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You will not regret it. Definitely worth the money. Arrive at 5 PM the watch the mini-shows. At 7 PM use the tickets to get free food and drinks. After that come to the pub opposite the main theater to enjoy some live music (drinks here are not included in tickets). At 8 PM watch the main show. It ends at about 9:15 PM.

An Duy · 01/02/2021

Impressive sound, light and choreography combined with moving story telling, all make this a very high quality show that should not be missed every time you visit Hoi An. Kudos for keeping this going every week-end even during this tough covid time.

NGUYEN HIEN · 17/01/2021

The show is simply stunning. Please don't expect the level of broadway show, but as long as you come here with reasonable expectations, you will not be disappointed. The setting of the show is literally at the river, so the producers have such a vast canvass for their imagination. You can skip the mini shows if you're short on time however.

Nguyen · 31/12/2020

Excellent show! 1. Change the ticket at the counter. 2. You must choose high or VIP. And go to the show earlier, to get the great seat. 3. Search the net, how to go there. I took the boat back to street. It usually only let the tourists agency take, but that day they allow me. Thanks Amazing!

Yiching · 29/07/2020

A must-try activity in Hoi An. KLook vouchers were super convenient to visit the park and enjoy the show. Will use your services more.

Thi Khanh Chi · 23/07/2020

Very shocking performance

The spectacular scenes and the great performances must be experienced.

Ting Yu Lin · 20/07/2020

Omg, this show is wonderful, light, music and everything are perfect. We got there on the cloudy night, and the weather became going to bad, u know what we are received from the holder, raincoats, even though I was going to rain. This is the most beautiful show in the world

THE BAO · 22/03/2020

Worth taking the time to visit

Online sales of 2020 tickets in February only found kkday on sale, and only two tickets, eco and high, did not sell VIP tickets, and we bought high tickets, because the number of people watching is not large, the view of the location is equal to that Sitting in the front row of the VIP, the angle is good, the tickets also include theme parks, there are a lot of performances, and it will take a lot of time to visit carefully. After the show, there are free shuttle buses to provide transfers.

Mii Huang · 04/03/2020

Nice show

Good show, although a bit late, but very spectacular and worth watching, recommended

kueihung lee · 02/03/2020

Rare and gigantic performing arts

Through the huge venue, many actors, large-scale art installations, stunning sound and light effects, the development of Hoi An is vividly portrayed, and it is a performance show worth checking out.

LI CHUNG PAN · 02/03/2020

The Coconut Basket Boat ride was very tranquil and picturesque. The lady who paddled the boat was very smiley and accommodating. A good deal for the extra £2/3 spent. The impression park is a really great idea, showing off historical dances and rituals. The main show itself is a great masterpiece and credit to all dancers and actors involved, it looked amazing. Only downside we had was that you couldn't walk more than 20 metres without someone asking where you wanted to go, some see this as great customer service but as a Brit, it's not something we're use to. But it shows their dedication to their job and everyone was trying their best to be helpful.

George · 29/02/2020

Hoi An Memory Show

Recommend friends who want to see can sit in the high or VIP area, the view will be better

家軒 林 · 23/02/2020

The Memories show was absolutely fantastic. It is beautiful and so many people performing. I loved all the lights effects on the stage. The one think is that you not allowed to use cameras, only smartphone and not allowed to record. It is a bit disappointing not to have some of the performance on video to show the family. Get there at 5pm, there is a lot of mini shows and it was great. Just quick tip, bring a jacket we were freezing. The coconut basket was just average. We could not get there on the day as one of the party got sick. We were able to rebook after countless emails with KLOOK for 2 days. The phone number on the voucher does not work and although KLOOK was answering the emails promptly the operator seamed not to answer them. They don't speak English so it was a bit confusing when we got there. A man asked for the voucher and after another asked again, it seemed they were not organised. The lady on the basket was nice. But all the way on our boat trip it feels like they were waiting to get some money out of you as you stop near other baskets with locals dancing awardly to loud music or pretending to be fishing and throwing the net. You have the option not to give any money but it is a bit annoying. I just wanted a quiet nature tour.

Thais · 22/02/2020

Show was interesting and good. I really enjoy the show and highly recommended

Fei Li · 21/02/2020

World-class stage feast interwoven in Hoi An's history and technological lighting

The story goes from the beginning to the middle to the end of the lady wearing the Ao Dai dress. It can be seen that the director of the Hoi An Memories Show spent a lot of effort on the producer. If the ancient town of Hoi An is a beautiful prose, then Hoi An Memories Show is a beautiful poem. With stage lighting effects, visitors can clearly understand the history of Vietnam's historical development at various stages, as well as the excitement and inheritance. The transformation of characters and scenes presents a high level of art through the interlacing of light and shadow and delicate mobile props. The performance process has few cold spots, and the theme park's welcome performance to each theme theater's performance time is also arranged properly. Passengers can easily be connected to the next performance venue through the guides. The meaning is still endless.

伯威 陳 · 20/02/2020

Fantastic show! The weather was not good to us but we were provided with rain covers to shelter from the wind!

annabel · 17/02/2020

it's very good. the show I like the most is one of the mini show, 快活林, very alluring, voluptuous. actresses of this mini show are the most beautiful ones.

TING AN · 13/02/2020

Really nice. The theme park is not very big but many good spots for photographs. The show on 7:30 pm is really impressive, but you shouldn’t reach the theme park too early as it’s not very big. Coconut boat is interesting too. Really enjoyed.

Yong Sheng · 12/02/2020

Awesome! !! Must-see show

Wonderful lights. Music, the graceful dancing of dancers, and a real scenery show worth watching

慧英 潘 · 11/02/2020

It was a great show!! We love it very much. We highly recommend to those who also seek to get to know the locals better and indulge in the richness of their culture. The basket boat ride is also a delightful experience.

Atifah · 10/02/2020

It was good entertainment for us as we learnt about Hoi An history and culture through this performance. We also liked the decor at the venue and took some nice shots before watching the show. It was enjoyable and yes, I would certainly recommend to other travelers.

Poh Leng · 09/02/2020

Hoi An Memorial show

The general show may not be seen clearly in the front seat, but this outdoor show is the opposite, because the range is too wide, but it is necessary to sit in the back seat to have a comprehensive view.

Dennis Wang · 09/02/2020

The best show I've seen so far

This show combines the vitality of Vietnamese, love, weddings and other elements to fully display the history of Hoi An and the beauty of Ao Dai. It also uses light and sound to make the visual (hearing) effect very shocking, plus the unique The geographical environment is so perfect! Fortunately I bought the position of the high platform, the view is first-rate!

JU CHU PENG · 04/02/2020

Very good show. we went here for my birthday. If you’re non Vietnamese speaker, go to the left side of the seating stadium, there is some English text explaining to you the story of each scene. No food voucher is provided in this package, you just go to any food shop in this park and pay for your order.

Duyen · 04/02/2020

The show is very amazing and fun the park is very good as well

Lok Chun · 03/02/2020

Great shows in Hoi Ann Memories. Come early for mini shows at 5pm while taking nice photographs on the scenery. Will visit again in the future.

Choon Wei · 01/02/2020

Still amazed up to this moment how they did such show like that. I was like living in the moment while watching the show. ❤️

honeybelle · 21/01/2020

Extraordinary! No words can rightly describe how thousands of actors made the show, passionate, spiritual and immersive. The show really shows the rich national culture pride of Vietnamese people. Meanwhile, it is recommended that you should be at the park prior to the main show to enjoy special minishows. In other words, the show and the theme park really worth at any price they provides. A "must" experience at Hoi An!

SOON KIAN · 19/01/2020

Very impressive show. Beside the main show, the are quite a lot of mini show. Book with klook will be provided with return pickup from Danang and hoi an. I take this opportunity to stay in hoi an after the show for 2 nights. Highly recommended.

SIEW WING · 18/01/2020

The most beautiful cultural show to watch. Goosebumps!! Everyone should watch this show. They have small cultural shows in the Impression Theme Park. Be there early before 5pm.

AZURINDA · 16/01/2020

We bought combo ticket (Hoi An Memories Show & coconut basket boat ride. in ther morning we went to coconut basket boat ride, its such a cute round basket boat. and in the evening we went to Hoi An Impression Theme Park, there has many mini shows and you must not miss the grand show Hoi An Memories Show. Its a great show.

Li Li · 15/01/2020

This is a must see in Hoi An. Simply stunning world class performance by hundreds of performers. Mesmerising musics, costumes, props, lightings & creative use of laser.

Bob Cathay · 14/01/2020

Memories show is a great show but the theme park has nothing much to offer. Klook package offer a great deal since they give you another show free in danang. Must go if u have extra time in Hoi an.

Yuen Yee · 14/01/2020

This show has a production cast of more than 500 people! It was indeed an impressive show! One that I would like to watch again when I get back. If you want a whole view but a bit further you should book the high seat. I booked ECO and I was happy because it was closer. Though I would have to turn my head left to right to follow the actions and read the English translation, it was still worth it. A must see in Hoi An! I've rarely read it in any blogs in Hoi An but I guess it's an underrated show that must be added to complete one's Hoi An Trip. Oh and be there early soon as it opens because the "short" small shows are all worth it, too.

Jessica · 13/01/2020

The Memories Show is fantastic, though not worth the hype that is created around it. The Theme Park is disappointing.

Naresh · 10/01/2020

easy to find out the location to redeem the show tickets. The show was wonderful and excited. I personal recommended this show when you are visit to Hoi An. I also recommended buy High and VIP seat avoid the raining day do have shelter . The High seat some are them have shelter if you enter early. There are no seat number to reserve.

Yoke Lan · 10/01/2020

1. Hoi An impression theme park. Glad to visit this park, they have designed different theme and passionate staffs. The show is a must to see. 2. We enjoy the bamboo boat ride, they spend enough time for us to see the show and photo taking.

Soo Leong · 07/01/2020

You should visit this show when come to Da Nang and Hoi An as well. The ticket already has the shuttle bus from Da Nang to the show’s location. You easy to change the ticket. In my opinion, you should use the bus at 16:00 because when you come there, you have many mini shows to watch and many attractions to take the photos. Because the show is performed at the outdoor stage, the weather may be cold or rain in December and January, so bring your coat if you feel it’s necessary. And the show is really amazing, could not explain all of it just by some words. So should feel it by yourself, let do it.

Hoang Yen · 03/01/2020

spectacular show. we could understand a little bit of Vietnamese history, culture and art.

Doyeul · 31/12/2019

like the theme park and mini shows more than the main show itself. the music and visuals were great, but i found the performances very boring. lots of performers and u could take picture with them after that. to enter theme park, there’s shuttle service near bridge

sai woon · 29/12/2019

Theme park is amazing! Food is reasonably priced and well worth going to. I was mesmerized by the show. We went in December and luckily had warm jackets with. Tip : the English board is on the key hand side so try and sit closer to that side

Faedah · 29/12/2019

The actual show was good but I think it missed some high moments to bring more emotions to the audience, even the ending doesn't feel like it ended on a high note. The wow factor was missing somewhere (if you compare with the 3D water show on Singapore - Sentosa). However the overall show wad good, the service at the theme park was good too (with a lot of mini-shows starting from 5pm). Also I think they should add some more activities (like any traditional games in Hoi An night market) before the show, so guests can kill time and have fun.

Minh Hop · 28/12/2019

The light displays are really cool in the park, great for pictures, the show was very impressive too. My family thoroughly enjoyed the night. It’s a must go activity in Hoi An that no many people talk about.

Hoi Yau Iris · 27/12/2019

We went during the rainy season. Two adults and two small children. The theme park has many shows as well as food venues onsite. The show is a must see. Very big stage, a huge performance that would cost so much more else where. My advice is too book cheap seats unless it's raining hard. The cheap seats are closer and has great views. Unfortunately for us it was raining on and off during the show. We were allowed to open our umbrella's because we sat at the last row of the cheap section. Lastly there are shuttles available to bring you back to the hotel. The shuttles are around the entrance when going home. For further discount use this discount code B57TL.

Yulin · 27/12/2019

Vietnamese version of musical. Stunning and beautiful performance that summarizes the life and history of Hoi An. The staff and customer service are friendly, especially Maj Nguyen. Supposedly the shuttle bus is leaving at 9pm however the hoi an memories show ended late hence, she helped us to communicate with the shuttle bus driver to wait till end of show. The booking via KLOOK is instant too, slightly cheaper than buying from ticket booth.

Yenni · 26/12/2019

The show was spectacular and worth every penny! It is advised to come to the park before 5pm to enjoy all mini performances before the grand show. The Eco section is good enough but you should arrive early to pick the best seats. We watch the show on a good day with a sky full of stars & cool breeze from the river nearby while the artists performing on the stage, Outstanding experience! A must see!

Pham Hai Linh · 24/12/2019

If you’re booking just for the Memories Show ticket, it is really awesome and beautiful (: The Show brought back really fond memories when I was still dancing in a troupe. The Impressions Theme Park was a neat little space as well with mini shows and food available before the actual show starts. The only problem I had was that there were no clear instructions on the free shuttle service and the redemption of the Hon Viet tickets. My KLOOK voucher had said that the pickup location for the free shuttle bus from Da Nang was at Trung Vuong Theater, so I specially took a Grab there to wait for the bus. But I waited for half an hour, and circled the theatre so many times and there was no bus! Furthermore, the theater was closed, so I couldn’t even ask anyone for advice! In the end, I just took another Grab to the Impressions Theme Park myself, which was more expensive than if I had taken a Grab from my hotel itself. It was a waste of time and money! ? When I reached the park and redeemed my Memories Show tickets, the staff there were not sure about the Hon Viet tickets, and told me to redeem in Da Nang instead. I did not redeem in the end, as I was not sure how to go about doing it ): But luckily, there was free shuttle bus service back to Da Nang, which we were dropped off at Lotte Mart. So I’m guessing that’s the actual pickup location as well. The shuttle bus to Da Nang is a minibus, like the kind of bus you would sit in for the other Klook tours in Da Nang and Hoi An.

Jody · 23/12/2019

It was beyond expectation! We really enjoyed it. The show was rich in content ang great in appearance with so many artists performing. We also spent some time in the Impression Park where we saw some other small performances telling stories about the history of Hoi An. A great evening actually.

VINH LONG · 23/12/2019

The theme park is amazing with lots of attractions.I was lucky that I used shuttle bus from Danang at 4pm so when arrived at the theme park, they just started the opening dance. We made made pictures in the area and really having fun..the show was also spectacular and colourful showing the traditional culture and daily life of Vietnamese...When we want to go back to the hotel, there was a free shuttle continued with very unique car at very reasonable price.. such amazing experience ...In short I was very satisified with the show ,theme park and facilities...only they should communicate better on the shuttle bus from danang....we were waited there and nobody knows of the shuttle bus as the bus were not parked in the lotte and just came at over.....must show a picture of the bus...also the klook staff must be improved..they were confused on the hon viet show and hoi an memories show. and when both shows closed ...they too easily jump to conclusion...

Marianne Ludwina · 18/12/2019

I absolutely loved the mega show and the mini shows that happened throughout. It was nothing less of a spectacle. I couldn't take my eyes off of the stage till the end. incredibly engaging. the best show I've seen so far in my life and better than any of the shows I've watched in Vietnam. it showcases the life of Vietnamese men and women during the olden days, their struggle, loyalty towards partners. The beginning of trade with other nations. Each and every performer was so dedicated! I couldn't have asked for a better ending to my Vietnam trip! it was way more worth than the money you will pay. please be there by 5 PM to be able to enjoy all the mini shows. otherwise you will really regret having missed out on them. The staff members were very polite and efficient. always there to help customers. an electric golf cart was always at our service to take us to the other end of the park. Many food stalls from Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam.

Sumana · 18/12/2019

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