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Booked before my arrival. Collected it after midnight on my arrival day, which is still operating pass midnight (Unite Traveler booth). Easy to find since it's located on the left side after exiting the arrival hall (Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1). Never get out of connection in Taiwan (10 days travelling from North to South) with their unlimited data. A must have device for travelling in Taiwan.

Kuan Yew · 25/02/2021

Renting the 4G Wifi for Taiwan was really worth it! We saved time and effort by not getting lost in our trip, and our social media accounts were up-to-date. Credit card is required because if you break or do not return the portable Wifi, Unite Traveller will charge it to your card. Do not worry if the staff swiped your card already, it will not be charged.

Abegail · 07/12/2020

Pick up from Kaohsiung International Airport was fast because there are almost no flights at the moment. Please note the pickup location is by door 3 (across from Starbucks). Data speed might vary because each device has a “data card” from 1 of 3 companies. I stayed on 25th floor and the data speed test result was at around 12mbps for download, good enough for long video chats for work. Definitely fast enough to upload photos.

Henry · 21/10/2020

Convenient with fast connection. Can last 10-12hrs with 2 devices connected. We were never not connected. Helped us 100% in navigating and searching where to go, what to do and what to eat. Never fails! Highly recommend this device. Klook the best

Janine Marie · 23/07/2020

Highly recommended! Signal is very reliable & fast. Must have for a DIY travelers ? it will help you a lot when you want to explore Taiwan on your own ? you can easily share your pictures online by just connecting to the internet.

Johanna Marie · 17/04/2020

The WiFi device can be conveniently picked up at Unite Traveler counter in Taoyuan airport. Its signal was reliably fast in most parts of Taiwan. The battery worked just as well. I would however recommend you to bring along a power bank if you plan to use the WiFi throughout the day. With unlimited data, you can use the internet (upload photos!!) anytime anywhere without worrying you might have exceed data limit. I highly recommend you to book this 4G WiFi package through Klook.

Jia Qi · 15/03/2020

This is highly recommended. You can upload pictures anytime, anywhere because of this unlimited data. We used this both in Taichung and Taipei. This is one that you need to avail when you travel to Taiwan.

Hazel · 11/03/2020

network was really smooth and the size is small enough to bring along, with sufficient power, enough to recharge the electricity for more than half a day, complete accessories. very convenient good price easy to use long lasting battery fast connection highly recommended will use this service again. great connection. good value highly recommended to friends.

Hock Yew · 10/03/2020

The internet speed is great. And the wifi router is quite small and easy to carry as compared to others wifi router provider. Do take not to return it before checking in. I forgot to return it before checking in and luckily managed to drop it into the return box at the immigration area.

CHOR SHENG · 08/03/2020

This is a MUST HAVE when you explore Taiwan! Super efficient and convenient since it fits on your pocket. It works in every place around Taiwan. The battery also works well, just bring a power bank so it would be perfect. We were able to share our photos and status with our loved ones and friends during our 4 days travel without any problem. I highly recommend you include this on your list when you go to Taiwan. Will give this a perfect 10!

Jackson · 05/03/2020

getting around taiwan is a little bit hard but thanks to the pocket wifi that we rented, our travel was hassle free. I recommend everyone to rent a pocket wifi for a fast and reliable internet connection and easy, hassle free travel

hannah krizzia dominique · 04/03/2020

A-must have when you are in Taipei. It is better to get this wifi to search for places to eat, destination that you wanted to go. Again, THIS IS A MUST HAVE. Whenever i travel, i always get a WIFI specially for my DIY trips. Connection is strong even in Jiufen and Shifen. Just bring a powerbank for wholeday activity. Let me show you some photos :)

Reign · 25/02/2020

Excellent for travellers who wish to navigate around Taiwan by connecting to the internet. Signal is reliable and fast. I was able to use it from Taipei to Taichung and even to the eastern side of the island. Battery life is also good.

Earl Francis · 25/02/2020

Wifi is a must in all for an out-of-country trip. Connection was fast and reliable in all parts of taiwan. I liked that the counter was easy to locate. Will definitely book again on our next taiwan trip!

Catherine · 23/02/2020

Counter is very easy to locate. Redemption process is fast and wifi signal is good too. Battery also able to stay around 8 hours usage, anyhow is better to bring power bank. Just the reception was not so friendly. Overall experience is good.

Lee Yen · 21/02/2020

Reliable source of having internet connection when in Taiwan. Very strong internet connection when in Taipei or any parts of Taiwan. Easy redemption at the airport too. Only need about 5 minutes. Can connect up to 5 devices at very fast speed. The price is also much cheaper than getting over the counter directly.

Boon Thiam William · 18/02/2020

Collection of the WiFi Router is fast and simple. Data connection is strong and the life span of a fully charged battery allows me to stay connected for more than 12 hours. It will be great if the router is lighter.

Rui Ling Serene · 13/02/2020

Collection of the WiFi Router is fast and simple. Data connection is strong and the life span of a fully charged battery allows me to stay connected for more than 12 hours. It will be great if the device is way lighter.

Rui Ling Serene · 13/02/2020

Very convenient to use, very fast internet service provider during our taiwan trip, and also very easy to find and redempt. We used this pocket wifi from different cities in taiwan like taipei, kaohsiung, taichung, chiayi and even in the MRT and bullet train. I highly recommend to purchase in Klook for easy navigations during your trip in Taiwan. We had so much fun in Taiwan by using this pocket wifi all day long. You will never lose your ways and finding the right directions to this pocket Wifi.

Raul John Jr · 05/02/2020

Wifi connection is good only bad thing is even when only one device is connected wifi battery keeps running out. Other than that coverage is good from in the mountains and even on the high speed rail. it is highly recommended to get a wifi when visiting taiwan!

Javier · 05/02/2020

Redemption is hassle free by presenting your mobile voucher to the counter located at 1st floor of airport before MRT entrance gate. you will need to present a credit card as security just in case something happened to the device. check the device before going, our 1st device is not working so we changed it to another one. good thing we're still in the vicinity. the package includes a wifi, charger and a case. internet connection is working okay in any part of taipei.

Julie Ann · 01/02/2020

I had no issues encountered while using this portable wifi. The signal is strong, the connection is fast, and it does not need charging for hours. Claiming it was also easy. The booth was just on the way when you come out from the airport. Highly recommended.

Rommel · 26/01/2020

7 days of glorious top-speed internet throughout our stay at a ridiculously affordable price!! plus it worked perfectly even in the more rural areas so it was really convenient. kept us connected and made it easy to post stuff online too ❤ a must-have when travelling in taiwan.

Kaera · 26/01/2020

Easy and fuss free collection. Wifi connection is good only bad thing is even when only one device is connected wifi battery keeps running out. Other than that coverage is good from in the mountains and even on the high speed rail.

Gan · 26/01/2020

it is highly recommended to get a wifi when visiting taiwan! claiming the voucher was fast and super smooth. you just need to present your voucher to the personnel, and that's it! you can already use the wifi.

Lani · 25/01/2020

Before coming to taipei u should get a pocket wifi which you can connect to your family, friends and love ones. Very convenient specially to the first timer in taiwan specially if u will not stay longer here it can help you to used any apps whatever you like. So don’t hesitate anymore. Grab and take it easy to claim in the airport you can easily see the kiosk. With the very helpful ladies in the kiosk.

Cloyd · 24/01/2020

Thank you klook for a fast and cheaper reliable wifi router. We are able to navigate the map everywhere in Taipei, were not worry to get lost. This is highly recommended especially the price rate. will definitely use it again whenever we comeback to Taiwan.

MARIE CRIS · 22/01/2020

The downloading speed was really fast! I only stay in Taiwan for three days and it was really convenient to bring a pocket wifi. There are many great food and cafe in Taiwan and they are definitely worthy to try. There are many scooter on the road so you must be careful not to get hit by them.

JIUNYI · 22/01/2020

this was a must have especially when you travel solo. its easy to claim, just go to the klook view and show your voucher. they will provide you with the full kit with charging cable and case. the internet connection was stable allthroughout my trip and it helped me a lot to navigate. i didnt encounter any problem at all

Nurhanna · 21/01/2020

WiFi service/router of Klook is very fast and reliable. We were able to share all our great moments in Taiwan immediately. We have not experience any slowness all thru out the travel and no issues at all as the device can last the whole day!. This is highly recommended especially the price rate is competitively low compared to other similar services.

Mark Anthony · 21/01/2020

Hassle free collection at the airport, their booth is very easy to find , and the wifi connection was very good. Will definitely use it again whenever we come back to Taiwan. Recommended to all travellers who wants to stay connected with their loved ones whilst out of their country ?

Lovely · 20/01/2020

Very strong connection during our trip! We used Google Maps, Google to find our destinations and social media networks uploading our photos everywhere. Here are some of our photos uploaded in Facebook. Thanks, Klook!

vanessa · 20/01/2020

Redemption is a breeze. Battery life is super for use between three devices. Stable connection despite being in the crowd where hundreds of thousands gathering up at the presidential election! Great deals.

PUI YEE · 13/01/2020

Thank you klook! For a cheaper price but SUPERB fast and reliable wifi router! Im so amazed. We are always connected. And we able to navigate the map everywhere in taipei, were not worry to get lost because we got a wifi ☺️ sorry i just only got one photo for the pocket wifi but i want to share with you our travel photos.

VENJIELEEN · 11/01/2020

cheaper price compared to other competitors. very lightweight too, easy to carry. coverage is good. battery finished after around 5 hours. hassle free pick up and drop off, go straight to the counter (24h) at airport and they will do the rest for you.

KAI LING · 09/01/2020


Good service , good price

Chun Man Tong · 09/01/2020

if you want to stay connected while travelling abroad, it is better to get a wifi router than a sim since all you got to do is press on and you're connected right away. this tpe wifi device did not disappoint me. will get this again when i swing by tpe again this year

Patricia · 08/01/2020

Pocket wifi can be pick up conveniently at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1. It has fast internet connection and there is no lagging issue encountered on the device when connected to internet. It also has long battery life and a must have when visiting Taiwan. The price is also affordable when renting the device.

Marc Joseph · 04/01/2020

cheap, easy to pick up, fast WiFi and wide area of coverage , I have no problems about the signal at all, only one problem is only the battery life is not enough for a whole day but you can use power bank to maintain it I totally recommend this pocket wifi too anyone travelling to Taiwan

Supasan · 03/01/2020

Very affordable and useful. Fast internet. Convenient pick up and drop off. Picked up at Taipei and dropped off at Kaohsiung was possible. Battery wont last a day so it would be helpful if you would bring a powerbank.

Katrina Carla · 01/01/2020

It's very convenient to use. We can use it even in the countryside area. Fast internet connection. The battery stays all day. It's also a power bank so u can use it to charge your devices. It's worth it. Must have to go around especially to areas where people can't explain in English.

Christharina · 30/12/2019

The mobile WiFi had given me & my family a seamless internet connection with unlimited data throughout our 7 days journey in Taipei & Hualien. This is a great memorable holiday trip for my family. I will definitely come back to Taiwan again & use this seamless mobile WiFi .

BOON SIONG · 29/12/2019

This is an essential when visiting Taiwan especially when you are doing trips by yourself since locating places might be a bit confusing for the first time. Battery lasted me for the whole trip of Jiufen-Shifen almost 10 hrs on road. Highly recommended!

Anna Marie Audrey · 27/12/2019

easy and fast to redeem. battery do run out fast on first day. luckily have power bank. really useful to have it for a family to share but need to be within certain distance. can used in cijin island without issues too.

Kee · 25/12/2019

Taiwan is a nice place to visit but English communication with the locals is a bit of struggle because only few can speak English so I decided to use Klook to get 4G wifi to find navigate places that I want to see and visit. Worth it!!! ???❤️

Annalyn · 25/12/2019

Must have when in Taiwan. Easier to search and locate places since we’re connected. Only one thing that bothers me was providing my cc details in order to claim the device. But overall, it’s a good purchase.

Margaret · 24/12/2019

So glad we organised to have this device. Picking it up and dropping it off was simple and no fuss. It was great to have this device available for pick up as soon as we arrived in the airport and it provided us with uninterrupted internet service for our 4 phones for the entire trip.

Nathan · 22/12/2019

Easy 24h pick-up upon arrival at the airport, unite traveler is easy to spot. 4G WiFi is very fast, connecting is very easy. Downside is that battery lasts for only 3 hours. Good thing we are bringing our powerbanks. Connection is strong all throughout our trip in Taipei.

Enrica · 14/12/2019

A must have when in Taiwan! We were 4 in the group and we don’t experience any problem with this. Unlimited data, fast connection & long battery of the unit. Our 6days travel was complete because of this. We don’t mind being lost since we have a wifi on the go. Can easily use google maps & update our social media accounts on time. Thanks Klook!

Grazel · 13/12/2019

This is a must have in Taiwan! moving to one tourist spot to another was easy through the fast internet. Searching for places and landmarks was made easy. Make sure to book your 4G wifi, it would really help a lot.

Judie Ann · 12/12/2019

Product information

Additional Information
  • Under the Fair Usage Policy, data speed and usage may be limited for users who process large amounts of data in a short period of time. This is at the discretion of the subscribed telecommunications company and may occur without prior notice
  • The operator is not responsible or liable for any changes made to data speed or usage. You will still be charged the agreed upon fee during your rental period
  • The speed of your connection is dependent on your reception
  • Upload and download speed may be affected in different areas
  • Device Size: 115mm x 65mm x 15mm, Weight: 105g
  • Day charges are calculated inclusively. For example, if you pick up the device on a Thursday and return it on a Monday, you will be charged for 5 days
  • Please turn off the WiFi device while charging