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Great chill vibe!

Very nice and easy way to learn surfing. The Japanese teacher is very good ?!

Tara Chen · 21/06/2020

The coach is very cute. Although he said that surfing is very simple, for beginners, it still crashes ha ha ha ha ?, a concept of being washed by the waves, the waves in Da Nang are already very flat, everyone can come to participate!

Narsi · 05/04/2020

Kindly explained it well so I could learn it comfortably. I could communicate well in simple English.

HYUNSEOP · 19/02/2020

Very patient instructor and good class arrangement

Yosie · 17/02/2020

The instructor was so kind and surfing was fun. The shop was also clean and fun when I wanted to go ^^

yunjung · 14/02/2020

The instructors were very attentive and patient with us first timers. we learnt how to stand on the board and paddle in an hour and a half! shop is located close to beach and staff a friendly. 日本人にもとてもおすすめです!

Shohei · 13/02/2020

I went with a big expectation and honestly I can't pay for it It's a weekday, not a weekend ... We only had class and there was a staff member who took a picture. I went to a wet suit and walked to My Khe Beach right in front of me. (3 minutes away) I wasn't able to relax ... Tell me your posture and go right in. The instructor pushed the board behind me and kept trying. How many times do you take, 10 minutes rest, how many times do you repeat, 10 minutes rest, last 8 times? You finished the ride. Unfortunately, the instructor didn't have a demonstration and just pushed it. I couldn't even give the same feedback, but it didn't seem to be very positive ... I took a picture with a DSLR and sent it to katok. Anyway, I've learned the basic posture now.

Hyunwoo · 27/01/2020

It's fun! It's a fresh class that's hard to try Even beginners can easily follow :)

YEBIN · 22/01/2020

Oh, and I'd recommend wearing long sleeves and pants with a tip. Cut

TAE KYUN · 19/01/2020

It was fun !! I didn't know if I could surf in Vietnam, but as soon as I saw my mikevich, I searched my mikevich beach with Klook! Please try it and I recommend long-sleeved long pants. It hurts because it is scratched in the sand. I think I'll be attracted to surfing

ji hye · 17/01/2020

It was fun and enjoyable. I think your instructor was having a hard time taking care of our three people. I think I need a pain guard, I fall and hurt. Please take a good picture and send it to katok. You can replace the suit with your own swimsuit,

Suyeon · 17/01/2020

I learned to surf here for the first time! It's really hard but it was fun ~ I'll die after an hour and a half .... lol Because it is rubbed a lot in sand, by all means !!!! Please wear long pants

Haeun · 13/01/2020

A good first time experience in surfing. Both instructors were really nice and gave a step by step explanation. I personally liked how it was a 1:1 lesson. If you are willing to learn surfing for a longer period of time while here, I recommend that you take this class 1-2 times (because of its price) and just rent a board for the rest of the days and keep practicing.

Jina · 12/01/2020

Good coach, quite near to the beach. Provide related gears for rental. They take abundant nice photos for you and can communicate in English

TZE WAI · 03/01/2020

Good surfing lesson but customer service was questionable. You meet at a local building and you leave your stuff and walk to the beach which is around 1.5km away. We had our surf lesson and then our surf instructor proceeded to jump on the scooter with his friend to go back to the building and we were made to walk and actually got lost. I think it would be best to help us get back to the building. I felt it was a little rude.

Jonathan Simpson · 28/12/2019

Lol Matomoto gave me meat? I think I will continue to remember ^^ I wish I could go there next time ~ I would have spent hours even if I had only stamina !!

HEEWON · 27/12/2019

It was a very good memory.

sangmoon · 22/12/2019

I was lucky so I learned 1: 1. It was a private lesson, so I taught him by looking at each posture. It was rainy weather, so nobody was around, and I couldn't enjoy surfing while looking at the pretty sea color I thought. I think the explanation took about 10 minutes, and the rest was riding in the middle of the rest until I got tired.

JAEWOO · 20/12/2019

a bit cold to surfing on December, there will be an extra staff to take a lot of pictures for student which is really thoughful.

yuwen · 17/12/2019

I thought it was expensive, so I surfed two people. The sea was warmer than I thought, and two lecturers taught me one by one. It was my first time riding but it was so fun.

SOOKYEON · 03/12/2019

It was 2 hours at first but I thought it was expensive It's a honey jam but it's hard. Please take a picture very well lol

DAYI · 17/11/2019

It wasn’t pleasant experience. One of Japanese instructor was very rude. I agreed that I’m late for 15mins for lesson. I was book the 1 to1 private lesson, I willing to take a 15mins minus time for punishment. But it was group lesson with the other 4 students, without any pre- information to me instructor was on going lesson to beach. Once I arrived beach, I noticed it is group lesson then I said it’s unfair as group lesson is 40usd but I paid 55usd. Even not a money issue what I wanted is 1to1 lesson as I’m beginner and I wanted that way. Two instructors followed 5 students. One was Japanese guy, one was Vietnamese guy under him for support him and students. The Japanese one rude instructor wasn’t friendly Guy. Or more like very rude guy. I first time saw that kind of Japanese in my life. Before get on the car, he said “it’s hot” then he zip off my wet-suit back without any excuses and made me very frustrated and offended as I was wear swim inner bra inside, suddenly he backzip off of mine then everyone see my bra. Most important thing was I wasn’t feel hot. Wet suit was little wet. He must ask me first, I’m hot or not, or ask me first “can I help you to zip off” or just recommend me you may zip off if you are hot. I’m such a world traveler and I travel 2 per months regularly. I have so much passion for every learning and experience, my life. And indeed a bit impatient person and I’m in hurry. I wanted quick learn but It was my first time surfing so wasn’t that easy as mind was too hurry to quick learn. Thus I didn’t success to stand up well for surfing then the Japanese instructor keep blamed me strongly as relax, too much passion is wrong etc.. I haven’t heard his encourage word to me or cheer me up or right way to re- teach well. I don’t know how he is professional surfing instructor. Even he has first time before back in the time. Later I decided to stick with Vietnamese friendly instructor for rest of my lesson then I was successful standing than before and he encouraged me and smile and thumb up for me. I was still beginner but not losing my passion on surfing, I didn’t shrink myself and pretty improved than when I was with Japanese Instructor. Time to time, Japanese instructor asked me that “ all good” “ all fine with you?”” Are you ok?” But I feel like it’s very dry question without any true mind. Later when back to surfing office from beach I asked him refund the money then he refund 400,000dong for two person. The shortfall was 30usd for two persons (my friend and I) he just paid me less amount. Once I complained again about shortfall he just make the excuse that “ can I change my clothes first?” If he feels sorry about it and if I were him, I must don’t make customers waiting. After he changed his clothes he accepted and say sorry to me with dry feeling. Then 200k dong more returned to me I wanted get with Usd what I paid as still there is short fall between Vietnam dong under his calculate and USD. But I just don’t want to talk with him so much. If you are the Japanese instructor who read my review now, please think about people have a vibe and gut feeling. And when you are teach someone, don’t break student emotion, no matter how you are good teacher. Don’t sure that your teaching type is good as I discussed 4 of other students too but you wasn’t get good point from any other one. I’m Not recommend this instructor unless he not change or if he treat someone like me

Jungsun · 13/11/2019

The teacher who taught me was so kind and nice and I had a lot of fun ~ ^^ I also liked the pictures you sent !! Highly recommended

Ji Young · 30/10/2019

Very kind .. You are good at Asian jokes. I could stand up and enjoy surfing. I'm taking pictures too. Or where should I go surfing?

YOUNGMIN · 25/10/2019

It was so cool, my mom took me three days! It's sick and cool if you ask me to kill you.

yoonmi · 07/10/2019

The instructor was pretty good and patient in teaching us how to surf. Short walk from surf shack to the beach. Overall a good experience.

Jermyn · 22/09/2019

The day I received was very hard for beginners because the waves were very hard. Thank you for taking the picture.

minjeong · 11/09/2019

Please be very kind and take a lot of pictures.

Seonghwa · 03/09/2019

The instructor also makes it easy and easy to know, and I recommend getting a bottle of water on the first floor and buying more to go to the sea. In addition, it is important to mark one's own shopping bag with other people. And take a good life shot!

Mi Hyun · 02/09/2019

The instructors are kindly guided by 1: 1. My Khe Beach travels by motorcycle. Photographers can even take pictures and save your photos! I took a class at 8:00 in the morning and it seems that the waves have weakened by the end. You can take water in advance or buy it at the shop.

YEONG HO · 25/08/2019

Very kind and fun. You took a picture and sent it. I had a lot of help and a lot of fun.

keumsook · 24/08/2019

There were 5 classes, but the instructor was 3 minutes. The theory was about 10 minutes and I went to the sea. ㅋㅋ But it could happen right after two or three times. I highly recommend people who want to take intensive classes until surfing.

Seolheon · 24/08/2019

I rode for two hours and didn't know it was going. I was a little worried that this is my first time, but the instructors were kind and explained to me so it was fun. And it takes no money to take pictures. It was really fun !!

YONGBIN · 24/08/2019

Kindly informed me slowly from the basic posture, the waves were moderate and fun !!

MYUNGEUI · 18/08/2019

It was really fun! He keeps burning until physically hard ... Wow! I was happy that you sent me the pictures to katok

SEOKHO · 10/08/2019

The teachers were kind and friendly. There was a review that the actual time to go into the water was small. ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ I think the weather is the key to the wave and the first day was good, so I booked the next day.

NA YEON · 09/08/2019

The whole family spent a good time listening to surfing classes! The teacher was good and there was one more assistant teacher, so I had no problem listening to the lecture. I will

MIN SUN · 23/07/2019

The lessons are short and concise, and there is more time for you to go into the sea and do it yourself. Teachers kindly tell you everything, and you are able to distribute break time and class time so that it does not get too hot. You can take a photo with a déchel camera and send it to your camcorder free of charge. If you have a bathing suit (Rashguard), you do not need to rent a wetsuit. (Teacher's word lol)

hyeon jeong · 22/07/2019

It was my first surfing life. You two taught me well! I kept falling into the water and it was fun. I even stood up! It was really fun and the beach was really pretty and it was a happy vacation. I really recommend :)

gahyeon · 12/07/2019

Sho and another teacher (I do not think of your name ...) Thank you very much for teaching me so much. It was convenient to go from surf meeting point to scooter to the sea. I was embarrassed because I could not wake up once while surfing, but I would like to use this product again if I go to Danang next time.

HAYEON · 01/07/2019

I was late for more than 10 minutes than the appointment time, but fortunately I waited for 1 hour in the latter period. As soon as I got there, I learned about 15 minutes and put in practice .. ^ I did not check the time, but I took a 2-30 minute ride and rested for 5-10 minutes. We did that twice! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I thought it was hard for me to try one more time, so I did not want to take pictures. I also took pictures of surfing, and I was surfing for the first time.

young joo · 26/06/2019

It was a fun experience. The next time I go, I just have to rent and play.

SANGBIN · 25/06/2019

Really amazing experience! Surfing was hard but we still successfully stood up among the waves! We chose the package of 2 pax, so we each got an instructor!

CHEUK YIU · 13/05/2019

I went to the paddle board on the day when I got back from the trip. But if there was a schedule, I would have wanted to enjoy the waves too. I was so apprehensive that I would like to receive more lessons. ~ I had a new experience too much and my teacher was kind. Thank you very much ~ I was a little scared because I was scarce but I did not have a problem to receive lessons ~ If I go next time, I want to enjoy surfing more with me ~ Best choice good ^^

HYANGHEE · 07/05/2019

it was so much fun, recommend it to all! the teacher is nice and fun

Dariia · 19/04/2019

Surfing is not easy, but it was good to learn on the beautiful beach! I do not think it's as easy as it was the first time, but now it seems like I've caught a certain amount of time. Well, I remember the philosophy class that my teacher gave me when I was in the middle of it. Oh, and if you do, Especially back!

Changyeon · 18/02/2019

I was surfing because I was surfing for the first time and the teacher was very worried. Please explain the details and write a lot of care ~! You just have to walk a little to the beach wearing a suit. Caution Ratio ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

MINWOO · 27/01/2019

I had an amazing experience! Sho was a great teacher in that he was very kind and encouraging the whole time. Every time, he pinpointed what I wasnt doing well and so I was able to improve much faster. You might feel like he is saying same things again and again, but that's probably because you are making the same mistakes over and over again without even realizing. They also took photos while I was taking lesson and sent me the photos, which was pretty cool.

Eui · 17/01/2019

It was the first time I surfed, but it was so easy to let me know and take pictures. It was also nice to let everyone know the level. At first I push it from the back and get up and posture. When I get some ride, I paddle it with my hand and then I let it ride. I watch it from behind. Boats can only be rented from the beach, so you have to ride the next day alone.

TAEYONG · 23/12/2018

Nice Trainer, good Surfboards and waves, fair prices... perfect weather...!

Philipp · 03/12/2018

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