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A lot of food and the staff are really friendly. The portion is good. We had full set dinners for three. Suitable for family dining. The atmosphere is superb - will definitely visit again

Rainbow · 31/03/2021

Food presentation was very nice. Most of the snacks combined very well with truffle. Only 2 of the sweets are not my cup of tea while rest of them worth the money! We have so much fun digging chocolate truffle in the wooden box.

Wing Man Alexis · 30/03/2021

Great location, good food and cozy place, staffs are nice. And good deal for happy hour too if you want extra drinks

Venus · 29/03/2021

Great stunning sea view with reasonably priced French cuisine. Presentation of the dishes are good though the standard is far from satisfactory. Still, given the nice setting and the beautiful sea view and the reasonable cost of the dinner set, it is still value for money

Sun · 29/03/2021

Nice place, Nice Service, Relaxing Feeling

Louisa · 28/03/2021

Friendly staffs, great environment for girls to chit chatting, food is acceptable, would be good if food is served with some introduction. Somehow feeling like seating at a hotel lobby, didn’t feel like a bar at all.

Serena wan Ning · 28/03/2021

Great venue with beautiful decor. Good value for money. The food does not last all night long and is more appetisers than platter.

Summer · 27/03/2021

Have a nice tea time with friend. Love Truffle ♥️

wing yiu · 27/03/2021

The food are ok, services and sitting arrangement is on average.

Zheng Xin · 23/03/2021

The service is superrrrbb the staff so nice when i asked for Move place near window and they help me everything is good highly recommended the food so delicious too thanks klook ?

Fitri Indah · 22/03/2021

The afternoon tea set is pretty and food is delicious. Great environment and the food match with the theme of truffle

Sze Man · 20/03/2021

My friend and I had a great time. The food was fantastic. I highly recommend this place.

Marilyn · 05/03/2021

Didn’t expect too much on the food as W Hong Kong is not famous of its food quality. But it turned out tasted good with very photogenic presentation of food. We got a table for 2 and a table for 1 (thanks to COVID...) and the food was presented nicely. Woobar is a nice and spacious place to chill. Service was ok, except that they are quite busy during tea time and we had to wait for 30 minutes to have the food, and another couple of minutes for the teas. Special thanks to Klook x DBS promotion which made this even more value for money!

Tsz Ching · 03/03/2021

2nd time to enjoy this Beautiful Steamer Basket =D Violet Flora with Cream Cake is cute!* Love Caviar^3^* this time Fresh Sweet Flavor of Tea Amaretto and Grass Honeybush*

芷悦 · 27/02/2021

Lamb Chop is the best!* Caribbean 66% Dark Choco Gold Foil Unique* Pumpkin soup, French Bread, Waffle crispy, Rose Signature Tea.

芷悦 · 27/02/2021

Elegant Dessert~ First Class* ( the Voyager ) Orange Root Ceylon Signature Tea* Sunset is Beautiful~ Love Everythings*

芷悦 · 23/02/2021

We had a great time at Woobar restaurant the food was very good as well as the atmosphere. The only downside was the service they were very slow. I think they were understaffed. It took so long for our main course to arrive but it was delicious so it was worth the wait. I will come back here certainly.

Marilyn · 17/02/2021

The environment is goood and food are delicious. The Chinese style high tea is so impressive with more salty than sweets food. Highly recommend my friends to enjoy such an awesome meal

Hau Yee · 27/01/2021

Food and service are nice. We had a great time with nice food at Woo bar. Klook is easy to use and good deal! Definitely will come back n recommend my frds to try it out!

Tsz Nam · 13/01/2021

The food looks good but unfortunately we booked late and could only be seated right at the entrance of the bar which is too public. Drinks tasted better than the food. We asked to move inward but not successful. The manager said sorry and offered to take photos for us...

Ka Wai · 29/12/2020

We sat near the windows and the environment was comfortable and relaxing. Although most tables were occupied, it was overall quiet and we could chat without being disturbed by others. The desserts were good. And when we ordered the drinks, I casually shared with the waitress that we were celebrating my friend's birthday. And when we almost finished the desserts, the waitress handed us a meringue cake for my friend! What a surprise! We also ordered an additional french fries, which was great taste as well!

TC · 25/12/2020

A very pretty and lovely tea set. Always love their signature tea. Service was a bit slow though as there was it one staff on the floor.

Wai Sum Dianna · 17/12/2020

Service is good, as we have three people, they can arrange table nearby under COVID 19 distancing restriction. Nice atmosphere and environment. Gorgeous looking tea set. Relax mood.

wing yiu · 15/12/2020

Very good service and good food. The dessert has Christmas decorations, the duck leg is recommended

Tiffany · 12/12/2020

The staff was friendly and welcoming. The tea set tasted much better than expected and was very ig friendly. This was definitely worth the deal. Will recommend to friends for sure.

Kwan Wai Queenie · 30/11/2020

A weekday afternoon tea with my dear friends we had such a great time there, the tea set looked lovely and fancy, we ordered an extra club sandwiches, the food was nice and tasty, service was excellent. Highly recommended.

man hing ada · 29/11/2020

we arrived early and they still let us in. called to reserve window seat (though forgot to say harbourview) and were given the best table (with harbourview)! the food was yummy and pretty. though one downside is instead of getting the mac products immediately with your meal, we were given a coupon to pick it up at the store overall it was a good experience!

Yi Ho · 28/11/2020

The staffs are so nice. Great environment and atmosphere. I personally like the savories over the sweets. But what else can you ask for at this price? :)

Anita Christin · 26/11/2020

Was a bit worry at the beginning the food quality as comments from openrice is not that good. but turn out the environment was nice, food was good, and i like their theme as healthy food which let us felt less guilty having this afternoon tea! will try their lunch set next time too!

Ling · 26/10/2020

Staffs are friendly and welcoming. Unexpected quality food ( i thought it’s just look pretty actually taste delicious as good as the looking ) and highly recommend with their signature tea.

sin man · 23/10/2020

The food ingredients were very very healthy. So if you’re a health nut, ie. love tasteless stuff like goji berries, avocado, chia seeds and quinoa, this set is definitely for you. Bear in mind that only 3 tables are directly adjacent to the harbour tunnel view. Other tables have windows but look onto the Elements Civic Square side. The food and champagne came super quick. You will have lots of time to eat slowly and sip your tea.

Jacqueline · 19/10/2020

Use KLOOK Points together with DBS card to enjoy 5% off save a lot. There are 2 sparkling wine and 2 cups of tea included. Good service and nice outside view. Highly recommended.

Yuk Fung · 12/10/2020

The atmosphere is good. But if you don’t like sweet, it won’t be a good choice for you! Service is good, food’s decoration is beautiful! Enjoy the time~

YATING · 12/10/2020

Worth to come back........

zoe · 10/10/2020

The tea set and environment is totally fantastic. ?? If more choices on drinks that should be excellent!? However the staff is comparatively not enough in a 5-star hotel so sometimes not easy to get a waitress’ attention, but once they responded their service is professional?

Shuk Ching · 09/10/2020

Food looks very delicious, but not as I expected 5 star hotel taste...even dink very normal, if pay $500 for this tea set just not worth....

Cheung · 24/09/2020

Good environment and nice view. Good coffee but food just average (which I think the theme a bit... special)

Winnie · 02/09/2020

enough space to keep the social distance between each table; t,he ingredients and combination of the food are great, especially the colors appearance of the tea set are appetizing EXCELLENT services with no doubt, we enjoy the time with woobar!

Frek · 21/08/2020

It's very good experience. The dish of duck leg tastes well as the skin makes crispy. And the desert also makes perfect.

CHI SHING · 16/08/2020

discount price from Klook is really attractive, 3 courses lunch set, appretizer + main course + desert, free flow tea/coffee included. If you ordered 2 cups of coffee (@$85), it's worth the whole package price.

Peter · 14/08/2020

Valuable tea set for relax

Yam ho · 10/07/2020

The environment, ambience and staff are all very nice! They’ve entertained my request to have window seat and happy birthday decor on the tea set which were excellent.? The taste of food and the combination are not very usual. Might taste a bit awkward for some of u.? The presentation of the tea set is awesome though! Worth a try!??

Ceci · 23/06/2020

Nice service, comfortable environment and atmosphere. Of course the tea set is so delicious, elegant and quite surprising. it is recommended for gathering and some people who want to taste something new.

Jackson · 25/05/2020

We tried W hotel fuel your body mind tea set x2. It was great. Due to the wuhan virus pandemic outbreak, there were not many visitor who visited the woo bar. The tea set have small platters and sweets. I like their burger the most. For the cake and sweets, it is still looking for an enhancement in the future. Some healthy type sweet were made by beetroot, however the taste was not merge together for sweets. For their signature tea, I think it was fair enough as up to hotel restaurant standard. The environment is pretty cool and staffs are helpful. Overall to say, it was a good experience to enjoy afternoon tea in W hotel Woo bar.

Bosco · 01/04/2020

they made special arrangement for us as we cannot have raw food and soft cheese. quite accommodating. environment was okay and it was full house on my day of visit. last thing is they only serve one scone per person which is different to other hotels!

peggy · 04/02/2020

The semi-lunch buffet was lovely! There were a wide variety of appetisers available. I like their portions because they are all served in small plates and you wouldn’t eat too much without noticing. This arrangement also keeps the desk clean as there won’t be sauces everywhere. The salmon was sealed perfectly. The dessert was satisfying too.

Hoi Yin · 06/01/2020

Beautiful place ! Warm and cozy service. The buffet bar is well selected and the giant gummy bear is the very eye catching “dish” ! Lovely experience.

wah · 31/12/2019

Very satisfying. Worth the price. The staff kindly made a birthday plate upon request and it’s free of charge. Lovely! Would recommend this place. But the food choices are slightly limited. High quality though.

TY · 28/12/2019

Although only three choices for main course, the food quality is not bad. Appetizers and desserts is sufficient for choices. Service is upscale hotel standard. In general, we were satisfied with the lunch.

WENJUN · 25/12/2019

lacking server there. I appreciate one female staff particularly. the environment is ok and the furniture is getting old.

HAU YEE · 24/12/2019

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