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Great easy to use package and Klook experience. Good value, better than purchase on site because with discounts. Highly recommended

Mary · 21/02/2021

Not just worth the money and value but super easy to use plus user friendly

Jasmine · 18/02/2021

Easy to redeem and the bus is on time from and to Zuoying. But if u go during peak season, i think it’s better to book the return seat at the counter during picking up the ticket to make sure u secure the seat.

Christina · 17/02/2021

Very fast to exchange tickets at the counter, we could also very easily and fast choose our return ticket at the counter. The bus stop is very close to the ticket counter, just need to go outside and the counter told us where we should wait for the bus. There was a bit of delay that day but the local staff updated us on it.

Margaux Virginie Sophie · 15/02/2021

Very easy to get the tickets. Highly recommended. No need to wait in line.

Kogularasu · 01/12/2020

Really easy to redeem, clear signage and the booth is just outside of exit 2. Although you can’t get to the bus stop last minute as it leaves on time.

Pui Yee Lucia · 23/11/2020

Easy and straightforward. Buy on Klook, redeem at the kiosk at the High Speed Rail Station (very visible and can't be missed), and you just hop on the bus. Return trip, you just need to wait at the bus stop and if there's space (there will be), you can get on.

Andrew · 17/11/2020

Very great!!! The scenary is spectacular,though wind is strong,the view is fantastic.

YU TING · 15/11/2020

Suuuuppper easy redemption process and instant confirmation. Simply show QR code on your cellphone and get physical tickets. Tickets redemption point is at the second floor, near exit 2 after 7/11 combi shop.

Na · 28/10/2020

Very easy to book. Ticket collection is at exit 2 of Zuoying HSR Stn, all you need to do is show your booking (better if you have the QR code) and you’re good to go!

Mary · 17/10/2020

Email of confirmation was fast. Kiosk to redeem this voucher is after exiting out of exit 2, before going down the escalator. The photo attached is of the bus schedule times as of 2020/10/01.

FIONA · 05/10/2020

First time taking Shuttle from Kaohsiung to Kenting. Fairly smooth transition from train to tickets to bus. Kenting is the best!

Bradley · 24/08/2020

Very convenient shuttle from Kaohsiung to Kenting. The stop was 20 meters from our hotel.

Bradley · 24/08/2020

iPass or Easy card better

Found out later that it’s 50% cheaper using iPass or Easycard (180 one way / 360 return) from June until September 2020

Mark Symmons · 07/08/2020

Best way to go Kenting from Zuoying. Super cheap. Comfortable and convenient.

SAI LON · 01/08/2020

Saves some money! The staff at the counter know what to do. You will get two tickets (going to Kenting and back). Recommend to try grab a seat on the right side of the bus when heading to Kenting (and left side when going back up). You can enjoy the coastal area and maybe even see the sunset when travelling before the evening. Be aware that the trip is a little bumpy and it may be hard to take naps.

Calvin · 07/07/2020

Convenient and great way to use the voucher and get a discount. Staff friendly and helpful

Gabriel Chee Kong · 04/07/2020

Good service

Good! Saves money but does take around 3 hours ?

Sarah Lakin · 03/07/2020

Booking through Klook made this experience very easy and straightforward. Everything went smoothly, and I would highly recommend this experience.

Kuan Ting · 30/06/2020

Extremely fast and easy to redeem. Cheaper than buying on spot, saw the original price at the ticket booth. The bus came with free wifi and USB charger as well. Took an hour and a half to reach NMMBA and about 2 hours more to Kenting beach. Highly recommended.

Khanh Duy · 21/06/2020

Ticket booth is very easy to find at the exit 2 of Zuoying Station. They will give you the 2 tickets so keep it safe for your return. Schedule is pretty much every 30 minutes so dont worry about it. On your way back from Kenting, the bust stop is the one with the red sign (picture).

PABLO · 04/05/2020

Ride was ok. However on the day we went to Kenting there was a discount on the Kenting Express Line so in the end I paid more through Klook.

Anais · 07/04/2020

Very easy and definitely cost effective. Just remember to go to the HSR building itself and get your tickets from the Kenting express counter before lining up at the bus terminal.

Michael · 05/04/2020

This is very convenient and also it is easy to use. Comparably it is cheap too.....

Kogularasu · 22/03/2020

The counter is right outside the arrival hall and it is easy to spot - no worries of not being able to locate it! Hassle free process

Vanessa · 20/03/2020

Easy to redeem at the train station. The person at counter will let you know the timing of the bus.

Aileen Wei Lin · 14/03/2020

Very easy to redeem, just outside exit 2 at Zuoying station. Ride takes about 2 hours (3 in heavy traffic). For the return bus, ask your hotel with help finding the right stop as it can be confusing.

Shea · 16/02/2020

Easy to find and use, from Zuoying HSR to Kenting. I Happen to get drop off right next to my hotel , so very convenient. On way back to kaoshiung very flexible with multiple bus throughout day you can catch

Richard · 14/02/2020

Bus was really comfortable, drivers were really friendly when asked about the destination and whatever we needed to know. Timings were rather frequent as well but if you have the easycard, do go without this booking.

Shumi Demi · 26/01/2020

Easy redemption, comfortable bus with big and spacy seats... Highly recommended!!!

KA CHENG · 26/01/2020

very easy to redeem

it was more convenient if you buy the round trip ticket, but you have to put more attention to the timetable of the bus and stanf by at the shuttle bus. i used the ticket to visit the NMMBA aquarium.

Linda Linda · 18/01/2020

I stayed in Chateau hotel, and if you arrive there in the evening, you may be surprised to know that the bus will stop about 3 min after passing by the hotel. When you return, you also need to take the bus across from where you got off. plz see the picture.

Boa · 13/01/2020

Fuss free experience. The bus pick up is just outside the airport and dropped us off at a central location in Kenting! The bus itself was air-conditioned and comfortable.

Jun Hao Joshua · 13/01/2020

Easy redemption of the voucher, but take note of the timing in the table. Also, if you bought a 1 day pass, your rides in Kenting is free when you show this ticket.

Stanley · 12/01/2020

Very convenient. Collect the ticket over at the ticketing counter.

Thiam Hee · 11/01/2020

comfortable, hassle free

Both the Kenting Express and local buses departed on time in front of Cesar Park Hotel. Local people were very friendly and proactively helping travellers find the right one, as the timetables of both buses overlapped! The bus drivers spoke English and were also happy to help passengers. The journeys were comfortable, though occasional delays en route during peak hours were expected. Highly recommended.

Ming-Yuan TSENG · 06/01/2020

Easy to pick up from the airport, fast and convenient way to get to Kenting, will buy it again.

Jonathan · 05/01/2020

Easy and convenient redemptions but we only took the bus to kenting. Didnt managed to find the bus back from kenting to Kaohsiung.

Wen Qi · 05/01/2020

You need to exchange for the tickets at the Kenting Express Counter, and the counter lady will let you know the bus stop to board. When you board the bus, you will need to exchange the tickets with the driver for another e-ticket. We were not informed by the counter lady so were ignorant that we had to exchange for the e-tickets. We had an impatient driver and he scolded those passengers who failed to press the bell in advance if they are alighting at any of the stops along the way. You will need to return the e-tickets to the driver when you alight. We alighted at Hengchun Bus Terminal and are glad the local staff there are really friendly and helpful. By the way, our tickets come with the 1-day Kenting free shuttle rides.

Kek · 04/01/2020

Easy to spot the counter at the arrival hall. Staff was friendly and helpful. With this it is convenient to travel to and fro Kaohsiung and Kenting.

Michelle · 03/01/2020

Easy to travel with and absolutely fuss free! Thanks for this Klook :)

Mei Lian · 02/01/2020


Convenient and cheap. Will definitely purchase again through kkday

Hungry Girl · 02/01/2020

I redeemed the round trip ticket at counter Kenting Express Line located at Kaohsiung HIGH speed Rail 2nd Exit. They will give you round trip ticket, so you have to keep the return ticket by your own safekeeping for return use. At the same counter you can redeem your Kenting Shuttle Ticket too.


Could be better if there’s clear sign where exactly to get the ticket. Other than, it was a pleasant trip back and forth

Aaron Khiat Vun · 30/12/2019

Very convenient and easy to redemn as per the instructions stated on the booking details. Takes approx 2h to reach Kenting from Kaohsiung...

Shi Hui · 29/12/2019

Really easy to use. You pick the departure date on Klook and the time you leave is decided at the pick up counter.

Kirsten · 28/12/2019

Very easy to redeem the voucher. Bus is convenient, clean and comfortable. Kenting is very beautiful. can only recommend to down there rent a scooter.

Lisa · 27/12/2019

We took KMRT to Zuoying station and exit KMRT station to go to the next building which has THSR train. You can either take stairs, elevator or escalator to 2nd Floor main lobby and look out for Kenting Express counter at Exit 2. With the voucher, you can exchange for pass which will indicate which time slot to take the bus. For children below 12 years old, you can only buy concession pass directly at the counter. Then proceed downstairs where the bus was parked for boarding. Show pass to the bus driver who will exchange it with paper bus ticket, there was no toilet on the bus. Make sure you be there early as the bus will leave on time (every half an hour)

Betsy · 26/12/2019

Easy to book and redeem tickets. The bus was clean and comfortable. A lot of Bus From Zuoying Station To Kenting, The ride was smooth and we arrived punctually to both destinations.

Shook Feng · 25/12/2019

Complete package

You get return express buss ticket from Kaohsiung THSR ticket and 2-consecutive-day Kenting City shuttle bus ticket that you can use to roam around the city. The in-bound ticket is an open ticket that you can use anytime. Onboard the bus, the driver also will give you additional 1-day ticket, so you can cover Kenting for 3 days!

ALI HAEDAR · 24/12/2019

Product information

KHH airport or THSR station to/from Kenting

Additional Information
  • Discount ticket: For handicapped and one accompanying visitor, children aged 0-5 with a seat, children aged 6-11 and seniors aged 65+ (please purchase the ticket at the ticket booth)
  • Return ticket can be used within 7 days from the initial trip
  • Free admission ticket: Children aged 0-5 (without a seat)