Ngong Ping: Cable Car Return (Crystal/Standard/each 1-way)



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Using klook for purchasing tickets is really the best decision we made. We avoid the long queue and save so much time. ???

Janella Patrizia · 09/03/2021

Hassle free! Not time consuming! Very fast transaction when you book on klook! Highly recommend

BRIAN · 07/03/2021

Very nice experience! No need to wait at all. Interesting tourist sites with Buddhism idea. We had a relaxing day!

Ho Lam · 07/03/2021

Will recommend to buy the tickets from klook before visit.This will help to save a lot of queuing time

Xin Yi · 28/02/2021

We visited this place pre-pandemic. It was a hassle-free transaction and experience. I’m very happy we got to visit here when there wasn’t too much crowd. I missed this and hopefully we can go back again soon?

Shekinah · 16/02/2021

I, family and friends enjoyed because most of them was firat time to ride in cable car, back and forth. We were chatting and enjoying the ride until we reached our destiantion. ngongping village is very large and has cheap food restaurants to opt.

Cherry · 26/01/2021

The lines were very long for this activity, but since we have booked via Klook, there was an express lane to claim the tickets and we were able to ride the cabin in no time! Klook's price is very affordable compared to when buying on site.

Jerwin · 21/12/2020



sumesh · 16/12/2020

There was a special queue line for klook user. We just simply showed the QR code to the staff and they helped us to print the ticket out. The QR code was very user friendly and save a lot of time. Highly recommended to go there when there’re less people/tour.

Yuk Yi · 08/12/2020

It is the first time to search for Ngong Ping 360’s ticket on Klook and found out the price is lower than buy in Ngong Ping directly(even got the discount for locals)! It’s very fast and convenient to buy in Klook and I will buy it in here if I go next time!

g · 05/12/2020

A great tourist attraction experience. Another "must-try" when you're in Hongkong. You get to see the Lantau Island the Big Buddha and so on. Very convenient, it has separate lane which is fast and hassle free. The view is super amazing. This is good for family and barkada tours! ?

Donna · 26/11/2020

It’s a mesmerising experience travelling in the cable car to Big Buddha with beautiful views of Mountains, Sea and Airport. Super quite and convenient and the staff attitude is outstanding. Overall very fulfilling experience. Thanks

Goldee · 18/11/2020

A highly recommended tourist attraction spot, enjoy the long & chilling cable car ride, just relax yourself & take a deep breath & open your eyes 360 wide to the stunning view around you. Don't give up, keep climbing the steps & reach for the gigantic big buddha statue. Remember to make a wish before you roll yourself down.

Sik Joong · 17/11/2020

Gotta chance to try the promo for HKID holders, and that was worth it. Spectacular views and wonderful experience for the family. Sunday funday it was. However, please come earlier if you're going on weekends as long queues are inevitable. For that reason, we experienced the cable car at night which offers spectacular lights from HKIA and Tung Chung. *refer to photos*

VINCE ST · 16/11/2020

Super highly recommend! We have really enjoyed this one. Fast track indeed, no queue for crystal cabin so we have got to board immediately. The ride was so fun and relaxing and the view was so spectacular. We have booked a roundtrip so really did enjoyed it. Totally worth it. ❤

Regene Joy · 29/10/2020

Highly recommend this activity, especially during sunset time, the view is amazing ? No queue for crystal cabin was from Ngong Ping, got on board immediately. You can take it either from Tung Chung or other way if you have one way. We did a rescue trail hike to Ngong Ping and a cable car ride back to Tung Chung, great activity for the whole day ?

Anastasia · 27/10/2020

Got on board quickly, no queue for crystal cabin from Ngong Ping. Meanwhile waiting time to get our physical tickets was ridiculously long. One cashier was working and was changing the window she works from after each customer ?‍♀️ Highly recommend this activity with kids, especially taking the ride close to sunset time, the view is amazing ?

Anastasia · 27/10/2020

Fast track to take a cable of course, we need to wait for a while as there’s a line for Klook but save time than others. Due to social distance, only one team can take a cable together. It’s very convenient to fully enjoy the time on a cable.

Hwayoung · 26/10/2020

I went during a public holiday so it was super crowded. I was glad that i found tickets on klook that let me skip the crazy ticketing lines. It was great, nice views, but definitely dont try to come on a public holiday again!

wai ting · 08/10/2020

A must do when in Tung Chung, Lantau, Hong Kong! It was wonderful weather and beautiful scenery of the mountain peaks!! A little touristy when you get to the top at Ngong Ping, but if not too busy, there are so many things to do. Climb to see the Buddha, have an ice cream, see the Monastery, take pictures with the statues, have a vegetarian lunch, take a hike, and watch the lazy water buffalo roam.

Kevin · 07/10/2020

Absolutely brilliant thanks for the experience. We loved the crystal cabin which we had all to ourselves. No queueing thanks to klook. The village, buddha and monastery where all delightful. We had a perfect family day out.

Lucy · 04/10/2020


Couldn't have been better

Joan · 12/07/2020

This is a great deal. Half off for residents. There were not many people, so it’s very quiet and pleasant. We got our own cable car. The weather was sunny and hot. We took many photos. Definitely a good option to spend half a day.

Jen · 30/06/2020


really enjoyable day. crystal car is nice and great views all around. maybe worthwhile to do it only one way.

Andrew · 13/06/2020

Tried the Ngong Ping crystal cabin this time with my kuya and decided to do the 2.5hr hike along the Ngong Ping Rescue Trail from Tian Tan Buddha back to Tung Chung instead of taking the cable car ride again. We did it! Tipid but kapoy ?. There was no queue when we arrived there and we got our tickets right away.

Anna Katrina · 09/06/2020

Very good deal to buy the tix at klook at 50%discount. Redeeming the tix at counter is fast and easy by showing the QR code. The cable car journey is amazing with very good view. Scanning the QR code at the boarding area can listen to the audio introduction along the ride.

Fung Kam Fiona · 09/06/2020

Booked the tickets on our way to the cable car on 19 Sep 2019. Easy to book and convenient to use. There was an express lane for Klook customers, so we don’t have to wait too long. Definitely choose the crystal ones. Great experience with beautiful scenery!

Nga Hang · 05/06/2020

Went here february during the coronavirus outbreak, i dont know if thats what make it worth it because I was able to super the tour on the island because its not crowded. Its so beautiful here definitely a must try if you will go to hongkong.

kyleen Earl Ann · 07/04/2020

Very nice place! And trust me, book it using klook. No need to q, just show QR code. The prices here might even be cheaper. But anyways, the view is nice and the cable car ride provides a scenery where I can not see it in my home town.

Edwin · 11/03/2020

It is a must try in Hong Kong. I am so amazed by the beauty of nature. The view from the cable car was so amazing. It was very high but it didn't scare me because it is totally worth it! When you arrive at Ngong Ping village, you will see their culture and you will be amazed too.

Ayessa Belle · 06/03/2020

Great trip onward to the famous Buddha, Lantau Peak, Wisdom Path. Had the whole cabin to myself as there were not many people. Also it was drizzling and foggy which is a nice effect but also no clear views.

MAXIMILLIAN · 05/03/2020

Far but not too far

Ngong Ping 360 and the village is a must visit when you go to HK. KKday provides us ample of options during our trip.

Louie Marko Collado · 13/02/2020

Fast and convenient

I can absolutely recommend it, great view and quite fast

Nakia Karim El-Sayed · 13/02/2020

This is probably one of the highlights of our HK trip. Booked it at klook for hassle free transaction. Once you got there, there’s a designated line for klook customers. But we were so happy cause there’s not much people riding on cable car. HK that time was on the verge of rally and all. I thought it was gonna be a short trip, but it was a loooong ride going to ngong ping village. Overall, it was a great experience!

Ray Jorge · 11/02/2020

awesome activity. must try. if you have a luggage, just leave them at the mall near the port. the activity is good. we tried the crystal one, kinda nice to see whats below you. the big budha and the village is nice also

NINO PAOLO · 09/02/2020

Best Experience

Fast transaction and access to the Cable Car. Worth it ang experience and memorable.

Edrex Francis Valera · 07/02/2020

Hassle free

Very convenient to use!

Irish Monique Rabena · 06/02/2020

Easy to use

Convenient, easy, good value

KhunMathee Subanapongse · 04/02/2020

fun day

lovely fun day with family, crystal cabin was brilliant, our kids really love it :) easy to access by kkday qr code

Ariunbold Altangerel · 30/01/2020

A must try if you visit Hongkong! They have special line for those who booked with Klook. So you can skip the long line and don’t have to wait for too long. It was indeed a great experience! I didn’t expect that it will be like 20-25mins cable car ride. But I enjoyed it. Seeing the view from above was surreal.

Fritzie Faye · 30/01/2020

Hassle free experience. The cable car offers 360 degree view of the island. Perfect place to make timelapse of planes taking off and landing at HK airport. Ngong Ping Village is in contrast to the HK downtown and the hill top Buddha climb is just breathtaking. Do take the stroll down to wisdom walk.

Mohit · 29/01/2020

the ride was super cool and comfy. we had crystal cabin for the round trip. it was convenient since lesser people go to crystal cabin due to a little difference in the price. it was very convenient when purchase at klook because you can escape the crowded line. it was worth it. the climb was the best, hard yet fulfilling.

Lynette · 29/01/2020


fast track , hassle-free ...

Arlene · 29/01/2020

Skip the long lines and waiting game. If you have a voucher you can go directly to the platform to ride the cable cat! This is also a good deal because if you buy your tickets at the station it will cost you 315HKD while with Klook we bought it around 1,200 pesos. What a great deal!! Thank you so much Klook!! This is a worth it ride it was so much fun and you’ll get to see the whole city via cable car!! If you are afraid of heights it’s time to conquer your fears because this is really worth it! It will take you around 30-40mins going to ngong ping village and abou 20-30 mins going back to the station. It’s a must if you are in Hongkong. Super happy with this ride!!

Tracy Ann · 28/01/2020

good deal ?

buy the crystal tickets, allow you to get on less crowded line.

Mark Cheung · 28/01/2020

great experience

Purchase a single trip ticket via KKday and revived the email voucher instantly. The whole process was so seamless and we really enjoyed the cable car ride.

Yipeng Zhang · 27/01/2020

It is really convenient for us to buy the tickets in this platform and a separate lane for KLOOK. All the staff are very helpful and nice in assisting my family with special and good assistance in arranging one of our elderly member traveling with wheelchair. The vegetarian food are tasty and the staff are also kind enough in serving us.

Agnes · 27/01/2020

We had a amazing time.

The KKDay process was very smooth.

Manolito Pacurib Jr · 27/01/2020

Super i love our tour here with my friend. We really enjoyed it so much. And surely we will come back soon with our friends and family. And surely will book to klook again. So excited to have it again.

HEINRICH · 27/01/2020

Very hassle free. Klook has its own counter and it has no lane when we went there. Worth the price because of the crystal cabin view and we even had the chance to take the cable car solo (the two of us) on out way back to the station in Tung Chung. The weather in Po Lin Monastery was good, it’s just that it was too foggy that we were not able to take a clear picture with the Tian Tan Buddha but all in all, it was a nice experience. Thank you Klook!?

Sunshine · 26/01/2020

Product information

[Klook Designated Lane] Ngong Ping 360 Standard Cabin (One Way/Round Trip)

Insider Tips:
  • The Ngong Ping Village houses 3 main attractions: Walking with Buddha, Motion 360 and VR 360. There are also dining outlets and retail shops for you to explore
  • Opt to book the 360 Tai O Pass and ride a shared transfer going to Ngong Ping!
  • Grab the opportunity to visit Madame Tussauds HK Ticket and Sky100 Ticket in HK after going to the Ngong Ping 360!
  • Grab a Weekend Ticket with a Free Sorbet! HK Residents can also enjoy 50% off on Weekday Tickets