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Super easy for using. You can use it for train fare, buy some snack from convenience store, buy drink from coin machine. I like it so much. Recommend for using it when you go to japan

Narusorn · 23/03/2021

Must get for Japan trip! Don’t have to join the queue to buy tickets at every station. It works like our EZ-Link card. Can be used for most rail lines and can even be used to pay for items from the convenience stores.

Pei Jeng · 07/03/2021

This ICOCA card is very helpful when traveling to Japan using the public transportation. Due to different train and bus companies in Japan, this card is a must. No need to buy ticket in the train station. You just need to buy the card, have it loaded and tap on before entering thr platform. Simple as that.

yuhsun · 11/02/2021

Long overdue review! We visited Osaka & Nara in Dec 2019! Icoca card is a must for transport just like ezlink. Love Japan so much! Hopefully we can go back next year!

Carla · 30/11/2020

The ICOCA IC Card is convenience to use for transport in Kansai area. In our last trip we didn't get this card and the Japan transport fare cost us a bomb! This trip we brought 2 kids with us and with this card we managed to save some. If you not aware, the public transport fare in Japan is very costly. The ICOCA card is easy to use and the redemption process is hassle free too, we highly recommend to get this from Klook.

CHIEW EE · 22/11/2020

A must have item when traveling in Osaka!!! Easy to get access to anywhere within osaka on ur own. Moreover, it is very easy to purchase snacks in their convenient store without any headachs in counting "coins" ..haha

Sze Woon · 21/05/2020

We were happy that we purchased ICOCA cards because it made the payments for our transportation and convenience store purchases fast and easy. We bought this because I read in blogs that it is better to use if you will travel between Osaka and Kyoto. Indeed, this was very useful and more convenient in paying for our train rides either in JR lines, metro trains, subways or buses. We also used it to pay for our purchases in 7 eleven & family mart. It was easy to reload the card in case you run out of credits to pay because loading machines are available in train stations and convenience stores. You do not have to return the card hence, it also serves as a cute remembrance from Japan. Over all, I highly recommend this product and we will use it again when we come back to the Land of the Rising Sun.

MA JESSA · 22/04/2020

Easy to redeem the tickets. Will take 2-3 minutes only. You need this when traveling in Kansai Area as some of the passes does not support other train lines. You can also use this to pay at convenient stores like 7-11. Thanks Klook!

Karoline · 16/03/2020

We were able to use ICOCA going to different areas of Kansai. It will save you a lot of time from buying a train ticket to train stations. It can be used to any lines to any parts of Japan. You can also use it to convenience stores as payment method.

Abegail Joyce · 15/03/2020

Highly recommended to get Icoca card. You can use this card everywhere subways and trains, vendo machine , convinient store and some of the restaurant. its so easy to claim too. You dont need to worry about expiration because its 10 years valid. I intended to keep mine since I can use this again in the next visit.

anne jerrika · 15/03/2020

Convenient and easy to use. When going to Japan to exchange, it's easy. First, at the counter and there are people very helpful. May encourage using the card.

Sirilak · 09/03/2020

Highly recommended to get an IC card even if you aleeady purchased a JR Pass. You can use it in subways, vendo machines and even in family mart. We used the last money in purchading goodies in the airport. We intend to keep it since we can still use it in the near visit again. Hasdle free redemption and use.

Ma Irene · 03/03/2020

This is highly recommended when going around the area and tourist spot you want to go. Easy to redeem and reload. Cashless way to travel. Thanks klook.

Venuss · 01/03/2020

Very convenient. No need to queu to purchase your card, just present the confirmation and you're good to go. What's also good is that the card is pre-loaded so you can immediately hop on your bus/train to the city and check in your hotel to rest after a long haul flight. ?

Stifany · 01/03/2020

The Klook booth was so easy to find when you exit from the customs. The claiming of the card was easy breezy. The voucher was scanned and the cardcwas given and we loaded it at 7/11 and used it right away to have our lunch at Matsuya. And of course, we used it the the trains and subways and our shopping at Daiso. So convenient and indispensible when in Osaka.

SOLRAY · 01/03/2020

It was so convenient to purchase this kind of card. You can use this in different railways and even to purchase on some store. We've been in different places with the use of this icoca card. A lot of happy and memorable experience have been made and even taste the great foods and experience different culture. Ang bilis lang magpurchase sa klook and you got the ticket immediately after the transaction. Walang hassle and sometimes mura pa. Thanks klook for the wonderful experience in japan. Hope may kasunod pa na biyahe sa ibang places prin sa japan. Thanks. ??????

Mark Anthony · 28/02/2020

This is helpful in our Japan Trip from Osaka to Tokyo. It is really helpful when going around the area and tourist spots you want to go. Kudos Klook!

JOHN CLOIE · 27/02/2020

Icoca is very useful when you travel around Osaka (outside osaka also). You can use it for commuting (train and bus) and for buying food in convenient stores (i.e. family mart and 7/11). It has 10yrs validity so no need to worry for the remaining balance and you can get the 500jpy deposit if you return the card (selected areas).

Mary Ann · 22/02/2020

This ICOCA card is very helpful when traveling to Japan using the public transportation. Due to different train and bus companies in Japan, this card is a must. No need to buy ticket in the train station. You just need to buy the card, have it loaded and tap on before entering thr platform. Simple as that.

Xy za · 19/02/2020

This is highly recommended especially when you move around the city every day in your stay. Good thing is you can load the card anywhere like train stations, or convenience stores. And you can still use it when you go back to Japan after a couple of years if you are a foreigner to the country.

Gretchen · 19/02/2020

No need to worry if you're going to multiple cities in Japan because you will be able to use this in Tokyo as well if you came from Osaka. We used this to BUS, TRAINS, VENDING MACHINES, and CONVENIENT Stores! Definitely a cashless way to travel! Reloading the IC Card was quite flawless too, in every station there is a reloading machine for IC's so you don't have to worry if you run out of load. Note that there's no perfect pass that can get you to every places so you have to use ICOCA Card as a mean of your transportation tool too! Claiming this in Kansai Airport was pretty smooth too, just let the staff scan your Klook voucher and you are good to go!

JESSA · 10/02/2020

Easy to redeem. Easy to reload as most machines have english translation. Must have it for a hassle free travel. You may use this as well when traveling to Osaka, Kyoto & Narra.

Maria Faye · 09/02/2020

Getting an ICOCA card is really a wise decision during our Osaka trip. It was easy to go around without worrying about a trip ticket when going into the station. It’s perfect esp when you are trying to go with the frenzy of Japanese people rushing to and from work. Do yourselves a favor and get one via Klook. ♥️

Gwyn Ann · 09/02/2020

Very useful card to add cash, tap on train stations, buses and even pay for the convenience stores! I love using it whenever needed! My sister loved it as well!

Yrwin Denzel Chiu · 06/02/2020

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chairat · 05/02/2020

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chairat · 05/02/2020

It’s a must have in Kansai region, used it mostly for taking the rail, hassle free from queuing to buy tickets. Only thing is using cash to TOP up the card, cannot use credit card for TOP up. But overall it’s worth it.

JENNY · 30/01/2020

Hassle free redemption at the airport counter, reloading is also easy and I used the card in different prefectures (Osaka and Tokyo) it is accepted country-wide so no need to buy for SUICA anymore

EFRAIM HAZEL · 30/01/2020

this icoca card is a life-saver! it helped us navigate thru osaka for 5 days without any hassle. super easy to use. works like an octupus card. wish they had a hello kitty version though. ?

Chrystle Rose · 28/01/2020

It was a very big help. I have the osaka metro unlimited pass and i rarely use this. But when i need to, it saves the day. It is highly recommended. It’s a must have if you’re travelling and shopping. Yes it can also be used as a money card. Im giving it two thumbs up. Totally worth it!! Thanks klook. Thank you so much!!

Darryl · 25/01/2020

A must have for travelers in Osaka. Used it also in the train to Nara. Easily found the pick up point at the airport. Top up is easy if you just press the "English" button. Thanks klook!

Patrick Joseph · 16/01/2020

very easy to pick up, and the counter at kansai international airport is really easy to find. i was able to use the ICOCA card once i got it from the airport (photo 1), and in the osaka metro (photo 2), you can pay in many merchant stores (e.g. 7-11, some restaurants etc.) as long as they have the logo “IC” at their payment counter (photo 3), whilst i got the ICOCA card in osaka, i was able to use it in kyoto (photo 4), and even further places like arashiyama (photo 5&6)

Phoebe · 15/01/2020

Havent used ICOCA that much because we have different train passes but everytime our route is not covered by our other passes, ICOCA saves the day. One is in ODAIBA ?

Carla Joy · 07/01/2020

Really helpful to my journey! I was able to use the coin lockers when I’m out of coins! I can also use them on trains, buses and convenient stores! It’s also my bff along the journey! easy to redeem as well!

Alihya Eve Cesia · 07/01/2020

Picking up the icoca cards at kix airport was fast and very convenient! Used this to go around Osaka, Kyoto, USJ, Nara, and Bay Area. Also used this to purchase drinks in vendo machines.

Mary Jane · 05/01/2020

Recommended to get this at the airport so you can use straight away. Useful to use when you travel to osaka and kansai area. Easy to redeem. Easy to use. You just need to tap in and out at the station. Another must have when you go to Osaka!

Julie Ann · 05/01/2020

What a great way to save on osaka, thanks to klook for this voucher. This is must to save on your travel. Klook is always my go to app whenever we travel in and out of the country, they offer almost every activities whenever, wherever you wish to travel.

criston jeff · 31/12/2019

Very useful when traveling to different parts of osaka. Was Able to use it going to kobe, osaka castle and many more. It can also be used in convenience stores. Pick up was easy since they just need to scan the qr code. Highly recommended for tourists.

Catherine · 29/12/2019

Very helpful especially for first time visitor of Osaka. My savior when commuting from Kansai Airport to Fukushima Station and very convenient when purchasing in konbini.

Joseph Jr · 28/12/2019

The card is easy to redeem, just follow Klook's direction. The card comes with a stored value hence there's no need to top up for the first few rides.

Aloysius · 27/12/2019

Collection of this card was easy and save time, location is easy accessible at HIS counter 1F at Kansai-airport. We use it to travel for all subway line just like our MRT in Singapore. You also can use it to buy food and drinks at 7-11, Family Mart and Lawson store.Thanks Klook.

CHOONG LEONG · 25/12/2019

The icoca ic card is definitely needed when using the subway unless you are traveling on JR lines or other line passes. The icoca ic card can been used on buses as well. Is basically a preloaded value card used to pay for nearly the entire transport system in osaka. Not sure of other cities. Tokyo have their own card system.

Jebsen · 25/12/2019

Very user friendly. We can use it for food purchase at convenience shop. No need to worry for the purchase which line ticket when get changing railway line.

Lai Yan · 19/12/2019

Great prepaid card to use at all railways and you can use it at most convenience store like Lawson or 7 eleven. You can also use it at vending machines. Very handy.

Terence · 18/12/2019

This card is a must if you will visit Japan. We had a very good experience in visiting many places in Osaka during our 7 days vacation last week.You can reload the card at 7-11 stores. Highly recommended for future travelers to Osaka.

Benito · 17/12/2019

Easy to redeem. Redemption counter is just opposite the KIX airport arrival gate, within sight. Better to get the card redeemed here before moving into wherever. It's a convenient means to get around.

Leng Leng · 17/12/2019

Easy to use, with app available to read transaction history. Top up machine can print transaction history but in Japanese. Useful for travel on Osaka Metro and remaining amount is refundable although the card is valid for 10 years. It's better than JR Pass which is not refundable once purchased. ICOCA charges 220 yen as service charge, with initial amount of card payment at S$20 plus.

WAH BENG · 11/12/2019

Collection of the ticket was a breeze, location is easily accessible at HIS counter 1F (next to the Northern Exit in the Arrival Hall). We use it for all subway lines, buses in Osaka and Kyoto. It can also be used at all the convenient stalls to cut the hassle of digging out coins. Refund can be done at the last stop, Kix international airport to refund the balance amount & deposits. Will be back for Kansai again, I have many more to see!

Shu Yu · 10/12/2019

Easy to claim! Used it for trains, bus and convenience store in Kansai, what I didn’t expect is I can use it in Tokyo, I thought I need to buy other card again.

Michelle · 10/12/2019

Preloaded with ¥1500, just touch and go at the train/subway station. Top up when needed. Remember to get your refund of deposit ¥500 + the balance (if any) at the JR line counter at Kansai Airport.

Kok Kee · 09/12/2019

Product information

Additional Information
  • The card has a pre-loaded stored value. You can top-up at any metro or bus stations and/or partner convenience stores
  • You can use this card to make cashless payments in select convenience stores, food courts, vending machines, and more
  • The ICOCA IC Card cannot be used for rides/purchases at locations outside the coverage area
  • Maximum Stored Amount: JPY20,000. The card can be loaded and used as many times as desired
  • Balance can be checked by using the ticket vending machines at the station
  • The card expires if unused for 10 years. Expired cards can be replaced upon request and the remaining value will be transferred to the new card
  • Important: The ICOCA IC Card cannot be used for rides or purchases at locations outside the coverage area
  • Use your ICOCA IC Card when shopping by tapping the card on the card reader to complete your purchase. This card is valid for purchases on trains, vending machines, rent coin lockers, convenience stores, and restaurants. Visit the official website for more details
  • Use your ICOCA IC Card when riding trains by tapping the card on the gate's ticket reader. The fare will be automatically computed and deducted from your card. If the balance is insufficient, you will be required to add more money to your ICOCA IC Card
  • To top-up your ICOCA IC Card visit any Automatic Ticket Vending Machine and Fare Adjustment Machine with an ICOCA logo. Only cash (JPY) can be used to top up the card. Credit/Debit cards cannot be used
  • Get discounts on the Kansai Airport Express "Haruka" upon presenting the ICOCA IC card during purchase!
  • Try all kinds of gourmet dishes from Osaka during your visit, located near the biggest stations
  • Check out the Osaka Amazing Pass to help you explore the city!