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not bad, allowed me to visit further places as i did not have a car. thank you for the trip. pickup was smooth.

Glor · 10/04/2021

Enjoying this tour with my family! time is well managed ??

Rong Hua Adoncia · 16/03/2021

reasonable deal with the price. good tour guy and very nice arrangement. the ticket are pretty purchased so you dont need to worry about the entry. overall good feeling and will recommend this activities to friends.

chak long · 23/11/2020

Joined the day trip, didn't feel like in rush to visit all these places, we were all able to enjoy the view without stressing about traffic.

YAN YEE · 19/09/2020

I just wished that we had more time at Okinawa World. We weren't able to visit all of the attractions therein. Nonetheless, the tour was wonderful. We enjoyed the dance performance of the Eisa the most. Discount cards were given for entrance fees etc.

Rany Mae · 23/08/2020

It was a nice experience. very convenient to be in this tour.


Travel bus not comfy as it’s like a bus from the 80s. Attraction reached, tour guide will not lead you to the exact location. Only to drop off and verbally roughly brief what time to meet back on the bus. Any part of the itinerary, if not the program you are not interested you will need to wait at the location and not back on the bus while others took part in the program (eg glass bottom boat ride). Attraction ticket to be purchased upon arrival at ticketing counter.

Mui Leng Melody · 12/03/2020

This tour is really worth for money. We went on a small bus. Driver arrived on time and was very kind though he couldn’t speak english. We went to the southern beach in morning then had lunch at Okinawa world. In the afternoon we went to Santorini of Okinawa, which was a super nice place. We alighted at Naha city center at DFS.

Teddy · 11/03/2020

Average tour. Less than 20 members. Need to pay for entrance fee for Okinawa world but cheaper with tour promo. Not much to see at umaji terrance.

Chow Jieh · 05/03/2020

Very good experience

hiu fung · 26/02/2020

It is a relax and leisure pace tour. The tour bus has voice recorded information in English, Chinese, Korean which is helpful. The tour guide can speak little English.

Charlotte Wee Hsien · 14/02/2020

The one-day trip is really worthy! You will have a local Japanese driver taking you to four popular attractions in Southern Okinawa. Due to the fact that those sites sporadically locate and that no convenient bus routes connect them, this tour bus is a comfortable choice.

Chun Yu · 10/02/2020

The tour was on time. I like the bus driver and guide they are accomodating. The places we went to was great. We were given enough time to go around and enjoy.

Barbara Anne · 09/02/2020

I took my parents on the trip without a tour guide but with a friendly and punctual driver. We speak little Japanese but we had no problem enjoying ourselves. Absolutely recommend this tour!

Ming hui · 07/02/2020

Nice! The bus was great and the tour guide is really helpful. I would recommend anyone who are not planning to rent a car to take this package. It's really worth.

Boonya · 06/02/2020

The tour was very compact and eventful. The tour guides are very nice and helpful. The bus left on time and the gathering spot was very easy to find. My favourite part of the trip was the glass boat tour because the water was so clear and the view below is absolutely stunning. Furthermore you get a discount since it’s a tour group.

Ching Yeung · 06/02/2020

Great half day tour, our driver was pleasant and kind. I enjoyed the glass bottom boat ride, felt that the time given at the last attraction was too short to relax and eat at the stores there.

Peh Siang · 05/02/2020

it would be good to have talks like introduction of the scenes from the tour bus driver or recording machine rather than remaining silent for the whole trip.

hon ming henry · 02/02/2020

it was really fun and well organized tour. the audio guide explains about the next places we are going in korean, chinese and english. they also offer discounted tickets for the glass bottom boat at just 1000yen, entrance tickets to okinawa world for 1000 yen as well. lunch buffet at okinawa world was 1500. try the bubble milk tea at the last stop!

Yin Yin Jasmine · 02/02/2020

Bus was on time. Guide was friendly and made sure everything was smooth. Timing is just right for those who do not like procrastinating.

Michael · 21/01/2020

Easy for non driving travelers, but the time for each location is too short Reasonable price and good service

YEE TING · 18/01/2020

It was fun but I’m having a hard time communicating with the tour guide and all our companions are Chinese so they keep on talking in their language with the guide. We felt out of place.

Ma Criselda · 14/01/2020

It was a really decent tour! Totally worth it and convenience for people who don't travel with car! Recommended!!!

Wyatt · 13/01/2020

This trip was great! It kept me busy and by the end of the day I was tired! We visited all the places mentioned and the time allotted to each was sufficient. I suggest! Don’t be like me and wait to eat until the end because the buffet at Okinawa World closes early. But if you have snacks and are able to wait, there are many food options at Umikaji Terrace. The guide didn’t speak much English however I was able to have an idea of what was going on plus the audio tour was given in multiple languages.

TrudiAnn · 05/01/2020

It was worth taking this tour as it was well organized and cost effective. Strongly recommend this tour.

Yoke Yong · 02/01/2020

It is a nice trip to go to any attractions on time.

Yu Tan · 31/12/2019

Good for young children and families, but I was a solo traveller and so it wasn’t very exciting for me. Good if you aren’t driving in Okinawa and the buses are limited. The tour bus and stops are well organised and there is an English translation audio for each stop. Okinawa world is mainly a theme park and besides the caves (and valley of gangala across the road which I came back to do the next day), it’s quite superficial And not really worth it. you stop a few coastal spots during the day but I wouldn’t call it “sight seeing”. Verdict = good young children and family option. Not really a Good idea for solo or even a young paired couple

Louise Robyn · 30/12/2019

Took the afternoon tour. No tour guide and only a Japanese speaking driver, but communication is still manageable. Set scheduled time back to couch bus after each visit stop. I stayed behind in Umikaji Terrance to enjoy the beautiful sunset and took bus back myself to city. Prefect tour!

KAMAN · 29/12/2019

Trip is short and simple. More time should be given for the beach and terrace. Terrace is a nice relaxing place.

Rong Hua Adoncia · 26/12/2019

A relaxing trip not rushed. A good tour if you have a half day free and want to get away from the hustle and bustle oh Naha

KENNETH · 25/12/2019

Guide is informative, and shared alot of local culture (in Mandarin).

Yongxin · 20/12/2019

Nice arrangement, we can choose to drop off at Umikaji Terrace for hot spring

Hoi Kit · 19/12/2019

Cheap, great and easy to use. Never disconnect in Okinawa

Chun Wai · 18/12/2019

Take leisurely walk down the cave and don’t worry about climb back up, there’s an escalator. Lunch buffet is acceptable.

Jr Nuo · 15/12/2019

The driver pick us at the meeting time on time, the sightseeing points were beautiful and interesting, our family enjoy the half day trip. Highly recommend for family who do not drive

Sau Hung · 15/12/2019

Decent one day tour, felt that the timing for each place was abit short. We didn’t managed to fully explore Okinawa world, but focused on the main attractions (cave, eisa show and Ryukyu glass). At the last stop at Umijaki Terrace (1 hour stop), we went to “A Happy pancake”, be aware that the waiting time for queue might be quite long, you can only order when you get a table and the cooking time (after getting a table and ordering) might take 20-40 minutes. We almost missed the bus as a result :(

Jia Kang Darius · 14/12/2019

nice weather, excellent service

Ching Sze · 11/12/2019

Well-arranged the schedule time. Tour guid is nice and careful for each clients. I am happy with booking this tour

XUAN LOI · 11/12/2019

The tour was amazing, brings you to the key sightseeing spots in the southern part of Okinawa. Recommended for single travellers or small group travellers who are not driving a car. The view at Umikaji Terrace and Gyoku Sendo is a must see place. You will get some discount admission ticket vouchers for joining this tour.

Chu Ming · 28/11/2019

Pick up point is easy to find. Allocated seats so no worries about being split if in big group. Chinese speaking guide, both guide and driver are very friendly. Enough time at each attraction except the bridge that to be viewed from bus cos not sure which side to look at...

Suat Nee · 24/11/2019

Great time at the parks. Guide and driver was very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended

Ze Lin · 21/11/2019

Amazing day trip via Klook booking, would be better if the tour guide is able to speak in English, as it’s Japanese speaking in bus. Overall, still thumbs up recommended for people who do not drive but wished to explore Okinawa ?!!! Also, go for one day tour if needed as morning tour time for beach visit are quite short. ??

Jerene · 18/11/2019

The trip was really good. We the whole car happened to speak Chinese so the lady in charge could give us some instructions. She even got down the car and guided us a bit. Very nice!

Yan Yee · 18/11/2019

Glass boat tour(additional cost) at Mibaru beach is recommended as the water is so clear. Enjoyed the half day tour but we find the timing allocated for each place is rather tight and rushing. Bus driver is friendly but late for 15mins for pickup.

Ong · 16/11/2019

The one day Southern Okinawa tour was organised by Jina tour. We were picked up at kenmin hiroba near the city hall. The niraikanai bridge were only viewed from the bus. It would be better if viewed from the observation point. Chinen misaki had very beautiful scenery and are good for photo taking. The glass boat experience at Mirabu beach is optional but worth it as a variety of fish can be seen. Ryukyu Kingdom is a place to experience traditional Okinawa culture and caving. Our tour finished at Umikaji terrace where a lot of cafes and boutique shops kept us amazed. We decided to stay behind and have dinner there.

YEUNG · 03/11/2019

Tour was good value for money, well conducted and very punctual. It was run without a tour leader and the driver only spoke Japanese, but she was very friendly and tour got on fine with the aid of multi-language audio recordings. Bus seemed a bit old but was clean.

BihYi · 22/10/2019

The driver spoke little English but it was enough to communicate the departure times. we are left to explore on our own, which was just okay. Overall it was good.

JOY · 15/10/2019

This bus tour has alot of young children and toddlers, Okinawa is really a children friendly place to come. When I got up the Jino Bus, there is a bad smell, subsequently other passengers come up they also smell it, this bus needs to have more cleaning and maintenance. Please allocate additional 2000 yen / pax for both glass boat and Okinawa world tickets. Okinawa world cave is wet inside, please wear better shoes and can walk on wet grounds.

woon li · 22/08/2019

It was a wonderful trip. The tour had a well planned arrangement. We could see a lot of nice scenery. Also, the time was enough for us to go around and took photos. There was also no traffic conjestion. Highly recommended.

Nga Ying · 06/06/2019

Very convenient to take the bus and all good checkpoints for sightseeing!

Yee Wah · 07/05/2019

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