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Great activity with friends and family. Lots of animals to see, one of the best attractions in Singapore. Unfortunately there are no more polar bears in the zoo. Didnt spot any panda as well

Ryner · 12/03/2021

The safety and well-being of our guests, staff and animals are our priority and we have put in place the necessary Safe Management Measures, so everyone can enjoy a meaningful wildlife experience in a safe and healthy environment.   

Sheng · 11/03/2021

Fun, enjoyable an singaporean am proud with the clean & nice scenery..??

NOR AZIZAH · 11/03/2021

I booked two senior citizen tickets at $18 each to bring my one year old grand daughter to the zoo. Ticket includes free tram ride. Being a weekday, place was not crowded and we got to see many animals and watched the Animal Show. My grand daughter though only one was obvious thrilled to see the animals. the rhino, giraffe and the little animals in the Kids Zone were her favourites. We will definitely revisit the zoo again with her.

CHIEW KEOK SUSAN · 11/03/2021

Haven’t been to the zoo for almost 15 years and what a change with multi stores car parks. And they are expanding the zoo as I see construction going on. Great with trams ride especially for the old and young at heart.

Carol · 09/03/2021

such a great time seeing the animals! would def go again with friends and family :-)

seri hanisah · 09/03/2021

Fun trip! But a couple of stations were under construction

Karine · 08/03/2021

Its a great experience with my kids...they learn about most of the animal and its habitat which they never seen before.

fikky arliandhy · 08/03/2021

Ticket was hassle-free, checking in to the place was swift and easy. Singapore Zoo just never gets bored with new additions and attractions/shows. Worth my family day going. Be back again soon!

Muhammad · 06/03/2021

it is interesting but also tiring as has to walk wish earlier bought the tram tickets too

Heng · 04/03/2021

WOW, it's a marvelous visit. I can't forget my experience there. Entry was smooth.

eezhairi · 02/03/2021

A great afternoon walk at Singapore Zoo. We are so excited to look for the animals and forgotten that we should have a map with us, hence, after the first detour, we like a bit “lost”, thanks god we met a professional Tram’s driver and he told us our whereabouts and guided us to download a current map. We are blessed by a good weather indeed.

Lee · 02/03/2021

Very easy to redeem the voucher, just scan QR code. Have a good time at the zoo despite it was raining the whole day.

Ariel · 28/02/2021

Easy hop on tram & cover each spots. Washrooms & drink carts available widely. Just couldnt see white tiger.

Shareefah Beevi · 28/02/2021

went to zoo for many times.. but this is the first time we get to see all the animals even is raining day

WEN XIN · 27/02/2021

we went to Zoo on a Monday, ok, less crowd. senior ticket comes with free tram ride. we got to catch the Rainforest show at 12.30pm. we are lucky to have a nice weather thru out the day. went at 10am and left at about 5pm. Overall nice experience to the Zoo. thank u Klook for the discounted ticket.

Mastura · 27/02/2021

Went on a Thursday and had an enjoyable experience from the start with the shuttle service at Khatib all the way till I exited the zoo. Staff were extremely friendly and welcoming. The show presentations were informative and really appreciate the educational element on the environment and conservation. Also love the inclusivity of the Singapore Zoo, with braille signs for the visually-impaired. Overall the zoo was clean, easy to navigate, and FUN! Tip: Bring your reusable bottles, water refill stations are easily found around the compound. Get to save $$

Amelia · 26/02/2021

Visited on the weekday, lesser crowd and manage to see most animals during and around feeding time. Online ticket is easy to use.

Nigel · 26/02/2021

although its quite hot but my family and myself enjoyed the short visit! the animals were really cute! brought my lovely nephews because they love animals a lot! thank you for the pleasant experience! the transaction to book for the tickets is not complicated at all!

Atiqah · 26/02/2021

Went on the first day of Chinese New Year, it was not as crowded as I expected. However due to covid and festive season, all shows and activities (like feeding for giraffe) has to book in advanced. Sadly we went without knowing all these and have to give them a miss due to fully booked. Overall still a satisfied visit.

LU YAO · 21/02/2021

Went on the first day of Chinese New Year, it was not as crowded as I expected. However due to covid and festive season, all shows and activities (like feeding for giraffe) has to book in advanced. Sadly we went without knowing all these and have to give them a miss due to fully booked. Overall still a satisfied visit.

LU YAO · 21/02/2021

Admission was smooth.. no hassle. overall trip was fun with not souch crowd here and there. Everything was fine except that maybe they could open up the kidzania waterplay.Amother issue is when we Stumble upon a handmade pizza hut, it was a long queue but only 1person handling which i think its ridiculous for me which only wanted to buy soft drinks.

Fazliah · 15/02/2021

Beautiful weather and lesser visitors on a Monday morning. We have a breezy stroll and tour the whole zoo on foot. Kids were especially excited visiting the Singapore Zoo yearly, they can never get bored seeing the same animals again and again!!!

Hon Lee · 14/02/2021

Went during CNY, a little more crowded but we get to see the animals despite that. We went a little too early (10am) and most of the animals are not in the enclosure yet. We still enjoyed the trip nevertheless!

Muhammad Edrie Rizwan · 12/02/2021

Today I just went to the Singapore zoo. It has been so long since I last went. It was well maintained and despised rainy day I still see quite a few number of people and the staffs are friendly as well. The covid 1m security is well maintained. Good job.

Lai Hui · 10/01/2021

Fast and efficient way booking tickets with Klook, purchased it the night before heading to the zoo and just had to scan the e ticket to enter. Rained a little throughout the day, but it was overall a good experience!

Sabrina · 08/01/2021

I was there during Christmas day, great experience even thought there is a lot of people. The safe distancing was not done quite well due to the large crowd but we ourselves can play a part by staying 1 meter away from the group and wear the mask correctly. I did enjoy even thought Zoo was a common place to go. Overall fun experience. Worth going with friends or family.

Shu Wen · 06/01/2021

Easy redemption by scanning the e-ticket at the gate. Remember to book the timing beforehand on the Zoo website. Lots of people at the Zoo due to Dec holidays. Might be better to eat during an off-peak time as the queues for food outlets are crazy even at 11.30am.

Sham Hwa · 01/01/2021

I love going to Singapore Zoo. I get to explore and see a lot of different animals. Booking with Klook made the check-in process more efficient. Just that I have to book online for the specific timeslot to gain entry into Singapore Zoo.

Muhammad Nadzmiy · 31/12/2020

If travelling with your kids and your parents, i suggest you purchase everything via klook. It will make your life easier. No need to fall in line to buy your tickets. Just need to straight to the entrance and show them your vouchers. It saves us time and tons of patience.

April · 30/12/2020

Brought my kids to the zoo and had an amazing time there. Weather was humid and scorching hot so we were thankful for the little huts along the way. Plus point - there were washrooms at almost every pit stop. That makes moving around with kids or even elderly easy and convenient. Zoo was clean and green.

Winnie Diora · 28/12/2020

It’s really recommended to go with family and spent a relaxing day at the zoo with them.Your child will be able to know the different types of animals which they have not seen or what to know more about. The Singapore Zoo is a good place to be visit for.

fang · 27/12/2020

it was easy to book the time slot. could get the date that I wanted. easy to scan qr code and enter the zoo. we had a great time. best to purchase before arriving at the zoo. fuss free. thank u klook!

Nur Shilah · 26/12/2020

Fun experience!! Took us roughly 4 hours to complete the zoo. We skip 50% of the area because the weather are too hot. please bring a mini fan with you to enjoy the full experience! we bought our own drinks as well because the drinks are super over price. ?

Stephanie · 24/12/2020

Good for family bonding. Enjoy watching all different animals behaviour and my children enjoy very much. Weather is good, however if you want to watch show are long queue and need to be there early. Vouchers are easy to redeem by mobile e-tickets.

Tan Peck Lien · 22/12/2020

Highly recommended for family outing lot of fun! We can see lion, pelicans,orang hutan ,giraffe, stick insects,lot of animals. Splash Safari by Pedro Sealion was a fantastic performance-clever sealion is very entertaining.

Hui Yee · 22/12/2020

Klook is an awesome apps. Easy to use. Singapore Zoological Garden is a place to visit. My recent visit to the zoo was so much different than my last visit. Say about 15 years ago...☺️. Will book again for other place of interest in the near future.

mohamad amin · 18/12/2020

There was a lot of people in the Zoo on Sunday. As usual the atmosphere was great and Foosa was a new addition to the Zoo! I love to see the orangutans ? had a great time with my family. we all managed to use the voucher for our Zoo ticket.

Zahirabanu · 18/12/2020

Booked the tickets online from Klook to visit the Zoo.It’s really easy and hassle free. Even with the restricted number of visitors allowed in the amphitheater, we were lucky to catch the 10.30am animal show.Totally enjoyed our visit.Thank you again Klook!

Rozila · 11/12/2020

A fantastic outing for family. Was there for a full whole day, very tired at the end of the day. Require alot of walking but luckily there are free wheelchair rental for my dad. The place is less crowded now on a weekday, hope to be back again soon.

Geok Leng Eileen · 09/12/2020

Singapore zoo is a nice place for family outing...we spend a whole day at zoo ...seen many animals, watch show, playing rope course, having lunch etc. There is no add on for tram and feeding of animals purchase, can be improved to be purchase together . Hope klook can review and have option of resident price that zoo is offering.

Jolyn · 08/12/2020

My kids love it a lot. They were very enjoy exploring animals. They love giraffes, monkeys on the trees a long the way, crocodile in the river, and kangaroo from Australia. We love to see the penguins but losted the way. Hope we will get back on day. The combo included an ice cream. Love it!

Thai Bao Tram · 04/09/2020

Singappre Zoo was a fantastic day out. Enclosures are large, many animals roam the park, and the Amazon Fights Back show was definitely the highlight for me. Be sure to arrive early to get a good seat. I was less keen on the elephant show as they seemed to be "performing" which I wasn't a fan of, and also the crowds were unbearable at that show. Be aware that a trip to the zoo is a long day under the hot sun - I had planned to stay for the night safari but sadly couldn't do it as I was so tired by the end of the day! I wish I had planned for 2 seperate trips.

Hayley · 25/03/2020

a big zoo to expolre and lots of animals from different kingdoms to see and to be educated. we easily acess the zoo thanks to klook we just scan our voucher in our phone and we are good to go to enjoy the zoo

Michael Angelo · 14/03/2020

Due to pandemic, it was so quiet! Variety of animals and got to see them all, weather was lovely, not too hot. Love the freedom that certain animals have. Zoo is massive, Arrived here at 8:30 for the breakfast and stayed for around 6 hours. Trams are handy to get around within the zoo. Ah Meng restaurant was pretty good too. Definitely recommend!

Daniella · 13/03/2020

One of the best zoo I have ever seen it does not have all the animals but the exotic one's like white tiger, white rhino, variety of monkeys, penguins, panda, red panda, etc. I really enjoyed close encounter of the animals.


Highly recommended for those travelling with toddler and senior citizen. My family definitely enjoyd our trip here brought to by klook without any hassle. We purchased ticket including tram, so you can enjoy seeing the whole zoo with less walk. The only cons we encountered, some shop and refreshment booth were closed.

Dolores Corazon · 23/02/2020

Highly recommended for those travelling with toddler and senior citizen. My family definitely enjoyd our trip here brought to by klook without any hassle. We purchased ticket including tram, so you can enjoy seeing the whole zoo with less walk. The only cons we encountered, some shop and refreshment booth were closed.

Dolores Corazon · 23/02/2020

Highly recommend! I was afraid that visiting a zoo would be boring, but Singapore zoo proved me wrong. It was extremely fun. The zoo is very big. I should have arrived earlier ( in the morning) to catch all the shows/activities and visit all animals

THI MINH TAM · 21/02/2020

This is my favourite zoo in the world. The open plan makes you feel like there are minimal barriers between you and the animals, which all look incredibly happy and well cared for. Highly recommended!

Chan · 18/02/2020

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