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A very beautiful and unique content great experience .you can see bangkok from the top roof ..a glass walk also a great experience..when you see down when walk the glass you feel if break the glass ....I visited last time 11 April 2021 .very good staff and supporting person .. you should go there one time ...soft drinks too much costly..

shanky · 16/04/2021

Amazing experience seeing Bangkok from its highest point. Beautiful sunset and subsequently seeing Bangkok high rises all lit up in the dusk hours was actually an experience!!!

Pulkit · 13/04/2021

very nice view and place to spend time. take your time and relax once you reach to the top. King power mall has also many things to buy, you can roam around.

RITTICK · 01/03/2021

It was honestly so fun! So worth the experience and value for money. There will be a limit as to how many people can be there and I guess during sunset/golden hours it would be more packed & it is very hot in the afternoon so DI bring an umbrella or just go in the morning

M · 21/12/2020

I really enjoy seeing the view below when I am at the top of the building. It also has a souvenir shop inside the building so you can drop by before leaving.

Sharon · 17/12/2020

Thailand's tallest building:  Very exciting and thrilling moment, sitting on the largest Glass tray 310 meters up in the sky! ? Jaw-dropping views of the vibrant city from a breathtaking vantage point ❣️ Enjoyed the breathtaking panoramic views of Thailand's vibrant and magnificent capital with Chao Phraya River in Background ? Pro-tip, thank me later!!! There is no time limit, Hence you can be there and enjoy the aerial view of Bangkok as much as you want. To get better photos of the self and the city, visit at the twilight time (4.00 p.m till night). If you love to take pictures, Don't go alone as cameras are not allowed in the glass tray.

Arul Gnana John · 11/11/2020

Superb experience. Conquered my fear of heights. I love that it was not so crowded even though it's the weekend. Crews were so accommodating. They assisted me all through out, one even helped me to get nice photos with the full moon view, he even got a light for me. I got to meet nice thai people as well. Indeed, thai people are so friendly, they approached me coz i was alone. They even got nice shots for me and a free drink. All in all it was awesome!

Mechelle · 02/11/2020

Probably the best rooftop view in Asia! visited others like Tokyo Sky Three, Shanghai Tower and even Burj khalifa in Dubai: here's a real open almost 360 view of the entire city! super fast seamless elevator with 3D animations, ?✌️very cool and scary glass swimming pool with transparent bottom, a must try! not everything perfect thought, lighting in the evening its quite low and dark, no wifi or chargers around, f&b service just ok

Nhat Nguyen · 21/08/2020

Amazing view of Bangkok. The glass floor on floor 78th helping us challenge our fearfulness. We all made it with a lot of photos taking. Also good atmosphere at the sky bar and friendly staff helping with information you required. We had such a great experience for this trip. Well done Mahanakhon Sky Walk. We love to go back again.

Panisa · 13/07/2020

the ticket claiming process is very fast. no food and drinks allowed to bring up to the skywalk. the view from top is just stunning. came here to view sunset. you can post a postcard from here too!

Yuh Meng · 10/06/2020

scared at first but it didn't take long to get used to the height still a very good activity, first time to experience glass floors on top of a building, very nice view at night, you can have a 360 view of the city lights.

Timothy Floyd · 08/05/2020

Great place and services. This time we go at night and can see the hold city with many lights, look like many stars in the sky. The staffs are very friendly!!

THAI TRUNG TIN · 13/03/2020

this is definitely the must go place at bangkok!!! extraordinary experience to walk onto the transparent platform on the 78/F!!! even without the fear for height, still felt a bit nervous to take the first step! you can also enjoy very good view of the sunset up there, with drinks and chill seating, thought be prepared to be surrounded by many people. Time after the sunset will be less crowded. Night view is great too! Taking photos on the glass platform need skill and patience as many people are around, you can’t take your phone/ camera when on the platform, and your friend have to take photo for you behind the line. The building is very easily accessible. Just opposite to the train station. Food and drink cannot be brought up but free lockers are provided at the entrance.

Lok Hei · 06/03/2020

It is a must to Visit Thailand's tallest completed building, the King Power Mahanakhon Tower.Take an elevator to the 74th floor, where you can enjoy stunning 360-degree views from the Indoor Observation Deck.And learn more about Bangkok from the Observation Deck using Augmented reality and interactive touch screens. Head to the 78th floor and try your hand at walking over the see-through glass floor, 310 meters above the ground! Amazing Experience! Thanks Klook!

Robel Louie · 27/02/2020

we really had Fun taking Photo at Mahanakhon Sky Walk..and It's a very good View of Bangkok one Fine Day..clear sky..wish we can go back at Sunset..

Martina Miranda · 25/02/2020

Incredible experience of life....more than happy to be at the rooftop and the skywalk was amazing...I got lovely picts and the 360 view is fantastic. we get a better view here as compared to baiyoke tower....thank klook for saving some thai baht.

aakash nandkishor · 25/02/2020

Easy redemption. Just show your klook ticket then they will give you the physical ticket. We enjoyed having pictures in the skywalk and will refer the activity to friends. A must visig in TH.

Phemer Jean · 24/02/2020


Very interesting and exciting!

Alona Аrinkina · 23/02/2020

Amazing place it was. ticket was provided very easily. no hassles at all. view was amazing. also the way provided by klook was perfect. enjoyed every minute of it.

Bijal · 17/02/2020

Amazing experienced with the 2 special persons in my life, my mom and dad. They really enjoyed it from the observatory deck up to skywalk, thank you klook for helping me to make everything smooth and easy.

Mary Kyren · 17/02/2020

So this place is mainly an observation on the top floor and a kind of a mall from the 5th to the ground floor where you get a lot of expensive stuff. It's 100% worth the visit. At first you feel scared to go on the glass panel but then once you step in all the fear goes ?

vijay · 09/02/2020

The view was spectacular. I also tried the sky glass walk and its so amazing. The crew are really nice and helpful. The price from klook is so much cheaper. Thank you klook!

Eliane Valerie · 06/02/2020

It was such an amazing experience to visit this building, special thank to klook for the discount, advise to visit it in Bangkok as one of the Best activities.

Alla · 05/02/2020

it was totally awesome experience you can see all the beauty whole Bangkok from roof top please go for was totally awesome experience you can see all the beauty whole Bangkok from roof top please go for it..

Amit · 31/01/2020

Great unobstructed view. When you get to the building just go to the ticket counter and show your voucher. They will give you a normal ticket. I suggest getting the ticket with the mocktail option if you cannot afford a 400 bahn beer on the bar.

Ioannidis · 30/01/2020

Nice top view of Bangkok. Amazing live music. The Best time is evening and stay there until sunset but very crowned. Worth if you can buy entry ticket with drink. Nice mock tail.

Tinadda · 30/01/2020

This is so far the best observation deck I have ever experienced. Other buildings in othet countries had several glass panels and bars which greatly distracted my viewing experience. but here in Mahanakhon, you have so much freedom and viewpoint!

Don Ronald · 27/01/2020

Highlights of my Bangkok Trip! You will get to see the view of the whole city at the right spot ? Highly recommended for those visiting Bangkok, Thailand. ?

Maria Clarrisa · 26/01/2020

skywalk was most amazing thing I have seen ...what a view... mesmerizing ...went around 6.30pm experienced both day and night view of Bangkok from the top .... prizing on klook is the cheapest ...completely loved it

Rakesh · 26/01/2020

I am acrophobic and i can’t imagine going thru this experience. However, the moment I stepped on the glass floor. It’s not that scary at all. It’s my first time experience and it was really worth it. There was a band at 6pm and they were great. This is a must try experience again.

Jeremy · 25/01/2020

Beautiful views of day and night Bangkok. Great music from DJ. Chang beer at the bar from 270thb. I recommend to come here at 17-30 in order to have time to see the city in daylight and night.

Roman · 23/01/2020

KLOOK Very good,Ilike it................................................................................................................................................................................................... Thank..

DANARDONO · 21/01/2020

The experience was one of a kind in Bangkok!!!! Claiming of tickets were easy. Going up was entertaining with a LCD show in the elevator. The view was breathtaking!!! My son and I enjoyed posing pictures in the glass walk area!!! It's scary at first but you'll get used to it. If you want to hang, the bar is ready to serve drinks.

Ma Angela · 20/01/2020

Thrilling and majestic view from the 78th floor.. kudos to klook for making ticket prices available at such discounts. The building is the highest in Bangkok and offers spectacular views during sunset and night. Skywalk is somewhat a sky-tray but is fun and loved by all ages. DJ music and live band sets the perfect mood while you enjoy the 360° view of Bangkok.. worth visiting

Sk Tawkeer · 18/01/2020

Mahanakhon Skywalk is one of the New attractions of Bangkok, therefore, expect for a long lines just to buy tickets, but, with Klook, I just showed the Voucher on a separate line, and I gotan instant admission!

Raymond · 16/01/2020

Whenever someone comes to Bangkok for holidays , one must go for skywalk as it's a complete different experience and one can feel to be sitting on top of the world

Jitesh · 09/01/2020

This is very easy to get to via the BTS. We were on the tourist boat during the day and got off at the BTS boat pier around 4:00. We got on the train to Chong Nonsi and when we arrived there was a short queue. The queue moved quickly and we were at the top by 4:35. We were able to stay as long as we wanted so found a seat and waited to watch the sunset. If you want a good spot to watch the sun go down I would recommend arriving at least an hour before as it got extremely busy. If you buy drinks then expect to pay a premium. We paid around 900THB for a cocktail and fruit smoothie.

Katherine · 09/01/2020

Nice view overlooking Bangkok where you can party at the rooftop! Staffs are very helpful! It was one of my best memorable experiences in visiting Bangkok! More Power team! ?

Neric Jr · 07/01/2020

Unique and beautiful building. Such an amazing experience and place to spend in Bangkok and especially watching the sunset it’s really nice. It’s crowded but lines go fast and staff are everywhere and helpful.

Yitsang · 04/01/2020

Very nyc experience and wonderful view as it was on the top 78th floor and enjoyed a lot with magic drink option for free included in the package with some extra money

Rohit · 03/01/2020

Reach before 5pm to catch the sunset as the queues takes time. Exchange physical ticket on left of glass entrance inside (get ready passports), drink or empty your water bottles. Queue for the lift, which goes up in 15 seconds. After full walk around for your photos, take another glass lift or stairs up to the rooftop, where we claimed the magic mocktail in our package. DJ music makes the mood! It was lively but crowded on the eve of public holiday. We braved the crowd for some photos on the skywalk and left at 6.30pm.

Wan Yuen · 31/12/2019

The tower is a awesome site! The 360 degree view is spectacular. Taking pics over the glass walk is a must do. Also take the rest of the steps up to the rooftop for a few scenic pics. You can’t take your own water, but they have free lockers to keep your belongings. The ride up to the top is amazing. And shopping on the way down is nice.

Stephanie · 28/12/2019

Very easy and convenient to use. Just show your QR code via mobile phone or print out paper at the sale counter to receive the ticket. This is the value pack with one beverage up there because for one drink is up to 90 THB. If you stay till 6.30-7.00 pm you can enjoy the music band on rooftop bar.

Rossana · 24/12/2019

nice windy view from top..went there past 10pm less crowded but too much photo-taking flashes...admission price a little xp for experience though slightly cheaper n easy to redeem with klook vouchers

Terng Yuen · 23/12/2019

King Power Mahanakhon building is the tallest building in Bangkok and I had visited this place during my last trip to Bangkok. I have booked tickets through Klook for the rooftop Skywalk which is the main attraction of the building. The skywalk is located on the rooftop at 78th floor and it has a see through glass floor. It was initially scary to step on the glass floor but once you get used to it, it's fun with the breathtaking views of the city. The experience was amazing and a photographer delight.

Kaushik · 22/12/2019

Such a great view especially during sunset! Highly recommend you to time your visit to arrive at 5pm. There are free lockers for you to use (you are required to store any food and drinks in the lockers but they are big enough to store 2 backpacks).

Hiu Yan Julianne · 22/12/2019

Amazing experience! Good view! Only downside is you cant bring your mobile for a selfie on the rooftop. Need someone to take a photo for you. But overall wonderful!

Jeffrey · 21/12/2019

One of the must visit place in Bangkok. Easy to reach place near BTS. Amazing view from the top. Make sure to go from 5pm to witness sunset. You’ll get both day and night view of Bangkok. Food and drinks are not allowed but they have locked cabinets for your stuff. Free of charge. For the rooftop u must order drinks at least if you want to sit and enjoy the view and relax. Not for those whose afraid of heights. The visit is much easier with Klook. Registration is fast. Make sure to bring ID or passport. Security check before entering the elevator.

PRESTON · 20/12/2019


It was so beautiful. We enjoyed sunset time and night view. Good experience!!!

· 20/12/2019

Excellent view on top of Bangkok's tallest building! amazing elevator hi-tech experience! scary if you're afraid of heights a bit to crowdy, but it looks awesome once your on top ?

Christian · 13/12/2019

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