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A very pleasant experience back in 2018 It was very crowded and busy weekdays afternoon. The staffs manage the crowd well and we were split into groups. The staffs are all on the ball. Wish to be here again with the kiddos? lets all pray this pandemic will end very soon so we could enter Malaysia again.

lloyd · 26/10/2020

experience the top of the world view in Menara Tower. A breathtaking experience and a lovely night to spend with your loved ones. The activities are knee shaking especially the Sky box but perfect and awesome adventure to conquer your fear of heights ?

analiza · 19/07/2020

Easy to enter, fuss free but movement wise is only one level in a circular motion. The views are very nice though and you can get a chance to take a pic on the sky box which I like it the best

HUI SHAN · 26/06/2020

Thanks to klook we don’t need to hustle for the long queue in redeeming the entrance ticket! Sharing my experience there are 2 numbers for the 2 sky box better be aware of it so that you will not waste time. I love the view and breeze because we went early in the morning.

SHEILA ERICA · 11/05/2020

The Sky Deck open terrace view provides a truly exceptional view of Kuala Lumpur's skyline. Compared to looking through the glass with its mirror and light reflections in the window is worth and not only appreciated by photographers. Probably the only place in Kuala Lumpur from where you can look at the Petronas Twins from above.

Peter · 14/04/2020

Probably the most nerve wracking part of my trip but the most exciting as well. Seeing the Kuala Lumpur skyline is breath taking. I would definitely will do it again when I go back to Kuala Lumpur.

Jericho · 20/03/2020

Very easy to claim! Although the Skybox was closed due to inclement weather when we arrived, the counter staff just told us to return the next day and the vouchers would still be valid. When we did, they easily gave us our tickets. Klook vouchers are also way cheaper than tickets bought on-site. Good deal!

Marionne · 17/03/2020

Worth buying skydeck ticket. Really enjoyed to see the view through glass. Just one warning, please do check the weather beforehand else if weather would be bad they won’t allow you do skydeck or skybox.

UPASANA · 15/03/2020

Me and my bestfriend had a great time at KL Tower. You’ll be amazed while on top overlooking at the beautiful view of the city, especially at night. Great spot for photoshoots! Nice view of the Twin Tower as well. It was a bit crowded though and the line to the glass box was quite long. We weren’t able to experience it as the rain poured while we’re on cue. However, they were accommodating enough to allow us to revisit the following day for free because of the bad weather. Overall, it was fun and unforgettable. We’ll definitely go back there when time permits. Thank you Klook for this wonderful experience.

Sheila · 11/03/2020

The ticket was easy to redeemed. Just tokd it to the counter. We go there around 5pm and suddenly it rains so we are ask to go the next day so luckily we still have 1 day to do it. The skybox was pretty awesome! Must try!

Ralph Joshua · 06/03/2020

Amazing view from the top. It’s just so easy and convenient to use. Heart-stopping moment at the skybox but definitely worth a try and of course it won’t be a complete package without a picture as a souvenir.

Chester · 03/03/2020

very easy to use.. you need to show the qr code to the counter first, which can be found on the right.. then the staff will give you a physical ones which contains the actual qr code to serve as pass to enter the place.. i was really lucky because when i got into the sky box i was the only person.. so i was able to stay more than 2minutes (because 2mins is the time limit for each person/ group when taking pic in the sky box) i stayed for like 10 mins there just gazing from heights, but the sun was up so i had to get down because the glass is getting hot.. overall , great. there is also a sky cafe which you can buy drinks and just gaze from height. i was alone so i had to ask other tourist to take photo for me.. they were great and very friendly.. you cam also ask the staff to take photos for you.. they also sell souvenirs here. but expensive.. one ref magnet cost around rm 10 but for 3 pieces rm 25. but in petaling street market, 10 rm for 3piece of souvenir. 4rm for each.

Cyril · 03/03/2020

good tour of the city with a visit to the most interesting areas seeing it modern old and mainly very satisfied with the guide that I had during the activity which has been constantly giving explanations and worrying about the concerns that could have

MIGUEL ANGEL · 02/03/2020


gotcha,nice service,easy to use

Yee Hang Chong · 02/03/2020

KL Tower is a must to do in Kuala Lumpur! Thanks to Klook for hassle free entry to attraction using e-voucher on klook mobile app!!! No need to redeem for physical tickets and you are in!!!

AVINASH · 26/02/2020

KL tower is beautiful. We went before closing and there's not much people. There were no lines going up and down. The tower itself is nice. The view is amazing!

Jaswinder Kaur · 24/02/2020

I really enjoyed my tour in Kuala Lumpur, seeing the whole city on top of Kuala Lumpur Tower in the Sky Deck, Observation Deck, and most specially the Sky Box where I had great photo opportunities! (you must really think of your poses before entering the Sky Box because you have limited time inside the box ?) I got a souvenir ref magnet with my photo in the Sky Box because I really loved the shot. ? (I included my photos here.. enjoy! ?) In addition, the employees were kind and courteous. ? Booking this on Klook is really a must! ??

Zandra · 23/02/2020

smooth experience, make sure to collect physical tickets at the entry gate of kl tower. for sky deck do collect tokens at the top after coming out of lift. enjoy the view from the top.

Amit · 23/02/2020

Excellent view from sky deck! Also there are 2 sky boxes and electronic queue to each of them. Inside sky box you will have only 2 minutes for photo session. After sunset sky boxes are without light and quality of photos is lower, so make sense to come there earlier.

Viktoriia · 23/02/2020

This the big tower in Malaysia. in this top view is so amazing you can see all Kula Lumpur Citi's. I think price is very high but otherwise better. skybox is very good for picture. you can take pictures out side of tower in front of I love KL the whole tower in one picture.

jena · 23/02/2020

Such a fascinating view! highly recommend this play, queue is not so long, but don't forget to chose the right day for it (otherwise, weather can spoil all the fun)

KSENIIA · 21/02/2020

I booked my tickets one day before my visit and it was completely hassle free. I went straight away to online booking voucher line and got my ticket within 5 mins. If you wanna have a good view of the city and petronas twin towers then KL tower is the place to be. It’s takes almost one hours to complete the whole experience. However, there was no wifi which is a drawback. I would recommend to visit the KL tower and it’s convenient if you have the booking beforehand to have a smoothie and pleasant experience.

Bhawna · 18/02/2020

still alright

The sky glass house didn't take a picture because many people lined up a bit

芸禎 張 · 15/02/2020

Going up to the sky deck is exciting!! The view is amazing! Luckily i went up when the sun is still up and i had a chance seeing the night and day view of the city. Had fun taking photo on the sky box, the queue were long, so go there early i guess!! You can hang out at the cafe while waiting..

Victorina Dior · 15/02/2020

worth going there for pictures. check for the weather though. hazy day is a downer. be ready to wait in a long line for more famous Sky box 1. get a queing number asap

Udita · 09/02/2020

Beautiful night view of Kuala Lumpur

I am lucky to come up when the weather is good, there are outdoor viewing platforms, skyboxes, and the scenery at night is quite beautiful

Tomásio Kao · 08/02/2020

Great experience, hassle free visit, not too many people, we had to wait for skybox max 5 minutes, you get 100 seconds in skybox to make your pictures, which was kinda enough for us, but maybe not so much for bigger families. the view from the skydeck is simply amazing!

Valeriia · 06/02/2020

We went to the KL Tower (or Menara KL as it is called locally) around 8 PM. You get to see splendid views of the city lit up. Absolutely breathtaking views. As oppose to the petronas towers, there is no glass windows and therefore you can enjoy the views in a much better way. Tip: don’t go too late especially during peak festive seasons. We had tickets to sky box but did not get entry because there was already a 2-hour waiting. We didn’t have time during our trip to visit KL tower again do we decided to skip the sky box.

Nalin · 04/02/2020

Fun experience, they will offer the glass box when youre just going up to the observatory, but we opt to just go up and see the view, the view at night is good, you can see twin towers up there. You can even take photo outside of the tower to see how tall it is.

Abigail · 03/02/2020

The view on the upper deck of the KL tower is superb! we went up in a sunny day and we can overlook the whole beautiful KL city. On top of that the sky box is a must try experience. I think it is better then going to the twin towers because you can take the best photos with it as the background.

kwok ho · 02/02/2020

Although there were a lot of people, the transaction I had with booking Klook ahead of time was so smooth! It really pays to book activities with Klook because it made mine and my family's lives easy. Thank you!

Frances Margarette · 02/02/2020

KL Tower is a magnificent building and the views from the top were absolutely amazing! To be honest, the view from KL Tower is better than the Petronas Twin Towers. We really enjoyed watching the city lights from the Sky Deck and the Sky Box was fun as well.

Ahmed · 01/02/2020

very convenient

Scan QR code to enter KL Town all at once

PEICHING LIN · 31/01/2020

Amazing! I highly recommend you to buy a ticket with the glass box option. It a good place to make insta photos :) show the ticket just on the gates, you will not have to stay in the long queues :)

Regina · 29/01/2020


Scan tickets before entering conveniently

phuong mai vu thi · 29/01/2020

If you go there dont buy the observation deck only cause you’ll regret it, the view isnt really good & you’ll get a backlight if you taking a picture from observation deck. its a great view from sky deck. The price is sooo much cheaper if you buy the ticket in klook than on the spot ????

Bella Intan · 28/01/2020

The Menara KL Tower Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. Standing at a height of 421m, the KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the 7th Tallest Freestanding Tower in the World.

SANKHADEEP · 28/01/2020

Very nice experience, we booked for sky box, sky deck and observation deck. Please book for deck 1 for sky box to get twin towers in your pictures Tip: you will get only 1.40 minutes to click pictures at sky box per coupon. Usually people come in a group gets a single coupon. Better to tell at the counter before going to the sky box that you are alone to get one coupon per person, that way you can get more time to spend on the sky box.

Pallavi · 26/01/2020

We highly recommend that if you visit, do it before sunset. You’ll definitely enjoy and get a bird’s eye view of KL City. This is something you shouldn’t miss if you head to Malaysia.

Rosamay · 21/01/2020

It was a thrilling experience to get in the KL Tower Sky Box and see panoramic views of Kuala Lumpur✨?Definitely one for the books! Such an amazing experience! Highly recommended!

Richelle · 20/01/2020

Another brilliant experience from KLOOK. Just redeem the voucher for an entry ticket and go straight to the sky deck for or an 360 view of KL. Remember to collect your skybox token at the sky deck entrance . We waited for about an hour to enter the sky deck . Amazing experience .

VISHAL · 18/01/2020

Another brilliant experience from KLOOK. Just redeem the voucher for an entry ticket and go straight to the sky deck for or an 360 view of KL. Remember to collect your skybox token at the sky deck entrance . We waited for about an hour to enter the sky deck . Amazing experience .

VISHAL · 18/01/2020

one of the must do's when you visit Kuala Lumpur...... The sky box is an amazing experience .... Suggestion: Ask for SKYBOX1 as SKYBOX2 does not have a view of petronas towers

HariPrasad · 13/01/2020

The guys in the tower is so nice.. they even take a pictures for solo travelers.. they also have a camera which the photo can also be printed and paid.

vean · 08/01/2020

Super efficient and easy way. We went at 10a on a Friday. Was very relaxed and could take good snaps in the sky box. Remember to use a taxi as the walk up as per Google is very steep.

Jason · 05/01/2020

Thank you klook! This is very convenient. The ticket was easy to claim at the main entrance. Though there's a lot of people since we went there at dec.31, the view at the sky deck and the sky box was really breath taking. One of the most amazing experience i had. Will go back again next time.

Mara Jolina · 03/01/2020

Good to tour in the morning to see the view. Klook definitely make the transaction easier. I suggest to go there via grab/taxi as it is difficult to walk from the station and at the foot of the entrance. Overall. A good experience. Book one with skybox to have a good picture:)

JANELLE · 03/01/2020

There is no words to describe the beauty of KL from Sky Deck. It is must go place in KL. View is amazing. There are 2 Sky Boxes. But it was a long queue to get pics from Sky Box. We were lucky to see daytime and evening KL.

Rauash · 03/01/2020

Night view of 1/1/2020

It is worth coming to Kuala Lumpur to see the night view is very beautiful! If someone who dine at the revolving restaurant above recommends eating early and going up early, he won't buy a ticket but can't see the night view because of business hours! Business hours until 9:30 pm ~ will stop collecting tourists early! If there are too many people in the sky box, it will stop early.

佳凌 劉 · 03/01/2020

Beautiful experience... A must do when you come to KL, Malaysia. It was very crowded though but well organised. had fantastic time and the views were magical. Sky Deck and Sky Box weren't as nice as the Observation Deck because they were very crowded and don't have enough roof to protect from rain or sun. Thank you for such a lovely memory.

John Paul · 31/12/2019

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