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Klook's buying process is good. But the Jump Arena staff was a bit slow. Customer's slow check-in staff is 11 minutes by shift. But the conductor said I did not allow the correct 60 minutes because the shift was like that.

Hoang Lam · 28/02/2021

Klook's buying process is good. But the Jump Arena staff was a bit slow. Customer's slow check-in staff is 11 minutes by shift. But the conductor said I did not allow the correct 60 minutes because the shift was like that.

Hoang Lam · 28/02/2021

Very good activity for kids and teenagers. Highly Recommended!

NGUYEN · 21/02/2021

The game is very fun, suitable for you from 6 to 60 years old

NGUYEN · 15/02/2021

It was a weekday, so it was nice to be able to use the large space freely because nobody was there, and the staff was grateful for playing with the child.

TAEIL · 14/01/2021

Many exciting, exciting, fun movement games .. help develop muscle and stay healthy .. especially jumping and climbing ..

MINH SANG · 06/01/2021

Very exciting place. Recently Klook has ticket of one hour. Klook should have ticket type of two hours.

NGUYEN · 03/01/2021

Place is big. We spent the afternoon at the park and enjoyed ourselves.

Puay See · 26/12/2020

Good experience! Highly recommend for children at 5 year old or above. If it is bigger, it’s perfect

Huyen · 24/12/2020

The staff are friendly and the price is cheap

jeehee · 22/12/2020

It was a fun experience, i love the climbing challenge tho I cannot conquer it. I’ll come back for sure.

Hanh · 16/12/2020

The children really liked it, being active to run, jump, climb, throw (foam) at each other.

Nga · 11/12/2020

Children are shown how to move and warm up before playing

Hong Anh · 21/11/2020


Mình đi 1 team khoảng 10 người rất vui. Nên chơi không giới hạn để chơi được nhiều trò chơi hơn và nên phân phối sức đều để chơi các trò được thoải mái nhất.

Thanh Nguyen · 10/11/2020

Large space, playing a lot of games, running and jumping for a while, not breathing out breath, however there is one minus point that fake climbing rope is quite foul, need vs continuous to avoid this situation: ((((

Thi Thuy · 07/11/2020

Fun. useful. so try to go on Jun is much cheaper. cute staff.

Dung · 02/11/2020

My son & I have been frequent visitors to Jump Arena and we really like this place. Great spot for some fun & sweat. Friendly staff. Although Jump Arena Tang Bat Ho has a broken game for weeks. And for some reasons, Tang Bat Ho has fewer games than in Thao Dien.

Nguyen · 30/10/2020

Play is quite fun, enthusiastic staff. The climbing game is a bit difficult, so do regular exercise and sports if you do not want to hurt after playing =)))

Danh · 29/10/2020

It was so great. We had a lot of fun, the staff there was so nice. Rock climbing was a little smelly, but overall an excellent experience.

Hanh Nguyen · 25/10/2020

child is very happy and happy. then go out.

TAEIL · 16/10/2020

Extremely interesting experience! Unfortunately there is little time to play all the zones. Jump arena is suitable for all ages

Thuy Linh · 15/10/2020

Great moments with my friends! Jump Area team is super supportive

Chi · 06/10/2020

Enthusiastic support staff, clean facilities, some maintenance services

NGOC BAO · 05/10/2020

Play is fun and the support staff is enthusiastic, the facilities are maintaining a number of services

NGOC BAO · 05/10/2020

Staff was enthusiastic and friendly, I lost my password and could not access the app, the staff allowed me to check in by mail, great !!! thank you!!! Klook !!!

Thanh Hoa · 06/09/2020

Staff was enthusiastic, I could not access the app, the staff allowed to check in by email !!! Love the staff here !!!

Thanh Hoa · 06/09/2020

Interesting place for Junior. We will come back on every weekend

le · 29/06/2020

đồng ý

Không gian cơ sở BigC hơi nhỏ so với kỳ vọng, các bạn nhân viên nhiệt tình hướng dẫn.

Manh Cuong Thai · 06/06/2020

My 3-year-old kid loves the play area due to the jumping hole with many orange-green square pads. The couple also tried dancing and just being tired for a while. Have a great weekend.

Quang Dung · 06/06/2020

My family and I went out on 1/6 at Jump Arena Big C Thang Long. Initially, the playground is quite small and not as attractive as photos, only suitable for small children. Called Jump arena is true, 90% of the area is jump, quite monotonous. The wall climbing part is the most eager when it comes to only 3m wall, wireless coverage is quite disappointing. However, it also causes perspiration and it is difficult to overcome all the games.

Quang Dung · 06/06/2020

experience in bigc thang long though a bit small but also tired enough, just like a gym session always

Thi Van Anh · 25/05/2020

Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good

THAI HOANG · 25/05/2020

There are 5-6 games. During the week, you should buy unlimited tickets to play for the weekend, so buy tickets for 1 hour instead of 2 hours because playing 30 'will start to get tired.

Linh Chi · 24/02/2020

Quick and convenient procedure (just present the code at the counter). The second advantage is the lower cost than buying tickets directly.

THI MAI · 09/01/2020

Though for an old guy like me, the activity is a little risky and tough, young people should enjoy it much. The Klook voucher was welcomed.

Joy · 02/01/2020

It costs VDN $ 35,000 to get a grab car from the old town. You must wear rubber-bottomed non-slip socks to enter the venue. There are special socks on the site, which are not expensive. The venue is very large. There are different pop net areas, rope net arrays, three-story bunny jumps, cushion challenge areas and rock climbing rafters. It is very exciting and fun. It is enough to play for three hours and is exhausted exhaust.

Pui Fong · 01/01/2020

Place was quite empty on a weekday. Spent about an hour there. Kids had fun.

Sze Wei · 23/12/2019

It was super fun of 1 hour. Jumping on trampoline was fun and they had other activities as well like rock climbing, bungee jumping etc. very much recommended.

RAHUL · 22/12/2019

Easily accessible by grab. Convenient to purchase and use coupon immediately at the location.

lih chen · 22/12/2019

Enjoyable time for kids. Weekend ticket is only for an hour of fun but worth the money.

lih chen · 22/12/2019

Very fun experience. The staffs are friendly and patient enough to show us how to play. Good choice of spending an afternoon there.

Hoi Ki · 19/12/2019

excellent! the kiddos enjoy themselves alot. a great place to bring them here for those who have kids.

Kang Tao Ellen · 13/12/2019

It was very nice and the kids loved it. However, the location is a little remote and the traffic is inconvenient.

MYUNGGUK · 10/12/2019

had a lot of fun in this activity! we are so glad we booked it last minute. my partner and I enjoyed so much and the staffs were very assistive. definitely 5/5! :)

Arielle Danielle Anne · 16/10/2019

Great place for children in Hanoi. Let’s come and play!

HUY HOANG · 03/09/2019

We spent about 90 minutes there and had great fun. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Ask them for jumping tips, your jumping will be more joyful and less lame :D Don't forget to check out the rock climbing area where you can give your legs some rest :)

Hung · 24/08/2019

Great Experience with my friends in Jump Arena - 1A Tang Bat Ho.

HUY HOANG · 12/08/2019

Kids loved the trampolines, easy to find location. Clean and fun for the kids. Great!!

Man Wai · 07/08/2019

Great and fun activity! Worth it to buy on klook with promo code and discount

Shi Jun · 29/07/2019

Well managed, clean and well staffed location. Bring a towel as you will get very sweaty. They had lockers that were free. I would recommend getting the unlimited tickets so you can do all the activities including rock climbing and indoor bungee jump. We took a 4 year old and a 9 year old and both had a great time

Robert · 11/07/2019

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