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Very very nice place! A must see if you are to visit Thailand. only an hr away from the center of Bangkok via BTS. Unfortunately only half are open during my visit due to ongoing renovations but nonetheless all pennies was worth it.

DIKKI DAN · 18/04/2021

If you're planning to go to Thailand, you should purchase this ticket. My camera got full since there are a lot of wonderful spots to take pictures in Ancient City and Erawan Museum. Ancient City is quite big, so it's up to you how you can roam around. We chose to rent a bike and it was worth it!

Argie Marie · 12/02/2021

Fantastic place! We visited this in December and we were so happy to spend there around 4 hours! We rent golf car and it was a wise decision, good for feet and protected our heads from sun. The ancient city is the greatest example of Thai sightseeing which will be interesting both for kids and adults

Aleksei · 06/02/2021

the place is mezmerizing from dusk to dawn. it showed different faces of thailand. all cities in one place not to mention it is a cultural-religious-historical center. must visit. i advise you for the earliest and the last trip so photos will be dramatic.

Paul Andrei · 07/12/2020

Huge park containing so many interesting spots with a various buildings from many parts of Thailand. Whole day may not be enough, even if you rent a bike, electric car or decide to use your own transport. therefore come to the opening at 9:00 because after 17:00 some inside museums and exhibitions become closed

Elena · 16/11/2020

Awesome experience! The staff were very helpful with the reschedule. We only did the Erawan Museum and we’d thought it was affordable for 280thb in Klook. There are also food stalls if you get peckish!

Mariel · 11/10/2020

For a minimal fee you get to see the iconic temples and shrines of Thailand. Very nice architecture and culture. Worth buying the ticket with buffet lunch, full course meal with desserts. Definitely enjoyed this. Thanks Klook

Margeorie · 15/07/2020

Quite far from Bangkok city center but you can ride the train for a more affordable means of transpo. This place is wortb the visit. You get to see different iconic temples and shrines of Bangkok. I also enjoyed the tram because you get to tour this big place better compared to renting a bike. Better to drive a golf cart but due to limited number of carts, we just opted for the tram.

Margeorie · 15/07/2020

The package was worth it, and the travel between both locations are quite convenient and affordable for solo travelers. The museum is beautiful and the ancient city was grand. It is worth a full day trip that begins from 9am

Jerald Choi · 12/07/2020

Although the Ancient City located rather far from the city centre, you get to see those replicas of thailand’s famous monuments and architectures. It is recommended to take the tram as the park is too big to walk around.

Yee Xuan · 22/03/2020

This is the second time I've been to Ancient City, and it's absolutely worth it. The set menu is fantastic, along with dessert buffet. The Erawan museum is also a must, together with a collection of Bronze Budda statue museum which you cannot take photos at the top. This is a must visit when You get to Bangkok. However, do not trust the direction given for Erawan museum. Get off at Chang Erawan BTS, and you will find it at walking distance =]]

Nguyen Vu · 15/03/2020

The place was beautiful. You need to exchange for ticket before get in . We used train to go around but the time for stopping to take pictures is really short. If the weather not too hot you better use bicycles so that you can take many more beautiful pictures

Hoang Nguyet Anh · 15/03/2020

The place is very picturesque. We were able to take a lot of good pictures. The place is very big, we were not able to take pictures in each site. You just have to prioritize where to take pictures. We rented the golf cart for 2 hrs. We had quick lunch because we had to rush to make sure we won't exceed the time for the golf cart. We went to erawan via grab and again our jaws dropped when we got inside the three-headed elephant. Our eyes are overwhelmed with the details.

Hazel Anne · 14/03/2020

Highly recommended for those who have a lot of time and are not in a hurry. You have control of your time to visit the erawan museum and the ancient city. For those in budget, you can take a bike around the green city, its great. I really dont want to go yet, its just really hot. Food is delicious for the seat meal. People are friendly. I just wish you have a shuttle going to ancient siam from erawan museum. But love it! ?

Patricia Ann · 14/03/2020

A must place to visit when travelling Thailand. I and my wife enjoyed so much roaming around and the foods from Kantoke Rimnam were so delicious. Thanks, Klook for the very convenient booking process! ?

George Ian · 11/03/2020

This is indeed a must purchase when visiting Thailand. You will be able to see Thailand in one place and this is surely a really huge place that you need to rent a bike just to roam around as it's almost impossible to visit the whole place unless you're going to take a whole day to visit this and you have a high resistance when it comes to heat. ??

Genevive · 07/03/2020

Could not spend much time at the museum. But the trip was amazing. Great stature of elephant. Thanks a lot Klook. P.S. i think the most easiest way to get to the museum is to stop at the BTS Chang Erawan station.

Hoa · 06/03/2020

Highly recommended place, if you are in bangkok. The place is very big where you can spend entire day cycling. Very much insta place with all the architecture, very beautiful and very quiet may be because of week day. klook ticket made vist more easy and convenient

Singh · 04/03/2020

Erawan and ancient city is located 25 mins away from each other. If you plan to visit both places in same day, you need to start your trip in the morning. Bear in mind that ancient city is very big area,, but its alot of fun there. They got so many fascinating building you can visit. Its very hot in the afternoon if you ride bicycle around. Bicycle rent is 50 baht. They also offer free tram inside.. but the tram will not stop in all points.. they just stop in some famous building. For erawan museum,, its fascinating to see what the got inside.. its so pretty... you can see 2 beautiful stairs, one is in pink color the other is in white, with very beautiful ornaments. There is another wooden stairs which lead you to top of the building. They kept some statues there.. and you are not allowed to take photo of those statues.

Florensia · 29/02/2020

We first went to Erawan Museum and next is Ancient City. I suggest to drag your friend who knows how to drive and hire a golf cart in Ancient city so that you can fully enjoy the scenery without a time limit. But if you don't know how to drive like us, you can get a ticket for the Tram tour (50thb per pax). However the tour is only available in thai and Chinese language. So i can't really understand what they are saying.

Kathleen · 27/02/2020

Highly recommended, we have the best tour inside the ancient city, the place is awesome, so big. You really need to take a tram or bike, we choose to take tram for only 50 bht each person and its worth it. They will take you to 4 different places with a tour guide, since we went there this month Feb, there's not much tourist because of the corona virus, we have tram by ourselves? it's like we got an exclusive private tour for only 150bht for 3 persons? their buffer lunch is just OK, we have soup, fried chicken, ground pork and some desserts. It's really an amazing experience, one of the highlights in our bangkok vacation. Thanks klook?

Jennifer · 23/02/2020

This place was well-built. All spots are insta-worthy. Ancient City is highly recommended to everyone who plans to visit Thailand anytime soon. Erawan Museum was so solemn and the inside structure was intricate. Would totally go back to these places and bring more friends!!

Rachel Ann · 23/02/2020

It was easy to buy and redeem the ancient ticket and I didn't had a regret of going there because it was really beautiful and big.. you can't see all of it in only few hours.. I really recommended to rent a golf car because of the heat and the place was big.. But don't forget to get an international driver's license to your country because it's needed when you rent a golf car...

Shirrilyn Joy · 22/02/2020

solo traveling

Survived solo travel, I didn’t know Ancient City and Erawan Museum are 10km away!

Denyse Oruga · 20/02/2020

Erawan museum is really awesome. The building inside the elephant statue is decorated magnificently. I also enjoyed having some local thai food (pad thai, som tam, etc.) in the erawan foodcourt. Ancient City (Mueang Boran) is so huge. It is not recommended for you to just walk. It is better to take a bicycle to get around in the theme park. It is recommended to have a 1-day visit at these two places. It is also recommended to buy a package with set menu meal of Kantoke Rimnam since it will provide some delicious local thai food for you to eat. I really enjoy taking this package during my holiday in Bangkok. Thank you.

Kiantoro Andiek · 18/02/2020

I highly recommend booking here in klook because it is so much cheaper and convenient compare to booking directly at ancient city. The amount you paid here is so worth it. Ancient city is beyond amazing! It is picture perfect and a must in visiting Thailand! Thank you Klook for letting us experience the wonders of Thailand in just a day and in a very reasonable price. ??❤

Jenny Rose · 16/02/2020

The museum was beautiful. Change ticket at the building on the same side with ticket counter. As I went in, the building was next to the ticket counter and near the entrance. There were 3 floors to see. I love the top floor the most. It was more like a buddhist temple than a museum.

Dong · 13/02/2020

Highly recommend. My mom and a six-year-old girl went with us, so we chose a tram for sightseeing. According to the regulation, the tram only stopped at 3 places but the driver stopped for one more place on our way back to the tram station. It was sunny, quiet and peaceful. The food at the gate was cheap and delicious ^^

Dong · 12/02/2020

I had so much fun in the ancient city as well as the Erawan Museum. Both places are picture perfect. In the ancient city, there are replicas of temples all over bangkok and dress code isn’t very strict. In erawan, you would get to immerse yourself in the Thai religion and culture. Dress code is strictly no sleeveless, shorts or skirts above the knees.

Lyka Ann · 12/02/2020

This is a one of a kind experience. They have created a place to create replicas of the famous old landmarks in Thailand. We had fun and opted to ride a bicycle around the city. Erawan Museum was from a different location and should be redeemed separately.

Mark Alexis · 12/02/2020

Easy to redeem. Been to bangkok already last 2017 and I visited some popular temples... All I can say is, this is way better! Not crowded, so many picture spot area. At first, i’m hesitant about renting a bike. But hey! I’m glad I did! I really really like this place and will recommend to my friends.

kevin nice andrea · 11/02/2020

Value for Money

We got the tickets for Erawan Museum + Ancienty City with Tram and Lunch, value for money since you don’t have to purchase tickets separately. We got surprised with the Lunch set- it turned out that it includes other dishes and fruits as well (buffet style). Definitely worth your money! Also, we rode the tram which is a smart choice considering how huge Ancient City is, but if you like to take your time and visit the places you can opt to get the bike or the golf cart. As for the tram, be sure to consider the time as it is per schedule basis only. Overall- two thumbs up!

CARMINA Bugtong · 11/02/2020

A true cultural knowledge provided to us , beautifully arranged area, Nice views , very good services , very polite and helping staff . Cycle , tram bus , golf club car or walking . So many options to see the place . Feel attached to each Buddha statue , don’t want leave the premises. Very convenient to reach there. Thank you all

arvind · 10/02/2020

It was a great experience! We rented a Golf Cart and drove around Ancient City. Over there we get to visit many different temples and overall the place has very nice landscapes and buildings. It’s a great place to take beautiful photos!

Bao Jun · 09/02/2020

One of the highlights of my trip. The sites are quite amazing. It's like you've traveled around Thailand in one location. I recommend to rent the golf cart for convenience. Make sure your camera has enough memory because everything is picture perfect. Highly recommended!

ELEAZAR · 08/02/2020

surprise surprise!

We first knew this place through IG images. Yet it’s a splendid park with the scale downed signature sites across Thailand. We had a wonderful day there, enjoying the bicycle ride and the sceneries.

Edith Hoi · 07/02/2020

im not sure with the exact entrance fee for both places, but its more convenient to just show qr code when visiting this places. i suggest you go first to erawan before going to Ancient City. as early as 9am go to erawan and after an hour go to Ancient City if your not easily get tired i suggest to go in a Bike. We arrived at Ancient city around 11am and the sun is up high but because of the shades made by the trees we really enjoyed riding the bike ☺. We and other tourist get confused where to get our pass in ancient city, just a tip..keep left and look for the TV and thats the line ?

Ejjilyn · 07/02/2020

We had an amazing time in Ancient Siam! The place was huge so it was a good thing that trams were available along with a tour guide. The 2 hr tour was not enough though as we wanted to have spent some more time and explore the other sights. Erawan museum was beautiful, the massive elephant out at the front was very imposing!

pamela · 06/02/2020

This place is wonderful,amazing and worth to visit. All thailand tourist attractions are there. Buffet foods are great including the thai delicacies. You can rent a bike or cart but i think riding a bike is more fun and enjoyed. Overall 10/10 for me.. clap clap clap

Christopher · 04/02/2020

Beautiful, amazing place. We went at 5pm, it was quiet and we got to see daytime and night time/lights however we missed the market town. We took a bike ride around the park. The features are absolutely brilliant. Quite far out of town but we'll worth the trip. I could probably go again but this time spend more time. Having said that 2 hours was OK for a first time.

Jason · 03/02/2020

I come to know about this place through Klook attractions. Then, I did my research about this place and found interesting. so, decided to buy ticket through Klook and visited the place. The park is very vast and takes one full day to see everything. There are many replica's of ancient building, rivers and landscapes. Excellent place to visit when in Bangkok. Thanks Klook.

Govardhanan · 02/02/2020

Ancient City is a collection of Thailand's (and Indochina's) past and present landmarks. Better to rent the audio guides to appreciate the place better. Dinner served is worth the price. Tip: The noodles beside the ticket office is a must-try!

Carmela Emma · 02/02/2020

This place is amazing! It is huge and worth every penny. The instructions provided by Klook was clear and precise. When you have exited the station, we chose a Song Thaew as there were 4 of us. It was 10baht per pax. There may be other passengers as well and they may stop at different points. The trip is short and you will be brought right to the entrance. We booked the golf cart and it was the best decision ever as it provides much respite from the scorching sun and walking. The place is huge, almost double the size of nami island. You may book a golf cart either with your passport OR driving license (they are not strict). Lunch was good and there were not as many tourists due to the Wuhan virus. We headed to Erawan Museum via Grab from there (fast, affordable and way cheaper than train if you hve more than 4 people). Erawan was more crowded but it was worth the trip. Do take note that you will need to wear long pants for the later. It was a great, fuss free and enjoyable tour.

Runjia Jacqueline · 02/02/2020

I took the Ancient City Ticket only and the place is so beautiful. It's big so I rented a bike to roam around. It's far from the city, you can commute through BTS skytrain. A must see when you're in thailand. ☺️?

Kim · 02/02/2020

It's a beautiful place to visit. You can rent a golf cart first hour is 360 bath or choosing English tram train or Chinese tram train 50 Bath per person.You can also feed the elephant with 20 bath. For the Erawan Museum you may take a beautiful photo in there.

Shinhwa · 01/02/2020

You never regret going here! So0o huge place and a golf cart IS A MUST! One hour was not enough if you want to explore the whole place. Better to pick this rather than Grand Palace and Wat Arun since those places are too crowded. This one is much cheaper. No need to hire tourist guide. The food stalls near entrance taste good and will cost only 50 baht a meal. They will give you a menu with great selection of foods . Grab any seafood dish, it really taste good ♥️

Mary Ann · 30/01/2020

Ancient city is literally best experience in Bangkok. The park is huge so you rent a bicycle (50 baht, full day) or a golf car(up to 4-6 ppl, 350 baht first hour, 200 baht next) or take a joint tour on Chinese or Thai “tram”. We rented a bicycle and explored the park ourselves. Some of the areas are still under construction but most of the park is ready. Worth a full day trip. Get to Kheha BTS then take a taxi. Dinner was good enough.

Artsiom · 30/01/2020

This was so much fun!! We could have spent several days on this tour there is so much to see. Defiantly recommend renting the bike for 50 baht at the Ancient City, it was the best way to get around at your own pace and still see everything. The museum was absolutely stunning and the 4 pillars depicting the 4 major beliefs structures in the world were inspiring to see.

Tammy · 29/01/2020

Thank you klook for this wonderful and unforgettable experience. I enjoyed our trip in this place. The place is too big and not crowded so you can see a lot of famous and beautiful temples. This made our Bangkok Trip because of good surroundings and fresh air.

Chris Allen · 28/01/2020

booking the tickets to ancient city via Klook is perfect as you really save a lot. Ancient city was beautiful and peaceful, we have rented bikes and barely saw another visitors while biking around. if you have some free time in BKK, visiting Ancient city is a good choice.

Hudecekova · 27/01/2020

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