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Awesome booking experience with klook, this is the 2nd time I'm using this - Easy & smooth check in. it's really worth and hassle free also enjoyed the werribee open range zoo... Staffs in the werribee Zoo are very friendly.

Narasimha · 11/07/2021

Cheaper to get than getting on site plus skip the queue. Great experience looking at the wild life. My daughter love it.

Shiao Cheng · 25/06/2021

Booking with Klook is such hassle free, cheap and safe. We enjoyed our zoo trip there so much. Checking in is fast with the Barcode everything stated, so convenient. Always my no.1 app to book activities or outings with.

SIQI CANDY · 01/06/2021

In my opinion i think it could have more attractions, different species and quantity of animals.

Yzak · 26/05/2021

My group from Mambourin Enterprises went n saw Gorillas, Monkeys, Lions, Koalas, Hippos, Cheetahs n Meerkats. Then we went on the Safari Tour ride n saw Mongolian wild Horses, Camels, Emus, Antelope, Giraffes, Rhinos n Zebras.

Samuel · 23/05/2021

Easy to walk around the exhibits where animals appear to be well cared for. Great to be driven through the open range section

Alison · 21/05/2021

Easy to redeem the tickets, recommend the Deluxe Safari to get up close to the animals

Cynthia · 08/05/2021

Had a great time at the zoo. Was good to see the animals being treated well here. Though it was crowded, they knew how to handle it, and there wasn't much of a wait for anything but food.

ALENA · 04/05/2021

The zoo is a really fun place, especially for families with children. It was nice to see animals up close with large spaces to roam around, albeit the number of animals are not much. The safari bus was the highlight and really worth it to try out. seeing the animals up close was very cool!

Denisa Choo Siem · 24/04/2021

great experience for the kiddo! nicely done zoo that mimicked the safari experience! the tram great was fun and offers visitors an up close experience with the animals! park was well maintained and lucky weather was perfect!

puay shan · 24/03/2021

It is recommended to drive in if you are planning to visit the zoo. It took me about 2 hrs to travel from Melbourne to the zoo by train and bus and walking in to the zoo. The main highlight will be the safari bus tour.

Shu Hui Anna · 07/03/2021

You get to encounter the animals closely while in the tour bus. Really fun also to see animals native to Australia and see them not so constrained. The Kangaroos were really just hopping around a free range area. :)

CESAR NICKOLAI JR · 02/03/2021

The ticket was cheaper than original price. Love the place. It was so fun. It was out of the way. Far in from the town but worth it. We took a bus from the nearest bus station and it was a 30min bus ride.

ILLI AMANINA · 12/02/2021

A fun outing for families especially those with young children. It was relaxing to go on the tram and there were food stalls for quick bites.

Chane · 07/02/2021

The safari bus ride was great! Great place to bring kids

anna · 11/01/2021

Amazing zoo with lots of animals. The baby zebra is super cute. We enjoy the zoo very much.

Ka yi · 07/01/2021

Great experience in the different animal zones. Kids friendly and educational. Love the safari ride!

Wing Sheung · 06/01/2021

Very interesting experience as we got see all the animals upfront closely, definitely an eye opener!

PEI LIN · 04/10/2020

Fuss Free in redeeming the tickets. The highlight of this trip is the safari bus where you see animal in the wild. Suggest to go Q for the safari bus first which will take about 40-45 min ride.

XiaoFen · 31/07/2020

Fuss free redemption via klook app to Werribee Open Range zoo. Cheaper than buying on site & faster as well as there were long queues due to school holidays. Great place to get up close with the animals on the highly recommended open bus ride! Too bad we can't carry koalas in Victoria state. Miss that part of interaction with the cute fluffy creatures. Highly recommended place to chill out for animal lovers. There is a cafe that serves good food too, where we get to watch Meerkats running outside while we enjoy the food and cuppa.

Choon Hwa · 04/07/2020

It’s a great zoo! We took the bus times and see those wild life. Must go!

Mau Ying · 09/04/2020

fuss free transaction! used on the same day and got it for a few dollars cheaper! definitely get it on klook!

Nabilah · 18/03/2020

Easy to get to from CBD, just a 40 min train to Werribee station and bus 439 to the zoo’s doorstep. Only downside is the frequency of the bus is every hour. The are quite little animal exhibits, so that’s disappointing. There seems to be more props and decorations than animals. The only saving grace is the safari bus tour.

Sabina · 17/03/2020

What a wonderful experience. Loved everything about it! So well organised. Great to get up close to rhinos, giraffes, ostriches, bison & varieties of deer. Food was great & music & performances brilliant. Highly recommended ?

Faizul · 16/03/2020

Nice small little sanctuary, can improve with more variety of animals

Cheng Hock · 05/03/2020

Thoroughly enjoyed this experience! The mini bus tour was the probably the most exciting highlight of this trip. Highly recommended :)

Desiree · 03/03/2020

Price offered by Klook is cheaper as compared if we purchased from counter. And we do not have to Q to redeem the vouchers. The safari bus experience is amazing..however, it could be better if we can see more animal during the trip.

Shahirah · 29/02/2020

Klook is easy to use. Just purchase and approach the ticket counter , discount is offered. Nice safari. Kids will love the place . The Safari ride takes around 35min. Kids playground is a great place to hang around too . We spent 3 hours to complete the park. Free parking as well.

Sin Wan · 25/02/2020

Such a lovely day out. We went as two couples and it was a great double date. The safari was definitely the highlight and would recommend getting in early before the crowds.

Jessica · 24/02/2020

The best in this zoo is safari tour! You can take a bus to see around the zoo! Like the video in Africa

MATT · 21/02/2020

Definitely worth the time to go and explore. Learn about conservation and animals and how we should do better as humans. Thank you for the insightful afternoon. May need brollies or raincoats if it rains!

Joanne Siew Fui · 16/02/2020

Had an excellent time at the Werribee Zoo! Full of animals that will interest people of all ages! The highlight was the Safari Tour Bus where we saw many unique animals like giraffes and zebras.

Alysha · 29/01/2020

The zoo is massive and including different kinda of animals. It is a nice chance to get in touch with the animals closely.

Yi Tung · 21/01/2020

Nice place for kids and family fun ,awesome experience of safari as we were able to look close view of all special animals specially gjraff.Great view from inside out .thanks for taking special care of all animals cheers .

manoj · 19/01/2020

It was such an amazing experience, Ticket redemption was super fast. KLOOK IS THE BEST among all other apps. Than ki s klook for an wonderful experience and very much disappointed with the animals as we went in afternoon time all the animals were sleeping and taking rest :(


Highlight was the safari ride, managed to see quite a few animals up close. Rangers were friendly and knowledge. Learn some interesting facts about koala and eucalyptus trees at the keeper's talk.

Yi Hui Sheena · 05/01/2020

Fun day at the zoo. Go early in the morning if you are going in the summer as animals will be in the shade if it’s too hot in the afternoon. The safari bus ride was definitely worth the journey and experience.

Siau Yi Grace · 05/01/2020

Pretty impressive range of animals you could see from the Safari ride. It was too hot on the day that we visited that wed decided to leave after 2 hrs here

Rachael · 04/01/2020

Just redeem the ticket at the entrance, super easy The day i visit is super hot and windy. Make sure you check the timetable if the bus if you take public transport

Carson · 31/12/2019

only managed to go on the safari ride once and the weather became unbearable. zoo closed soon after as well. #climatechange

WEI YING · 31/12/2019

A nice day out at this unique zoo, where you get to see many animals outside of enclosures. Booking through Klook is slightly cheaper too.

Teng Kiat · 27/12/2019

AMAZING ? Animals are mostly free and the staff is super friendly. We loved the gorillas they were super funny. Strongly recommend the experience, an open range zoo it's completely different than the usual zoos.

Camila · 26/12/2019

it is a big area with the animals free to move around. unfortunately, the day we were there was a hot day, animals were all hiding under the shade.

Kai Li · 26/12/2019

Easy to redeem tickets. Kids enjoyed it very much. Free parking available .

Bajina Bee · 23/12/2019

I always book. tickets through klook because it is easy and cheaper than on the official website.

Wing yin · 23/12/2019

Great and nice experience. Spent a wonderful time at the zoo and you can really experience close exposure with animals

Ai Ting Cynthia · 22/12/2019

Booking process and entry process was effortless. I travelled as a family of two adults and two kids. Note that kids are free on the weekend so it becomes more affordable. Highlight is the safari bus tour, which seems to let you go unlimited times (even though we only went once.) Not the most impressive safari because there were no predators (like lions) in the safari.. There is a toddler section at the Australian animals section, it featured a mock-up rescue helicopter to save animals. Children loved that. There is a playground inside the zoo. There are also cute animal statues at the front gate that are perfect for photos.

Kwee Tian Kenneth · 22/12/2019

Truly wonderful experience. Worth the price and worth travel all the way with kids! The safari trail was amazing, we got to see the animals up close! Never been to a zoo that can bring us up close, SO close! And like the lions, oh gosh, just a glass barrier away, not like miles away kept in the cage kind, we walk through a safari like zoo, not the typical zoo!

Jin Yin · 18/12/2019

The safari bus was awesome! The ranger was knowledgeable. The whole compound of the zoo actually reminds me of a real jungle setting. Its family and children friendly as well!

JOINA · 18/12/2019

good zoo. manny animal plus a ranger talk to children

Wee Chin Alfie · 17/12/2019

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