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My go to place for bubble tea fix. All the listed prices are above $3. KLOOK app is the only place in $2+. Discount if you have credits. Highly recommended for the bargain hunters

Kwang Hoe · 30/03/2021

Item is easy to purchase and redeem. Staff was friendly.

Wei Yuan Sean · 30/03/2021

i love liho tea a lot. Specially in Chinatown . They are very friendly and cute. Always showing their lovely n friendly attitude to customer.

Mee Seng · 28/03/2021

I love this liho shop here. The lady who always serve me I am really appreciate that. Coz she is pretty friendly

Mee Seng · 25/03/2021

Fast service efficient staff, food is good Liho is one of my favourites. Thank you, thank you for Klook promo I keep on buying more and more and more to share with friends as well.

Candice · 23/03/2021

Very easy to redeem via this Klook app. Always my first choice when it comes to buying bubble tea as it is much cheaper too

Mei Lee · 21/03/2021

Bought while queueing up. Fast and easy redemption. Able to top up $.10 for brown sugar pearl. Very valuable. Repeated purchases all the time, cheaper than other online self collection platforms.

Venetia · 09/02/2021

Good service, good value. Delicious drink, very nice. Staff are friendly and will assist you in redeeming the drink. Hope more variety of flavours are included in the discount package.

David · 06/02/2021

thank you next next, thank you, thank you next thank you next, im so im so happy for this deal thank you oh thank you next thank you oh thank you next thank you next, im so im so happy for this deal

Kim Leong Vincent · 06/01/2021

The cheapest voucher you can find! Liho has the best bubble tea in Singapore! Great value for money by using Klook voucher, can even upgrade to large for extra $1!!

Jeyanthi Sri · 27/10/2020

The fruit tea is very good. Bought it for my financé and he enjoyed it a lot. Good deal compare to the price on the menu. I hope there will be more option for the Klook deal. Absolutely will purchase more

Arnaud · 23/09/2020

Very good deal. I like Liho Milk tea. The staffs are very friendly also. Do not have to wait for too long as some other outlets. I will purchase more next time. Happy with it.

Arnaud · 23/09/2020

This was a high-end bubble tea experience. The tea was flavourful with no aftertaste, and the bubbles were soft and larger than average. AMBIENCE: The waiting area had very basic bar-style seating, which also makes for a unique study or workspace. Also, the whole place smells of red tea, which adds to an already great atmosphere. It is quite worth to buy at KLOOK apps, definitely worth the dollar.

ALEX CHIA YANG · 22/09/2020

The one who serve me bubble tea. That lady are really nice.. I was appreciate that when she serving me... liho tea petty nice and valuable:) Will recommend to my friends

Mee Seng · 04/09/2020

The pearl is golden pearl instead of black pearl and gold pearl is more tasty. The straw is also different from usual type of straw, it is an environmentally friendly straw. Tea is great as usual

PEI JEN · 31/08/2020

Standard bbt and pearls. value for money. if you like liho can get this voucher. Redemption was quick and easy. Good for my daily tea fix. Recommended for Singapore's hot weather. Redemption was a breeze, just had to show the electronic voucher at the Li Ho counter, and it was readily accepted for redemption! Flavour of the tea could be customised to varying sugar levels: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%!

JIN PENG SPENCER · 26/08/2020

Nice bubble tea at a great price. Liho has been my gogetter place for bubble tea nowadays. I always use klook to purchase the credits. There are many Liho in Singapore so you won’t have an excuse of not finding them.

Kwang Hoe · 03/08/2020

Much cheaper than ordering from shop, works out to about $1.90 per cup. The voucher appears on the app in less than a minute. Easy to redeem, just show your mobile phone and redeem the number of units from the voucher. Thank you for this good deal! Repeat purchase. Will repurchase in future.

Khong See · 22/07/2020

Great price for bubble tea in Singapore. Many stores in town too, so you can always have your fix when you crave for one. I am sticking with Liho because of this price, I doubt you can get one cheaper (if no promo) from a franchise. Buy the voucher first before you approach the counter.

Raymond · 18/07/2020

Nice ambiance. There is a power plug where u can charge ur hp in case of emergency. I love the liho bubble milk tea especially the chewy golden bubble.

Yee Shun · 15/07/2020

One of my go getters everytime I need to get a fix for bubble tea. Never disappoints. This is one of the best prices in town (excluding those offers from other app).

Kwang Hoe · 09/07/2020

Service is sufficiently quick. It's not the only option around here, and definitely not the cheapest. So it really depends on what you're looking for in your bubble tea.

Jordan · 01/07/2020

thanks klook & liho, good deal, cheaper than buying off the counter, good for consumers who are not fussy & okay with getting just the standard milk tea, recommended!

Kim Leong Vincent · 28/06/2020

It's best to break your thirst!!! We redeemed this voucher near the Sentosa Beach Station after the long walk under the heat. It was really hot that day so we decided to grab a drink, luckily there is a branch near Palawan Beach. Wherever you are in Singapore, make sure to try LiHo Milk Tea. In highly recommend to purchase it on Klook so you can get it at a good price. Thanks Klook!

Janine · 30/05/2020

had this before circuit breaker. thank god! would surely come back and purchase the voucher after this period and get my bubble tea fix once again. love the golden pearls.

lee · 25/04/2020

Good deal and good drink !! Easy to redeem. This is my favorite bubble tea. I will purchase again. Already recommended to my friends and they like it a lot too.

Arnaud · 17/04/2020

Always like to buy this voucher because it’s a good deal :) and I also top up for brown sugar pearls- sometimes 10c sometimes 20c so that consistent outlet to outlet.

Jasmine · 08/04/2020

Hassle free and fast redemption. Service is quick and the parkway outlet has a spacious seating area and is empty. Good value for money and will always buy liho through klook!

HUI QI · 26/03/2020

My favorite milk tea!! Good deal. Already bought this a lot and will buy more in the future. I also recommended to my friends, they like it a lot :) :)

Arnaud · 25/03/2020

Value for money deal that everyone who likes to buy liho bubble milk tea should get. Klook has always been my choice when ever I want to buy liho. Easy to redeem at any outlet in sg.

Mei Lee · 24/03/2020

Redeemed at Sentosa Beach Station outlet. Was surprised can redeem even at tourist attraction area. Fast redemption. Simply show QR or click the link sent via Klook’s WhatsApp and counter staff knows what to do. Cheaper than purchasing from the counter.

Venetia · 16/03/2020

Value for money bubble tea to quench your thirst. I must say it’s a decent tea at reasonable price. You can find Liho outlet at almost all Malls in Singapore. Ask for zero sugar if you watch out for your diet. The sweetness from the pearls is good enough to sweeten up the tea. Also, since the drink is chilled, ask for no ice.

Kwang Hoe · 09/03/2020

Hassle free to redeem via this app. It is always my choice when it comes to buying Pearl milk tea from Liho as it is much cheaper and very convenient to redeem.

Mei Lee · 28/02/2020

Easy to redeem with the Klook app. Whenever I feel drained after a hard day’s work, it is a joy to avail of this offer to get a refreshing drink from Liho at such a good price. Using Klook credits further reduces the cost!

Teck Wee Gerald · 26/02/2020

Its a great experience. The milk tea taste good and refreshing. The milk tea is refreshing and the black pearls are in good texture and tasting. Will definitely purchase it again in the future. My son really liked it so much. Thanks Liho for the experience. Will definitely purchase it again and agajn ???

Mark Edison · 14/02/2020

This offer is so economical! I even claimed klook credits so the total price was even further reduced! So easy to redeem an energising and soothing drink at any Liho outlet. Just show the voucher and you’ll be enjoying a heavenly experience like I did! :)

Teck Wee Gerald · 30/01/2020

thanks klook for this deal, cheaper than getting over the counter, though the drawback being selection of drinks is limited, nonetheless good deal for those going for standard default drinks!!

Kim Leong Vincent · 21/01/2020

Purchase this Klook voucher just before i redeem it from Liho counter. Very easy. Just show the mobile version to the staff and all are set. We will be given queue number after that to pick up the order. thanks Klook

Mario · 21/01/2020

Instant voucher delivery (bought while queuing up to order). Glad to see they’ve updated clearly the validity by stating ‘applicable anytime within validity period’ instead of the previous style which is to chose a date you wanna redeem (although still valid after the chosen date?) this really eases any confusion esp for ppl who never bought before.

Venetia · 21/01/2020

Good deal!!! The milk tea is good. Have to wait quite long because a lot of people are waiting too. I hope they will have more other option on Klook :):):)

Arnaud · 20/01/2020

I enjoy my Klook discounted milk tea drink with upgrade to white pearl for an additional 20 cents. Using the discounted klook vouchers, I get to enjoy both hot and cold milk tea. In some Liho outlets, you can enjoy your drink sitting down too. Klook, I hope you can have more flavours available to choose from next time. The voucher is really worth the price.

MICAH · 14/01/2020

Good milk tea. Pricing is very fare. This is the basic drink and good for people to try out this store before go for the more expensive drinks. Go for the sugarless drink as the pearls are sweetened themselves

Kwang Hoe · 31/12/2019

One of the most affordable milk tea with pearls you can find in Singapore. Decent taste on great price. Strongly recommend you buy this voucher before ordering.

Raymond · 30/12/2019

It's cheaper purchase at Klook than from the shop. Very easy to redeem the drink using Klook voucher. Just need to show the QR code to the staff and tell her the sugar level you require. The staff will provide you the receipt with the queue number. Your queue number will be called when the drink is ready.

XQ · 26/12/2019

Got this bubble milk tea at Tampines MRT. Service was very efficient and the staffs are very attentive. The drink is awesome. Refreshing. Will definately go back and get more from them.

Wan Fei · 24/12/2019

Went to the Bishan Junction 8 outlet. The voucher is easy to use and it can be redeemed at the counter. It is also quite value for money. Highly recommended!

Jin Kiat · 22/12/2019

Klook voucher is easy to redeem at Liho Jurong Point outlet. just inform the staff that you want to redeem it using your Klook voucher. You may upside your drink by topping up $1 at the outlet. Tell the staff the sugar level that you want, the staff is friendly and helpful. Will buy it again at Klook apps if I need it.

SH · 15/12/2019

Easy to redeem at Jurong Point outlet. Just tell the staff that you want to redeem using Klook voucher. Can be upside by topping up $1 at the counter. Tell the staff the sugar level you want, the staff will scan the QR code from your Klook's Apps. Afterthat just wait for your queue number to be called and collect the drink. very easy and convenient:)

CHOO YAN · 14/12/2019

Fuss free redemption at Jurong Point outlet. just inform the staff that you are using Klook voucher for redemption, the staff will ask whether you want to upside by topping up $1. If you do not want to upside, just get the standard size. You may inform the staff on the sugar level before the staff prepare the drink. very easy to redeem using Klook voucher.

SH · 13/12/2019

Liho Tea is a popular milk tea shop in Singapore. You can find it almost everywhere. We just showed the cashier the voucher code and then we were able to redeem our milk tea!

Angel · 09/12/2019

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