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Seeing the beauty of Ho Chi Minh from a high altitude, it just happened to be heavy rain. It is also a good experience to see thunder from a high altitude

Song Wei Wu · 13/02/2021

It was very convenient booking our tickets in klook. We just presented our vouchers and we are already able yo go inside. Hassle free and worry free. Just need to go there since already prepared it beforehand

Lazelyn An · 24/10/2020

Worth the trip!

Very good value, you can experience and drink so many things for more than 300 Taiwan dollars. I recommend everyone to come here to drink Heineken and watch the night view at night! For detailed travel notes, please refer to this article I wrote: yy9fkleo

JINYA YANG · 18/10/2020

We booked two hours before the activity and everything was seamless. We had no problem in admission. The experience and package were a good deal. You get to take home 1 bottle of Heineken which is custom as it will have your name on it. Aside from that, you have free 2 tall glasses of beer. However, you will get more inside as there is an activity where they will let you try to fill a glass of beer correctly. Hence, around 5 bottles excluding the inclusions.

Kris Elaine · 13/08/2020

Amazing experience and really worth to try. Recommended visit it during evening time, can enjoy the sunset view. It's a Must for people who visit Ho Chi Minh.

WeiYi · 04/08/2020

This was a great activity to end our day in Ho Chi Minh. It is best to visit late in the dusk or late in the afternoon in order to view the city in daytime and also at night. you can also go straight to the Heineken tour and end your night with a bottle of ice cold heineken?

Teresita · 12/04/2020

A great place to go for some of the best views of Saigon! The price on Klook is the same as you would pay at the ticket counter. The best way to do this tour is to arrive just before or during sunset to enjoy the daytime views, do the Heineken Experience tour (which takes about 30-45 minutes), and then enjoy beautiful nighttime views after the tour while sipping on a cold Heineken beer!

Kevin · 22/03/2020

It was really cool . we took the Heineken experience too so.they take you upto the 60th floor and the view is amazing . Try going at around 5:30pm so you can get the daylight view and also the night view of the beautiful Saigon city . It was so beautiful. and for.the Heineken experience you get your own custom made Heineken Bottle too.

Abhishek Samuel · 13/03/2020

The observation deck are superb and the world of heineken brings up the experience to a higher more level! we're only 2 tourist up there so the interaction was great between the guide and us ?. Highly Recommended. you will live in FOMO if you go to Saigon without going here ?

Joshua · 13/03/2020

Great value for money. The skydeck is a must visit to see the amazing views across Ho Chi Minh. The Heinken experience is also really enjoyable, especially if you enjoy a beer. Included in the price is 4 free beers.

Diffley · 12/03/2020

The view from the Skydeck on the 49th floor is amazing! You get the full 360 degree view of HCMC. The Saigon river view is especially breathtaking. To top it off, the World of Heineken was great fun. The tour was made fun by the charismatic guide as she interacted with the people and kept everyone involved. We got to pour ourselves a glass a Heineken tap beer. Then we headed on to the bar where we could redeem the 2 complimentary beers and potato chips. In the end we get to collect a bottle with our name embossed on it which was a nice touch. Highly recommended while you are in HCMC.

Rohith · 09/03/2020

This activity is definitely a good inclusion in your HCM travel. Getting to see HCM from the skydeck was breathtaking. Make sure to include the heineken tour as it was really fun. I also loves the heineken souvenir, sad thing is that for a backpacker, i cant bring the bottle back home with me. Maybe, there can be a souvenir option that is still personalized other than a bottle cos its really a good memento ?

Nikki · 07/03/2020

It was a very intresting and exciting trip. The best view on city. World of Heineken its not only information about beer, but also a good chance to spend evening time with best beer and good view.

ILIA · 05/03/2020

I love the High Speed elevator. The Staff speaks good English. The view is amazing especially at sunset. I enjoyed most is the Heineken museum. They're all cool and friendly. It's a must stop here Saigon.

Benjie · 02/03/2020

Amazing view on top at 49th flr watching the sun sets .... even way better for a night view of the city at 60th flr. The Heineken Tour was great and so worth it with 2 bottles of beer plus a personalized one that goes with it. a must do tour when in Saigon. thanks Klook!

Antoniette · 01/03/2020

not bad

I don't know why it didn't let us experience 4D, and the time to play games felt too short. The interpreter's English is very standard and has no tone, and sometimes jokes are very humorous.

晏雯 高 · 29/02/2020


Wonderful trip! Must be here when you visit Hochiminh city!

丞恩 吳 · 29/02/2020

Value back

A sightseeing spot worthy of the fare, Saigon Sky Observation Deck can overlook the entire city view. In addition to watching the city view, you can also experience pouring your own beer and give away beer bottles with their own names. Each person can drink two bottles of beer. There are two beer pubs. It feels like a level-breaking game, a racing DJ table football, and other games to play. There are also professional commentators.

婉如 劉 · 28/02/2020


Great experience, whether it is staff or scenery, the focus is on what is experienced. It is super cheap at such a price and has its own exclusive Heineken ?

采容 陳 · 28/02/2020


Drink beer to full, the night view is very beautiful, you can watch the night view of Saigon while drinking beer, very comfortable and relaxing.

怡屏 郭 · 25/02/2020

Worth coming

Visit the history of Heineken, where the trademark and name are designs. Finally, you can exchange for beer to drink ~

哲宇 李 · 23/02/2020

Nice view. Very reasonable price. Highly recommend for Heineken tour. This price you’ll get 2 Beers and 1 Chips. Also another beer that can customize your name on to be souvenir.

Tinadda · 23/02/2020

must do this activity when in was so fun to be at 49th floor and 64ty floor for the world of Heineken. dont buy the photograph it's too expensive. rest everything is fine. must do the world of Heineken was amazing

aakash nandkishor · 21/02/2020

Fun experience, the whole place was superb! We also got 3 free glasses/cans of Heineken beers then 1 personalized bottle with our names on it (max of 15 characters) and an additional can of Heineken silver which is just available in Vietnam. Definitely as must-try if you want to do other stuff than sightseeing.

Charmaine · 20/02/2020

Worth it. we booked the skydeck with world of heinekken and it’s worth it. aside from the Heinekken tour, you’ll get 2 free beer you can enjoy at the Heinekken floor with the amazing view of Ho Chi Minh, 1 free Heinekken can and 1 customized can with your name.

Mee · 19/02/2020

Great experience. Admission is easy with Klook confirmation voucher. Reach the skydeck experience and take complete 360 degree view of the city. Then go for your booked slot of Heinekin experience and take a tour of around 30 mins. Then learn how to pour a beer and try it yourself, and finally get your free beers ! And we got an extra beer can because we didnt get the wafers which they usually give. And yes not to forget, collect your souvenir beer bottle personalized with your name, which is also a full beer bottle so basically we got 5 beers in total (one glass while pouring, 2 cans, 1 extra can, 1 souvenir). We stayed for over 3 hours and enjoyed a lot.

PRINCE · 16/02/2020

Highly recommend if it's your first time visiting Saigon. It's great to see the rivers - this is what makes these bird-eye views different from any other city. No wait time at all (I went mid-afternoon on a Sunday) and went into the female costume exhibit by myself. Great experience!

Katrina · 15/02/2020

So worth it! Get the skydeck and world of Heineken Combo! The view from skydeck was amazing but the glass panels are dirty due to rain ? but the World of Heineken was great and compensate the whole thing ? The combo comes with 1 glass of beer that you can have after learning how to pour a glass of beer perfectly, then you can have another 2 beers at your choice (original or silver). They were no snacks when we were there, so they offered us 2 bottles of souvenir beers with our names on. So much beers ? i almost drunk ?. Recommended ??

Sandra · 15/02/2020

This is a must activity if you are in Saigon. You can enjoy the city view from the Skydeck. We enjoy our World of Heineken experience and I must say its our favorite part. To end the night they will give you 2 free beers and customize bootle with your name on it as a souvenir.

Aldrich Ian · 13/02/2020

Must-visit spots

Praise ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

甫衡 顏 · 08/02/2020

The Skydeck combined with World of Heineken was one of the highlights of our HCMC visit. The three men in my family were overjoyed with the Heineken tour which allowed them to pour their own glass of beer and enjoy the iced cold treat and potato chips with the view of the city below. The personalized beer bottle capped the lovely experience. Skydeck was also nice especially at sunset. They provided free bottled water and face masks to all guests.

Marigold · 31/01/2020

Easy to go, just grab any taxi and show them the picture. Just go to the entrance and show them the voucher. You will get a photoshoot at the entrance and you can buy it from the counter at the skydeck if you want. Overall, superb architecture ? Love the mini Aodai Museum too ?

Martina · 28/01/2020

I must say that this is my favorite part of our Saigon trip. What an amazing view from the Skydeck, and we had so much fun at World of Heineken. We liked Heineken Silver so much. This this a highly recommended Klook activity.

Queenie Maria · 24/01/2020

Fun experience! Didn’t think it’d last 1 hour but time fly fast when you’re having fun. Those 2+1 beer at the end of the tour was just perfect to set the night right. The view from the deck was good. HCMC is super busy. Amazing to watch the crazy traffic from up there. Try it yourself!

AnnOrrawan Gable · 22/01/2020

One of the best things to do while in Saigon. This is a must-visit when you are in the area. You'll get to know more about the world of Heineken, experience interactive activities and get a taste of the Heineken Silver edition which is not available worldwide. Love their bar because you can enjoy their beer with a beautiful view. 2 free beers are included in the package plus a take-home customized Heineken Silver edition in a bottle and in a can!

Ma Carla Fenella · 21/01/2020

We enjoyed the view of Saigon while at Saigon Skydeck. Everything went smoothly from redeeming the voucher, and tickets for our picture and for the World of Heineken. We just felt like that the Heineken brand was trying to hard to be cool. But we had fun and enjoyed our beer.

Miriam Charmigrace · 19/01/2020

Enjoy our tour here. Great place to view the city especially at night with the colorful building lights. The bar on the 51 floor is the best place to see the city. . Love the tour and the history of Heineken Beer. ?

MELANIE · 19/01/2020

Claiming your ticket is very convenient! You can enjoyed the view of the entire HCMC in Skydeck plus the cold beer of Heineken with a free personalize bottle of yours! You must try!

Jayson · 16/01/2020

This is a must do. watching saigom from 60th floor is amazing.. the skydeck is at 49th floor and the Heineken zone is on 58 to 60th floor.. overall experience was very good..

Chirag · 15/01/2020

The Heineken experience is located at a higher floor than the sky view deck. Proceed to the elevator when your schedule is near, though friendly staff are there to assist you. At the Heineken Experience, you will know the history of the famous beer brand as well as a lecture on pouring the perfect beer. Thereafter, you can spend time with the various activities they have there; we played tabletop football and racing. Lastly, you will get to experience the taste of Heineken at the bar. You are given 2 complimentary beers plus snacks. We tried the latest variety (Heineken Silver which is only found in Vietnam) and it was absolutely amazing! It was so smooth to drink. You can stay at the bar for as long as you like. You will get your personalized bottle at the same booth you got your ticket (ground floor).

Josep Ryan · 13/01/2020

Great experience with 360 degree view of the entire Ho Ching Minh city. The air conditioning was very good especially against the hot weather of Ho Ching Minh city. Followed by World of Heineken tour was real compliment to the entire experience. Were given 2 cold beers & one extra beer or two when you tried to pour one yourself from the beer tap.

Wee Meng · 11/01/2020

It very interesting, to know a history of Heineken company. Also you can enjoy by the views at observation deck, play some games and drink very tasty beer. And when you go away, you get a bottle with your name on it. It's a good experience.

Daria · 09/01/2020

We had a lot of fun at the World of Heineken and also at the sky deck.. The tour of the beer was good and also got 2 free beers, one draught beer that you get to pour and also one souvenir beer bottle to take home. Overall worth a visit!

Gowrav Shenoy · 07/01/2020

This was super fun! Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or not, it was certainly a fun activity to do join or do in Vietnam. They have a quick introductory about the history aspects of the beer company, then a VR experience. There’s even a game room where you can play different games and such for a certain amount of time. They will also teach you how to dispense beer properly. A lot of beer haha

Denise Julien · 06/01/2020

It was a fantastic view and the Heineken tour was awesome. I had the opportunity to try Heineken Silver and I liked the interactive games. The view was spectacular and the staff were really nice!

Senthooran · 05/01/2020

We purchased the normal entry ticket which costs around 9 USD. We first went to the Bitexco Tower entry, where we were informed that there is a separate entry for Saigon Skydeck. It was easy to redeem the Klook voucher on the ground floor, and after that they click a pic of yours in front of a green screen (they create different versions of your entry pic which you can buy for 5 usd). Then we went to 49th floor. It was cloudy so we couldnt see the sunset. However the views are breathtaking from the to with 360° unobstructed views. The only drawback of the skydeck is that they have put up all kinds of illuminated information posters within the skydeck and there are very few spots on the glass where there is no reflection to click a clear pic of the view. They also provide complimentary water. Overall well worth the money

Nayan · 30/12/2019

This was a great excursion & we really enjoyed it. Great value for money as well. The views are spectacular & the Heineken Experience was a lot of fun. Definitely recommended!

Nadia · 29/12/2019

Value of money. The scenery of Saigon is amazing during sunset(after 5pm). Heineiken tour definitely is a great moment for beer lovers. Tried heineiken sliver taste good & bring back bottle with preferred name as a gifts. Must go!

Boon Jieh · 29/12/2019

The Skydeck is a good place to be. Visit at night to have an amazing city view. The best part is WOH (World of Heineken) - a good tour interactive tour which ends with a Heineken bottle with your name on it! WOH is a must visit for everyone.

KARTIK · 29/12/2019

the skydeck showed an amazing view of the city at night. world of heineken was a great experience especially with the history and the process on how to make a heineken. it was a wonderful experience and a great way to celebrate my uncles birthday.

Pamela Irene · 26/12/2019

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