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I had a great day on Chinese Great Wall. I was lucky to have a guide whose name was Claire, she was helpful, kind and happy person. It was easy to communicate with her. Started from the meeting point in Beijing and throughout all the way everything was on high level, was well-organized. I definitely recommend to take tour of this company. Great job MUBUS team and many thanks!

Sarah · 28/03/2021

The Wall is as always amazing! Especially in the morning of working day when there are no people at all :-)) the tour was organized not bad, even if I had to call and remind about ourself for picking up from hotel, even if the prepaid lunch was cancelled (informed us in the bus already) and even if the guide was English speaking but spoke 99% of the time Chinese because of most Chinese people in the group.

OLGA · 11/10/2020

Our tour guide, Flower, was very nice. She made sure we were comfortable. This activity can be modified where you can go up the Wall using cable car and go down using toboggan. We paid additional fee but minimal. It is nice to experience both. On top of that, there was a free lunch. This side of the wall does not have much people.

Kris Elaine · 14/08/2020

No hassle at all! Worth the pay! Enjoy the great wall without thinking of how to get there, they pick you up from the hotel, tour guide was very helpful, you get enough free time, and even have lunch before going back! All entrance fees covered!

Jethro · 17/03/2020

Ahead of my beijing trip, I bought already a tour to Great Wall of China for an easy and no hassle trip. The klook chinese tourist guide pick us up at our hostel. She can speak and understand in English. She really explain everything we need to know about this trip. When we arrived at the Great Wall of China, I was amazed how beautiful it is. I can't belived that I will be able to visit this place. Even during weekdays there are a lot of tourist here and it's hard to take a good photo without people at the back and I was challenged to that. Atleast I took some good photo here. Definitely one for the books.

Stevien · 23/02/2020

Great deal from transfer up to going the great wall. Taking the cable car in going up and down saves a lot of time and energy specially for senior citizens. Great tour guide. Thanks Klook!

LEI ANGELI · 10/02/2020

very recommended to take this tour. trusted and on time. we were the first to pick up since we were staying at ibis hotel. they also provide lunch and it's delicious in a chinese restaurant there. you can also request if you have special requirement regarding food. like me i request for no spicy food.

Fernalia · 08/02/2020

I want strongly recommend all tourists who visit Beijing for the first time to buy this excursion with klook because it is so comfortable to be picked-up by the excursion bus. Then, it was so interesting to be a member of ther multinational group of tourists: we all have heard about this World Wonder, but reality is much more than we expected. The excursion is well-planned, we are grateful to the guide for all valuable information. The lunch was nice.

Elena · 05/02/2020

Wonderful trip with a good lunch meal included in the package

Penpitcha · 25/01/2020

Flower was very accommodating this is a tour for everyone who’s going to beijing

Hershel Kraye · 24/01/2020

Sufficient time to enjoy the great wall. Be ready for a hike because the way to the cable car is uphill. Included lunch was okay.

Chanine Mae · 22/01/2020

flower (小花) was very professional and friendly. We’re from a really big family 18people kids included. All the kids love her so much. She speaks good English and we all enjoyed her accompany to Great Wall.

LYHEANG · 19/01/2020

This is the highlight of out China trip. The tour was hassle free. They arranged a pickup from our hotel to the designated meeting place. the ride was smooth and the bus was clean. the food was also great. I would recommend you avail of the lunch for the food at the Great Wall is expensive. Our tour guide, Ms. Flower, was pleasant and accommodating. She is very knowledgeable of China's history and would also give you tips outside your tour. She ensures that all your questions are answered and would go the extra mile to help you. further, she speaks good english so communication is not a problem.

Karen · 18/01/2020

Roy was an excellent guide and very good at managing a large crowd of tourists. His instructions were clear as he’s fluent in English. I really enjoyed the tour as he briefly explained the history of the wall and materials used to glue them together. Buffet was sumptuous, lots of veggies. No shopping stops which I appreciated so the whole time was dedicated in exploring the walls and other attractions like cable car and toboggan. This tour is highly recommended.

Merivale · 17/01/2020

U have to travel a long distance from Beijing it is one of the best options to avoid crowd as well. The bus guide was so good. The food provided was delicious..

Abeerami · 11/01/2020

The Wall was really great and beautiful! Not too much people as you see on my photos. But also be ready for cold weather. As concerning the tour: 1) If you are the first whom took from hotel be ready for 4 hours in the bus. But only 1.5 hours of this time will be the road to The GreatWall. Because you will wait for all other people.. 2) And people can be late! Pick up time was until 8:00 a.m. but we waited all latecomers until 8:40 a.m. It's not honest for people who waited bus since 6:30-7:00 a.m. in strict time. 3) Our guide texted us in SMS (not whatsapp or another messenger) about pick point at 10:00 p.m. We started worried about trip since 9 p.m (because nobody texted us). And we needed to add money in roaming to answer him. Not comfortable, WhatsApp as communication way will be better. The other thing as lunch, road and cable car was good. Our guide bought for us all tickets.

Elena · 10/01/2020

The guide flower was friendly, nice and helpful. The great wall tour was arrange nicely and the meal was nice. Overall, it a must do activity in beijing.

Zhiqiang · 10/01/2020

Very convenient and hassle-free tour for the Great Wall of China. They offer pick-up at your hotel or nearby. Our tour guide, Flower, is very helpful and understanding. Cable car is optional with additional fare, but is very convenient if you don’t want to hike.

Clair Shandy · 09/01/2020

Flower was our guide. She contacted us through Wechat the night before to let us know where (our hotel lobby) and what time (710 am) she will pick us up. She came on time and there were no delays going to the Great Wall. Cable car is a definite yes. The views were great! Some areas along the wall were slippery because of ice, so it will be best to wear shoes with rubber soles and some grip. Lunch was served family-style. We were 8 in our table so there were 8 dishes. Quite tasty and plentiful. Drinks were bought separately, but there was hot water for free. We got back to Beijing (2 drop-off points: Bird’s Nest stadium and Wangfujing.) before 4 pm. It was a very enjoyable tour! Flower was very helpful. After we got off in Wangfujing, we realised we left a small bag in the tour bus. Flower came to meet us halfway to our hotel to give it to us! We really appreciated it! We strongly recommend this tour.

Ma Corazon Antonia · 08/01/2020

it's recommended tour for everyone whom visit beijing. great wall is a must visit place. lucky we got Flower whom guide us during the tour. Flower is really a helpful tour guide. Though time is short but oeverall we enjoy the tour. Thank you to Flower for helpig us during this tour. all is good but only the lunch which is not satisfied. thing which should be improved is provided the better lunch for the tour.


Blessed with good weather Amazing breathtaking view It was a tough one at the end of the route to 20th watch tower! But when I accomplished it, I climbed over, it was the best satisfaction I can get.

Boon Beng · 07/01/2020

The tour was really fun and the tour guide (Flower) is so entertaining. Everything in the tour was properly arranged and communicated.

Miru · 06/01/2020

Excellent day tour to Mutianyu Great Wall vis a comfortable bus ride. Tour guide Flower was also very helpful in helping us to get tickets and answering any questions we have. Lunch was decent with local Chinese dishes.

Wei Kiat · 05/01/2020

Great tour! Tony the guide was very nice, explained the whole logistics of visiting the Wall very clearly and was funny! Would highly recommend this tour!

Isabelle · 05/01/2020

Great experience with no detour to shopping venue. Got contacted by the operator the night before the trip for the meet up location. Instead of pick up us from the hotel, we were to made our way to meet up location due to the size of the tour group. We were reimbursed accordingly. Our guide (Flower) has a bubbly personality. Shared information for China/Beijing and Great Wall. Lunch was OK. If you preferred fuss free option, go for the lunch option. If not, you can find numerous lunch option in the area.

kenneth · 05/01/2020

The travel agency asked us to take a cab instead of the one included on the tour which is ‘pick up at the hotel’ cause they say out of the way and traffic. They refunded the expenses however an abrupt change affected our schedule.

Jobelito · 04/01/2020

The journey was quite nice. Please note drinks are not included in the lunch, so you would need to purchase them in addition or you could take water with you. Better take cable car pre-purchased - you would spend much less time as it is rather difficult to hike up the mountain.

Sergey · 04/01/2020

Tutto chiaro e puntuale. Esperienze sempre positive fin'ora

Lorenzo · 03/01/2020

Our tour guide Flower was really friendly and informative. We learned a lot about Beijing and the history of The Great Wall. The tour was amazing! We arrived on time and everything flowed very smoothly. Would recommend to everyone!

Elijah Jose · 02/01/2020

Very good experience! Greatwall leaves a lasting memory, worthy to be part of the 7 wonders! Good thing we decided to come on non-peak, very few tourist, not crowded, lines are manageable at the cable car going up and down the wall. Just a reminder to gear up for a very freezing weather!!!!

Jose Joel · 31/12/2019

nice trip. we picked up by bus on the appointed hotel (because our hotel is far from meeting point), the tour include lunch and admision ticket too. but you better to buy cable ticket by klook too

Antonius Christopher · 30/12/2019

nice tour and friendly guide.. we meet at appointed hotel and picked up by bus.. the tour include guide and lunch.. better if you buy with cable car ticket (will be cheaper with klook rather than buy on the spot). klook is the best

Antonius Christopher · 30/12/2019

I will recommend this tour for a fuss-free trip to the great wall of China. The tour guide, Flower, whatsapped us the night before to inform us of the pick-up time and location for the following morning. On the day itself, there were some changes and she called for a car to pick us up to the nearest metro station. Other than the wait (around 15-20 mins) for the bus because someone in the tour was late, all went well. Flower was very clear in her instructions and introduction and was fluent in English and Chinese. She also helped us purchase cable car tickets (was recommended not to take the toboggan down due to the cold weather). We were given around 2 hours plus at the wall, and it was enough to walk about 4 or 5 checkpoints. I think it was good time for a tour. not too tiring. Lunch was unmemorable, one dish for each person present at the table, but it helps give us some substance after the walk we had at the wall. We chose to drop off at the 'bird's nest' and paid to enter the ice/watercube. On hindsight, there was nothing to see inside and I would recommend leaving for somewhere else after the drop off.

Rebecca Shi Yun · 30/12/2019

It was easy and fuss free to book the Mutianyu Great Wall trip via Klook. The tour company contacted us the night before on the timing and location to meet up, ie. at a hotel opposite to where we were staying. The tour guide, Flower was responsible and gave very clear explanation and details of the itinerary. Flower was cheery and made the journey interesting, by sharing some interesting information. As it was winter, we booked the cable cars both ways to reach the Great Wall. Lunch at the restaurant was great too! The trip to the Great Wall was totally worthwhile and memorable....

Soo Keng · 29/12/2019

All good, and high recommend for everyone. Initial there was hiccup on the hotel pick up, but all sorted (must download WeChat to communicate with the tour guide). Simple Lunch was provided. And able to drop off at National Stadium (Bird Nest)

Wendy · 29/12/2019

Cristy was our tour guide to the Mutianyu great wall. She contacted us before 9pm for the meet-up location and asked us to take taxi instead of pick-up (she reimbursed our taxi fee). Upon the subway exit (hepingxiqiao station), it was very easy to find Cristy as she has the klook banner with her. Cristy communicates well and was very accommodating and attentive to our requests. We were supposed to get the cable car and taboggan ride but my hubby got dizzy and ill, she helped us with the refund of our taboggan ticket. Even we showed to the ticket counter we got cable car ticket to possibly avail the round trip price, they didnt allow us. We paid full price for the cable car ticket RMB100 going up and RMB 100 going down. Cristy also wanted to Help us with the ticket refund of the cable car but we said it’s already too much for her. We already appreciate her Help with the taboggan ticket refund. It’s more than enough. She was very helpful. I would like to commend Cristy for the sumptuous lunch she prepared for the group. it was delicious and very filling! Thank you so much Cristy! We really had a comfortable and fun tour of the great wall!

Sherry Anne · 29/12/2019

met flower in person and she's really nice :) she arrive earlier than we planned but she's willing to wait for my family until we're ready. really recommend joining this tour to go to the great wall as it is really convenient to join.

Veronica Cecilia · 28/12/2019

Well-organised tour, guide was very good too. Lots of information in English. Coach left on time, returned on time, the tour was very good value.

David · 27/12/2019

flower was a great guide and offered to reimburse our taxi ride to the meeting point since they couldn't pick us up. we were also a little but late and she was understanding. the great wall was magnificent and truly beautiful. the snow made it look like a classical chinese film. cable ride was smooth and lunch was delicious. would recommend for the convenience, value and fun.

Andrew · 26/12/2019

Fantastic choice for a visit to the Great Wall. Mutianyu section is absolutely stunning and in great condition. Leo was a fantastic guide, would highly recommend this tour to anyone as it makes your Great Wall experience so easy!

Ashley · 26/12/2019

Very convenient as there is pick up from your hotel all the way to the Great Wall. Our tour guide, flower is very accommodating and would answer any queries that you have.

Justin · 26/12/2019

Flower is our tour guide. She’s plan the trip well and we have no issues. She informed us on the night before the trip and in the morning sent us a message to inform us. Good guide.

CHEE TONG · 24/12/2019

it's very fruitful trips, our tour guide, Flower is very helpful and friendly. We got very nice lunch as well, highly recommend to book this tour if you want to visit Mutiatyu Great Wall.

JYE SING · 24/12/2019

It was an awesome tour. Flower was amazing very friendly and accommodating. I just Love her. ?

Jessie Lou · 22/12/2019

My friend and I had a great trip to Mutianyu Great Wall with Klook, Flower! Keep up the great services! Thumbs up!

Mei Chen · 21/12/2019

My guide Flower contacted me via WhatsApp the evening before the tour to agree on a pick-up point next to my hotel at 6.35am the following morning. The bus for my tour was full, and being the second person to be picked up, I had to stay on for quite a while on the bus. Some of the passengers being picked up later were late. That meant more than 2hrs on the bus spent going around Beijing. Fortunately, the day coincided with the second time it snowed in Beijing this year. Being from a tropical country, most of my waiting time was spent taking photos. Flower (our guide) introduced herself to us. She was really approachable and eased any unhappiness the group may have from the waiting. She is also effectively bilingual and conducted an introduction to China, Beijing and the Mutianyu Great Wall clearly in both English and Mandarin. Upon alighting, Flower arranged for us to have lunch first, before passing us the tickets to the attraction and to the cable car. Please do not try to save on the cable car. Climbing up and down the Great Wall, especially with snow on the ground, will not leave you with sufficient time to enjoy the Great Wall itself. Mutianyu section takes me about 2h15m to get from the cable car station to the last tower open to the public, and back. Part of the wall is made very slippery due to the snow, so do cater more time for it if required. After we gathered back at the meeting point for our ride back to Beijing, Flower approached us individually on the bus to check if we have any further questions about attractions around the 2 pre-determined drop-off points. Such was the committment to her work that I think the tour, and her service, deserve the 5-star that I gave. No doubt there were some unhappiness due to some in the group not keeping to the timing given by Flower, but these are factors beyond her direct control. I have to commend her on keeping her cool and professionalism when dealing with such members of the group.

HAN WEI · 20/12/2019

The tour was well-organized. We were welcomed by Flower at our hotel lobby in early morning and travel in a group of 27pax. The itinerary is well-explained and there is no hidden clause. Thumbs up for Flower to take care every Family group. Weather was great. No big crowds and no Queue in Great wall. Glad to do it in early Dec (low seasons).

EE SENG · 19/12/2019

Our guide, Flower is friendly and patience with the group consisting of over 40 people. The tour includes lunch at a simple restaurant and the food was good. We had a wonderful time seeing one of the great marvel of mankind - the Great Wall which is very scenic.

Hee Khoon · 19/12/2019

Flower is our tour guide. She speaks english really well and could help you throughout the trip. She’s fun to be with and makes funny jokes in order to brighten up the mood. She also a lot to say about different tourist spot that you must visit when you’re in beijing. We had troubles finding subway however what she told us helped us to find the subway since it is hard to communicate with the people there. We dropped off at the birds nest stadium. The food that was included in the package is also delicious and tasty. The great wall is majestic and have such surreal view. It’s a must visit and I highly recommend this tour. You won’t regret anything at all. Thank you for giving us one of the best travel ever! See you again Beijing!!

Dominic Micko · 18/12/2019

Loved this experience on the wall. Good and friendly guide and a pleasant bus ride to the wall. When we got there, we had plenty of time to explore the wall on our own. This part of the wall is a bit less crowded than the parts closer to Beijing. Also recommend the cable car to get up to the wall.

Amalie Staeheli · 18/12/2019

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