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You can see the complete fireworks on the sea. There are many merchants and ships, and the crew is also hospitable and hospitable. It is a good experience to watch fireworks. The only regret is that you will not be able to hear the host’s voice and sound effects.

YENWEI · 28/03/2021

Penghu Fireworks Festival

Order kkday to watch fireworks at sea, it is very convenient and time-saving for boarding and ticket inspection.

碧貞 黃 · 03/03/2021

A good choice for viewing the fireworks festival

I was worried that the elderly would not be able to stand for a long time in the crowded people waiting for the fireworks display at the Fireworks Festival, so I chose a cruise ship to watch the fireworks. In addition to no crowds, there are seats to sit on, and you can enjoy the sea scenery during the waiting time, which is very good!

Nai Fang Cheng · 18/12/2020

The fireworks are very beautiful, and the captain has good skills~ You can watch the fireworks in the front row of the sea without crowding people! It's worth it!

YU HAN · 07/10/2020

The fireworks are beautiful

Penghu Fireworks Festival is definitely worth coming to experience. There are different feelings on land boats. It is recommended to try

玉婷 石 · 05/10/2020

Fireworks festival

It’s a good experience to be crowded at sea. ! !

YUTING HUANG · 20/09/2020

Beautiful! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The navigation of the ships and the control of the personnel are very comfortable-crowded but not crowded-I will come to Penghu again next year to watch the fireworks! People with crowd phobias, taking a boat to watch fireworks is a good choice!

yu han · 19/09/2020

Watching fireworks at sea is great!

It’s a great experience to see clearly without crowding the fireworks~

佳芳 陳 · 18/09/2020

The sea fireworks are great

It’s a very special experience. It’s different from the visual effect in Guanyin Pavilion. The only drawback is that you can’t hear the soundtrack and the drone is in the opposite direction.

家揚 趙 · 11/09/2020

Beautiful fireworks

The boat sails at about eight o’clock and will slowly head towards the bridge. It will arrive at the approximate position about eight thirty, and then slowly wait for nine o’clock. The light show starts at the beginning, the Marvel show closes on the day, and the light show ends in a series Fireworks, the fireworks are very beautiful, it is rare to see the fireworks so close, you must come to the Penghu Fireworks Festival if you have the opportunity!

郁彣 陳 · 11/09/2020

The best fireworks appreciation experience

The location is great, you don’t need to squeeze on the shore to watch the fireworks, you can watch the sea breeze, and you can enjoy the overall fireworks show more comfortably

Hsin Yi Lo · 11/09/2020

Nice experience

It’s a good experience, but it’s better to have seen it before, it’s still closer on land

Weiyin Chen · 09/09/2020

A great experience, with a wide view and will not be blocked from recommending to friends

Hui Chen · 06/09/2020

This is my first time watching fireworks on a sightseeing boat... I found that seeing fireworks up close is more sound and light. Very shocking. Next time Penghu Fireworks Festival, I will still choose a sightseeing boat to watch the fireworks. After all, it is the same as watching a movie... you need sound and light effects. what

Che Hung · 06/09/2020

For the second year in a row, I really recommend taking a boat to watch the fireworks. It can be seen more clearly without crowding people! The shock of the fireworks can also be felt! Then the captain is very interesting, he will introduce the scenic spots along the way, and drive the boat to the most suitable position for watching the fireworks!

Heng Chen · 05/09/2020

When you arrive at Haian Wharf, someone will tell you which boat to take. It is very convenient. The boat arrives at the position before the fireworks are set off. The captain gets a good seat. The fireworks are clear and not blocked by smoke. It’s worth participating in the fireworks boat. People have been to Guanyin Pavilion long ago to squeeze the card slot.

MEILING · 05/09/2020

The fireworks can be seen very clearly when the boat is driving far away. It will not be blocked by the smoke except when it stops on the standing deck. At other times, the boat will not sway too much. The people on the boat are also very kind.

CHUEH MING · 05/09/2020

This is the last firework show this year. It’s worth coming to Penghu to see this. If it is held next year, I will go there again.

CHENG HSIUNG · 04/09/2020

It's beautiful and worth it ? The first time I participated in the firework festival, I felt great. The dock next to the tourists in the South China Sea does not have to report at the South China Sea Visitor Center. I will come next time I have a chance

Chi Chun · 04/09/2020

It is a pity that it was windy and rainy that day, but the organizer had to sail because the organizer did not stop the event. Excluding this reason, it should be a good return. Standing in a place where there is no light hazard and no shelter, the fireworks on the bridge can be seen clearly, which is great

YUN CHING · 03/09/2020

The beautiful fireworks are really worth seeing. It just happens that heavy rain will not affect the display of fireworks. The boat is very stable and not uncomfortable. The location of the fireworks is also very good. I will participate again next time!

TZU LIN · 03/09/2020

Watching fireworks from the sea ? Another fun 8:10 boat sails from 9:00 to 9:15 fireworks display on several fishing boats and yachts on the sea is interesting

SHUTING · 02/09/2020

There are a lot of people, but the high-altitude fireworks can basically be seen on the boat regardless of the left and right sides, but it’s a bit tired after boarding the boat at 8:10 and waiting for a long time. Basically I think I can buy it. After all, I go for fireworks and the price is also Can accept, push

YUN CHUN · 01/09/2020

The best viewing experience by sea special boat, avoiding the crowds, and taking a speedboat directly to the best viewing area is a very good choice.

cili · 31/08/2020

Go to the counter of the South China Sea Visitor Center and write "Fireworks Boat" on it. It's raining, but the fireworks are beautiful!

CHIA WEI · 28/08/2020

The captain is humorous and humorous. Before the start of the fireworks festival, there will be a guide and commentary. Sitting on the boat is not crowded, and you can clearly see the fireworks, which is worth the price

YU HSUAN · 25/08/2020

Our boat departed very late that day. It’s not clear if someone was late or the boat owner wanted to wait for the boat to be full? Because the boat owner didn’t explain the situation, when we arrived at the viewing area, the boat actually didn’t stop close because of the boat ahead. It’s a pity that we’ve got a good seat, watching the boats set off at the pier, but we are still in place, but it’s nice to not be crowded.

yu fen · 24/08/2020

The captain has first-class skills and chooses an excellent viewing position. The fireworks can be seen at a glance. After the fireworks are released, they will quickly return to the port terminal ~ there is No. 20 captain in Datuhai

YenTing · 23/08/2020

Five stars are dedicated to the superb Captain Chen. In addition to carefully introducing the history of the buildings around Magong Port, it also helped the entire ship’s passengers get stuck in an excellent position. The return journey uses life to sail the ship and let the passengers disembark and rest early! Nice captain❤ It’s really clear and comfortable to watch fireworks at sea. It’s not crowded at all.

YUS HAN · 21/08/2020

Easy to order, the order is clear at a glance, easy to use, really good

LI CHIN · 19/08/2020

Just check the booking name and number of people with the staff at the terminal to board the ship, and the staff moves quickly. Quite a lot of tourists report in early. This time I chose to sit on the deck and wait for the boat to sail and enjoy the fireworks, which is completely effortless! (But if you sit on the deck, the introduction of small spots along the way is not very clear.) The captain carefully adjusted the position of the boat, and the view of the fireworks was good. After the fireworks are over, return to the pier quickly without waiting for disembarkation. When disembarking, many staff will assist and support the disembarkation, which makes people feel intimate. Very recommended itinerary.

Hui Hua · 17/08/2020

Come to the Penghu Fireworks Festival and choose to watch the fireworks from the sea without crowding people. It is really great ^_^

PING CHIEH · 14/08/2020

Although it’s a bit far away from the boat, there is no need to crowd people around the place, and watching the fireworks while blowing the sea breeze on the boat is also a different memory.

SHIANGFEI · 07/08/2020

Not bad, the wind is a bit big, but it's a good experience

Jiajie · 05/08/2020

It’s super awesome, as well as guided tours, complete commentary, and superb viewing points!

FANG I · 04/08/2020

You don’t need to find a gap in the crowd to enjoy the fireworks, just join this tour?

YEN YU · 04/08/2020

This time the fireworks festival specially chose to take a boat to watch. I chose klook to help us order the ferry tickets. The service was really good. It made us full of memories. This fireworks festival is really special. The breeze blowing on the sea It's really comfortable ?, the fireworks in front of you are constantly blooming, which is surprising! Will definitely come again next year and choose Klook to help us again!

SHU CHEN · 01/08/2020

There is no need to crowd people, drinking beer on the sailing boat and enjoying the beautiful fireworks, it is very relaxing.

PEI CHEN · 01/08/2020

Sitting on the boat to watch the fireworks, the fireworks are super beautiful and exciting. You don’t need to be crowded on the shore. It’s the first time you experience the fireworks so close to you. It’s very comfortable to sit on the deck when the weather is cool at night. The captain on the return trip is also very exciting. Watching the fireworks by boat is really great. Don't miss it.

HSIAOLING · 31/07/2020

It’s not crowded and you can enjoy the stunning fireworks on the boat, which is worth visiting every year

YU JIE · 29/07/2020

A great experience without crowding people! The captain of Haiyou No. 20 is very considerate. Apart from the end of the journey, he will return quickly after the end, so that everyone does not have to queue to enter the port!

HSIAOYI · 29/07/2020

Looking at the sea at the Guanyin Pavilion is really a completely different experience. The view on the sea is relatively wide, and you can clearly see all the pyrotechnic styles. In the Guanyin Pavilion, it is like standing under a firework. It is shocking but the field of view is narrow. I have seen that taking a boat is a pretty good experience??

YUNJU · 29/07/2020

Riding the firework boat to watch the fireworks is superb, no one will stand in front, and I will order again if I have the opportunity to watch the Penghu fireworks again.

San yi · 28/07/2020

It’s the first time to see fireworks at sea. The vision is very shocking. It’s a great experience. Super push

JIELING · 28/07/2020

A great firework boat to watch fireworks, without crowding people and being blocked by tall people, I will want to order again next time I watch the fireworks.

San yi · 27/07/2020

A very convenient and practical package. If you have a seat, you don’t have to squeeze in the Guanyin Pavilion to see the beautiful and bright fireworks.

yunghung · 26/07/2020

Watching the fireworks on the sea is great, you don’t need to crowd people and you are not afraid of being obscured. The captain on the journey introduces the scenic spots, and the return journey is fast at sea, which is super cool.

AI CHEN · 23/07/2020

Take a boat to watch the fireworks? super enjoyment, and very romantic? the fireworks? beautiful and touching? really worth it!

SHU WEI · 22/07/2020

It's great to watch fireworks at sea without crowding people! But there seems to be something missing without music...

ya chi · 21/07/2020

I have participated in several boat trips. Klook’s firework boat trip is the best in the past few days. The captain not only carefully explains the buildings near the port, but also chooses the best firework trip. You can also enjoy the ride on the sea when you return. The thrill of speeding up, highly recommended!

YI LUNG · 21/07/2020

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