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I use it for Nara. I collect rail pass with bus pass for travel in nara super easy for pick up and using unfortunately on that they have heavy raind

Narusorn · 23/03/2021

Perfect pass for our Japan trip last year! Must have for every japanese tourist!

mariliz · 08/02/2021

The rail pass is very useful. Would definitely recommend it to those going to Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto.

JJ · 07/12/2020

Highly recommeneded the 5 day Kintetsu Rail Pass, very convenient for travelling to Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, and Ise by train. Comes with a map of the kintetsu railway line.

E · 04/11/2020

Perfect for groups and very convenient pick-up! ready to use and very convenient! ❤️❤️❤️

mariliz · 27/08/2020

It is quite easy to exchange for a ticket, just that don’t understand why I need to buy an additional ticket to Nara... And that’s just a normal subway. Anyway, the main thing it can be used as a base ticket for my longer distance trip from Namba to Nagoya!! :)

Yi Wen Conny · 08/05/2020

We used kintetsu pass to go from osaka to kyoto, kyoto to nara and from kyoto to nagoya. Collecting the pass was easy. The staff were very kind and i was happy to receive the pass with the lovely guide book. The booklet includes map of the kintetsu line and places you can visit in those lines and other helpful information. The pass is very useful.

Kanchan · 25/03/2020

Cheapest way to get connected through this region of Japan! Easiest way to go around Osaka-Kyoto-Nara-Nagoya. Worth the ticket

Jethro · 17/03/2020

Thanks Klook! Because of this we were able to travel from Osaka-Kyoto-Nara for 2 days at low cost.

Pamela Ann · 11/03/2020

is good for sightseeing, if you were on leisure trip. not suitable for those who in rush, recommend to take express train for long journey, local train every station. need to purchase another ticket if you want to use limited express train.

rozleen · 10/03/2020

Value for money when you plan on visiting multiple cities in the Kansai region besides the usual Osaka-Kyoto-Nara. If your IT will let you travel to Nagoya, Kobe, Wakayama, etc, then get this pass. Enjoyed Mt Gozaisho and Nabana no Sato with discounted entrance fee at the Mie perfecture! However, if you just plan on visiting the usual cities of Osaka, Kyoto, Nara. I suggest you just get Osaka Amazing pass + a Kansai thru pass so Kyoto buses and Airport transport is included.

Korina · 09/03/2020

This is highly recommended. Very cheap for unlimited rides to Kintetsu Railway and Nara Kotsu Bus . It saves a lot of money and very suitable for low budget traveler. Thanks Klook!

Venuss · 01/03/2020

we used this this railpass going to nara. easily redeem at edion across the nankai namba station, and the staff there who assisted me was very accommodating, handled me the railway ticket plus bus ticket going around nara tourists spots plus kintetsu guide. when you got off the train, just walk thru the exit and walk a little bit, you will be welcomed by some deers in the park... across the park, there's a building where you can buy souvenirs, dine, or got a cup of coffee (at starbucks). plus point for the wifi zone around the nara park. thanks klook for the hassle free ride going in and out of osaka.

katherine · 29/02/2020

It's a convenient pass to travel across Osaka-Kyoto-Nara for kintetsu line! Be careful, the privileges for 1day, 2days and 5days pass is different! Also got nara bus ticket for free. All you have to do is show the ticket to the driver and may ride for free. Really worth money!


The most cost-efficient way of visiting Nara, Kyoto, Kobe, and even Nagoya. The trains are comfortable, clean, and fast. Travel time to Nara from Namba station took me only 35 minutes. Must visit sites in Nara are just a few minutes walk from their station.

Earl Francis · 25/02/2020

This can be redeem in limited express ticket counter. It comes with a map of kintetsu line. This is an economic way of traveling around kansai and nagoya But you have to buy separate tix for limited exp.

Jerome · 22/02/2020

Easy to redeem the pass. Save a lot of money since it cover both train and busses. We are able to get on the bus/train as much as we want. Recommended

NUR NAJIHAH · 17/02/2020

very useful if travel area is from osaka to kobe and also i use it going to universal studio, it was worth it because i save a lot of money??

maricar · 15/02/2020

Kintetsu rail pass allow you to plan where you can go , even to quite remote place where by can have nice bread and coffee

Lim · 14/02/2020

easy to use and affordable to pay..........................................

NICK DOMINGO · 10/02/2020

The claiming was very smooth! Just tell the staff when would you like to use the ticket and you are good to go! The fee of the pass was very worth it because the total fee exceeded the price of the pass! Definitely plan your itinerary! Check the google route that will will use the Kintetsu Line before you start using this! :D

JESSA · 10/02/2020

Traveling in Japan (esp cross-city) can be very expensive! So if you want to save some money, just go ahead and book a Kintetsu Pass. This is perfect for your Kyoto and Nara trip (works well for the Kintetsu rail and Nara bus). Because we have the pass, we didn’t have to walk so much in Nara.

Gwyn Ann · 09/02/2020

Easy to collect from the station. Went to nara and kyoto from osaka

alice yasemin · 08/02/2020

Very convenient pick up. Just go to any major station and they will exchange the voucher for the kintetsu pass and bus pass (i got the pass plus). Recommended if you're going from Osaka to Nagoya and the Mie Prefecture. Used this also for the Nabana No Sato stop. Ticket price was discounted. Value for money! Just make sure you're itinerary fits it perfectly.

MELISSA JEAN · 06/02/2020

Highly recommended! Great savings compared to the usual fare especially when roaming around Nara and Kyoto areas.

Delia · 03/02/2020

This is by far the BEST pass in Kansai region. Nara and Kyoto is the best experience for me. Make sure to get at least the 2-day pass, because 1 day is not enough for Kyoto and Osaka. Kyoto would require at least 3 days to experience all of Kyoto. 1 day in Nara park would eat up your time, especially when you're into feeding the deers.

Martin · 24/01/2020

Very efficient pass that can be used in many attractions around Kansai area.

Lenard · 23/01/2020

If you are consider going to nara, you definitely need this pass. The pass give not only the kintetsu train ticket, but also the bus pass to travel around nara. After the redemption, I also get some map and guide which is really useful. It was a wonderful day in Nara.

Tunchanok · 21/01/2020

I have purchased this one-day pass ticket several times. Super convenient for visitor heading to Nara and Kyoto using their metro and bus system!

Yi Hsiang · 19/01/2020

Was able to go to Toji and Fushimi Inari in Kyoto. The Kintetsu rail pass was easy to use. Best that you start your day Early so that you can visit more places via the unlimited day pass. Wait for the express train to save travel time. We enjoyed Nara park the most and got to feed all the cute deers.

JACQUELINE · 18/01/2020

Easy to collect. Easy to use. 2 day pass worth it, ‘cause one ticket per ride in Kintetsu Line is quite pricey.

Aileen Grace · 13/01/2020

this experience was unremarkable! I was so happy we got to go around nara and kyoto with this pass. it was easy to use you just have to present the passes to either the station or the bus driver and your ride is free although you were just limited to using a specific train, it was fine cuz you can find a detour. this package would have been better if it included the bus rides in kyoto too cuz we had to pay for the bus fares there and it added a few costs to this trip. but all in all we enjoyed it! thanks! :)

Andrea Samantha · 11/01/2020

Easy to redeem and Very worth to use if travel to Nara. Enjoy whole trip.

PEI YEE · 09/01/2020

The rail pass was very helpful and efficient. Did not need to fall in line for a ticket anymore, and the train arrives on-time on every set intervals. We got to Nara on-time as planned.

Joshua Earl · 09/01/2020

Great to reach nara deer park as well as kyoto for inari station (but need to buy separate jr ticket from kyoto station) and gion (needs separate ticket for keihan) all in all was worth using this

Jhia Vanessa · 09/01/2020

Very thankful for the 5 day pass I was able to go to Gozaisho Ropeway, Dohtonbori, Kyoto station, Nara Deer Park and Midland Square.

Wilma · 05/01/2020

Value for money! Value for money! Value for money! Value for money! Value for money! Value for money! Value for money! Value for money! Value for money! Value for money!

criston jeff · 04/01/2020

Pretty easy to redeem the voucher at the train counter and it comes with bus ticket too. Totally worth it!

Ying Ying · 30/12/2019

This pass is a must if you are going to Nara or Kyoto. If you are going both it will be really worth it. Nara is great for a day trip to feed the dears and Kyoto is really a must go for me. Will recommend all my friends to get this.

Braudon · 25/12/2019

It's easy to redeem at the station. If you are heading to Nara park to see the deer, kintetsu nara Station is nearer compared to JR Nara Station. The pass includes the bus fare which we took the round city loop bus to end our visit to nara.

Seng Fei · 25/12/2019

Great pass! Just a trip from Nagoya to Osaka was already cover the price of this pass. Can enjoy trip to Nara and Kyoto for 3 times in my trip from Osaka. Very worthy. Highly recommend for Kansai and Chubu trip

Chatri · 22/12/2019

Pretty good, but some bus drivers are unfamiliar with the bus ticket and forced us to pay at nagashima spa land.

Jing Kang · 18/12/2019

Super worth it to get the Kintetsu Rail Pass Plus (5-days) which you can travel unlimited rides at the Kintetsu lines (except for Limited Express Trains which you will need to buy a separate ticket conveniently online/at the counter). below was my itinerary which I mainly used it for 3 days but I already saved more than the pass fee. As I stayed in Osaka, I did day trips to these places: Day 1 1. Nara Park Day 2 1. Igaryu Ninja Museum 2. Nabana No Sato (discounted ticket with the pass and free Mie Kotsu Bus ride) best to buy additional Limited Express ticket in advance when going from Iga-Kambe to Nagashima Station (so u can plan your timing well and save u another 30mins of travelling. And also from Kuwana Station back to Osaka which can save you additional 1hr of train ride with Limited Express Train. Day 3 1. Osaka to Kintetsu-Kyoto Station best if you stay along the kintetsu line eg Namba, or Nippombashi as u can take the kintetsu line if you want to visit Kuromon Market, Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi

HUI BING JOYCE · 18/12/2019

I redeemed my tickets at Namba, but they got it wrong. It should be 3 adults 2 kids, they printed out 2 adults 3 kids. On the day of the trip I tried to change the tickets but ended up at the wrong side of entrance. Took some time to get this settled, but luckily turned out well. The deer park is walking distance from station. We were so excited to see the deers at first. They became aggressive though after you bought cookies. Anyway, we had a good time. Just didn’t use the bus tickets. If you have time, probably should not miss the former palace. Do grab a map at the station.

Moi Fong · 13/12/2019

We successfully redeemed tickets at Namba Station! It's so convenient! We went to Kyoto, Nara and Nagoya by using it. Thank you KLOOK.

FIEW SAN · 13/12/2019

I used the 1 day pass to go to Nara from Kyoto.. Deer park was great to visit, I had fun feeding the deers. There were vendors selling deer cookies for 200 yen around the park, which you can buy from them and feed the deer. Overall it was a fun experience, however if you're only going to deer park from kyoto, I found out that it's cheaper to do it without the pass. If you plan to wander around Kyoto for a full day taking local buses, this pass is worth the value.

Jessie Jia Xin · 13/12/2019

Bought 1 day pass to travel from Kyoto to Nara and Osaka. We redeemed the pass from Kyoto station and it was super easy. Nara point of interests are within walking distance from the train station and this is the closest station. Get off from Nippombashi Station and Kuromon market is a short walking distance away and Namba is the next stop.

FOOK MUI · 13/12/2019

Amazing experience, I totally recommend this activity easy to find the location. The whole experience was memorable. It was totally worth it, good place to have some selfie

Hazel · 11/12/2019

I thought going somewhere else for a day trip will be a headache, but with these tickets, make the day trip so much easier

Ka Wai · 10/12/2019

We used this pass when we went to Nara and Kyoto in one day! I can say that we really save a lot! Good decision to purchase this pass.

Anjella · 08/12/2019

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  • Please be reminded that the date selected is for reference only. If you plan to pick your ticket up on another date, there is no need to inform us, since your voucher is valid for 6 months from your purchase date
Additional Information
  • Please keep your passport with you at all time while you are using the pass as you may be asked to show it if necessary
  • To board a Limited Express train, be sure to purchase a Limited Express ticket in addition
  • Please check user’s guide for 1 day/ 2 days pass and the user’s guide for railway pass/ railway pass plus
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