HARUKAS 300 Observatory E-Ticket



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Beautiful tower, amazing views. Highly recommend this if you’re in Osaka, especially if it’s your first time. Really provides 360 views which allows for great photo opportunities.

Melissa · 16/03/2021

This voucher really helped us to get inside faster than lining up there to buy a ticket. It was such a fun experience going to the Harukas 300 observatory as that was the tallest building in all of Osaka city skyline. Going there was worth the visit.

ALYSSA JULIA · 11/03/2021

Our first stop was here at Harukas, first time to go up that high and all surrounded with glass.

Merlou · 01/11/2020

Enjoyed the relaxing view from the 60th floor of Harukas 300.

Rey Jane · 25/08/2020

Easy to redeem use and redeem ticket. Better to go at night to see city lights and for the light show inside the place to be more enjoyable. Highly recommended to visit when you’re in Japan.

JUSTINE DENISE · 12/04/2020

Best city sky view. Walking in was like walking into a room full of stars. I could spend all day here. They also had a cute cafe, light deck and a wonderful gift shop. It's far superior than any other tower or building. 10/10 would recommend!

Shaniece · 02/04/2020

Such a beautiful view I was completely surprised we went at night time could see all the city lights which we had time to go during day time too! Either way would recommend to everyone there is also light up garden Had dinner up there with the view food is good and not to expensive

Christopher · 30/03/2020

Harukas 300 is a nice and relaxing tour activity offer from Klook! The harukas is a picture perfect area. Love all the pictures taken at this place. :)

Nicole Francis · 04/03/2020

Great Harukas 300

Great night on Harukas 300 viewing the whole Osaka city light frame. On the 60F of the building, the city of Osaka is like a beautiful picture in the eyes. Next time shall I try the day time so I can capture the Osaka Castle from the building!

Rolander Yang · 02/03/2020

The view was amazing!! We had so much fun here. Thank you, Klook!

Genivieve · 28/02/2020

One of the tallest observation deck in Japan, definitely highest in Osaka! Just book before going up and its confirmed immediately. Walk through the ticket counter and exchange to physical ticket (for collection) or you can just walk to the gate! The skyscraper worth to visit at least once in a lifetime!


You may have a scenic view of the whole Osaka from different directions ?

Yin Yin · 25/02/2020

This was a very good experience! Not too crowded and is really pretty at night. We went at night so it was nice to see all the buildings lit up and really cool to see all the roads filled with cars as well.

Tricia · 23/02/2020

Easy to redeem, they will only scan the qr code in the counter in 16f. View from the observatory deck is amazing. We went there on sunset and it was beautiful. I suggest to go there in the afternoon until night.

Bealyn · 20/02/2020

It was an awesome experience! From the outside to the elevator... the gardens! the resto! The view ??? it was breathtaking and magical... its like being kids again. Plus, the convenience of just having your voucher scanned after a long day of walking... its probably one of the bests to keep away from all the hassle. ????

Phoebe Anne · 18/02/2020

Amazing to see osaka from atop their tallest building. Spectacular views all around. Easy access with the klook voucher. You can just go straight to the ticket booth near the entrance and have your voucher replaced with an entrance ticket.

Edmund Roman · 18/02/2020

Good experience. Breathtaking 360 degree view of the entire city of Osaka!

Edilberto II · 16/02/2020

Amazing view and experience.The voucher is easy to use and there are a lot of things that you can do around the area! This is worth buying!

ALVIN · 15/02/2020

If you love beautiful views then this is a must. The views are spectacular! The building itself is beautiful as well, which adds on the whole experience. There is a cafe for you to sit and enjoy the views. I went there an hour before sunset, I had time to walk around and take in the views and then sit down for a snack while the sun sets. Breathtaking. After the sun sets you get to see Osaka light up.

Shikin · 15/02/2020

book my voucher by the time i got there very quick confirmation i was able to receive my voucher right away. the view breath taking best place to enjoy osaka with an birds eye view.

Alister · 13/02/2020

I really enjoyed here at Harukas 300. This was the highlight of the day. Best way to celebrate my birthday. I enjoyed the whole Osaka view from 300m high bldg (60thfloor). ☺??

Mary Ann · 11/02/2020

So thankful to klook for this. Very easy to redeem. And we really had a great time at harukas 300. We’re able to see the whole of Osaka and the view from the top is just so amazing ?

Mary Grace · 08/02/2020

Harukas 300 was one of the highlights of our trip. The night view was really beautiful. It was great after a long day to chill, have a cold beer at their beer garden in the lower floor.

Honey Jane · 06/02/2020

Well worth the visit and great price, views were amazing 300m up overlooking Osaka, we made it for sunset and stayed for a couple of hours which allowed us to also get some awesome night time shots! Don’t forget to get a drink at the top to enjoy the view for a bit longer (59th floor)

Shelley · 03/02/2020

No queue needed and we were directed straight to the entrance. Harukas 300 is a must go and the night view is spectacular ! After the beautiful night view, go downstairs & take a look at the crystal lit garden! It’s magical & sparkly! Don’t forget to pop by the visual effect floor as well! Kids will love it! All made convenience possible by Klook!!

Lau Lai Ping · 30/01/2020

nice view

Nice view on top. Accessible to train station

Jaclyn Kimi Barra · 30/01/2020

Availed this pass from the 11.11.19 promo. Great view from the top. Thank Klook. ???

Anzkarl Nikko · 26/01/2020

Beautiful place with glass windows and no waiting due to past pass . It was worth taking it as you can see a view form the top and the restaurant in it make the food dining more worth it . The dining cost is less as well than my expectations. We will definitely go there again .

Mehvish · 25/01/2020

we are all excited for this attraction. we have already read so much good reviews of harukas before going to osaka, so we made sure to visit this one. apart from the amazing views, the interior was also picture perfect. must visit!

Terence · 25/01/2020

Majestic view at night!! You can see all places in osaka it was really good. I love the music and the show

Micah · 23/01/2020

Breathtaking views! Amazing! Did this after a long, tiring day of travel and just seeing the whole cityscape from this vantage point re-energized me! Must-do (if you’re not afraid of heights) in Osaka!

Glaiza · 20/01/2020

Easy yo redeem ticket and the view from above is very beautiful. Worth it to include in your itinerary for the day. Recommended to visit on or before sunset.

Eloisa · 19/01/2020

Magnificent view

Chose to visit harukas 300 instead of Umeda’s and tsutenkaku’s and pretty happy about my chose as the view here is amazing. We came here around 4 and stay till after the sunset. When we went that time they had some light show going on and with the view in the background was superb

Ru Yi Lee · 11/01/2020

Very good view with 60/F level can see the top shots for Osaka and have the character there to take photos and play with you during visit

Kin Chun Derrick · 09/01/2020

Wonderful trip. It was amazing trip. The LED light make it in very different way. Love it . It is very easy to arrive the place. Surrounding area is a good shopping area. Before go there u can go shopping. Day time shopping. Night time sightseeing . A gaming Japan

Yin Shan · 09/01/2020

Fantastic view! Definitely worth for visiting this attraction. Redemption process is fast and easy. Highly recommended for this purchase.

Chan Hoe · 08/01/2020

I had a great time over there. Very convenient to buy ticket via Klook and used the QR code to scan instantly. I just bought it before getting to the tower.

Ho Yiu Vincent · 08/01/2020

Bought klook ticket in advance but still need to exchange for the hard copy ticket at the counter which is quite troublesome. The view up there is awesome, i would recommend to go during sunset time. So that you can see both day view and night view. Osaka city look like night sky filled with stars from above. However, Please beware that there is alot of people and would need to q 15-20mins just to get back to ground floor.

Miao Si Kiti · 03/01/2020

love the views especially during the blue hour and sunset views!

Quet Leung · 03/01/2020

very magnifying view on a skyscrapper. so much beautyfull view up there.

MUHAMAD HAKIM · 31/12/2019

Very convenient and easy transaction. Just scan the eticket and magic you can enjoy your view at the 60th floor of harukas abeno. Thanks klook this is very recommendable

Karen · 29/12/2019

Beautiful view from the 58th to 60th floor. Went in around 4.45 pm and managed to see the transition from day to night view. There is also a Christmas special crystal world projection mapping on the windows when I was there.

Yongxiang · 29/12/2019

We arrived at the counter and exchanged for the day tickets. We bought separate tickets for our children at lower price. We spent good 2-3 hours there. Spectacular view of Osaka

Oscar Kwai Hung · 28/12/2019

great view of the city and you can also have a meal at the sky garden. Catch the sunset and the night view here.

Jun Wei Joseph · 26/12/2019

A can't miss attraction in Osaka. Superb facility with the most breathtaking views of the city. We will definitely visit Harukas Observatory on our next trip to Osaka.

Quirino · 25/12/2019

9.30pm is the last admission. You will be asked to leave by 9.45pm. Night admission provides a breathtaking view of the cityscape. Show your Klook QR code, and you will be allowed to enter. It's that easy.

Jun Poh · 23/12/2019

very very beatyful city night view 360° in osaka. more over have festival citylight fantasia by naked crystalworld it very nice.

WARAWIT · 21/12/2019

very good

The lowest price is easy to use and very satisfied. I will continue to determine it next time. It is very cost-effective and very happy to grasp the good activities! The family is also very satisfied, and said to continue to set next time, good activities, very happy!

Fan Zhu · 21/12/2019

360° View from The 60th level, an amazing experience to all of us. We wanted to view the sunset but we were too late. Plan to go around 4.30pm if you are someone love to capture sunset. Winter turn dark very early, so don't miss the moment. Just show your mobile QR code to enter. Thanks Klook for the convenience and easy process.

Hwee Koon · 20/12/2019

Booking with klook made the experience better without the need to que for the physical ticket. All you have to do is to present your QR code then that’s it. The Christmas light show was fun. It is better to go before the sundown and stay up until the light show. Thanks klook for the recommendation and for the easy booking. We got discounted tickets too.

Roselyn · 19/12/2019

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