Kinabalu Park & Poring Hot Spring Tour



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Awesome tour. Made new friends along the tour. The park is beautiful and chilly so make sure you bring along a jacket. The hotspring is super cool too

Adli · 24/02/2021

A must go tour if it is your first time to East Malaysia. The tour guide we got is engaging, funny and very knowledgeable about the history of the park. Duration of the hot spring could be longer to fully enjoy and relax. Tour guide even brought us to a waterfall. Overall, the tour is good and I will recommend this tour to my friends.

Shi Xuan · 18/01/2021

Repeated!!One day tour to Kinabalu park and hot spring!! We’re enjoyed this tour very much!!

Teoh · 17/12/2020

Hot Spring was closed due to some unforeseen circumstances. But the tour guide tried his best to replace with other eatery spots

Pui Mun · 17/12/2020

Fun experience and nice weather. Can fill up your half day time. The tour guide was helpful and friendly ;)

YJ · 02/10/2020

My guide was CC Leong . He is a very experienced and helpful guide . Thanks for his’s advice , so I can saw Mount Kinabalu clearly despite raining season. Unluckily Poring Hot spring was closed due to RMCO.

KOK YAP · 22/09/2020

Great trip, great tour guide. However landslide cause a road closure was unable to proceed to hot spring. Tour guide offered to bring us to desa farm however it was already part of the package. Klook manage to provide a partial refund.

Shi Ting · 26/07/2020

Totally Worth It

Had a great experience with Kkday. Our tour guide Hafiz was really knowledgable, friendly and fun. We felt very well taken care of and safe throughout the trip. We enjoyed each of the places we went to. Too bad Desa Dairy was closed due to RMCO.

· 25/07/2020

Excellent service, Expert Navigator, Great personality, Cool vehicle, Clean & comfy.

Raja Shaiful Azizul Azuan · 23/07/2020

*Highly recommended* Although I booked and joined the tour during RMCO period and some unexpected things happend, the local operator made it so amazing and wonderful. I really appreciate the way they treat their customers, because I can feel that they have high responsibility and good work ethics. Special thanks to the local operator and the nice, thoughtful, and patient tour guide - Hafis. PS: Luckily I saw the Mount Kinabalu. kkkkkk

Thi Huong · 21/07/2020

This tour was amazing. our guide is the best guide on the island, a smart and cheerful young man. The guide answered all our questions even in the field of botany and zoology.

Iuliia · 27/03/2020

The ride was super cool with a very experienced driver. Ah Hin is very joyful & makes the experience really worthwhile. Too bad we have really short time for the Poring Hot Spring & really terrible traffic jam on our way back to KK

Cindy · 19/03/2020

We have a great time here, tiring but worth it. Weather is cold, the yogurt ice cream in desa farm is the best. Wanted to go back here again!

Ralph Joshua · 12/03/2020

Hafis our tour guide was very nice, accommodating and knowledgeable. Every nature lover will gonna love this tour so much.

Grace Ivy · 09/03/2020

We were so pleased with the trip. Our guide is knowledgeable, friendly, and had great sense of humor. Definitely will come back ?

Noemi · 05/03/2020

Guide was professional and friendly. The places were beautiful and the activities were fun. Tour was worth booking

Giancarlo Pocholo · 04/03/2020

The tour guide and the driver were on time. The tour guide provided lots of interesting information not only about the tour but of Kota Kinabalo itself. He was very competent in guiding us plus he does it with humor and warmth. The ride was not boring because he initiates conversations about our own countries , language and culture and played stereo songs from our home countries (Philippines and Japan). He and the driver also facilitated with the locals so that we can see up close and personal the famed Rafflesia. The tour itself was enjoyable, challenging and fitness boosting (because of the long climb and canopy walk), refreshing and truly interesting. The rate of the tour was truly worth it!

LETECIA · 02/03/2020

it feels like we're in exclusive trip since the me and my 2 friends are the only inside the car. Have so much fun! especially when we went to canopy walkway. a big thanks to our tour guide Toto, we learned a lot...the history of sabah and its culture because of him?

Monica · 26/02/2020

?️ Great experience.. It takes about 1.5 hours to get to your first destination and 2.5 hours to get back yo the city after the entire tour activity.. Very few tourists due to coronavirus scare.. We're just 4 in the group.. That's quite advantageous for us.. Awesome English speaking guide - Roy Pang.. Loved the view of Mt. Kinabalu at Nabalu market.. We tried the jungle hike.. A bit tiring but worth it.. Desa farm was awesome too.. Great view feels like you're in New Zealand.. Gelato and milk - yummy.. Canopy walk (pay MYR5/camera) - a bit tiring but the was worth the experience.. We also had a short stop at the raflessia farm (pay MYR30/head) and kipungit falls (not part of our itinerary) since we opted not to take a dip on poring hotspring.. Recommended..

Rica Paula · 20/02/2020

-Affordable price to grab -The sight seeing tour was worth it -Enjoyed the tour around -It wasn't crowded -Kids friendly tour -The hike was fine if want to go to the tree canopy -The hot spring was good -Recommended to all.

Siti Wahidahwaty Binte · 16/02/2020

It was a tiring but super adventurous and fun trip! We enjoyed the desa dairy farm the most. The Kinabalu Park walk is very informative, the guide recognizes most of the plants. In the dairy farm, we got to feed milk to the calves. They were adorable. Lastly, we tried the canopy walkway. The trekking was tiring but it was worth it.

Kyle Marie · 16/02/2020

The tour was smooth & the guide was very informative. The tourist spots was breathtaking. We love the baby goat feeding & the montain view. The canopy walk is not for the faint hearted but we made it!? Highly recommended?

Phoebe · 13/02/2020

Awesome experience. Great tour guide! Speakes very good English and shared a lot of things he knows.

Michelle · 13/02/2020

Love it. Guide was very friendly and shared as much information as possible. Kinabalu park not very interesting, can skip if possible? Lunch was excellent like a feast! Canopy walk was very fun.

Joey · 10/02/2020

The organisation and time management of the tour was good. The local travel agency confirmed the booking with us and sent us the pick up details via whatsapp one day earlier. The pick up on the day of activity was on time and our tour guide Roy was very friendly and volunteered to take photos for us. Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, it might be better to have lunch by ourselves than sharing dishes with other travellers. We enjoyed our visit to the botanical garden and canopy walk and were happy that we were able to see the blooming rafflesia.

LO MAN · 10/02/2020

Fun-filled experience especially if you love nature. The Canopy walk is a must do. Great way to have exercise while trekking the jungle. Relax your muscles while dipping at the Poring Hot Spring and have gelato at Desa Farm with Mt.Kinabalu as your view. :)

Djarvin Theodore · 09/02/2020

Good travel guide. Enjoy the whole journey. Note... please wear your shoes cause there will be a short hiking before you reach the canopy. Highly recommended ✌?

Jacqueline Limantan · 26/01/2020

The scene there is so nice and we enjoy⁸ the natural jungle and hanging bridge very much. The guide also took much care of our parents :)

Hiu Ying · 25/01/2020

Friends who like mountain climbing must not be missed

The tour guide was very interesting. He brought a magnifying glass by himself. At first we thought he would look at what it was. He was looking for the smallest orchid in the world and showed us many unique and unique plants. It is very suitable for friends who like nature. Remember that it is easy to encounter rain. Big Sun remembers to carry a lightweight raincoat up the mountain, it will be more convenient to recommend it to everyone

Hui Chun Chuang · 24/01/2020

It was a great experience for both of us. Thank you Klook for the discount.

Michelle Christian · 21/01/2020

Great knowledge about the forest and warm service spirit with patience to the elderly and child. Highly recommend.

Chia Chu · 20/01/2020

Wonderful experience & the place is amazing! The hike going to the canopy walk was tiring but so much fun. Our tour guide, William, is the best and he made everything great and pleasant for us. I think William’s happy & kind nature made our trip even more memorable. We had great chats along the way.

Thessa · 18/01/2020

Travelling around the country side areas are fun! Mt. Kinabalu sure is beautiful and magnificent!

James · 18/01/2020

good one day trip

The trip was a good idea - we could spend a day away in the mountains, learn new stuff and walk in the jungles. A bit tired of riding a minivan but since we had a nice guide we could spend some of the time with fun! Mt. Kinabalu was gorgeous! Recommended if you want to learn more about the island and rest from the city!

Alexander Tsesevichus · 16/01/2020

It's raining but it's different

It was cloudy from the morning, and it rained almost all the time. I bought a raincoat nearby. I gave them peanuts directly and the canopy was thrilling and fun.

Miyeong Kim · 16/01/2020

Enjoy the silau silau trail walk a lot. Our guide is very knowledgeable about the park, since he is the 5th generation local in KK.

Wai Yin · 15/01/2020

The view and scenery was great and especially our guide, Tommy was so professional and humorous It was pleasant journey with him

yunjeong · 14/01/2020

Desa Farm was quite smelly because of the Cattles but the milk here is the best! Ice cream is great, too. It was a great experience learning about Cattle Farming. We weren’t able to go out of the tour shuttle for the Kinabalu park because it was raining quite heavily so we really didn’t have any tour experience here, just looking at trees from inside the tour shuttle. Poring hot spring was okay. We were able to relax and dip our feet in the hot foot tubs. It was relaxing after the long walk around the area. Overall, the experience was good but we weren’t able to tour Kinabalu Park and our guide was quite focused on the Chinese girls in our group. He seemed flirty with them. So he kept on speaking in their language.

Jay Anne · 13/01/2020

Our guide William is great. Really chatty and introduce us to Sabah. But quite a pity that porring hot spring is blocked off by the landslide while we were there’s

Benedict · 09/01/2020

It was great experience. Highly recommend this package who go Kota Kinabalu. The guide Alden was really kind and nice. In addition the bus condition was new and clean. Total 10pax had a journey tght.

Saetbyul · 05/01/2020

It was a pity that the road to the hot spring was closed when we visited. As such we could not do the canopy walk. However the Kinabalu Park was really a nice walk and the yoghurt at Desa Farm was tasty.

Sue Phay · 05/01/2020

The guide was great

I heard that there were roads that were blocked by landslides, which caused road congestion and that we might not be able to go to the canopy walk. The canopy walk that children have been looking forward to the most. The departure time was quicker because there were no tour participants in addition to the five of us, we were able to go to the canopy walk and Paulin hot spring without any traffic jam. I could see Rafflesia! It rained in the mountains and the clouds didn't give a view, but the guide instead took us to a spot where we knew we liked wildlife and saw lots of wild squirrels, nuts Putting them in the palm of the hand gave the squirrels a chance to take them and eat them. I was grateful that the English guide was so fun and laughing all the time that my application was too late to find a Japanese guide. The explanation of the guide was easy to understand and I was able to know various things. I think I wanted more time at the market in Nabal village. Mount Kinabalu seen from Nabal Village was beautiful! At this time, the weather was still fine, so I could see a little cloud. I was able to return earlier than planned. Thank you guide!

KKday Member · 05/01/2020

I had so much fun with these activities despite the very long trip!! Kinabalu Park has many souvenirs, I was able to by my Sabah cap there it was nice ? And Mt. Kinabalu is so majestic!! Canopy Walk is a fun activity also even if we need to take sooo many steps haha, I felt being one with nature because of the tall trees ? Then at Desa Dairy farm we got to try feeding cows, drink milk and chocolate milk, and eat milk and chocolate flavored gelatos!! And the place has also a different view of Mt. Kinabalu, we had so much fun!

Maria Camille Rose · 02/01/2020


1. Rainforest walk in Kinabalu Park Impressive, (Guide Jensen) A pleasant trip with a thorough knowledge and friendly explanation of tropical plants. It was good to see the natural scenery 3. (I was blocked by a landslide) I was going to Desa Farm instead of the scheduled canopy walk and Poring Hot Spring. It feels like Daegwallyeong ranch in Korea. I bought milk, yogurt and ice cream, but it was really good. 4. Lunch is also very delicious. 5. The distance to the mountain is a long distance (2 hours by car), and there are many mountain roads + curves. Other than that, it was a really satisfying and impressive tour overall. Recommended for a first day tour of Kota Kinabalu.

병권 박 · 01/01/2020

very good.... we learned a lot from our informative tour guide. we were not able to go to poring hot spring because of some unforeseen events. nevertheless.. he brought us to desa farm which is so very nice too. we ate yummy ice cream. and the weather was very cold. the mountain was majestic as well.

Maria Lillian · 31/12/2019

Due to landslide, the canopy walk and the hot spring cancelled. Schedule changed to Kinabalu park and drama farm . You will need a sport shoes to do a short walk in the nature park. Our tour guide introduced a lot of plants and animals located in this nature park. What A good live geography this tour is. You can see cow milking in dead farm, and the milk gelato taste good.

yin yu · 31/12/2019

trail walk in the mountains was tired but it was really nice to meet fresh air and nature~ driver and guide Bernard was very kind :D lunch quality was nice

JUNGIN · 29/12/2019

The activity could have been rated 5 stars. but i am giving it 3 stars. poring hit springs was replaced with cat village. the trip from the Cat Village to Kinabalu Park took about 2.5 hours which was very tiring, and you can't avoid feeling cramped inside the van. traffic was crawling from the cat village to desa farm. as a result, we had our lunch at about 3:30pm. by the time we reached kinabalu park it was 4pm. i personally prefer spending more time at Kinabalu park. anyway, guide was very conversant in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. no problem with the driver. cool weather in the mountains. nice mountain backdrop; good for those who want to take selfies and groufies. great handicraft store at tuaran.

James · 26/12/2019

We cannot go to the hotspring, treetop bridge and see the big flower due to landslide. They arranged us to desa farm instead. Tour guide is nice and talkative.

Ho Tin · 25/12/2019

Its a good experience, especially the trip to Mt Kinabalu park as we are able to walk thru the forested park. Our guide Bernard was also friendlu and provide us with fun facts about Sabah along the way. Would recommend this to natural lovers.

Kyaw Bo Bo · 24/12/2019

Product information

Malaysia's landscapes and sulphur baths

Insider Tips:
  • Towel
  • A change of clothes (for the hot springs)
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun protection
  • Warm jacket
  • Raincoat
  • Cap/hat
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