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Based on 5 reviews

Im happy with this item. Worth the price and quick arrangement! Definitely will try again! Thanks for the swift assistance! Keep it up!

Karen Mae · 04/11/2020

Very reliable and speed is also very fast! It made my trip to Hong Kong very easy.

Jasper Philip · 01/03/2020

Reliable Wifi

Excellent. Very reliable wifi. It is strongly recommended.

Tee Hoang · 21/02/2020

It was good and easy access. No deposit needed. Able to enjoy the tour specially at HK Disneyland.

Mylene · 14/02/2020

Mr Steve

Love the pocket wifi. No problems. Great service !

Stephen Johansen · 10/02/2020

good value

Good value and fast enough internet, only disadvantage is the size, I did not carry it out due to the size, but some people may like because it can recharge your phone

Dennis Ho · 08/02/2020

long battery life

Hands down for the battery life!

Irish Monique Rabena · 06/02/2020

The Best!

Thank you kkday for being considerate. Our trip to hong kong was cancelled and they gave me a full refund. :)

Arrian Jade Cambi · 04/02/2020

This thing is god send. It really helped my travelling throughout Hongkong and Macau. This is a must have thing to have if you are visiting!

Abner · 03/02/2020

HK Portable WiFi

Great connection and reliable device.

Maria Theresa Uy · 02/02/2020

No issue in availing wifi via klook they made our trip easier and hassle-free. Pick up and return of wifi is easier too. The wifi is in good condition and very easy to use. you can use it all day long while traveling to Hongkong and Macau and the wifi connection is very fast.

Hazel · 01/02/2020

A must-have when travelling to Hong Kong! It was very convenient to use and helped us stay connected while traveling... Recommended and a must have for every travel.

Muhammad Haris · 01/02/2020

Travelling with access to the internet is very convenient. Getting to the counter to claim the pocket wifi device was easy. There was no queue when I got there. The device was fully charged and working when I got it and the signal was good for the duration of my stay. The return process was quick and easy too - just drop off at the counter where you picked it up.

Talitha Maria · 01/02/2020

A big help during our whole trip! Recommended and a must have for every travel.

Joyce Ann · 29/01/2020

Hassle Free and always connected during our HK trip!

Joyce Ann · 29/01/2020

For fast and reliable internet access... this is a must! I opted for this one because of the long battery life and it didn’t disappoint. It lasted me an entire day without having to charge it. I was always connected with no problem. I even got to play my heavy duty game with it too. Pick up and return at the counter is really easy. The plug to charge it even has additional USB slots so you can charge other devices too! The only downside it is bulky, but that is expected for a reliable and long lasting pocket wifi.

Lissette · 29/01/2020


It was easy and fairly quick to pick up the wi-fi device for our holiday in Macau and Kong Kong. The device worked perfectly for us in connecting to the internet for our stay.

Paul Butler · 28/01/2020

Very reliable car service. The van is spacious and can accommodate 12 adults. Driver came on time and helpful with the luggages. The best option to get to your destination quickly and safely – no long lines for a taxi, no navigating public transit.

Yanny · 26/01/2020

A must-have when travelling to HK! Made going from one place to another a lot more efficient and hassle-free as we were able to use google maps and HK MTR app, as well as fb messenger. Always had good signal and battery lasted the whole day. Fast and easy pick up and return process too!

Angelica · 25/01/2020

best way to travel with

Easy transaction, easy to use, fast connection, long lasting battery, efficient, convenient, very light to carry

Alchee Vert Sumalinog · 24/01/2020

The pocket wifi helped us a lot to get in touch without any worries. We're always connected anywhere... From hongkong to macao. The battery has long life too. Even if started the day so early, it lasted until night. Just wee to it to fully charge the apparatus before using it for the whole day. We're able to share our pictures and get connected because of this pocket wifi. Thank you.

Paulette Anne · 22/01/2020

Good value and works well

Excellent deal, fast Wi-Fi. Hassle-free pickup.

Francis Lu · 18/01/2020

Very convenient and a must when travelling to Macau and Hong Kong. Enables the bearer to be connected online 24/7 without hassle!

Alexson · 18/01/2020


Do not depend on free wifi. Super fast internet connection. Pocket wifi comes with a bag and charger. You can also charge your phone in this pocket wifi.i

Lady-Lou Cancio · 17/01/2020

We got ours at Hong Kong International Airport arrivals area counter A5. It is very convenient because the signal is strong and we can use it everywhere we go. Battery life i think is good because after we use it, we turn it off then we will just open it if we needed it.

Jennifer · 17/01/2020

Works immediately. Easy to claim, just right outside the arrival hall, near the mtr tix booth. The battery pack lasts longer than expected. You can return it to where you picked it up.. no hassle just make sure ro return it early as the gate is far and the booth is on the ground floor.

EDDIELYN · 13/01/2020

I been to hong kong for so many times but its the first time to rent a pocket wifi and its so wort it! We are always connected to our love ones here in manila, especially for the pasubuy ? and we able to see the train stations time and no more lost in HK ☺️

VENJIELEEN · 11/01/2020

Highly recommended! Connection was very fast and the battery lasts the entire day. The unit was also east to use and charges quickly. Kept us connected during our stay in HK.

Ihna Alyssa Marie · 09/01/2020

very fast wifi... although it became a bit slower when we're in macau.... the charger has multiple usb ports so we also used it for charging our phones since hk plugs/outlet is different from ph plugs/outlet...

Abigael · 08/01/2020

A must-have when travelling to Hong Kong! It was very convenient to use and helped us stay connected while traveling. Will book again in the future :)

Erika Denyce · 06/01/2020

Pick up and return was convenient and fast. The pocket wifi was a bit heavy but it’s battery lasted the whole day! It’s crazy. It survived a whole day of Disneyland and night shopping. We can have it on from 10 am to 10pm. Good value!

Anna Katrina · 05/01/2020

Very easy to use. ? we just presented the voucher at the counter and it was already approved and can be used immediately.. no long lines. will recommend to friends as well ?

Shelly Jane · 03/01/2020

Going to Hongkong and buying this is a must! Very convenient, fast and strong internet connection. Regardless of where we are in HK and Macau.

Rica Mae · 03/01/2020

Highly recommended for those who are travelling to Hongkong and Macau. The internet connection is fast, plus the counter is very easy to locate and they do not require security deposit for the device. Thank u so much Klook!

VENER · 03/01/2020

Located at the arrival hall lobby’s far left corner, so easy to claim on your way out. Good internet speed. Remember to go back down to the arrival area to where you picked it up before you get through immigration on your flight back home.

Alexander · 03/01/2020

Battery life lasted the whole day. Speed was ok. No change even of multiple gadgets were connected. Signal strength was good as well.

Nydia Marie · 02/01/2020

We used to buy sim card when travelling abroad. This is the first time that we try using a wifi device and we really enjoy it. Battery life is superb, can be used for two days in a single charge. Wifi signal and coverage is great, gives me 4G quality up to Nong Ping 360.... Easy pick in the airport, no need for deposit. Just show your Klook voucher and in less than 5 minutes you already have your wifi device. Recommended for a group with 5 members.

BRIAN · 01/01/2020

?? we stayed connected with our family and friends!

Fenalyn · 31/12/2019

Convenient pickup of the device at the airport. Other than the device being bulky, the hotspot helped us navigate hong kong with ease. Fast speed internet that allows you to play videos, audio and other apps. Battery life was amazing. Haven’t charged the device and its been two days already (provided you turn it off when not used)

Daniel Vicente · 31/12/2019

Good wifi connection battery last almost the whole dat , used it for maps and navigation so far so good, will definitely book this again when we return to hong kong , hassle free airport pick up only downside is the pocket wifi too big and bulky

Co · 31/12/2019

The counter was really easy to find in the airport and the staff was easy to communicate to. As for the pocket WiFi, the connection is pretty fast and it doesn't easily get lowbatt.

LEONA CYNTHIA · 30/12/2019

very convenient to navigate through HK and Macau. the battery lasts a long time and very strong connection. the casing though, is very bulky so i just bring the unit itself rather than the entire package.

Jacqueline · 24/12/2019

good internet connection here in hk. very convenient to get from the airport. no long lines and deposit. just show ur klook qr code ???

Jericho Stephen · 23/12/2019

A MUST HAVE WHEN TRAVELING IN HONG KONG AND OR MACAU Pros: 1. Easy to pick up at the airport. No deposit needed, just present your voucher. 2. Fast and uninterrupted connection wherever you go (can download videos, music, or games all you want). Good for finding your way in and out of the city. 3. Battery life lasted almost the whole day with 3 pax connected. It can easily be charged via power bank if drained. Little Cons: 1. Quite bulky so you'll have to leave it inside a bag instead of carrying it around. Careful though that (refer to next) 2. Prolonged stay inside your bag will heat the device (expected). So you might want to check on it every time especially during summer

Kevin Lorenz · 23/12/2019

Really handy and really fast ! Also, the battery lasts for such a long time even when the pocket wifi is on for the whole day

ARIANNE LARISSA · 21/12/2019

This pocket wifi helped us to stay connected while travelling. Thanks to this, we didn’t get lost while exploring Hong Kong and Macau as we have access to online maps. Easy to pick up at the airport. No credit card deposit needed. Just present your voucher and that’s it. The connection is great, fast internet, no connection issues encountered even if there’s 5 of us using it. Battery lasted for 10-12 hours on full charge. Note: The device temp can get quite hot when stored on your bag for a long time so take it out once in a while. Nonetheless, it served its purpose well. Overall satisfied!

Reginal · 19/12/2019

Battery lasts up to 10-11 hours. Really great to stay connected to the internet so you’re updated with whats happening in HK, navigation and looking for restaurant recommendations! Booth was easy to find also!

Pia Maree · 18/12/2019

Very convenient way to travel from Macau going back to Hong Kong. You can ride a free shuttle bus from Grand Lisboa going to Macau ferry terminal.

Issa Marie · 17/12/2019

The device lasts for a long period of time with fast signals in both HK and Macau making navigation in both cities easy. Also the pick up and drop off point is very accessible and can be easily located at the airport

sheree · 13/12/2019

In my 5 days stay in HK and Macau, the WiFi never failed me! It has a strong WiFi connection everywhere I go. It also never gets drained even though I’m out the whole day. This is worth it! I’ll avail it again next time!?

Sheena May · 13/12/2019

Product information

Get unlimited high-speed internet in Hong Kong, China, or Macau with a 4G portable Wi-Fi rental. Pick up the Wi-Fi device at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG), then enjoy fast and reliable internet as you travel.

  • Portable Wi-Fi rental devices are subject to on-site availability
  • Travelers will be responsible for any damages to the Wi-Fi rental device and accessories
  • Surcharge applies for exceeding the rental duration (HK$70 / day)