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It was less crowded when I went there on Christmas Day. the view was nice and it was a great place to chill. The food was good too.

Walter · 25/12/2020

The staff is extremely polite. The view is simply stunning.

The Quyen · 18/10/2020

Great view from the sky. There are only few cafe there

linh · 03/10/2020

Great views of Hanoi, welcoming staff and a reasonable price. Easy to find.

Denis · 01/07/2020

wonderful ❣❣❣ my family and i had a great time. view was nice and the lady who greeted us at the elevator was super accomodating and polite. thanks again klook ?

Beverly Grace · 20/06/2020

It's really nice. If couple, it's awesome.??

Khay Man · 16/03/2020

We really enjoyed this experience, when we first arrived the place was empty and we were the only people there, as the day went on a few more people arrived but it was very quiet throughout , this was a good thing as it meant we were able to get more pictures . Makes sure you come on a clear sunny day to get the best views possible

Jake Oliver Lewis · 12/03/2020

A nice experience and good for those Instagrammable shots but the place is not so big, you can cover the whole area in just minutes - - - how long you take photos in approx 4 cool areas is another story though. Visited at daytime and it's quite foggy due to changing weather (as how locals would explain it) at that time.

Maria Veronica Sheena · 11/03/2020

The tower is definitely good for spending a couple of hours. You wouldn't be able to get enough of the city views. I wanted to have a sunset there so I came later in the afternoon but it was cloudy and the whole city wasn't so visible. Still worth seeing why Hanoi is called city of lakes. Another plus is the Lotte Supermarket!

Keia Janne · 11/03/2020

Me and my friends had the most heart pumping experience here. But we finally had the guts to walk on the viewing deck and take our photos. Super amazing view where you get to see the cities of Vietnam.

Tracy Ann · 10/03/2020

This is where you get a aerial view of Hanoi but it depends on your luck, it was foggy, aerial view was limited. Nevertheless, it was a great experience.

Shook Yeen · 10/03/2020

Very quick transaction- and the location is easy to get to from old town. The lift ride is quick and views are great. There are a few photo options, cafe, bar and shop. A nice place for a view of the capital

David · 09/03/2020

If you wanna go see Hanoi skyline, Lotte Observation Deck is a must! A place worth visiting for pictures that are definitely for keeps.

Fedi Marie · 07/03/2020

Great Experience

My family had a great time to see a breathtaking view of Hanoi from 65th floor of Lotte Tower.

BIAK NEI PAR · 03/03/2020

It is a nice place to have a full view of Hanoi. The sunset was not able to be seen as the smoke is blocking.

Lim · 02/03/2020

Very easy to redeem voucher at the counter. Best view from thr top of Hanoi, one of the tallest building in Hanoi, Vietnam.. The skywalk glass observation deck is the best photoshoot memorable with the best fantastic view.

William Halim · 02/03/2020

Wonderful experience, fuss free way to get the tickets! It was virtually empty in the morning! Great views of the area! Coffee served on the observation deck was relatively affordable!

Ivan · 28/02/2020

Nice place to took photo and chill. You can take as much photo u want without any time frame n there’s few bars n restaurant if u want to hangout. Not much people when i came probably the misty weather so it’s not so clear to take photo. Ticket redemption is surprisingly fast too. I bought the ticket on the spot when i’m at lotte mall n within few mins i can go n redeem the ticket at the B1 counter. High recommend to other traveller if u visit hanoi

nurhatiqah · 28/02/2020

the view quite nice & the activities they provided also suffice. just that when you go at night you cant really take nice photo ?

Catherine · 27/02/2020

At first, my boyfriend was afraid but the staff made it comfortable to take pictures haha. Enjoyed it so much)

Jett · 26/02/2020

very easy to find the redemption counter. they took pictures of each one of us before we went to the observation deck. we enjoyed taking pictures at the different themed-zones such as the love photo zone, the sky dating garden, freeing sad memories and heart by heart.

Rosalie · 22/02/2020

Amazing experience ? A bit scary at first but once you witness the nice city view, you’ll forget about your fears! Affordable din ?

Camille · 19/02/2020

Not yet checked in

We arrived at the observation desk and was about to collect the tickets. The staff suggested us not going up since the weather was terrible - very foggy, and told us the tickets can be used within a year. So, we will come back next time :)

Vince Lee · 17/02/2020

Just WOWWWWW, one of the best thing to do in Hanoi!

Obied Umar · 07/02/2020

Ticket exchange was fairly easy at the entrance of the observation deck. However, I'd suggest to purchase tickets on the spot as the weather is unpredictable as we almost could see nothing during our visit - super hazy during the end of our trip.

Seong Liyn · 07/02/2020

A must do in Hanoi. It lives up to expectations, the view is great and the environment inside in very cozy.

Joao Paulo · 03/02/2020

Very easy to redeem the tickets. The view was nice. Thank you so much Klook! Highly recommended

Kathrine · 01/02/2020

Yoshimi night view

Meet the kind Taiwanese to help us take a family portrait. The supermarket downstairs is also very good to buy

Pei Ying · 31/01/2020

Special experience different from the old town

It took about 99,000 VND (about NT $ 130) from the old town to take a grab. The building itself is Lotte Department Store and Lotte Supermarket. The entrance is near the supermarket on the ground floor. If you can't find it, you can ask the service staff about the "65th floor" and they will understand. We just show the voucher for the mobile app directly after buying it. We don't have to go to the old city office to change the paper or wait for him to send it. There are several free binoculars on the top floor and two glass floors for taking pictures. There is also a Nentley. After going downstairs, I went to Lotte Supermarket and bought a lot of Vietnamese gifts, cheap ~

昱維 吳 · 30/01/2020

It was a very nice view over whole Hanoi. It’s located on the 65 floor of the building and has a 360 degree view. Going up just before sunset was a great advise. The price feels a little high though.

Christoph Niklas · 17/01/2020

A nice tower to visit when Hanoi. It gives you an overview of the city from the 65th floor. The expereince was great. Mostly took photos at the glass floor area. If you have extra budget to see this in the city, better book. You can also roam around the mall inside Lotte when you're done at the tower.

Maria Adelia · 13/01/2020

The building had so much to offer consisting of department store and grocery on the ground floor, wide variety of restaurants, and a roof deck used for sight seeing. There were also restaurants on top to really enjoy the perfect 360 view of hanoi. The coolest thing there was the elevator.

Louis Dayne · 11/01/2020

Bought this on the spot while I was at the lobby and it was immediately accepted. Price is very similar to what you pay at the counter but you get the skip the queue!

Peng Sheng Raynor · 08/01/2020

Indeed the highest deck you can get up to in Hanoi, but the weather condition in Hanoi is terrible that almost everyday you’re in the mist.

Cho Hsuan · 06/01/2020

it's a must see... the place is easy to find... and is best visited in the morning so you'll have a better view. we stayed until around 6:30pm you'll only see city lights by then...


Went at 9.30pm. There were nobody around! It was fun exploring the place by ourselves! I would go back again!

Pei Shi · 04/01/2020

A great and convenient experience as redeeming tickets is easy. They have personnel to guide us to the lift and up we go to the observatory deck. We have a great time up there taking as many photos as you like as there is no time limit. A must go to all tourists.

SOCK CHEE · 02/01/2020

Should go there at later afternoon so you can see the city view while there's still sun light. Then stay there until evening so you can see the city lights. Ticket redemption is easy at B1 floor. Dedicated lift to 65th floor observation deck.

Edgar Paul · 01/01/2020

The observation itself was great just that we went on a very polluted and cloudy day that we couldn’t see anything. Not sure how lucky you have to be to see blue sky in Hanoi though.

Chun Wai · 30/12/2019

The lotte observation deck is great for scenic views and fun (and dramatic hehe) photos with friends and family. I’d suggest being there right before sunset for a more colorful sky. The elevator ride up is cute and entertaining too.

Monica Maria · 29/12/2019

We came at night! The view is also superb from the 65th floor of Lotte tower. But i think it is better when you came at sunset time.

Thareen Love · 29/12/2019

It was fun up on the 65th floor to see the entire view of Hanoi. It could have been better if the weather was nicer to be able to watch sunset. Such a pity.

Yi Ling · 27/12/2019

Pay and get the pass, really convenience . It’s a great experience. Good view. Lucky that not much ppl on that day.

Hoi Ching · 26/12/2019

Nice place to chillax with friends. View was a bit underwhelming.

HUI PING · 26/12/2019

panoramic view

This building is equal in height to one in Saigon but gives us a better breathtaking view. Its facilities are better than Saigon because of food and beverages. Opposite this building is vincom centre that has better facilities that cater to the needs of the customers and satisfy them.

Abdul Rashid Osman · 24/12/2019

Buying the tickets online were cheaper than if you purchased on the spot. The observation deck was really empty when we went around 11am on a weekday, with fewer than 10 other visitors. Nice views of Hanoi and some cute photo spots.

Hui Han · 21/12/2019

Lotte Observation Deck

It was great to have the tickets delivered to our hotel. With that we just went straight to the Observation Deck without any hassle.

Boon Swee Tan · 21/12/2019

Easy to claim the tickets from the counter. A pity that the sky was foggy so not able to get a good picture the sunset.

Yee Ping · 20/12/2019

There was no problem exchanging the voucher to tickets. It was an easy and fast ride up to the 65th floor. Attendants were also helpful. Place was not crowded as expected and we took some awesome photos. There was even an art exhibit on top. We had some time afterwards to shop at Lotte Supermarket. Thanks Klook!

Glorybelle · 19/12/2019

Easy redemption of ticket. This is an amazing way to see a 360 view of Hanoi, too bad it was a bit cloudy when we were there, I'm sure during better weather the view is much more spectacular.

Gregorio George · 16/12/2019

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