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as good as usual, easily to locate and comfortable.

JIANHUA · 27/01/2021

Nice and good. safe driving.. fast to arrived. waiting time is fast

terence · 13/01/2021

Was easy to hop on from Hong Kong airport. Need to get off car at boarder.

Iris · 29/12/2020

A smooth and comfortable ride from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Recommended.

May · 10/09/2020

Always fast convenient arrival on time!! Thank you Always fast convenient arrival on time!! Thank you Always fast convenient arrival on time!! Thank you ++++++++++++

SEUNGHEON · 22/05/2020

it was very convenient and fast. very recommended!

SHA · 10/04/2020

easy to find the redemption spot, the staff is friendly. no need to wait for a long time , can leave within 10mins highly recommend

KAYEE · 20/02/2020

Good and fuss free transportation for me and will use it again

Siew Hwee Millie · 12/02/2020

Good and fuss free transportation for me and my family.

Siew Hwee Millie · 12/02/2020

The travel was so smooth and the passengers was so quiet, Driver of the limousine also is very polite and respectful to foreigners like me.The car was comfortable and very clean. Using Klook application to book the trip to HK Airport was very convenient and easy to het a seat.I am amazed with the whole thing.

Divina Gracia · 09/02/2020

Horrible experience! I lost my money and my time. I didn't found the car once crossing the check point. The directions to take this specific service are not clear.

JAVIER · 08/02/2020

The shuttle was clean and fancy. No expected waiting time was provided which made me a bit anxious while it was not too long.

TIENYI · 06/02/2020

Convenient and easy way to get to the Hong Kong airport from Shenzhen and cheaper than the ferry.

Christen Carol · 05/02/2020

Fast and efficient service. I will try this again next time.

Chi Shun Philip · 04/02/2020

good, will take it again

renjye · 28/01/2020

Fast and safe. Place is convenient and service is good.

Nou Xian · 25/01/2020

A bit difficult to find the ticket redemption counter, but after that, the service was great.

AISHA YASMIN · 21/01/2020

Smooth journey. Hassle free. Boarding location changed due to ongoing construction in HKIA.

Jasver Chee Siong · 20/01/2020

Hassle free. Easy redemption. Note that they just changed the redemption counter at the airport.

Hilda · 19/01/2020

The only one kind of transportation that I use to get to Shenzhen. Easy, fast and very convenient. Very good service. Will definitely recommend my friends.

IULIIA · 18/01/2020

Great and really convenient service. Especially when you’re tired after a few flights or if you have heavy bags. For me it’s the best way to get to Shenzhen.

IULIIA · 18/01/2020

Fast and easy way to travel from Shenzhen to HK Airport

Chee Kai Sean · 13/01/2020

as good as always, just take noted that counter been changed to end of hall.

JIANHUA · 07/01/2020

Punctual and fast! Booth is in the airport. Thank you for the great service. Next time will do this again for sure.

Thanh ly · 04/01/2020

Very convenient to redeem the ticket and get on the car to Shenzhen. The ride only took 40 minutes, I wish the driver didn’t drive as fast. Haha!

Hoi Man · 03/01/2020

Hassle-free redemption. I just presented the voucher and the staff gave me immigration cards to fill out.

Jhamie · 02/01/2020

Very convenient, huang gang is very near to the city area(futian) hence you can leave ur luaggge with hotel and head off to visit shenzhen in the day, if you stay at city area and have a night flight from HKIA. We departed from huang gang 4 hours before flight on a Sunday, still left us plenty of time in the airport as the ride took only 35 minutes. Purchase from counter costs 110rmb hence klook is cheaper (100rmb). The only con is the mpv will wait till it is fully loaded (6 pax) before depart for hk, it took us around 20 minutes waiting time. Note: counter is easy to locate, at the right after custom clearance at huang gang port.

Sue Hui · 30/12/2019

Driver is good and on time, car is clean and spacious for us.

Kern Chuan · 28/12/2019

it's really convenient!

CHING YI · 23/12/2019

the counter is all the way on one corner of the airport, nearer to Gate A. just redeem your ticket and take the lift down to the carpark, it’s short walk, the airport is under construction so it’s a lil messy. the staff will arrange for you to wait for the MPVs. ride is perfect, just 40 minutes from the airport to huanggang checkpoint

Summer · 19/12/2019

The process was very easy! The journey was fast and smooth thank you!

Yvonne · 17/12/2019

Mpv is convenient to board from HK T1. Walk to the end to the travel counters, near pret and manger, and not collect ticket at A15. be beware of inconsiderate fellow commuters who burped and farted in car. Totally disgusted. This spoiled the travel experience.

chng · 15/12/2019

Same day booking and immediate confirmation. Very good experience , recommend to all.

Chi chin · 04/12/2019

Same day booking and immediate confirmation. Very good experience , recommend to all.

Chi chin · 04/12/2019

Shenzhen bay to HKIA 40 Mins Convinient Cozy Fast!! Thank you Shenzhen bay to HKIA 40 Mins Convinient Cozy Fast!! Thank you Shenzhen bay to HKIA 40 Mins Convinient Cozy Fast!! Thank you

SEUNGHEON · 24/11/2019

Cozy fast convenient +++++++++++++++++++ Cozy fast convenient +++++++++++++++++++ Cozy fast convenient +++++++++++++++++++ Cozy fast convenient +++++++++++++++++++

SEUNGHEON · 13/11/2019

Great experience, the immigration booths were not busy during my trip, which was a plus. Got to Shenzhen in 40 minutes without traffic both on the road and at immigration. Drivers seem to be lead footed but no complaints there :)

Kenneth · 22/10/2019

good and comfortable ride. but one of the lady on board did not have the right travel document to enter Hong Kong. We waited for 20 min and had to leave her behind.

hsiu Chu · 20/09/2019

Value for Money!!!! This is best from Klook to get the transfer done from HKIA TO SHENZHEN BAY PORT. I’m happy that their is Klook to look after our expectations.

RACHIT · 18/08/2019

They dont have onward service, to Hotels or airport. So you get dropped off at the port and have to take onward, the other services are more but they offer onward service

Fred · 14/08/2019

Fastest way between Shenzhen and HK Airport, totally hassle free and very quick passport check. Great experience again thanks to Klook.

Paolo · 28/07/2019

Very efficiency, service is excellent, price is reasonable. Car available to departure from airport every 15 minutes which is unexpected convenience. I will take their service next time. Over all, very satisfy!!

KAM LIM · 05/07/2019

fast and easy. very convenient. it is cheaper to buy from klook. no need to get down from the car, fuss free, straight away reach shenzhenbay port.

jou hui · 28/06/2019

It was a great experience made me reach to the place I want to go just in time. I wonder having ride them again.

tanmay · 24/05/2019

Very good service. Always book it. Thanks you very much for this offer. Good price. Affordable. Will recommend it to friends.

Nyzovets · 10/04/2019

Very good service. Always book it. Thanks you very much for this offer. Good price. Affordable. Will recommend it to friends.

Nyzovets · 10/04/2019

Fast and comfortable ride.. as many have stated.. just need to know where to collect the ticket to board the MPV..

Ka Wing · 27/03/2019

The whole journey from HK Airport to Huanggang was very smooth. Redemption by using evoucher. Driver was very friendly and he reminded us to put on seat belt. Traveling time from HK to SZ is around 30min. We just sit in the car passed through HK custom. Highly recommend to those who bring elderly and family to SZ via HK Airport. Save times and energy.

Wee Ee · 13/03/2019

good and fast service, will buy again fr klook again..

YINGJIE · 01/01/2019

The cheapest price in town!!! For the MPV Service HK airport to Shen Zhen Bay Port, If u buy over the counter it is HKD 150, but thru Klook is only around HKD125! Went to counter A15, but there is no one there then I go to counter A17 & A18 to issue the ticket.

WEEN LIAN · 17/10/2018

Product information

Get from HKIA to Shenzhen or vice versa with convenient transfers

Additional Information
  • Please note that some MPVs may be replaced by buses during peak hours
  • Please note that all tickets booked under one order will be redeemed all at once. If you require the coach service on separate days, please book those trips individually
  • All passengers traveling through the Shenzhen Bay Check Point are required to get off the vehicle with their luggage to cross the border on foot. After crossing, passengers can board the vehicle once more
  • Guests are required to present their passports or other travel documents issued by Hong Kong, China, or other countries. If the guest cannot present said documents, the driver has the right to reject the guest and a refund will not be issued