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It’s was one of the best experience I had in life! My family we all enjoy ourselves! The ride was about an hour but there were drinks provided.

Chun Ann · 27/03/2021

Well! I have been Bangkok more than 5 and finally i visited floating market thank you Klook ! Always my First choice where ever i go!

Kah Hong · 18/05/2020

Nice experience and i love Thailand I will come back again after this. Good choice. Thank you Klook. Thank you miss tourguide. I love environment Thailand.

Chia Wei · 24/04/2020

The tour was changed to march 2 since of the lack of tourists on our original date. I really like our tour guide tommy! He is a really good english speaker, he suggested what to buy, what is expensive and what is not! He even gave us a free taste of the famous delicacy in bangkok and he is really knowledgeable in everything, like the way of transportation. I’m just disappointed in the floating market since they sell expensive stuff but it’s really a nice exprience.

Hillary Chelsea · 06/03/2020

our tour are awesome!! pem is our tour guide and she speak good english. you must try this tour worth a penny!!!

marceline · 27/02/2020

The Tour package was worth it. The van is very spacious and they also offer free drinking water. The tour guide is very accommodating and he will suggest you where to best buy the souvenirs. He also taught us Thai Language which is helpful in haggling at the markets. They really follow their schedule. We start and end the tour on time.

Alyssa Mae · 26/02/2020

classic bangkok day tour is highly recommended for tourist. the damnoen floating market, elephant village and maeklong railway.

John Louie · 23/02/2020

this is my 2nd time availing a tour from AK travel.As always, staff are young ,efficient anf friendly.Our guide,Tae,was very accomodating and even send us the pictures he took from his phone.We enjoyed the floating market and riding the elephant.Should I be in Thailand again, I will surely avail of their services.Thanks Klook!

Ma Daisy · 21/02/2020

It was a definite experience our travel guide max was very accommodating and fun, me and my wife got a good experience since this was our first travel to thailand and had lots of experiences, thank you klook for a wonderful experience

Julius Jonathan · 19/02/2020

Really good experience when it’s your first time in thailand. The tour guide which is max is really nice and he’s really going to help you if you want to go somewhere like if you good food, where to buy souvenirs etc. i hope we get back soon to travel again in thailand

anjelica · 19/02/2020

It was a good time. If you come over a holiday be prepared for traffic. The elephants appear to be taken care of. you can see where they are housed on the trip.

Paul · 09/02/2020

If you come as early as 8am, you will like this place because no water traffic; nice weather. But this place is 2 hours distance from Bangkok town. So you need to leave early. People says things here are expensive. If you good in bargain, you can get cheaper than chatuchak or pratunam

Holy Grace · 04/02/2020

The experience has given us the classic Thailand vibe that every tourist deserves to feel, especially the Elephant feeding. We particularly opted not to ride the elephants since we don’t think it would be good for them. So we just fed them instead. Although we feel that the price for the tour is pretty high compared to the experience, we still recommend this tour to everyone who wants to have an in-depth experience with thai culture.

John Henry · 04/02/2020

The pick-up place is very easy to locate. Everything in the itinerary was covered. The tour guide was accommodating. However, her attention was divided since she was handling two groups in different vehicles. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the tour.

Augosto · 02/02/2020

Highly recommend booking this for your convenience. You will be riding a bus instead of mini van if going to tha floating market. Our guide Pim is super friendly. We had an amazing tour, thanks to AK and Klook.

Justine Marie · 30/01/2020

Enjoyed it so much! The tour guide was friendly and helpful! ?

Jowen · 28/01/2020

The meet up point was easy to find. There is a complimentary water and kind tour guide

Rita Therese · 28/01/2020

Unique tour and experience, a must-try for first time thailand visit! The gathering point is convenient and easy to identify. The guide was friendly but she seem to put too much emphasis on the tips. Gathering time is a bit to early. Be sure to prepare mosquito repellent for the Elephant ride.

KUONG CHIO · 25/01/2020

The tour was very nice we experience riding in the elephant and boat going to floating market and experience the death railways.

Nelsa · 22/01/2020

Tour Guide: Max is a Detail Oriented young man , Who would give us a brief Explanation in both Mandarin & English Before next move/Destination Excellent Work !!

yiu man · 21/01/2020

The tour includes an elephant ride, river cruise and visit to an old train station. Very satisfied with this tour. The tour guide was also very informative.

Paul Ryan · 20/01/2020

Best experience ever. Highly recommended tour. It really saves the time, money and effort. Tour guide is very friendly and a joker.

ANGELITA · 19/01/2020

Our tour guide, Tommy was very helpful and friendly. He would give you tips on where to eat and where to buy souvenirs for your trip. There are also options to choose for your drop-off point which made our trip hassle-free. Overall, the tour was nice especially the trip to Elephant Village and the Railway Market. The coconut ice cream and mango sticky rice is a must-try!

Chzareena Lorayne · 19/01/2020

We had Arm as our tour guide. He was kind and patient with all of us despite the big group. It was grgeat booking this because not only the transportation was made easy, getting into the attractions also was with no fuss and fast! Would recommend!

Rogielyn Blessilda · 18/01/2020

We enjoyed our tour and had fun bargaining at the Market. There isn't any explanation about the places or the background of it. Overall, it's still recommended!

Ma Catherine Paula · 16/01/2020

The tour was great! Jom, our tour guide, was awesome! We had lots of fun exploring Thailand! The floating market is really a must visit just don’t buy anything from there because it’s too expensive. You can get everything from the market at a cheaper price. Just be there for the experience... and the food! I am in love with the coconut ice cream :)

Dennise May · 16/01/2020

Our tour guide song from AK travel was very funny and nice. We really enjoyed his company. And the van we used we felt like a celebrity very spacious.

Hazelle Shane · 11/01/2020

wonderful experience for me and my kids! must do in bangkok.. tour guide was friendly, responsible and polite thumbs up for this tour. thanks klook!

RIZZA · 10/01/2020

I liked this tour a lot everything was superb. I wanted to go to floating market and now I finally made it, girlfriend wanted to ride the elephants and she did it. So we made our wishes in one trip.

Erik · 08/01/2020

The guide max was very helpful and friendly. He explained everything very nicely and everything was clear. The trip plan was perfect. The whole day was utilised in a very optimised way and Everything went as per plan.

Krunalkumar · 07/01/2020

It was a great experience. Luke, our tour guide did a good job! The van was spacious and clean. Its all worth it

Evelyn · 07/01/2020

Easy to use and claim. Great experience! Always a good job to Klook.

Melvijane · 06/01/2020

Super memorable experience! Especially the elephant riding!! Our tour guide sir DUI is very kind he even help us find a atm and currency exchange also he suggest thai food..we love this tour guide because so very kind. Highly recommend!! Thank Klook❤️

Loren · 04/01/2020

The experience with the elephants was unforgettable! ? The floating market was amazing. It was a sneak peak of the Thai culture that we've always wanted to experience. We loved the food and the coconut ice cream adorned with orchids. The Maeklong Railway Market tour was also another unforgettable experience, not to mention rare finds and good bargains at the marketplace. Asiatique was also a fun place to shop and eat authentic Thai cuisine. Our tour guide, Tommy, was our favorite. He speaks very good English, was very knowledgable about the tours and funny too. He also gave us lots of helpful tips to make our Bangkok experience awesome. Thank you!

Eric · 04/01/2020

Great value for money! English speaking tour guide and a must experience in Bangkok, Thailand! The guide will tel you things thatbyou need to know specially which price is fair or not.

Pamela Bianca · 02/01/2020

Very nice experience a must for every travelers. Beautiful experience at tourists attractions and very nice tour guide. The transportation are good and clean but on our way back to siam paragon there was a heavy traffic and misunderstanding. We were not able to drop off at our chosen location since the driver cannot understand english so we decided to go down to the nearest mrt station and made our own way. But still we gave them 5 star rate for we were taken cared of during the tour

ANA LORRAINE · 02/01/2020

a must for every traveler. beautiful experience at tourist attractions and very nice tour guide and driver also.

Frances Nicole · 01/01/2020

The highlight of this tour for me is the elephant ride though i was scared at first and i felt pity for them. ? dont miss the coconut icecream at the floating market! ?? we are two groups (2 vans) and unfortunately the guide is not with our group and our assigned driver cannot understand english much. On our way back to bangkok, there was a heavy traffic and misunderstanding. We were not able to drop off at our chosen location since the driver cannot understand so we googled our location and went down at the nearest station and made our own way. But i will still give a 5 star rate for we were well taken cared of during the tour.

Zaira Mae · 31/12/2019

Pim, our tour guide, was very attentive and approachable and on time. She inform everyone about the tour (including history and tips on getting around). I highly recommend this tour especially for first timers.

Alvin Paelma · 30/12/2019

Very friendly guide and driver. everything went smoothly. made it to all the destinations with minimal fuss. we enjoyed it very much. bus is new, clean and aircon works v well. the guide introduced each activity well, and gave good tips.

Louise · 28/12/2019

Very nice experience. Everything was very organized with assigned van and tour guide. First was the floating market, where we bought the ice cream coconut. Then we went to elephant camp. It was a bit scary at first but you will get along with the ride. Lastly, the maekling station where you wait for the train. Last stop we chose was asiatique. A very nice place to chill, shop, and eat.

Kristine Marie · 27/12/2019

An incredible experience combined. So interesting how people lived with waterways around and how they transport around in those bangkas with and without motors

Joan · 27/12/2019

Among the 3 places we went, i think whats worth noting down is the maeklong train market. Some items are cheaper there compared to buying it in tourist malls like MBK center. The floating market was too crowded to the point that you would not feel like stopping to check the items being sold. I liked that coconut icecream sold though. It was too pretty to eat. As for the elephant village, it was an experience to be able to ride an elephant. You have to pay 100 baht to get your picture with them (aside from the 250 baht or 300 baht for the framed photograph during the ride) One thing i was unhappy about was that the tour guide told us in the beggining of the tour that we have to give minimum of 50 baht each to both the driver and the tourguide per person. I mean i would not mind tipping but this should not be mandatory and the amount should be depending on what we would like to give.

Cherlou May · 26/12/2019

Enjoyed the entire tour. Special thanks for our tour guide Ah Sheng. He is very helpful and informative. He shared all the tips and what to do at each attraction. Worth every penny for the tour.

Hung Wei · 19/12/2019

Wonderful tour. Great services by our tour guide, Song. Clear explanation and several tips on dos and don’ts to us for our safety. Even helping us to take photos and sending it to us. It’s a highly recommended tour for us who wanna experience the local tour with kids and skipped the temples sightseeing. Boat ride + elephant ride + train market ?????? I wish u hv tour that can experience the elephant camp n tiger farm tgt.

Jen May · 17/12/2019

its worth every penny! Our tour Guide Song made our experience incredible! the driver were nice and always smiling. the driver always politely opens the van fo us. Song has a great humor! evey stop over or before we go to next destination they have mini snacks and candy as a complimentary. The transportation was great and the Van were very clean and updated. all the staff are nice and organized. Song also inform you about safety and to be aware which is very important. however, the destination were really far from the city like 2 hrs away so keep that in mind before buying this promo but other than that It was a great experience. the elephant ride was the highlight of this trip.

Sharline · 16/12/2019

We had a great time during the tour. The guide was so helpful and we really did feel safe. We had enough time doing all the things needed to do. We definitely had fun.

Genereve Jireh · 15/12/2019

Max, the tour guide from AK tours was awesome. We had a comfy ride in a van. Really loved that he recommended buying or purchasing souvenirs at the Maeklong Market instead of the Damnoen Floating Market. It was cheaper in Maeklong. The elephant ride was not so nice, there were so many flies at the camp. And everything is so overpriced. but would recommend AK tours for their overall service and comfort they have provided us during this tour.

KAIRA ANGELA · 12/12/2019

A must try activities in thailand. Hassle free. The van is not that jammed pack, good thing because going to elephant village is very far. It took us about 2.5hrs going there. Well managed time and our tour guide pim explained very well.

Vanessa · 12/12/2019

The floating market was amazing! We also enjoyed the elephant ride it was a new experience. Our tour guide Jom is very accommodating. Thank you klook for the very nice adventure!

Kuh · 09/12/2019

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