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Very smooth process for access. Just using booth to claim ticket & easily reached observation deck to enjoy breathtaking view from the top of namsan tower. Enjoying the sunset & night view from this place is one of the best experience to get in seoul. Thank you klook for such a positive experience ?

Mohamed Farouk · 10/02/2021

One of the best attraction that a must to visit when you visiting south korea. The view was really nice and there are a lot pf people there. Klook makes everything east especially when you need to redeem the admission ticket. Probably will repeat again when pandemic is over. Thank you so much Klook !!!

Jay · 08/01/2021

Good place to see night view

This is a good place to watch the night view in Seoul. The fare seems to be only a little cheaper, but there are still some discounts. If you have time, you can come up and see the night view of Seoul.

泊瑜 高 · 05/01/2021

Convenient to just get the tickets from Klook in advance. No need to queue. Entrance to the tower was a breeze. It’s slightly cheaper to get from klook. Most importantly is the convenience. Highly recommended!

Soo Peng · 29/12/2020

Namsan Seoul Tower was the first tower-type tourism spot in Korea. The top of the tower is at almost 480 meters above sea level, including Namsan Mountain (243m) and the tower’s own height (236.7m), making it one of the tallest towers in Asia. It is comprised of Seoul Tower Plaza, recently opened to public access after 40 years, and N Seoul Tower, operated by CJ Foodville since 2005. The tower was first established as a broadcasting tower to send out TV and radio signals in 1969. As of now, it has become one of the representative landmarks and multi-cultural venues in Seoul. Thank you Klook:)

Ye · 27/11/2020

Easy and convenient

Great visit to the Namsan tower. Thanks to the videos explaining how to proceed, we had a great time for a great value.

Arnaud Boulestreau · 19/10/2020

The views are amazing. It would be great to go at peak fall colors or when things are blooming in spring. The restaurants at the tower are good and there is a good variety. The souvenir shop has a really good selection of gifts and souvenirs. Just a warning, the elevator to the top of the tower and cable car to get to the tower are not very big. If it is busy, the lines will be long and it will take a long time to go up or down.

Taylor · 28/09/2020

This ticket we bought from Klook is cheaper than when you buy there. The observatory is beyond amazing. I have no words I really really love Seoul. There is a burger place in the ground floor where the burger tastes superb. I recommend that a lot! Don’t forget to get some booklets and have the places in there stamped when you go to the mentioned places and they will give you a gift once you have like 5 or 7 stamps I can’t remember exactly ?

Ma Elein Grace · 08/09/2020

When I went to Seoul last time, I didnt booked the ticket, thought there is nothing to look at. But, gladly we decided to went to Seoul tower on our second visit. It was really worth,no queue needed. The view is mesmerizing and beautiful. We went during autumn, its was so beautiful! You can see seoul from the top view

Nur Nabilah Huda · 30/08/2020

Half the price

Definitely cheaper to buy through KK. Half the price! It’s not very high but it is a must do while in Seoul kind of thing.

Christine Li · 13/05/2020

Perfect place that we should go.There we can see seoul view and nice place to make a memories with the lock love.we also can buy many culture gift which sale with good saller.many activities also we can do like joging,painting,exercise,and many more.i spent a hold one day at seoul tower

nurulnikmah · 04/05/2020

My trip was last end of February 2020 where the temperature is around -1 to 12 degrees. The trip was very smooth, staffs are accommodating. I suggest people can visit Namsan Tower both during day and night. You can enjoy the sceneries and experience various restaurants. What I love about this place is that it can be less crowded on weekdays. The comfort rooms shall also be checked out for it offers a unique view of the Itaewon down below while you do your business.

JESSICA ANGELA · 25/04/2020

A must have. This is actually my 2nd time purchasing this since the voucher is easy to claim and is cheaper than buying the tickets at the location on the same day. The observatory has also one of the best panoramic views of Seoul. Absolutely recommended!

James Arnold · 20/04/2020

Redemption was super easy (voucher machines right next to the ticket counters on the right side) and waiting time was nonexistent due to the current situation (could just walk through basically). I’ve been here once before and it was really crowded so I enjoyed this time a lot more. The view on Namsan mountain is so pretty in spring with all the cherry blossoms (I recommend taking the time to walk either uphill or downhill during this season). Seoul is such a beautiful city and I also recommend going around sunset so you can maximize your experience and take in the amazing view in daylight, sunset light and nighttime.

Phuong Le · 20/04/2020

Love the view on the tower at night! This is a must when you are in seoul! Trivia the light on the tower depicts how good the air condition is in seoul.. the best condition is when the light is blue ?? have a good time here

FE ANNE · 04/04/2020

N seoul tower

not many people there due to covid19. but its good scene many photo spot is empty.

halimatun saadiah mohd suhaimi · 22/03/2020

It's the first of the first sight-seeings or monuments of Seoul you have to visit, not only for its view but for being Seoul's landmark! Some might say "If I visit Lotte, I don't need to visit N Seoul, Lotte is higher...". No, no. You'd regret it; N Seoul Tower is not so modern or high-class but it's on a mountain, you walk or take the lift to get there so you're closer to nature. To the point, we found it easily, there weren't long queues although we visited August 20th, at the evening. But if you don't want to miss the sunset from its start, set off earlier, maybe around 5 in the afternoon. Last, there are beautiful souvenirs to buy, a little pricier compared to Insadong's for example, but definitely unique.

Ioanna · 15/03/2020

I really enjoyed it the toilets on top are something the eifeltower could learn from. I did go there by foot if you are a fit person that is actually quite good. Otherwise take the cable car which I took the way down. The view is amazing.

Anna · 14/03/2020

The process of redeem is fast, but please study the weather before you go out to this place, because when we went up there, there were fogs around and we couldn't view anything from the top of the tower. If you are a Hello Kitty lover, you must visit the Hello Kitty Island and I bet you can take tons of photo inside there. There is a place to let people put their locks to 'lock' their love. You can take the elevator up and down from the tower, but be prepared for the crowds

Jeniffer Lee Hwa · 11/03/2020

Great tower! Highly recommend to visit, because you can all the city, tall buildings and mountains! View is really amazing, because you can observe 360! Also there are some wonderful areas as a tunnel, light rooms on the way to the peak!

Vladimir · 06/03/2020

It wasn’t the best weather when we were there but we had a great time❤️. We took some good photos. Was very quiet due to the corona virus disaster that struck Korea and all over the world. We would like to come back again one day for sure. Amazing view. Thank you KLOOK, it’s a good deal for the price as well☺️☺️

fitri · 05/03/2020

This is my first time to use Klook voucher. The rate is cheaper than if you buy at the counter. Very easy to redeem. Just scan your voucher at ticket kiosk. The staff very helpful. After that, go to the tower and enjoy the city view. Amazing experience. Love it.

Norrena · 05/03/2020

The views from N tower is spectacular and it offers a 360 degrees of Seoul City in all directions. The N tower has a couple of floors at the top which includes a cafe, souvenir shop, a restaurant besides an entire floor reserved for the observatory.

Muhammad Saifullah · 29/02/2020

This tower is in the center of Seoul and one can see this tower anywhere you are in the city. Well, one might say that it is a waste of time going here just to see the city lights or the city of seoul panoramically. However, I'll tell you that the view here is not the only thing that highlights this attraction, there's still a lot more.. The Namsan Tower where you can see panoramic views of the city is not the sole attraction you can visit. The cable-car ride is also an attraction. Although it is a short ride, since it starts from the middle of Namsan Mountain up to the top where the N Tower is, it is still worth the money spent. I love it since it was my first time to ride a big cable car such as that.

Marziana · 25/02/2020

Have a nice 360 degree night view of Seoul from the tower. There are few self print ticket machine nearby the ticket counter, so we don’t need to queue for the ticket redemption. It is fast and convenience.

XIN YUIN · 25/02/2020

Have a nice 360 degree night view of Seoul from the tower. There are few self print ticket machine nearby the ticket counter, so we don’t need to queue for the ticket redemption. It is fast and convenience.

XIN YUIN · 25/02/2020

collection of ticket

Collection of ticket is quite fast and the ride was good! It took around 30min to 45min to experience this journey

Jianliang Daniel Chan · 24/02/2020

We first took the Namsan Cable Car to reach N Seoul Tower. And we have a great time taking photos and the top view is beautiful. Then we had our game at Cheezzzball. That is a MUST play when you reach N Seoul Tower.

Hong Kiat · 22/02/2020

Amazing View

Easy to redeem and it's also cheaper than buying it in Namsan Tower. The view was stunning.

Rhea Bumatay · 22/02/2020

Easy to redeem

Staff really helpful to redeem my booking from kkday, N Seoul Tower was amazing! You can see Seoul from here! Ryan VR is a must!!! Tried the scariest one but it super fun! Well, i made it lol!

Christalique Suryaputri · 22/02/2020

easy and convenient

Twas sooo convenient . No lines needed !

Mary Claudette Cuyos · 22/02/2020


Easy to collect the tickets at information counter. Since it’s winter, there wasn’t lots of people which makes it easier to roam around too.

Marianne Ong · 20/02/2020

highly recommended. nice view from the top of Namsan Tower. everything is nice and perfect. easy to redeem and no need to que to go upside. everyhing is nice and perfect. the best way to see seoul from the top

NURULHIDAYAH · 20/02/2020

Excellent view

Going up the tower and being able to see all of Seoul at a glance was amazing. Even the journey up to the tower from the train station was nothing less of a wonderful adventure. Highly suggest this to anyone travelling to Seoul.

Sabrina Farouk · 19/02/2020

It was indeed an unforgettable experience to get into Namsam tower. The redemption of ticket is very convenient as you only need to scan the code in the kiosk. I suggest that you have it here during sunset. N Burger and fries is a must! Superb! We’re freezing cold when we get outside and also a bit snowing ☺️

Christine Carla · 16/02/2020

This is 2nd time i use this vouchers. Just scan your klook voucher at Ticket kiosk in front of ticket counter. If Namsan management could provide live guide/ info at at observation deck will be good and useful.

Mohd Asrul · 10/02/2020

from myeongdong station there is a free shuttle bus waiting outside at EXIT 1, it is color yellow and green and has a name namsan shuttle bus, it will go straight to namsan cable car, cable car ride for the adult cost 9000won, when getting the passes just go striaght to level 7 to print for the ticket

Maria Kristina · 08/02/2020

very easy to redeem just go at machine n click to redeem voucher..after that, just go to the tower, very great view will get there, mostly will can see the big city of Seoul.. i suggest you guys to buy with klook to save more money n time !

amy shakira · 07/02/2020

WORTH IT! If you buy at the counter, it’s double the price get it from klook! Hassle free redemption & pro-tip : take a bus from myeongdong for just 1,250 KRW & you’ll get at Namsan Tower easily. The view was nice & it’s quite cramped with people. You can enjoy Seoul view & it was breath taking!!!

Anis Adila Fahmy · 06/02/2020

Highly recommended to visitors to Namsan tower. It was cheaper with Klook. You just need to redeem the ticket from kiosk at the entrance hall. We booked tiket for observatory, the view was breathtaking

Siti Syahirah · 03/02/2020

We redeem the ticket late 1 day from the date we buy. We learn that the ticket still can be redeem if the code number is not used yet. There is a ticket machine at the entrance. Redeem first then you can enter. You can see seoul especially namsan area. But I'm not so lucky that day because the sky is not clear as the cloud is carries the heavy snow. Not lucky for the view but get the snow. Oh ya. Don't forget to play game at machine (i don't what it's name). There's 1 machine you need to follow their style photo and in return you can get discount coupon for beverage or lucky if got 1+1 ticket for N seoul tower or busan tower. Actually this machine is pretty cool because it link with the other machine at busan tower.

NORFARYANA · 01/02/2020

Really nice city view up there on the tower. It is my first time visiting the Seoul Tower and it was astonishing. Especially the beautiful sunset. The ticket redeem process is unexpectedly convenient and no queuing is required at the self service machine.

Hoi Ching Timothy · 31/01/2020

The tower provides you an awesome view of the busy city. Perfect to visit during night time. We spent more than an hour for the cable ride though. Too many tourists that night. Still a must visit in South Korea. ?

Sheanna Jeane · 30/01/2020

Fast and easy ticket collection at the basement level observation tower entrance. Self-collection. Nice view of Seoul from the tower and interesting elevator ride up. Great purchase and deal! Highly recommended.

Su Qing Miranda · 22/01/2020

As one of landmarks of Seoul, N Seoul Tower is a must-visit spot. We got there by Seoul Sightseeing Bus. The view is amazing ... it is like Puncak or Batu Malang, uphills with forest on the left and right sides. We had to hike a little bit from the bus-stop point, so make sure you are in a good shape to do this activity. After arriving, we must self-scan the barcode in our Klook voucher in the provided machine to exchange it with the entrance ticket. So easy. We can see Seoul panorama from above. Unfortunately, it was foggy when we were there so the view was not so clear. But we can rent the telescope to see the city better. We were there in the afternoon, around 1 pm. People say it's better at night. We took studio picture and paid for KRW 15.000 to get it printed on a paper frame. There are several optional frames. We also took some pictures in the outdoor decks where you can see thousands of padlocks.

Dewi · 21/01/2020

We really planned to revisit N Seoul Tower because we know that it's worth our while. Besides, we wanted to have the yummy N Burger again! We were able to explore more of the attraction, especially the Locks of Love area. The tower is really iconic & we don't tire seeing it amid the landscape in Namsan. We hope to visit again in another season, probably in the spring or autumn, during nighttime.

MICHAEL · 20/01/2020

you can see the city of Seoul from the observatory. we recommend to visit this place at 5pm so that you can see the houses and building with lights. going to N seoul tower you can ride the cable car or just walk the long stairs. bring a padlock to leave a remembrance. highly recommended!

Jonathan Jay · 18/01/2020

Easy to redeem. Go straight inside the tower and redeem your ticket at the redemption machine. So glad i went there on evening. Stay up there for few hours to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the sunset in seoul.

Raihan Jannati · 16/01/2020

My daughter enjoyed the Hello Kitty Island. Its a tour of Hello Kitty's home. the family history is there as well. Its bring back your childhood memories when you visit the place. Easy redemption of ticket.

JOAN · 15/01/2020

easy to readem because you can find the readem mechine at 5f level..just go to the ob and you can fine caunter in there..with self readem ticket..just key in your 16 digit booking number and print you can go excellent..i am so exciting..

nur khalina · 13/01/2020

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