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Late review as we visited in Oct 2019. One of the major highlights of our trip. We took the night experience which was cooler and offered a different kind of scenery. Costumes were clean and there was a huge variety to choose from. The driving instructor was also very energetic and bubbly, making sure to take photos at every stop light.

Li Lin · 24/04/2021

Such great fun & good memories! Recommend going during off-peak hours during because you'll be on the public roads and can get better views. We were stuck in 7pm traffic which was bad planning on our part.

An · 21/04/2021

Actually quite fun for a person who don't drive usually but have driving licence. Should wear a mask as quite dusty. Just a experience.

Foon Lin · 14/03/2021

this is our first time karting on Road instead of Track. it was a nice and interesting experience. will do it again next time.

xue yun · 31/01/2021

Had so much fun! It was a great experience and the guide was very hepful

Thierry Morel · 12/11/2020

Sadly, because of covid, we were unable to travel to japan. also, there is no refund from klook because this activity is non-refundable. I understand I should accept the terms and conditions. However, covid is something i cannot control.

Ying Xin · 09/04/2020

Was a really fun experience. Girls might want to tie up your hair if you do not like your hair to be flying around. and if you dont like the smell of disel and dirt, you might want to wear a mask while driving. Its fun but you will feel that dust do get trap in your hair and stays on your face after the drive.

chin yee viviany · 18/02/2020

The activities was fun and safe, there was so many costume to choose from. Leader was very institutional and fun. The route was very well-plan to see both city, airport, and sea, especially the centre of Naha at night. Price is reasonable for this type of activities.

TANANAT · 13/02/2020

It was a great experience as we wheeze through the streets of naha at 60km/h. must try for all drivers and would surely book again.

Chune Quin · 12/02/2020

Nicely done and I will also be back to check in my new location and I will also check my location on

Chun Kit Nest · 09/02/2020

For those 1st time in Okinawa Naha, this is a must try. We bought the 1-hour package. We drove at a speed of 60-80Km/h .. drove pass the route to airport, busy road in Koukusai street. the guide was stern but helpful.. as we stay near the venue, we just walk to the shop. Very fun and value for the money!

Zhen Li · 09/02/2020

Very fun! Definitely enjoyed ourselves. They are however very strict about having your international and country's drivers' license. Don't forget to bring!

Pak Lin sherry · 06/02/2020

We had a good experience that day, even though it was raining and we got splashed with water from vehicles and the roads. :) The operators were polite and friendly. We asked the operator if it was safe to go on the roads when it was raining a bit. He said it was up to us. We would have liked a more reassuring answer as we were going on the highways; however, we assumed that if it was really unsafe, the operator would have said so. We decided to go ahead and it was fine. Later, our guide commented that it was more dangerous in the rain. Luckily, we had no issues. Would do this activity again -- without the rain -- next time in Okinawa.

Mei Ching · 28/01/2020

it was a fantastic experience as we wheeze through the streets of naha at 60km/h. a must try for all drivers and would def book again.

Shi Yun · 24/01/2020

Excellent car driving with cute dress, driving around the Main Street to sea side is amazing. Will take again when go here next time

Wai Kin · 21/01/2020

Activity itself was fun, the logistics was not. We arrived at 440pm, 20 mins earlier as instructed but the guide decided to take in 6 last minute customers (who arrived at 455pm, and telling us they still had friends who would be 15 mins late), which resulted in the tour leaving a ridiculous 1 hour LATE. The photos turned out less ideal than expected because it was too dark by then. We were also forced to like their Facebook before we left for the tour, with the guide inspecting us individually. This should be done after the tour and we should not be made to feel obliged. We were uninformed about the option for insurance (¥500 per person), and to rent an action camera, SD card and the mount until we reached the location. Klook should have informed us beforehand as we were taken aback by the extra costs, albeit optional.

Yvonne · 18/01/2020

This was the most fun and exciting activity that I have done in Okinawa! Firstly, I would like to commend the staff for their friendliness and flexibility. On the morning before the activity, it rained heavily and even though it stopped when we reached the shop, we were concerned about the road conditions due to remaining rainwater on the roads. The staff understood and he offered us postponement of the activity which we appreciated. We postponed it to the next morning and fortunately, the weather was perfect. During the activity, the staff guides were very friendly and helpful. They knew what they were doing and did everything they could to make sure that we were safe and yet still enjoyed the driving around the area. We went past Koukusai Dori street and many people waved / took photos of us. The staff guides also took plenty of photos for us. A couple of things to take note of. Driving the go karts can be very bumpy on the roads, and the smell of the exhaust can be irritating for those who cannot take it. Other than that, it’s a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend this!

Chee Foong Winston · 11/01/2020

Very friendly and service oriented guide that will take care of you and your team throughout your journey.

Desmond Jian Wei · 09/01/2020

Fun experience! Safe to drive. The instructors were very patient and able to communicate well in English, not to worry about language barrier.

Kenneth Kiong Mong · 09/01/2020

Super fun! We had a great and fun experience driving around with the kart.. is like a star for a day when people wave to you and taking photo of you. Just wave back to them is really fun. The guide was Super nice took many photos of us as we cannot use our phone when driving. Whenever there’s traffic light he will shout, are you ready and we have to quickly posed till we ran out of ideas.. hahaha Oh ya, standby your camera when you reached the store after the ride. As the guide will push you back to the parking lot when you are seated in the kart.

Jacq · 05/01/2020

Exciting ride go karting on the streets of okinawa where u can speed up to 80km/h to experience the adrenaline rush. Wave to the pedestrians and smile! Japanese are very friendly although they are shy

Kah Shin · 04/01/2020

It’s a must-try in Okinawa. Even though the weather was not the greatest when we took the activity as it rained in the morning, it was still a lot of fun. The instructor was very kind as well. Highly recommended.

Youngbin · 01/01/2020

Good experience and have fun. I join this time at morning.

yuk ching · 29/12/2019

Such a fun experience! Smooth check-in and easy orientation before go karting!

Victoria Sze · 25/12/2019

it is a very god experience and we flt well taken care of. The fun is great and even though my friend who has not driven for a long time has a lot of fun. A lot of photo taking opportunities, so you do not have to bring your phone. Highly recommended

Xingyi · 17/12/2019

definitely recommend. rememeber to arrive early to fill in forms and choose the costumes. The earlier you finish these things, the guide will start earlier.

Kiaw Swee · 16/12/2019

Totally love it! Wonderful experience driving around Naha City. We went in December and it was Super windy and cooling. The guides were skilful and provided clear instructions in English. No issue at all in communication. The kart is easy to drive and control even for my dad. Highly recommend this activity as part of trip in Okinawa, you get to sight seeing when driving too. Do remember to get international license before purchasing the Klook tix.

Sze Sze · 07/12/2019

Went during October 2019 and it’s really sunny. Guide is very patient and kept helping us to take photos during the whole journey. 1 hour is definitely enough.

Eileen · 29/11/2019

Is been an absolute blast driving around in funky costumes. Something must do for petroheads and attention seekers. Operator is very professional and helpful, Go Karts are well maintained with a good selection of clean costumes

Calvin · 24/11/2019

Karting through the streets of Naha and Kokusai-dori is very fun!! I enjoyed the experience and the feeling of the wind blowing in my face is exhilarating. Highly recommended tour! The guide is experienced and knows how to take care of you on the roads. Thumbs up!

Yvonne · 16/11/2019

It was a fun and adrenaline pumping thrill to Go Karting down Okinawa Street with the speed and safety measure in place to ensure a good ride to feast in on the view, ambient and the thrill factor of being the "star" going around town on the machine where others only admire and take pictures of you while you enjoy the moment of stardom.

GEOK HUI · 14/11/2019

wonderful and fun experience. the guide hiro was very attentive too, taking photos along the way for us. place was not difficult to find too.

Su Lin · 10/11/2019

Love the experience! The video guide and instructions were detailed and easy to follow. Must do activity in Okinawa, highly recommeded.

Ka Gek Peggy · 05/11/2019

Best Experience in Okinawa if u have a driving license. Me & my husband had lots of fun. Instructor was helpful and safe, he helped us took a lot of photos. Considered this our most memorable of the holiday.

Yanni · 05/11/2019

very great experience, it's funny and enjoy, must try.

Na · 03/11/2019

A very first time and memorable experience. Only in Okinawa! We got to pick our costumes and drive on the busy streets, waving to people along the street, enjoying the flash light as in you were the celebrities. The kart was easy to handle, coach was cool yet caring. He helped us to take plenty of photos and emailed to us after the drive. You don't need to rent a camera unless you want to record your own video. No mobile phone is allowed during the drive anyway. An insurance is recommended. Overall it was a fun and memorable experience that you shouldn't miss in Okinawa!

PHILIP · 03/11/2019

Awesome! It’s so exciting and fast!

CHIHPEI · 07/10/2019

Fantastic and exciting experience. Coach is great and gave effort to take photos for us.

lai ying · 18/09/2019

This was soo much fun!!!!! The cart and costume were soo cute. And I enjoyed a lot riding cart around the city!

PO YING · 01/09/2019

This was the hightlight of our trip! Be sure to bring BOTH your passport and international driving licence. They are no longer related to Nintendo, so there were no Mario family characters onesies to wear. Our guide took many photos for us and send to us right away via airdrop on iphone. Note this Klook deal does NOT include insurance. You will be ask to pay $500 Yen per person for insurance.

Edgar · 03/05/2019

We drove these Go Karts for 2 hours reaching speeds on 75km & taking to the famous spots in Okinawa. It was a blast and we highly recommend it.

Boban · 25/03/2019

This is a must-have itinerary. 2-hour tour is absolutely recommended as you can’t do too much within an hour. I will try again next time when I am here.

Ka Chun · 17/03/2019

Great experience for the rides!!! Must try!!! Love it!!!

Yen Kim · 13/02/2019

This is my second time doing. It’s so fun! Highly recommend. But please do Ensure you have the international driving license cert. rental of go pro is avail at 250yen for 1 hr and buying of mini sd card.

YAN TING · 03/02/2019

we chose 2 hours. All of the staff are nice and friendly. You will watch a video first and they teach you one again. He help us to take a lot of photo.He also print a photo for each person after the game.

ka wing · 27/12/2018

Excellent!! You MUST go if you travel to Okinawa, the guide will bring you to airport and some highways. He is very nice and help us to take pic on the way!

Shuk Wing Anita · 27/12/2018

The guide is awesome and the route he planned is great, allowing us to see different side of Okinawa. The cart is easy to control and we felt safe in there. Though I think it does require a good weather when we did get lucky on our maricart night.

Hin tat · 26/12/2018

Absolutely one of the must-go activities in Okinawa! Tonie was our lead and he was like the best captain in the whole trip. It was nice and smooth during we drive on the road!

CHUNGEN · 26/11/2018

The staff is very nice and kind. He help us to take a lot of photo, almost every red light. We have a great trip and enjoy so much fun!!!! Tip: You will have a better shot if you drive at no.1&2 position.

Yongsiri · 25/08/2018

Good good good good good

Kai Kit · 31/07/2018

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