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Great Experience! I loved it so much I wish it was longer than a hour.

Kirsten · 17/05/2021

Went during low peak period, and the trip only had me and another solo traveler. Didn’t have any prior diving experience so I was lucky to have 1 instructor tagged to me.

yuning · 07/04/2021

This activity is very good indeed!!!

MAN HO · 16/02/2021

Very amazing team and had a lovely blue cave experience!

Emily · 14/02/2021

Super fun and extremely worth the cost and experience. Very accommodating instructor too

Raphael Jarrell · 16/12/2020

Hoping to travel again ! My second time here ! It’s so amazing to see all the fishes under water ! The guides so so nice and friendly ! There’s a shower room for u to bath after the activity !

CRYSTAL · 06/12/2020

Very good.. will recommend .. the coach is good. The blue cave is amazing. The water is clear. The only problem is too quick to finish!

Pui hang · 29/11/2020

Coach was very patience to guide and take care us. Detail guide for all the equipment we are going to use. He also have some performance during in water. A very good experience for non diver.

Foon Lin · 25/11/2020

super fun and cheap for discover scuba diving, japan waters are amazing but you dont get to do much as the guide will pull you around

Larissa Howlyn · 21/11/2020

It was a fun experience, wife and i and two kids had a wonderful time in the water with our guide who took great care of us. Highly recommend them if you want to visit the blue cave!

Roger · 11/09/2020

The coach is so nice even he doesn’t speak English, and nice and good experience Must go if you like diving

Shuk Ching · 06/08/2020

Funny activity especially when you are the beginner. The coaching is good & you can enjoy snorkeling without bringing anything (except swim wear).

Chi Ming · 16/07/2020

I had an outstanding single tank dive that morning. My guide was so attentive. We planned the route and swam it. The water was clear, warm, and the fish were very active that morning. I’ve dove many locations around Okinawa and this was the best one.

Theodore · 21/06/2020

Location is easy to find and plenty of parking. Instructor was good and patient although English is limited. But still can feel they are professionals. The water isn't too deep (around 2m?) so you don't need any prior experience before trying. There is a staff member following at the back as well just in case of any emergencies. All in all a good first diving experience!

Sze Ching Jeffrey · 06/05/2020

It was really an amazing experience. We went in early March 2020 and didnt manage to go to Blue Cave due to strong current. However, the tourguide brought us to a nearby location for snorkeling instead and it was still very good overall. Recommended activity especially for beginners, as they teach you how to swim well. Worth for money too.

Teddy · 08/03/2020

Was a wonderful experience. Our guide is able to speak English and Chinese. Instructions to meeting place was clear. We were given double wet suits cos it’s winter and it’s cold. The boat ride to the blue cave was about 10minutes and decent. The snorkel was amazing. The water was blue and clean, there were a lot of fishes and some species are unique to that place. The guide took very nice pictures of us, which we bought the soft copies for. Overall, value for money

DEBBIE SUE JIAN · 29/02/2020

Wonderful experience and friendly employees! Highly recommend!

Frederick · 29/02/2020

Took a 2.30pm slot. Briefing started at 3pm. Boat took off at 3.30pm.came back shore at 4.45pm. Plenty of Free parking nearby. Would recommend!

Jia Yi Diana · 29/02/2020

Highly recommend! Such a fun experience. It was my friend’s first time snorkeling but the person (she could speak fluent Chinese and basic English) explained everything step by step and made the entire time there very enjoyable and smooth. We went in winter so wore double wet suits and they had hot tea on the boat. They will also take photos of you underwater and in the cave, but it’s up to you whether you want to purchase :)

Therese Morningstar · 26/02/2020

My tour was led by the experienced Takuma-san. The water is crystal clear and the blue cave is very beautiful. I realized that snorkeling is quite exhaustive although we did not swim too far. Overall is a good experience.

Tong Lim · 21/02/2020

guide speaks chinese and we do too. It was a really good experience and luckily the weather was good eith sun and at 20 degrees. the water was still cold but the experience was incredible looking through the clear blue sea and looking at the fishes. Will fo it again.

chin yee viviany · 18/02/2020

Our booking was brought forward a day due to bad weather forecast. The confirmation was handled well via WhatsApp. We waited quite long at the Marine Station Okinawa and were the only 2 for the 2.30pm slot. We left almost at 3pm to board the boat to the blue cave after putting on our gears. 10mins boat ride out and we dropped into the sea to swim into the cave. It was blueish green waters. Super pretty. The photos Mei took were amazing. That cost another ¥2500 which is well worth it! Spent about 45 mins in the waters and fed the hungry fishes too. Too fun to miss this activity when u’re in Okinawa! It’s near Onna town so plan your visit!

Yen Yuen · 17/02/2020

Fun snorkeling trip!! Easy to redeem. Location easy to miss as Google map is not so accurate.

Jared · 11/02/2020

Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides who know where to find fish during the snorkel experience! We weren't able to see the cave due to inclement weather but the reef they brought us to was also full of exciting

Jin Rui Edmund · 09/02/2020

The blue cave was very pretty. There were a lot of fishes but the fishes were shy. The instructors were friendly and helpful. The photos taken by instructors were nice. If you want to borrow the camera from the shop, do remember to bring microsd card instead of sd card.

Jane · 06/02/2020

There's alot of waiting but the Japanese guides were all on time. The snorkel experience started on time at 3:30pm and the ferry took off. Wet suits and snorkel equipments are given but prepare for the cold water during winter season! You may bring your own micro SD card to use with their underwater camera, however the resolution and quality isn't that good. Highly rcmmd bringing your own GOPRO. The snorkel in the water, into the cave, around to see fishes took about an hour. Before you book the time slot, take note of the tidal timing to avoid disappointment.

Li Qing · 05/02/2020

For those of you who have a rental car, there is parking. Keep in mind that the parking lot is about a block away. There are also keyed lockers to keep your backpack and whatever other personal belongings you have. They also have plenty of hot/cold showers if you care to rinse your body after coming back from whichever activity you choose (scuba or snorkel). I'm a first time diver and they could not have made it more simple. You have an instructor holding your back, guiding you each step of the way. Also, they have instructors that can speak English, Mandarin, as well as Japanese. I highly recommend scuba diving over snorkeling!

Jonathan · 05/02/2020

Due to weather condition, we were unable to go to Onna Village Blue Cave, but the instructor (Ms Wang) did provide us some alternative for snorkelling. we were given some basic instruction before going for diving/snorkelling. Note that the car park is around 3-4mins walk away.

ZHI YONG · 04/02/2020

Nice and amazing experience! The blue cave is pretty and mesmerising!

Mei Shuang · 27/01/2020

Location was easy to find. Walking distance to the boating area. The receptionist and the guide spoke English which was definitely a plus. Although it was cold, the experience was phenomenal. I enjoyed my time in the water!!

Annalynn · 26/01/2020

snorkelling point changed to yamada diving point but nonetheless still a good session

Gabriel Zhong Zhi · 25/01/2020

Perfect experience that you don't want to miss if you visit Okinawa!! The instructions were detailed in Mandarin / English, also the coach was super friendly to us. For the photos they take for you, those are amazing in excellent quality, another 2500 yen but totally worth it. Strong 5 stars! Just pity that we couldn't make it to the cave, but absolutely incredible to see the sea turtle instead :)

Yik Yiu · 22/01/2020

It’s very convenient to book online and check in on site. Although it’s cloudy and windy day on our diving day, we still enjoyed the wonderful experience .

Bin Yi · 22/01/2020

Although we didn’t get to Blue Cave that day due to the strong currents, the experience was still great. We were given a choice for an alternate snorkelling place or to opt out. The guides were patient and the equipment supplied was good and adequate. They made sure that we were comfortable. The guide also kindly dived to help us captured a photo of the sea turtle at the bottom of the sea. Okinawa waters is really amazingly clean and clear!

Lee Joyce Esther · 21/01/2020

A very thorough briefing prior before we proceed w the snorkeling. Instructor very attentive to the needs of the participants. Photos taken by the instructor can be purchased after the session.

Kok Fei · 12/01/2020

Very good experience to have a great diving master in Okinawa, will go again if visiting Okinawa in future

Cheuk Man · 09/01/2020

Clean explanation with mandarin. Beautiful sea and cave.

Wang lap · 07/01/2020

The staff are nice and kind to everyone. A waterproof camera are free to be rent but the SD card must be prepared by yourself. The staff who guides you will help you to take some pictures under the sea but 2500yen is needed if you need those pictures.

suok ling · 06/01/2020

diving coach can speak Chinese, she was enthusiastic enough to guide participants. diving base is clean and tidy. u can also a free ride on boat. parking space is provided free of charge but not the parking space is a bit far from the base.

cheuk fai · 06/01/2020

The redemption of the voucher was fuss free. Staff and instructors were very helpful and well verse in English. We booked the snorkeling package for 3 and had an instructor to ourselves. The weather allowed us to enter the blue cave safely and the water was very clear. The instructor will help you and your group to take photos and sell it to you as a set. Although it comes with a cost, it was affordable.

Huimin · 05/01/2020

The parking was a bit hard to find so do arrive early. Other than that, everything else was great; the instructor was helpful, and also took pictures for us.

JINGLIN · 04/01/2020

Absolutely fantastic experience to me as a first time scuba diver. It was quite scaring in the water but the views there are just amazing, it’s awesome. The diving coach holding my back during the whole experience to make sure I am safe, because it is quite hard to moving around too if you are a beginner. For the safety and better experience, they will hold you until the end.

PO KIN · 31/12/2019

Good Good Good Good Good Good

YENLIN · 30/12/2019

The blue cave was an absolutely spectacular sight to behold. An unforgettable experience swimming up close with the fish and exploring the surrounding waters of the blue cave. Our instructor, Ayumi, was really friendly was always looking out for us, and helping us to take pictures, and we had a wonderful time with her.

Brendon · 26/12/2019

well planned trip. all safely precautions are well taken care of

Kian Yin · 23/12/2019

We were the only two who have arranged to go snorkelling during the low season in Okinawa. We rented a car to drive along the island and parking was a little way off but still within walking distance from the marine station. There was a slight held up as the other group came back a little later but we were able to suit up and borrowed the station's go-pro using our own SD card to take our own videos and photos fuss free. (The instructor will also use her own underwater camera to take videos and photos, these were also given to us at a price of 2,500 Yen. The resolution of the photos and videos taken by the instructor was much better.) Once we were out in the sea, it was amazing. A whole new world opened before our eyes once we were submerged. Plenty of fish and lively corals. The blue cave was also an experience in itself with azure waters. We also had a chance to feed the fishes towards the end of our activity, there was even a brilliantly coloured wrasse that appeared from nowhere to nibble the crumbs from my hands! Will definitely try diving the next time round, Okinawa waters are teeming with a variety of marine creatures.

Rebecca · 23/12/2019

it was fun and nice experience.kind and great staff's

ian jonathan · 15/12/2019

Clean place for showering after snorkeling. Had one guide to myself as there’s nobody else snorkeling with me. He could not speak much english though.

Long Xin · 14/12/2019

friendly staff, sadly didnt get to go the blue cave due to high tigh. snorkeling at other location to see sea turtle.

Kiaw Swee · 14/12/2019

We have a good tour operator and very attentive too! Enjoyed it so much.

San San Cecilia · 13/12/2019

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