesting cultural experience when you arrive somewhere new. That was my experience. Your Mileage May Vary.

Richard · 31/01/2020

Reliable and fast way to get out of the airport to the hotel though it is a bit more expensive than taking taxi. It saves you trouble in communicating with locals in other languages. Recommend!

Mei Sze Susanna · 26/01/2020

Very smooth greeting and driving to the destination and the driver was nice and drove very safe. Highly recommend!

Naoko · 25/01/2020

Easy, fast, simple. Was waiting for us when we arrived.

JEREMY · 23/01/2020

Greet and meet was super smooth and the driver was very nice with a safe drive. I will use this service again for sure. Great value and great service

Naoko · 20/01/2020

It's a cultural shock but I am thinking there has to be a better transport company. An older driver and an younger guy (his son?) showed up in a decent sized van that's typical here. The google map indicated 45+ minutes of travel time considering the traffic condition. He 'flew' us to the airport in less than 30 minutes. Constantly honking which is pretty normal in this part of world I guess... but also constantly swiveling in and out of opposite lane passing slower cars, buses, trucks and bikes. I think we drove on opposite late more than the right late. at least he didn't run through red lights. Since we are passing whole bunch of them but no one passed us, I figured not everyone in Phu Quoc drives like this. I drive fast back home (Seattle) but this was a bit too much for me. If you are sensitive to motion sickness and don't like to drive fast then consider other transport company.

Tae Jin · 11/01/2020

Very convenient service and more comfortable than the local taxi. We also got a lady driver who drove slowly and safely, which was very good cos of my little daughter.

Wang · 06/01/2020

The driver, an older man, was ok and probably well intending. Not rude or anything. Enthusiastically loaded and unloaded our luggages but while driving he let the window down and started smoking... this might be perfectly normal here and might be acceptable in some other culture but i am from USA and something like this would be just unthinkable. I accepted it as a cultural shock and gave him a tip anyway :)

Tae Jin · 04/01/2020

Driver was waiting for me patiently. Immigration was really long.

Gerald · 04/01/2020

They rescheduled for an earlier pick up which was fine. Waited for pick up about 10 minutes and showed a Klook sign with your name. Ride was comfortable.

Gerald · 04/01/2020

Quick and easy. Flight was delayed for 30 min but the driver was still right outside after exiting baggage claim. Was picked up by a SUV so plenty space for luggages. The car is a bit old but for 30 min ride who the heck cares.

Le · 02/01/2020

I booked the transfer the day of my flight so was grateful for the instant confirmation. Pick up was smooth, clear signage. The seats had a bit of sand on it (probably from a previous trip to the beach). There were no seat belts. Driver didn't speak any English but he had a handy translation app on his phone (which he used to tell us we were 30 mins away and that the stranger we randomly picked up on the way, was his girlfriend). If I was travelling solo, I would have been freaked out. He brought us safely to our hotel which was almost an hour away.

Viviane Yin Sun · 02/01/2020

Driver was already waiting for us when we arrived which was great after having to wait for a long time at immigration. Only thing is that he was driving really fast and swerving in between traffic... Kinda scary especially with a small kid in the car... Upside is that we got to the hotel relatively fast...!

Wang · 02/01/2020

Driver was on time, comfortable vehicle. Great service.

Momcilo · 01/01/2020

Very responsive. The agent immediately contacted me after I bought the private airport transfer. We confirmed our pick up details, time and hotel drop off location. Upon arrival, the driver was waiting with my name and all ready with the big limo.

Li Li · 01/01/2020

We got from A to B but that was it. Tiny car, driver did not speak English or know the way (thank God for Google maps!), and there were no seat belts!

Marie · 31/12/2019

We had confirmed the pickup with the transport company over WhatsApp. However, the car never showed up to pick us up at the hotel and we had to end up taking a taxi from the hotel. The company was unreachable when we had to leave for the airport. If a taxi was not readily available, we could have missed our flight.

Vedant · 29/12/2019

Small car to pick us up. Could only fit 1 luggage behind and 1 cabin luggage goes onto front seat. Nevertheless seats and ride are comfortable.

Li Ching Betty · 29/12/2019

Good experience. Driver spoke little English but not a problem. Car was big and spacious. Comfortable ride

Nik Haizan · 27/12/2019

Super impressed with Lynda and the Klook team. We made a last minute request to move our pickup time and add a stop on the way and they managed it all no problem. This was definitely the easiest and most economical way to deal with airport transfers. Also really nice because we were a group of 7, plus all our luggage, so we would have had to get two taxis and even then not sure it all would have fit. With the big van it was no problem. Def recommend.

Mark Peter · 27/12/2019

arrived airport but can't find the driver, whatsapp the co. and then driver appear quickly. Thank you!

Sin Man · 26/12/2019

The airport is no that busy and no immigration to clear on arrival, so we collected the luggage and was out in no time. The driver held the name placard with a Klook sign but he didn't make himself particularly prominent. He was smoking and looking at hos phone at a corner. He also lost his way to our hotel using his mobile GPS. We have to actually have to use our phone and googled the direction for him. My two young kids were freaked out when we were lost in the dark beaten off track.

Pui Sang · 23/12/2019

Driver was at the airport but the whole experience was a bit weird. She drove me somewhere random and then switched out for her “brother” who spoke zero English. But he did get me to my hotel so I guess it worked out.

Barbara · 21/12/2019

When we arrived to phu quoc airport driver wait us in exit area. Car was is big and comfortable. Driver was frendly.

IURII · 21/12/2019

Service was on time and good communication prior to being picked up from Airport. Was hassle free!

Sylvia · 16/12/2019

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