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The all-in card worth your money and time. It includes the main attractions around the country and lots of freebies. Plus you don't need yo wait in line when buying tickets. Highly recommended.

Rohaina · 02/03/2021

This attraction pass is really worth it, you will get to enjoy a lot of attraction with just one pass, especially the ocean park, the ngong ping and some attractions in macau too. This is really worth it especially for millenials who are game for a lot of adventures.

Joanna Marie · 01/12/2020

It was worth it! I had a great time! I will definitely recommend this. Thank you

Christy · 07/11/2020

Late review but Its a must to have one while traveling HKG. It will make your life easier as in?? and you will save a lot of money and time queuing. Just had a lil problem looking where we can claimed the card but luckily and thanks to our KABABAYANS who helped us with the directions. LOL

Mary Debbie · 11/10/2020

Traveled last year 2019 using IVenture Card and that was worth it! Saved a lot and so happy to be in places that I've never been to. Thank you Klook!

Marie Nel · 24/07/2020

Amazing and affordable way of exploring Hong Kong and Macau? Every attractions are worth sharing! 100% recommended. Thank you klook?

RIZAMAE · 28/03/2020

It was worth the purchase. It made our trip hassle free and fun, we didn't to line up same with our people and since it's consumable you just need to fit the locations included in your itinerary and you can save a lot especially if you have less time for your trip.

Marie Gabrielle · 11/03/2020

second time to purchase this card. sobraaaang sulit!! entry is very easy. just show you card and go. usually there is a dedicated line for iventure users which will skip all the lines.

Diane Janzen · 23/02/2020

Very useful. U must plan your travel ahead of time. Subscribe to my yt channel for the whole trip! Plus tips to use this pass. YOUTUBE CHANNEL : ANNEBECIOUS

joanne · 22/02/2020

It's highly recommended to book this for you to have a hassle free pass to all attractions that's included in it, plus you'll save money as well

Agape Ruth · 18/02/2020

We had a huge discounts when we purchased and used this iventure pass! We were able to maximize the card for three days with 27 attractions in hongkong and macau hehehe. A card that allows us in to access to a range of top attractions such as free ride in Ngong ping 360 cable car, free entrance to ocean adventure, discounts in hongkong disneyland, night cruise in hk, city tour in macau, macau tower and many others. You’ll entirely visits all the beautiful places in hk and in macau with just this card alone. Truly enjoyed it and saves us a lot of money and time preparing for our itineraries.

Rollie · 18/02/2020

Hassle free tour with this iventure card. Easy transactions and first class tour guides. There'll be no regret when you purchase this.

Yvonne · 01/02/2020

Worth purchasing! You have to plan your itinerary to make the most out of it. You can also use the card to avail discounts on some activities and restaurants. We avail the 5 day iVenture Hong Kong and Macau.

Venice · 01/02/2020

I venture card is a mish have if you are planning to visit both. There are lots of attractions you can choose from and it is free if you have this card. There is a roundtrip Cotai ferry to/from hongkong/macau.

Jung Hwa · 28/01/2020

Easy to redeem. We just had a minor issue when redeeming an activity but iventure fixed it right away when we call them. The rest is smooth flowing!

Annili · 28/01/2020

A thrifty way to experience so much. This iVenture is really good for those who want to enjoy and experience attractions both in Macau and HK without a hassle.❤

Ritz Joyce · 24/01/2020

Must have! Super sulit and I was able to avail most of the attractions.

Marie Nel · 21/01/2020

The second time I visited Hong Kong, my family and I decided to purchase the Iventure card from Klook. I must say that I really got to enjoy Hong Kong this time, and thats thanks to the great Iventure card! It saves you a lot of money and it gives you so much of both HK and Macau. My ultimate favorites are the Victoria Harbour Cruise with free flowing drinks on board, the Ngong Ping is amazing, the Oceanpark ofcourse, the Noah’s ark is also great, the Peak Tram with its ancient train and railroad, and the free lunch in Macau. When youre purchasing this, make sure that you spend a lot of time in planning your itinerary so that you can get the most of the card’s value.

Criszel · 19/01/2020


save your time and money :) ...

Vener Ollorga · 18/01/2020

We experience great tour in using this klook iVenture pass. Less hassle.

xxxxxx · 16/01/2020

Visited different places in Hong Kong and Macau conveniently. For some spots, it is important to plan and book ahead of time. Enjoyed the Macau tour as there are less than 20 people in the group. Scheduled time was followed.

Ciaralynn · 14/01/2020

This card is really amazing♥️♥️ As a solo traveller, I always wanted to have a convenient and cheap tours and experience.This card made my 1 week Hongkong experience very easy.. Don't need to bring cash and queue to cashier for the ticket,you only need is this little powerful card.. One more thing that i really love about this card is that you can minimize your time/schedule,I don't have to rush and I really enjoyed every destination,thanks to iventure card..?? I will surely use it again on my next trips..

Emily · 09/01/2020

This made our trip more fun and hassle-free! We are able to roam around the significant places in Macau and HK. We also enjoyed the rides in Ocean Park. I also loved that there is a designated redemption booth for Klook users at the Ngong Ping Village

Rth Mattias · 07/01/2020

Best package. The places we visited were amazing! The tour is well organized.

Jamil · 06/01/2020

We were able to enjoy so much places at a very discounted price. Although 3 days were not enough to completely enjoy the places we can go to using this pass, we still enjoyed every places we went to. We will surely avail this again when we go back to hong kong. Also, will definitely recommend this to my friends.

William Ann · 06/01/2020

Really really worth it if you availed all the attractions.

Mark Lloyd · 05/01/2020

This deal is the best!! We saved a lot with this deal and had a blast from our Macau and Hong Kong trip. Free tours with meal vouchers, free Ocean park, free cruise tour and a lot lot more! ???

Jesusa · 04/01/2020

Very worth it! We were able to go around Hong Kong and Macau using this card. We’ve saved a lot with all the included attractions. Indeed a must for all travelling to Hong Kong and Macau! ?

Alexson · 04/01/2020

Great value for your money. Almost all of the great attraction at Hong Kong and Macao is already included in this card. The only downside of it the redemption of the the other tickets and locating the pick up points. Other than that gives us great experience at Hong Kong and Macao

Angela · 03/01/2020

It’s one of the best decision we have taken for our 5 day trip and saved a lot of money. Would highly recommend everyone to buy this for your HK trip.

saranya · 31/12/2019

It save me a lot of time and money, the iventure card is so convenient way to access a lot of attractions and very flexible. Definitely I will gonna use it again when I visit HK, and will recommend this to my friends and family. We enjoyed ngong ping 360 roundtrip cable car, ocean park, cotai jet round trip in our macau trip, tkw macau tour with lunch buffet and macau tower observatory, we could have included sky100 if we're not too tired. Which were around of a total of 180 USD if booked separately.

Michael · 30/12/2019

iVenture is AWESOME. We were able to roam around HK and Macau thru this card. Though there are still for improvement, still it was GOOD choice. We got ours from Klook at discounted price during KLOOK fest. Thanks to Klook.

Andrea Ligaya · 30/12/2019

iventure helped us to travel more easy. it was me and my sister's first time to travel together and iventure really guided us. less hours to wait, to go to each line and purchased ticket then line again. using iventure we directly went to the main attraction like a VIP? people were looking at us like 'hey here is the line! go to the line' but because of iventure we felt like important even the truth is we paid more cheaper ?

Jedalynne Rose Omega · 28/12/2019

Convenient to follow my own scedule. No need to pay cash once this iVenture card is purchased days before the trip.

Lyle Mae · 27/12/2019

We opted not to get the actual card, as the digital pass is sufficient already. You need to plan your itinerary to get the most out of the card. We used it in Ocean Park, Macau tours, Cotai Water Jet, and more. Sulit!

Nicole Allene · 25/12/2019

this is really affordable to use because you could go to a lot of places with a minimum amount instead of purchasing tickets for each attraction.

Audrey · 25/12/2019

Availing this iVenture Card Hong Kong & Macau Attractions will give you access to a lot of tourist attractions/destinations which makes your travel memorable yet a budget-friendly. You will be able to enjoy Ocean Park, Ngong Ping 360 Cable & Ngong Ping Village, Peak Tram, Watertours Pre-dinner Cruise, TKW Macau Tours (including Macau Tower Observation deck access and sumptuous buffet lunch at a hotel), Hong Kong-Macau-Hong Kong ferry tickets, and many more! We really enjoyed our Hong Kong tour with the help of iVenture Card. If you are planning to have a side trip to Macau, I will personally recommend TKW tours (which is included in iVenture. It's a great Macau experience with our tour guide Patrick! He is so hilarious ??

Anthony · 23/12/2019

I love it. It's worth the pay. We availed of 3 day pass and was able to maximize it. We went to both Hong Kong and Macau.

Victoria · 18/12/2019

For 3days, we were able to explore both Hong Kong and Macau. Looks kinda impossible but with time management and easy passes, we were able to make it. We enjoyed a lot of attractions and activities, especially the tours. Six photos aren’t enough to show how much we’ve enjoyed Hong Kong and Macau. Thanks iVenture and Klook ???

Dorren Mae · 17/12/2019

the best all-in-one adventure pack you need on your hong kong - macau trip! very convenient and easy to claim.

Christopher · 15/12/2019

the best all-in-one adventure pack you need on your hong kong - macau trip! very convenient and easy to claim.

Christopher · 15/12/2019

I purchased the 3 day pass, which with some proper planning, I managed to enjoy Ocean Park, Ngong Ping 360, Tai O Tour, Macau Tour, Macau Tower, Cotai Jet ferry return trip and the harbour view pre-dinner cruise. Most of the above were relatively easy to arrange (email & WhatsApp for ocean Park and Tai O Tour) and redeem (at entrance for ngong ping cable car and Macau Tower), except for the Cotai Jet tickets. I found that it was really a hassle to redeem the Cotai Jet tickets because ones need to redeem the vouchers from the travel agent counter (Beng Seng) at the ferry terminal, which in turn to exchange it for a ferry ticket at the Cotai counter. I needed to time in correctly in order not to accidently kick start the 3 day pass. Luckily, I had the help from Ms Margaret of TWK Tours to explain and guide me thru the process as I had also booked the Macau Tour from them. One thing to note is the staff at Beng Seng counter wasn't very helpful and the attitude of the staff wasn't pleasant either. If there is one improvement to look into by iventure, the redemption of ferry tickets is one, in order to provide us a better customer experience. Because of this experience I encountered, I only rated 4 star.

Siew Hon · 15/12/2019

iVenture card made easy for us to tour around HongKong and Macau. We were able to organize our schedule according to our liking. We toured around the beautiful places of HongKong by hop on hop off bus. We went to Ocean Park and of course, who could have missed Disneyland Hongkong. We also witnessed the beauty of it at night and see the Symphony of Lights. Also, we were able to get to Macau easily throught Jet -- we availed all of it through this card. Everyday was full-packed. Its more than what we payed for. Thanks to IVenture Card, it's definitely hassle free. Highly recommended!

Sara Pamela Therese · 15/12/2019

With iVenture, we were able to enter Ocean Park for free and no hassle. My family was able to enjoy watching the animals and rides in the park.

Ryan Danielle · 14/12/2019

I availed the 3 days iventure and don’t know how to squeeze in all the activities. Lol. This activity saves us a lot of money. So worth it!!! I will use this again next time!????

Sheena May · 13/12/2019

The experience is so worth it and hassle free. You just have to present your iVenture card and you are good to go. :)

Monique · 12/12/2019

Had a great experience using iVenture card. We don’t need to fall in line to buy tickets and got a lot of discount. I recommend this to all travelers.

Christian Andre · 12/12/2019

If you plan your itinerary well, you can surely maximize this card. Sadly for us, we weren't able to use it on the 2nd day due to the skirmish in HK.. Sky100 was closed when we get there. But that's not Iventure's fault so it still deserves a 5. We were able to use it on other attractions without hassle. Be wary of attractions where you have to claim the ticket first on a different place like peak tram, we realized it too late so it was a setback to our schedule. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the other activities like Ocean Park and Victoria Harbour Cruise. Advise: Take advantage of the free RT ferry HK-Macau and use 1 day pass in Macau.

Gellie · 11/12/2019

We visited 18 attractions by using this card. it is worth it. We went to Macau and Hongkong. And ut was very convenient for us to use only one card for all the attractions.

Esther · 10/12/2019

We maximize the use of this card. We went to Macau and Hongkong. And finished 18 attractions. Thank you so much Klook for this great deal offer!

Jung Hwa · 10/12/2019

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