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It’s the first time in my life to experience high-altitude bounce, very enjoyable, the service is also very good, I will visit again in the future

Po Jui · 28/11/2020

A very exciting adventure, although it is a bit expensive, it is worth trying ??

Wei Ling · 18/11/2020

This trip just happened to encounter pneumonia in Wuhan, so this trip was cancelled.

yenning · 09/02/2020


KA CHI · 07/12/2019

Great experience

Next time I challenge the stupid pig to jump, although I have been breathing deeply on it, let myself relax after all the first experience. After jumping, it is quite fun to leave a deep experience for myself.

宇威 林 · 15/11/2019

great experience for first time jumper. not a cheap activity but worth trying for the experience.

Cheng · 22/10/2019

Life must experience

The most wanted is the stupid pig jump, it is a pity that the wrong order was not found, but the scene can be directly increased into a bungee jump, although this is a lot more expensive ~ but it is really worth a visit, experience!

岳峰 蔡 · 21/10/2019

The coaches are super good! It is also very kind and professional. It will understand your ability to transfer your attention so that you are not afraid of such a high place. Hahaha, you must play again! !

PEI SHAN · 01/10/2019

Exciting, good service, staff will appease your nervousness

YUNPENG · 22/08/2019

The activity is fun and exciting. You can exchange tickets directly at the counter on the first floor of the tourist tower. It is very convenient and a great experience!

YUNG I · 15/08/2019

Super fun! In fact, it is not terrible to jump down. ^^ You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery~ If you have a ticket, you can get a piece of clothes, videos and photos! Super worth it!

PO I · 30/06/2019

Service is good, staff there all very kind and friendly... will come back again for bungee jump next time.

Huey Ern · 31/03/2019

Very fun, very exciting, it’s super convenient to buy tickets for friends and family.

CHIENYING · 12/03/2019

It is recommended to experience the Macau Tower with a full set, you can record your entire experience with videos and photos! It is recommended that everyone should be better on weekdays and do not have to queue for too long. After the jump, there is a small snack with a Portuguese egg tower and a drink (coffee or milk tea). I want to experience it again next time. Awesome experience????????

以欣 羅 · 07/03/2019

The coaches are very lively and the whole process is very fun. Although they have to wait at least one hour in line, there are a lot of people, and the speed of queuing is completely by luck. I don't have to worry about selling the tickets at klook first, and it is much cheaper than on-site purchases. I just remember to exchange tickets at the ticket counter at the next floor.

HSIAO TING · 28/02/2019

Very convenient, but be sure to dare to play or not to buy a refund will be very wasteful

YUTING · 26/02/2019

It overlooks the environment around the Macau Tower. The moment of jumping is very comfortable, not terrible, the staff is very kind, and you can challenge the bungee jump next time.

傑宜 龎 · 04/02/2019

Have been asked not to change the stupid pig jump before jumping? But I am really scared! I thought I was brave but I was really nervous one second before the jump, but the scenery I saw with my eyes open was beautiful! Very worthwhile

楷倫 黃 · 17/01/2019

AMAZING! I had to jump twice because of the technical issue during the first jump (video was not set up right). It was a great experience. I did both Tower climb, Sky jump and Sky walk on the same day and it was definitely the best experience I had in Macao!

Nurhazwani · 16/01/2019

I think the scenery here is beautiful and you can see the entire Macau landscape. The restaurant is also rich in food on the 60th floor.

DONGMEI · 15/01/2019

After taking a deep breath and jumping down, I feel refreshed!! The process of falling will not be uncomfortable, like the feeling of sitting on the wrath of God, I really feel that I can change to challenge the bungy jump next time!!

LI TING · 07/01/2019

It’s a great experience for the first try, it’s really awesome~

Josceline Chn · 22/12/2018

Very good and easy to use.. Think that should buy bungee instead of sky jump.. Bungee will be more excited..

Char Ern · 04/12/2018

It’s not too scary, it’s not too terrible. It’s going to slide down the tower for a long time. It’s only two or three hours before it’s time to have a locker room and a paid locker. You can put things in the evening and watch the scenery. The coaches are very patient and cold. Can wear a jacket with the coach

思妤 林 · 26/11/2018

Goofy jump is not terrible at all, and Bai has done a lot of psychological construction. . . Next time I plan to try the bungee

jinzhuo · 24/11/2018

Great, really great! It is recommended to buy the film and photo together. (as a commemoration) Then, really cool, haha ​​hopes to challenge the bungy jump next time.

Wei Lin · 27/09/2018

It was really funny, I thought I could not go bungy jumping, so I jumped on the sky. It was the best choice in Macau.

JONGHO · 11/09/2018

Although the previous information was re-submitted due to personal misunderstanding, but the booking was made quickly, the price was rationalized! And the customer service staff should patiently answer my questions in response to my personal needs and not let me miss the confidence of booking! Thank you

依倫 何 · 09/09/2018

Very irritating~ condescending, hands and feet, some people say that I am more courageous than courage

CHIUNG NI · 07/09/2018

The experience was really tense (sweat), and the high flying speed jumped at a speed of 75 kilometers per hour in 20 seconds, completely feeling the thrill of the fast flying pendant!

政宏 李 · 05/09/2018

It is cheaper to buy in Taiwan than to go to the local area.

Pinghua · 07/08/2018

Going earlier than the appointment time, let us start early, have not waited! Great! Next time consider the stupid pig jump will be more exciting!

Yung Hsin · 31/07/2018

Very safe, high flying speed is slower! More to appreciate the scenery, the only way to overcome the courage to go out!

PIN SYUAN · 18/07/2018

At first, I was scared so much, I was really scared, but I was not scared more than I thought, and the view of Macau down the road was also good. My 70 year old mother also jumped in. I really like her. I made good memories.

erica · 18/07/2018

This high flying jump event, especially chosen to be completed on my birthday, should be my most memorable birthday in my life! I am very happy, although I am really nervous before I jump...

CHIEH YU · 20/06/2018

great experience no problem in finding the place online ticket works even get credits sky jump is little scary but coming down was like ok ok ?

Latesh · 06/05/2018

Good experience but would recommend the bungee . More exhilarating and when you are paying so much , might as well spend a little more and do the bungee.

Akash · 24/04/2018

Not bad, but it's a pity that these days the bungy jumps. Otherwise it will challenge more exciting

CHENG TA · 19/04/2018

High flying jump is fun, not terrible, I must jump jump! ! Like the music and employees of the 61st floor.

shuchu · 27/03/2018

I will definitely do one more time. next time? I would love to try bunjee jumping . :) videos and photos were worth to keep it.

miyeon · 24/03/2018

Although it's a pity that stupid pigs jump to repair, it's also fun to fly! Fast entry, the staff are very eager to help guide the dress, the coaches are also very humorous, super professional! Gao Fei jump really super fun, this jump tower experience is too hard to forget

YITING · 18/03/2018

This is the second jump, it is still very fun, will go again next time! !

ChiaHsiang · 14/03/2018

Finally have the chance to experience the activities I really want to try! ! Unfortunately, without prior planning in advance of the travel time, the scheduled time to catch up, did not buy the most want to try stupid jump, only set to fly, but the road is still very quickly handle the voucher process, so I can feel at ease and excited Complete the long-awaited challenge! ! ! Still want to try the bungy jump again next time! !

Ruei Fen · 08/03/2018

macau tower sky jump is extremely professional, we went early morning and though the bungee jump was under maintenance..... the sky jump was open and I did it! they make amazing videos and photos and process it n no matter of time and give them to us. its must do activity.


It was a great experience. I would definitely tell my friends to try it.

ELENITA · 21/09/2017

You can use a more favorable price to buy, and experience this rare activity, it is worth it! Redemption is convenient and fast! Every time you have to see what is good! Too worth it!

HSUEH YING · 13/09/2017

amazing experience! recommend buyung from its hassle free and very convenient!

charmaine · 26/08/2017

Super fun! But to be optimistic Oh, this is not high-altitude bounce, bungee jumping is, this is slowly put down ~ Do not buy the wrong ~ I bought the wrong and then went to the scene to add money for the stupid pig jump ~

CHIH YAO · 25/07/2017

Booked this via KLOOK without hassle. The SUMMER code makes the price cheaper than their site / walked-in. Staff helping with the equipment super friendly, they made us forgot about the height & enjoyed the jump. But the staff at the souvenir can be more humble, too ego thinking that we not afford to buy the items.

Siew Ming · 17/07/2017

Very very recommended, to jump before it felt very afraid, but after falling on this "flying" general feeling, really is flying, there is no very terrible sense of falling, see the scenery is also great!

Jian yue · 21/06/2017

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Insider Tips:
  • In case nerves get the better of you at 233m up, persuade a friend to join you for a tandem jump so you can encourage each other the whole way down!