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It was an awesome exp to be at this place. you Will really feel that you are in a cold space. Internal temp is -4 degrees. All rides are also good . It value for money

Tarun · 20/07/2021

It was a good experience using your app! I will definitely do it with you guys again on my next tours outside and inside my country

elizabeth · 17/07/2021

Hassle free because of klook, just show them the voucher sent by klook and just like that you will get in, we had fun! They provided the necessary clothings and boots.

Ma Lourdes · 06/07/2021

its really a very good experience.Me and my husband enjoyed the whole moment plus we have the oppurtunity for the unlimited or multiple whenever we wanted to rest for a while.

monrose · 05/06/2021

Ski Dubai is located in Mall of the Emirates. Its not only a Snow park but got many Slope related activities like Skiing ⛷ and Snowboarding ?…! It also has Chairlift, Ski bullet (Zip-line), Mountain triller ride. This facility also has classes for Skiing and snowboarding. And, don’t miss out the Penguin parade(Included with all package)/ Encounter with Penguin (additional in some packages) Snow park includes basic rides for everyone including 4 year old ones. Limited toilet ? facility. Tip: Avoid drinking too much of liquid before you enter. Do try Ski bullet, mountain triller and Ski lessons!! Without this you are missing something important! Recommended ??

Manesh A · 24/05/2021

Quite amazing what they've managed to do. An indoor ski resort with amazing views from the chairlift, they've got some huge and beautiful sloped for skiing too. However, the snow park itself for non-skiers was actually quite small. Otherwise, the experience was amazing. Chairlift was great, met (and touched!) some penguins ?, played with snow, and came down a slide at 45kmph next to the slopes. The only thing I wished was a bigger area of just snow, where people could just have some huge snowball fights or make a snowman⛄ for example.

Imran · 18/05/2021

I have to say the experience was great and the money I spend was worth it and I was able to enjoy all rides and I am happy to say that this was the best deal I got in a while

Muhammad Umer · 16/05/2021

And again we saved with klook 100AED for each ticket ? This place just amazing! Highly recommended to buy Premium package with all inclusive if you are first time here. Penguins+ski lesson+lunch+gloves etc.. all this really worth this money. ?

Redlikh · 07/05/2021

As much as I find Dubai attractions generally overrated and overpriced, this was an exception. I had a premium ticket which is almost 100 usd (and nearly 40 usd cheaper than at the venue) but if you can afford it, it’s totally worth it. You get unlimited skiing or snowboarding (perfect for beginners and intermediate; advanced skiers might quickly get bored, even though they have a “black” run) or a lesson, all equipment, access to all fun rides, a good meal (you chose from the menu), waterproof gloves, hand warmers , hot chocolate, locker, one printed photo (for all of these you pay extra otherwise and they charge a lot), and penguin encounter (mine lasted almost one hour). You can easily spend there a whole day. Bring you own hat and put on some layers, jackets aren’t very warm.

Anastasia · 09/04/2021

I had the best time at the ski dubai Emirates mall . You get gloves, you can see penguins, and also there is a lot of stuff to do there . Good for children & adults . You should come too!

Miriam · 29/03/2021

Wonderful experience. Klook gave us the best deal. So reliable. I’d recommend to all

Stephen · 29/03/2021

The experience of Ski Dubai was fantastic. Where else in the world would you find a ski park in the middle of a desert...only Dubai. The best part about booking with Klook was the additional benifits that we availed instead of getting the ticket at counter. We got a complimentary Hot Chocolate and passes to two extra experiences in the park by paying the same counter price in advance to Klook

ISHPREET · 27/02/2021

Simply awesome!! Had taken the snow premium ticket, one of the best experiences I had ever had. The rides are very good and the penguin encounter is the best life experience one can get. The crew is very helpful. The meal at the cafe was also really good. A must try if you are visiting Dubai.

Jeet · 07/02/2021

I never had this experis and we felt like we were in antartica. penguin encounter is very nice must try activity. all the rides also nice

manikandan · 03/02/2021

great must do it once but don't carry luggage with you if you want to avoid extra locker charges

Abhishek · 28/01/2021

It was amazing experience. I would recommend to everyone to do this. If you are in dubai than definitely try this once. You will enjoy alot. It will give you a good experience for lifetime. Its very cold inside so always carry your own gloves and socks.

sahil · 25/01/2021

Very highly recommended! Do not leave Dubai without going to Ski Dubai! Amazing experience, we had a lot of fun and will definitely go again. Winter clothes are provided but would recommend to bring own socks and gloves.

JITKA · 09/01/2021

We were so impressed after meeting the penguins! They listen carefully to the caretaker and are sometimes a bit naughty, so funny :) They let themselves be petted and are so cute ... the photos are not cheap but very unique.

johnny · 30/12/2020

nice experinace , its freezing cold inside and for adults my suggestion is to carry winter cap as they will not give you helmets , its only for kids , if you buy outside will cost you more.

Shiv · 29/12/2020

Best experience ever ☺️highly recommended... best app(klook).

irish anne · 26/12/2020

if u know skiing then it's highly recommended as it'll be complete paisa wasool. A worth visit place that is giving u a bone-chilled experience in the summer of Dubai. If u are an animal lover than Penguin encounter will definately be interesting for u. They are so soooo cute.

Abhishek · 23/12/2020

This experience was incredible one. An experience to treasure for lifetime. Ski Dubai is one of its kind destination that offers more than just a slope for those with skills - visit Arctic animals, pick one of the activities for every age and ability, or just enjoy some snow games in the midst of the desert . It’s a good escape for anyone craving some below zero temperatures!

Chandrakala · 14/12/2020

[belated review] Very smooth ticket transaction and very fun experience in Ski Dubai!! My son enjoyed the penguin experience but no photo taking by ourselves. To purchase a photo is very expensive (forgot how much). We Did not ski but the slides and rides are fun! Overall great experience purchasing ticket through klook and at ski dubai

XIAOWEN · 20/11/2020

A must do activity in Dubai where yoy can enjoy snow adventures and fun in Dubai.

Sumit · 11/09/2020

It was a nice experience, there multiple ride, I enjoyed the chairlift the most, the place is huge and very good for skiing. They give you boots jacket pants and gloves but you still need more layers which I got with me. The penguins are very cute.

amani · 02/08/2020

amazing experience at ski Dubai. lots of fun rides at snow park. penguin encounter was the best.

Manav · 09/03/2020

I am still freezing... Experience was just tooo cool... thrilling... adventures and unique... check pic for the coolness...

Rounak · 08/03/2020

Great experience ..

Astrid · 07/03/2020

It was a awesome experience and we enjoyed a lot I preferred my colleague to klook because it was a wonderful experience with low lost

MOHAMMED NAZEER · 02/03/2020

was very good..klook made it easy. thank u .the service was great.a place of -4c


One of the best places to visit in Dubai. Be it young or old every one will enjoy it. The Penguin Parade was awesome. My daughter of 10 years really enjoyed the place. Every one who visits Dubai should come to Ski Dubai.

Shabana Imran Abbas · 28/02/2020

Personal Experiences with penguins once in a lifetime! You got to interact, touch and hug a penguin!! As a penguin die hard lover, my heart beated so fast when I could get a chance to see and interact with the cuties. A bit expensive but is worth it. Protect and environment and protect the penguins from today!

Natalie Sze Wing · 27/02/2020

We had a great experience in Ski Dubai. There were jackets, socks, and gloves provided upon entering the place. Please note to claim the free sim at the airport and the voucher will be sent via email.

Roselle Anne · 24/02/2020

Nice experience, 2 moments when you have contact with the penguins. The downside of the matter is that 1 photo cost 40 euros to buy it. All in all an expensive joke for such an activity. Would be nice if it was indicated that you are not allowed to use your own camera. Because then they can sell photos for 40 euros each. Unfortunately.

MARYAM · 23/02/2020

Ski Dubai is located in Emirate Mall. children having lot of enjoyment. Dubai trip is not completed without Ski Dubai.

Jagsir Singh · 11/02/2020

must visit place in Dubai located inside the MOE. dont forget to take ur caps along as it is chargable inside.

Sumit · 05/02/2020

You just can’t believe you can go ski in a desert city like Dubai. Advance booking on Klook will save you a lot money! The experience was fantastic, and even you don’t ski, there are some mild rides for you to play with. Overall a very nice experience!

Ho Yin Eric · 02/02/2020

Lovely penguins, children absolutely love it. It is better to take the time to get acquainted with the penguins at 13.00, then you can have time to watch the parade of penguins at 14.00. Taking pictures - you cannot shoot on site, only a local photographer. A souvenir photo costs 40 euros, even more on a flash drive.

Irina · 02/02/2020

Simply awesome!!!!! Kids as well adults will enjoy a lot. Penguin march is really good with guide giving vital informaition about penguins. Bobsled, tubing ride, Giant ball, snow bumpers, chairlift everything is awesome!!! Must visit in Dubai. It's really cold out there so they provide all the clothing. Do take a monkey cap if you are not familiar with such low temperature. Overall a good experience!!!

Gauresh · 23/01/2020

refreshing experience to be able to ski and play with snow in Dubai. took the skiing lesson for 1 hr which was good for beginners. kids had fun playing with the various slides, playground, bobsled, zorb ball and chair lift. it was cold but i find the gear provided was adequate. i do find many things don't work. the wrist band was supposed to open lockers don't work. we had to find the ski instructors ourselves and no one gave us any guidance to put on our ski gears.

Kah · 22/01/2020

Amazing weather, must try I might love to go there again as the temperatures is really amazing in ski dubai All rides are free you can plan it with your kids to gets entertain by that! Cheers, Puneet

Puneet · 22/01/2020

Nice experience with man made ice! So much activities available on board depends on the ticket you buy. The only draw back is the thin clothing that was provided, we could not stay long because our toes and fingers are killing us from the freezing cold temperature. Maybe you should wear your own thick clothing in addition to the winter clothing provided by the ski dubai team. Easy booking through klook and easy redemption at the counter. Recommended!

Martha · 15/01/2020

Such a fun experience! Make sure to reserve a slot before going if you plan to do the extra activities like the ski lessons because these would be subject to the availability of a trainer. This is an excellent activity for friends or families. Ski Dubai will provide you with the gear you will need but it will be a good idea to bring a bonnet.

Gia · 10/01/2020

it was wonderful..enjoyed alot over there..penguines was awesome and good support from staff

Harish Babu · 10/01/2020

Very nice Activity at very low cost from klook, as the price there were 270 Dhiram app(5400) and we book at 3649. Quite cheeper with no tension of standing in long lines. Each time when we booked from klook we had great experience and a wonderful trip. Thanks klook

KARANBIR SINGH · 04/01/2020

klook team is doing a fantastic job. got my tickets at a discounted price and avoided the long queues. cheaper than buying at the counter or anywhere else online. the site explained the package precisely. thanks a lot.

Amit Singh · 02/01/2020

should stay more detail

The detail should clear for detail activities included in the package as we think want to snowboarding for the whole day

Serdia Wong · 31/12/2019

if u r in dubai.go for ski dubai as compulsion.its a good experience.get ski bullet ride too coz it is very cool and mind blowing.refreshing snow everywhere.avoid weekends to save your time for rides.i have booked through klook and it is hustle free.i faced some problem due to some offer but klook have online chat service which is very good and a great help if u r in some other country.go for it ..its so good.

karanbir singh · 30/12/2019

really a cool experience , enjoyed all the rides with family.must place to visit in Dubai..

Sameer Ahmed · 28/12/2019

ski dubai is inside the mall of Emirates..I booked polar Express which includes most of way to book in klook..chair lift is amazing..have rides for all ages..minus 4 degree inside..better to bring gloves, scarf for extra protection from cold air

saravana jagan · 27/12/2019

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