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Push this new service, especially when there are elders and children with you

When traveling with elders or children, it is recommended that XPARK purchase tickets with this service to save the labor of switching public transportation or carrying luggage. Thanks to the driver’s serious and pragmatic service. Before getting on the bus, he also thoroughly implemented epidemic prevention measures, and carefully reminded passengers to wear seat belts, driving steadily, being considerate of the inconvenience of getting on and off the elders, really 100+1 points exceed the standard high-level service, great!

小瑞 郭 · 13/03/2021

Hitchhiking experience

The service is good, but the air in the car is more fragrant and cleaner, it would be perfect

子維 陳 · 08/03/2021

Great place for date

Overall was an amazing experience! The flow line was smooth; the downside was just quite a lot of people but was expected during weekends.

亞澄 吳 · 04/03/2021

Chartered car pick up and drop off Xpark

The customer service and helpers have a very complete contact process. The driver Mr. Mai also provides a comfortable ride service. We will visit and enjoy with all our energy and physical strength, which greatly improves the quality of tourism. It is very recommended!

雍容 張 · 01/03/2021

Great experience

It was a great experience and the kids loved it. My only complaint is that it was too crowded.

Solomon Antonio Jr. · 01/03/2021

Chartered car

There was also active contact beforehand, which was good overall, and the ride was smooth!

重淵 黃 · 28/02/2021

Chartered car

Because the children are tired from playing, I asked my helper in advance to ask if I can use the car two hours in advance. It happened that the driver's eldest brother was already waiting nearby, and I felt very lucky.

ISHAN chiang · 27/02/2021

Chartered car

The dealership will provide the driver's information one day in advance; on the day of departure, the driver's eldest brother will arrive earlier than the scheduled time, so he feels at ease.

ISHAN chiang · 27/02/2021

Friendly service

I used to think of subscribing to KKday’s car service when I went abroad. I found out that the service in Taiwan was better after I couldn’t go abroad. This time, the driver's eldest brother ~ Han brother~ will take the body temperature and disinfect before getting on the car. Along the way, we will consider the current car conditions to control the speed and take the road so that we can get off and take pictures in places where tourists often take pictures. It is very considerate. Will continue to order next time out

Yi Ling Wu · 21/02/2021

Amazing experience

Nice and clean aquarium. Loved the penguin and jellyfish exhibition the best.

Veronika Lazda · 19/02/2021

Great experience

Brother Liang is very kind and punctual! The car is clean and the driving is stable! Great experience! Thank you!

曉鈴 賴 · 18/02/2021

Awesome Day Trip Xperienz

Ticket booking experience was super cool, totally hassle free entrance by just showing the QR code at the entrance. Jellyfish area was cool, nice Seal show and loads of Penguins. It was fun without feeling overwhelmed. Nice place to spent time with family and friends.

Ashish Agrawal · 15/02/2021

great experiences

Try once if you can!!!! Worth for your money.

Chutima Pipatpolsakul · 13/02/2021


Good experience using KKDAY! This APP helps alot and its very efficient. I will use it again another time.

林 梅琴 · 09/02/2021

Charter is very convenient

It's really convenient and easy to bring children and elders by private car.

· 07/02/2021

So cool

Excellent aquarium. The giant tank was overwhelmingly cool.

Todd Williams · 04/02/2021

One-way chartered car connection

It's really convenient! This trip has large luggage and family members with limited mobility. Fortunately, there is a direct connection, which saves the time and inconvenience of transferring and waiting. Thank you KKday little helpers and brother Han

衍甯 羅 · 02/02/2021

Impressive and Convenient

nice place for hanging out with friends, family or even your couples. for more convenient you can book a ticket in advance there is a student price as well

Sawaros Uachoojitt · 23/01/2021


A nice place for spend time with your love ones! A great combination of nature and visual-technology making it not just usual aquarium. Worth the visit!

Laveria Kadariani · 20/01/2021

Great Day trip!

My kids are 7&8. Theyhad a lot of fun enjoying every aquarium. Penguins were their favorite. I thought the jellyfish area was cool. It was fun without overwhelm & boring the kids.

Jessica Stiff · 09/01/2021

Product information

Book a ticket to Xpark, the first overseas aquarium of Yokohama Hakkeijima Inc. Immerse yourself in different habitats and meet fascinating marine creatures.

  • Proof of age/identity is required for student tickets/child tickets/senior tickets. Please present related documents (e.g. national ID card, student ID, passport) on-site for verification, visitors who fail to do so will be denied entry
  • Please note that only a limited number of visitors are allowed entry for each session, in case your preferred session is fully booked, please select other time slots
  • Please do not purchase tickets from unauthorized sources, KKday and local agency will not be liable for any loss or disputes
  • Please arrive promptly at your selected time slot, you will be required to wait until there is vacancy if you arrive late
  • Local agency reserves the right to modify, terminate, or change the terms and conditions of this product
  • In the event of peak hours, travelers may be required to queue in a line, please wait patiently and follow on-site instructions at all times
  • In order to accommodate the animals' natural habits, certain areas may be closed within the operating hours, please refer to on-site announcements or inquire the on-site staff for details
  • If you booked the ticket from KKday, please use the KKday aisle on the day of the tour and do not enter the group aisle
  • Xpark Nighttime Couple Ticket: please present your ticket to the on-site staff at the ticket gate to exchange for the latte voucher, note that you may not pick-up the latte voucher after entering Xpark
  • Xpark Nighttime Couple Ticket: latte redemption Period: 6:00pm - 8:30pm, latte redemption point: 1F Xcafe
Purchasing notice
  • Please select your date of use when booking, no changes can be made once the booking is confirmed
  • Each guest may purchase up to 6 tickets per booking
  • Please be aware that tickets are subject to availability
  • Promo codes are not applicable to this product
  • Please cancel your booking and book again if you wish to make any changes to your order as requests for partial changes will note be granted
  • Operating hours are subject to change during weekends, summer holidays, and public holidays, please refer to the official website for the latest announcement
  • Free admission for children aged under 4, must be accompanied by an adult
  • Travelers accompanying a concession ticket holder (travelers holding a disability card) are required to purchase 1 concession ticket
  • Recommended Visiting Duration: 2 hrs
  • Pets and food/drinks purchased outside are not allowed, visitors may only bring their own water
  • Stroller rental is available on-site, please note that wheelchair rental is not available
  • Bulk purchases are not allowed, please consider before booking
  • Please check the booking details before finalizing it
  • Please refer to the official website for group reservation details