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very good and good game

CHUN HO · 17/04/2021

One of the best experience. We enjoyed the view and the food ?

Tricia Mariel · 06/03/2021

You may want to join this tour when you visit East Malaysia, Sabah. As you will get to see Mount Kinabalu from afar. Fireflies are really beautiful at night! Also it depends if you're lucky to spot the long nose monkey (didn't manage to spot any during my tour). :( Meals are so so... They can improve on that, hence only giving 4 stars for this tour. Overall, would still recommend my friend to visit if they haven't see fireflies before.

Shi Xuan · 18/01/2021

Wonderful experience

SO LIN · 27/11/2020

The trip is so nice! Highly recommended!

Kin Ying · 20/11/2020

Guide was very informative and made the trip so much fun. It was also nice to see the proboscis monkeys and even the long-tailed macaques. The fireflies cruise was spectacular and magical.

Giancarlo Pocholo · 02/03/2020

The beach for the sunset was a must go and the fireflies were spectacular. The time for dinner wasn’t quite enough though.

MAN YEE KARENA · 05/02/2020

so many beautiful fireflies ~~~ I enjoyed the trip~

Sylvia · 27/01/2020

Two thumbs up to our guide! We enjoyed the tour. Highly recommended. Highlight of tis tour was the fireflies watching. We are so fascinated!

Ma Victoria · 24/01/2020

This is very nice and cheap, as it includes the transfer and food! The fireflies are very great to see! Thank you so much klook!

Chino Antonio · 23/01/2020

our guide was very nice, informative, and picked us up on time. we mostly saw common lizards. we didnt get to see the long nose monkey until the very last minute of the river cruise. the monkeys were disturbed by the careless and noisy tourists from other boats. the sunset at kawakawa is the BEST i've ever seen in my life - make sure to get here on time! it's an experience of a lifetime. the firefly cruise was magical and truly memorable. food served was just okay. make sure to bring mosquito repellent. toilets are dirty, beware.

Dyanne April · 14/01/2020

Going to Kawa Kawa River was like two hours drive from the city. We were able to see some proboscis monkeys but we were not so lucky and we saw only the small ones. But I was happy with the snacks and dinner they served. It was a buffet dinner with unlimited coffee / tea and juices. I also enjoyed the firefly watching. Unfortunately we just stayed there for 5 minutes because of heavy rain. But thanks for this great trip Klook, it was way cheaper booking this activity in Klook rather than booking it in the city??

Margeorie · 03/01/2020

You will be sitting on a boat and look for proboscis monkeys on the tree. The tour guide will stop the boat so that you can easily find monkeys. Only a few Proboscis monkeys on Earth, so it is not easily to find them. Fortunately we find one before the boat trip end. You can find other animals during the boat trip. You will be transported to another pier to visit fireflies. A lot of Fireflies flying on the tree. It is impossible to take photos of these fireflies, enjoy the trip with bare eyes

yin yu · 31/12/2019

The tour guide is nice and the fireflies are beauty and glorious.

Yin · 26/12/2019

Its a good experience, especially the tour of the fireflies at night. For fireflies session the boat will bring you to the pitch black river. Unfortunately we were not able to see alot of monkey for this trip. Our guide Tommy was also friendly and provide us with fun facts about Sabah along the way. Would recommend this to natural lovers. They also provide us light snacks and dinner.

Kyaw Bo Bo · 24/12/2019

Our tour guide didn't really talk to us except for the start of the tour. We weren't really able to learn more about the animals we saw or about the fireflies. All we were given were instructions but not information. The food provided for dinner and teabreak was also so-so. I think there are better tours out there (such as Amazing Borneo), this may just be the experience for us but we did not really enjoy our tour for this.

NURSYARIFAH · 21/12/2019

This cruise is so amazing! My favorite part would be watching and catching fireflies at night ? There's so many and they almost light up the whole lane of trees!! Of course, watching the proboscis monkeys is also fun ??

Danielle Joyce · 11/12/2019

Cheaper and easy to redeem....good to purchase via klook...

SCHIUEH SEE · 09/12/2019

The tour guide was nice and friendly. He tried his best to locate all of the different species in the river forest. What a delightful experience. Food are fair but already better than what I expect.

hiu ching · 06/12/2019

A rare experience, it is recommended for those who like nature!

After playing for a day, it is very worthwhile to have a special service to pick up and drop off the bus, and the fireflies at night are so clear that it is worth the fare alone!

N Lee · 28/11/2019

Tour guide is on time and very professional. We get to see many types of inhabitants including proboscis monkey n

YAP · 29/10/2019

It’s quick hard to find a monkeys, depends on your luck. However, fireflies are definitely memorable and worth the price. I enjoyed it!

Tsz Him · 28/10/2019

The trip was great! It rained a lot at the start so we were a little worried that we wouldn’t see anything but we saw loads! We saw the proboscis monkeys, Monitor lizards, poison crabs, warthogs and of course the amazing fireflies! The fireflies were the highlight they were magical ? the food was also pretty good and the guide was also great!

Hannah · 16/10/2019

Experience turned our better than we expected! The pick up was on time, the guide was friendly and offered alot of information about KK. The river cruise was scenic and beautiful, except when a group of Chinese tourists joined the boat later, made a ruckus and could not follow instructions. The firefly tour was the highlight of day (night). Spectacular! Would have been perfect if not for said group again spoiling the atmosphere.

Sue Xian · 15/10/2019

Amazing fireflies and the food was sumptuous! Too bad we weren't able to watch sunset because of the haze. Overall, the tour was good, very respectful tour guide.

Mary Jane · 23/09/2019

Memorable Solo Travel! :)

I love the fact that solo travelers can participate in this tour. Most apps require at least 2 people to book Sabah-related activities so I’m grateful. Roy is okay; when you ask questions, he’s ready to answer anytime and willing to take photos of you! Driver was super friendly as well! The wetland cruise itself was breathtaking, even the food is just heavenly (I eat a lot so the buffet’s really good). The monkeys stand out, as well as the fireflies, like Christmas lights at night. Thanks kkday!

RAMZEL SUAREZ · 20/09/2019

very good

I had a really funny and good guide. We saw a lot of Dutch monkeys and fireflys, four lizards too. The food was very good and the timing very relaxed and on time. So all in all I can recommend this!

Saskia Junge · 16/09/2019

Went to a beach and saw the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen in my life. However fireflies were not clearly visible at that time

Tsz Chung · 08/09/2019

Our tour guide William is very good in handling customer. Super good in Speaking English and super informative. We enjoy our tour. Food is great also! Thank you! ?

Kimberly Christine · 20/08/2019

Mr. Roy is nice and knowledgeable, he speaks English well but what I don't like is that the other chinese riding in the same both with us where so noisy

Andrea Lean · 01/08/2019

The guide that we had was Mr. Ken Lee. He was very sportive and explain all details throughly. In fact, he explaind some of key words in Korean words so my little son could understand easily. Ken made all the value adding points to our trip and it was very enjoyful trip. 5 star out of 5 is not enough for him! at least 7 star or more.

JUNG HO · 01/08/2019

the cruise went very well with a very helpful guide. the fireflies cruise was really the highlight, too bad my phone is not capable of capturing their beauty. a must do activity when visiting Sabah

Aimae · 26/07/2019

This is an experience never to be missed. The pick up was on time. They will msg you the details the night before. It was a well organized tour. We learned about the history and culture of Sabah from our wonderful tour guide. It was raining, but still we saw proboscis monkey and fireflies. We were very comfortable despite the rain. The snack and dinner was superb. Will suggest this tour to our family and friends.

Dansel · 23/07/2019


goooood!! highly recommend! Fireflies were fantastic.

Sunjin Yang · 21/07/2019

The trip was amazing. Although the weather wasn’t perfect, the guide still managed to fit in the sunset viewing in between Kawa Kawa and fireflies. The journey was safe and comfortable. Our guide was very helpful and nice too, really a good experience!

Veronly Hiu Tung · 12/07/2019

This was a wonderful trip. During the journey out to the river we got to see a lot of the landscape and seeing mount Kinabalu in the distance was amazing. The fireflies were truly beautiful and I’m so glad we made the journey.

Julie · 08/07/2019

For nature lovers, this is a must see tour especially if your tour guide are Louis and Ari, definitely you will enjoy thw trip :) ?? Also, they are good photographer hehe When i come back again to KK, I will definitely book again here in KKday.. Kudos!

Guest KAREN APILADO · 30/06/2019

Everything was good and very entertaining especially our tour guide Mr. Thomas Foo which is very accommodating and helpful. The only downside is the quality of food served and the toilets on the fireflies attraction. All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience.

Jonathan · 26/06/2019

Our experience was very awesome. Fireflies was so beautiful. You'll never regret it. Guide that was assigned to us was very articulate. They do offer snacks and coconut drinks as well. Very awesome experience!

Ma Cathyrine · 22/06/2019


We had a great time, although it is raining. Their tour is really awesome. The tour guide is very kind and knowledgeable of the trip. Very satisfying.

· 17/06/2019

The trip is the best trip during my stay in Sabah. We saw the monkey and also the superb sunset before going to see the fireflies. The sunset in the beach is stunning and i wish we had more time there. The fireflies trip is so amazing! The tour guides are very nice.

Chi Ming · 25/05/2019

it started out not so good because our driver was told to pick us up at a different location from what we told to wait. Good thing i was able to message our driver and able to clarify where we are waiting. The rest our the tour went seamless. The food was ok. Ken (our guide) was very informative which made it interesting.

Michelle · 22/05/2019

Well planned event, everything went smoothly. Got to see several types of animals (not just monkeys). Tour guide was friendly and helpful.

Elliot · 12/05/2019

Transportation - Was a bit late so there was a hassle but the trip went smoothly after that. You get picked up by a van then at the venue you join others and share a bus (which you will ride back to Kk). Tour- First you arrive at the riverside venue and have a snack (we had noodles) then right a boat and do a 40min monkey searching tour but we didnt get to see proboscis but we did see monkeys, birds and lizards. Then see the sunset at the beach, it was nice plus the beach seemed to have potential to be the a nice tourist destination in KK. We had dinner after, wasnt wow but wasnt bad either. It met my expectations. Lastly the firefly boat ride.... it completely stood out and was magical. You feel as if youre in a fairytale scene! It totally made up for the whole trip. (Unless you have a good night camera, you wont get to capture it. But you will have a chance to capture a real firefly!!!) The tourguide, Douglas was also very kind and spoke in chinese/mandarin and english. He also was handson to us. Cons- The only cons was the boat gets water inside, I hope they fix that. Plus there were some burning going on in the area, I am not sure if that was legal. (Definitely not the tour's fault though) Overall, I'd recommend it and will even try it again when I come back to KK.

Maria Paulina · 27/04/2019

The fireflies was fascinating! The guide was very friendly and he tried his best to accommodate all traveler. Dinner was so-so can be improved. Since it was raining we only managed to catch a glimpse of the sunset.

Nur Azwani · 16/04/2019

Amazing and relaxing trip! We didn't see any proboscis monkeys, but we greatly appreciated the river's beauty and biodiversity. The fireflies trip at night was also cool! It was especially a great experience paired with a starry night sky. Food was good, transport was also great. Thanks, Gary and the team!

Nigel Bryant · 09/04/2019

It was great, the nature will make you feel relaxed. It's just that we got stranded in the middle of river cruise, it took us like 30 mins or more. So we didn't get to follow the itinerary. We missed the sunset and seeing other kind of monkey. The tour guide (Boon) was good though, he get to make sure all of us in the tour are okay after that.

Cindy · 29/03/2019

Pro: Pick up and itinerary is on time River cruising to see some animals in their natural habitat Very nice sunset at the beach Fireflies at night are magical Relaxing activity Cons: Dinner is OK but can be improved

Jan · 18/03/2019

nice one for this kk!! we had a great time seeing the proboscis monkey, sunset at south china sea, fireflies and the food!! thank you so much!

· 26/02/2019

Really a must!!! Not much photos can be shared since fireflies cannot be captured well. This is one of the places you really have to visit to witness its beauty.

Czarmayne Grace · 03/01/2019

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