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It’s a wonderful journey. The clerk is very good. There are a lot of clothing in the store and the style is very novel. It takes a long time to choose the most suitable haha.

Shuk Yin · 19/10/2020

Wearing a cheongsam with my sister to take pictures, you can pick the hair accessories you like far away, the boss is very kind, the hair is also very beautiful, and there are many guests.

YU HSUN · 09/07/2020

The service is very good. I have experienced Hong Kong on Klook. There are few styles that do not use hair. This house uses hair and hair accessories very carefully. Bag fans can be borrowed and are highly recommended.

zihrong · 14/01/2020

Touring Macau with a cheongsam is really good! Historical monuments are very photographed. Although the money spent is not small, it is well worth it!

HSIN LI · 12/01/2020

I really feel that the cheongsam is of good quality and very good. The service staff is very kind and not far from the big target place ~ Overall it is very good

MIENJU · 08/01/2020

You can experience the local cultural costumes. It is really beautiful to shoot everywhere in vintage clothes, and the staff is very careful.

TSAIHSUAN · 04/01/2020

It's worth a try! Awesome experience! Owner Taiwanese! Super friendly!

WEI MIN · 28/12/2019

The photographer is very good at directing the action. From the beginning, all the files are taken all the way back. The waiting time for photo editing is also very fast. I think it is worthwhile and the memories are very interesting.

JUNG JUNG · 25/12/2019

Just married, I took a cheongsam with my husband to Macau before the wedding. The carousel photos were also used during the wedding. Relatives and friends also felt very special. The shop could find it on Google. Location, Panfa styling is also very much recommended.

JUNG JUNG · 25/12/2019

Klook is convenient. You can rent cheongsam directly at the store. The owner is polite and can try a few more, which is a good cheongsam experience.

Nga Ting · 24/12/2019

The two intimate ladies are looking for the location of the shop a little, and they are very close to the famous attractions and can be reached on foot. Recommended Furong New Street, very atmospheric. The pictures are great

hsin tai · 23/12/2019

The proprietress is Taiwanese, the service is attentive and thoughtful, and the hair style is super beautiful.

YU HSUAN · 21/12/2019

The owner is very kind and easy going. It will also introduce shooting spots. . Give children a good experience

Whee Whee · 15/12/2019

The photo looks pretty in the photo spot! My shoes are comfortable!

JIEUN · 15/12/2019

Good Choice! But no one wore cheongsam than I thought!

JIEUN · 15/12/2019

Friendly service, super wonderful experience! !! !! If you have the opportunity to come to Macau, you must experience it again.

KOHSIN · 11/12/2019

Great experience, the store is very kind and also informs shopping directions

YIPING · 04/12/2019

The cheongsam is very beautiful, the boss's mother is kindly braided and the technology is good, and also provides travel information and store discounts, a good experience :)

Yi Ting · 14/11/2019

The location of the store is a bit tricky to find but if you see a long staircase up an alley, you'll find it! The owner of the QiPao shop was very friendly and helpful in terms of recommending designs and places to go to take photos with the QiPao. She has good skills in hairstyling too! They provide wide range of QiPao colors, designs and sizes and they are all in good condition. A must try experience!

YEE YING · 29/10/2019

The service staff is from Taiwanese, very friendly and attentive, intimate use of hair, plus other accessories do not need to increase the price, but also intimately provide three routes online map for photos and match the store discount coupons, it is great Experience!

SHUN HSIANG · 25/10/2019

It was surprisingly easy to find the way, and even though I couldn't speak well, the two women were very kind and explained very well. It was great to pick and choose two cheongsam suits, and if it was an iPhone, it was good to send a video and a map of how to get to the photo spot with AirDrop. I think it's nice to try it!

HEEJIN · 22/10/2019

Great experience, staff members were very friendly and helpful! I would strongly recommend this shop.

Houda · 22/10/2019

People are very good, simple hairstyles are also very beautiful, but the weather is too hot, and soon the sweat is flowing

cai xin · 04/10/2019

The two of us were so kind and kind and caring and very good at work. Please kindly lend me a mobile phone .. The clothes are light and cool. Your shoes may hurt a little, so take your shoes! They were so good and sweet that they could not communicate ^^ Thank you for your service and help. We had a really good time and memories.

YURI · 20/09/2019

Excellent service and awesome quality. The free provision of a map of locations for photography is very helpful. There is a wide collection of female dresses to choose from and all of them look great. The only concern is that the male robe is quite thick and will make you sweat easily in summer.

YAN MING · 15/09/2019

The two bosses are very intimate and very kind, especially those who come to the hometown in other places feel very cordial! The bosses are all Taiwanese!

KUOHUA · 11/09/2019

Average only, not many choices of QiPao. QiPao quality and design also average only. Nobody walking with QiPao at Macau streets, look very weird. Location very hard to find, been spend so much time in searching the place in hot day. Service average.

Siew Li · 11/09/2019

Amazing experience! The owner is super nice and patient. There are a variety of choices for women but limited for men. The owner will provide you a map and a video to guide you to the best picture spots. They are very thoughtful with the whole experience.

Miranda · 09/09/2019

It was a wonderful and one of a kind experience for us. Everything went smoothly. Staff were super friendly. Highly recommended!

choi · 03/09/2019

It is a very interesting and educational experience. The staffs are kind and helpful. The clothes are well-designed. One thing is the location is quite far from the crowded street, you are advised to remind some spare time for it

Tsun Yin · 01/09/2019

great service. fast voucher redeem vendor respond time fast. product is great. photo shoot very professional. good experience

Soi Ian · 23/08/2019

Young and beautiful bosses are very kind and good service! In principle, I can only try on two cheongsams, but when I see that I have a choice barrier, I will take the initiative to let me try on a few more pieces. After I have decided to rent the style, I will help you to make a simple hair style, and then match the bag and the fan! After the installation, it will provide a map of the location suitable for taking pictures, and also attach a video introduction, super intimate!

PEI HSI · 20/08/2019

The girls were so sweet in waiting for us to arrive. A lot of dresses were available. An enjoyable afternoon was spent walking around Macau in our rentals.

Maria Lourdes · 19/08/2019

Everywhere can be attractions, thank you for the gentle and beautiful Judy and April, let us have a great experience. Recommend to Macau must experience

WANCHEN · 17/07/2019

Super fun!!! For girls, a lot of clothes to choose, you can try several sets of re-selection, different color length textures have:) Zhong has no sleeves with the same! For boys, there are many accessories, glasses, fans are all ready! So things New and new, no broken and no smell, you can wear it with peace of mind! The boss is very careful and talkative, can ask her anything! And 5:3 to return clothes, have plenty of time to take pictures, it is very recommended that everyone go to play!

Tsz Wai Scarlett · 24/06/2019

Great experience, it took us a little time to find the store, but the boss is very good for us to delay the time. The proprietress was very kind to help me pick the cheongsam, and the shape was also very suitable for my taste. I was very happy with my girlfriend.

PEILING · 23/06/2019

Because it is very convenient for Taiwanese to communicate, the two are also very careful to explain the introduction, as well as the compilation I really like, the process is very happy, the atmosphere is very good, I feel that the store is very careful ~ Thank you for letting me follow Family and friends have a pleasant experience~ The store also has a photo that is super good~~

Tsai Ying · 14/06/2019

The bosses and sisters are very good, and they also helped to get the hair, the store environment is very good, and there are many ornaments. The first time I wore cheongsam, I also gave a lot of help and photo taking routes. I have already recommended it to many friends, and I will come back next time.

YI TING · 27/04/2019

The proprietress is a passionate Taiwanese who has no problem communicating. If you are afraid of the technical skills of your teammates, you can ask a professional photographer to take a great experience.

HSIN YI · 25/04/2019

The proprietress is very kind and dedicated to serve us. It also introduces many great attractions and local stores.

Yi Hsien · 10/04/2019

The proprietress is very kind! I made it by mistake and let us find it. I think the cheongsam style is enough! The road in Macau is not very good. There are quite a lot of slopes. It will be hard to go, so girls who have not practiced should bring shoes with low-heeled shoes~

huiching · 08/04/2019

Thank you for this wonderful experience! Brought my parents to experience the full suite of services, and they thoroughly enjoyed this. The owner and photographer were really friendly, patient and professional. They made this experience specially enjoyable.

Chong Neng · 05/04/2019

Ban Niang is also a Taiwanese, very careful and patient to help me pick cheongsam, just behind the guests who did not make an appointment, let me try a lot of more

YUNPEI · 17/02/2019

This time, wearing a cheongsam in Macau to take pictures on the street has a different flavor. When picking the cheongsam, the host introduced us to the suggestion and shared the route map to give us a good place to take pictures of the surrounding attractions of the St. Paul. Put on cheongsam to add more color to this line.

YING HSIU · 09/02/2019

Very special experience, the cheongsam is beautiful, and the boss will also provide a punching route.

Chia Chi · 18/01/2019

The location is not too difficult to find, the skirt style is still full, accessories are also a lot, glasses, fans and so on. . The staff is also very good, the hair is also very beautiful, very stable, not afraid to scatter in the middle. Before going out, you will pass the map. You can go to many old buildings or European places, and there are not many tourists. You can take a lot of beautiful photos and have a chance to come again! Finally, thank you for the photo of the clerk to send me my birthday!

yin ling · 20/11/2018

Fantastic experience at Macau! Easy to find and rent the QiPao, no hassle and the lady bosses are very friendly and lovely to deal with! Highly recommended!

Sin Ning · 14/11/2018

Super invincible push!! Cheongsam / Ma Wei is really suitable for taking pictures at nearby attractions. Just take a look and look good, the return rate is also 666. It’s not enough to upload 6 comments.

Jun Wei · 16/10/2018

It was a nice experience and we were having a good time.

ka man · 15/10/2018

I gave it to my parents because I thought there was only a picture left, but I got a lot of life shots! The staffs were really kind and late, but they took care of every small thing even though they were late. Oh yeah!! When I searched for the address of the shop in Kleck, it seemed that the road map was strange, so I searched the Google map with the name "Klee" and it was "I moved to the house" ... I was late. . I'm sorry for the suspicion.

JUNGHYUN · 08/10/2018

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