Hot Air Ballooning including Champagne Breakfast from the Gold Coast



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I still want to go for the first time

The great drivers are very nice and polite, super nice

yishun loo · 10/05/2021

The hot air balloon experience was amazing, highly recommended!

Mimi · 09/05/2021

Our ride got cancelled due to very bad weather, thats the downside. But the operator called in 1 day before to inform us and refund was on time too.

Shaik Ismail · 19/12/2020

Best deal from Klook. Easier to purchase ticket before going over else have to join the long queue.

Azley Shah · 11/12/2020

A must-go! Stunning view ! However breakfast at the Italo- Australian club was disappointing:(

SHIO WEI · 10/12/2020

great experience from prompt pick up to delicious breakfast. we even had an opportunity to go inside the balloon. highly recommended

Nikat · 06/12/2020

Beautiful scenery, Professional and Friendly staff. Transport provided.

Wei Kiat · 24/03/2020

It was amazing!!! We had to reschedule multiple times due to bad weather but we were still lucky to be able to experience it!

Joanne Shi Ying · 21/03/2020

Romantic hot air balloon

It's worth the experience, the scenery is beautiful and it looks great when taking pictures! Although the breakfast in the wine estate is not very delicious, the theme is hot air balloon~ the estate is just a walk!

峻權 湯 · 29/02/2020

That was awesome!!! Highly recommend for life bucket list!!!!

GUOCHIH · 26/02/2020

I bought the the one with 30 mins but finally it was longer than 30 mins. If was around 45 mins.

Wing Sze · 24/02/2020


The staff are friendly and the scenery is beautiful! Breakfast was delicious too! Push the entire trip

禎恬 扈 · 16/02/2020

one of the best experiences @ gold coast. must try for every visitor....

Priyanka · 28/01/2020

It was a perfect ride! Although my hot air balloon capsized as it landed on the edge, but we all laughed it out!

C · 26/01/2020

Fantastic experiance

Waking up at wee hour for this tour were all so worth it. friendly bus driver Chuck Chan and professional hot air ballon pilot Stuart has really make the whole trip so memorable . Highly recommended.

Boon Ai PENG · 21/01/2020

Very good experience, the staff is very funny and professional. I didn't think it was so hard to pack hot air balloons, but that's what they do every day. Thank you very much for the hard work of the staff.

Wai Shan · 06/01/2020

The experience was great!! The Company was on time.We didn’t get to go on the first booking day because the weather was not suitable for take off. We booked another day without any extra cost.They were very careful w our safety too.We had fun!

Cheng Chye David · 01/01/2020

Good good!!!! Very gooood!!

HYUNSUNG · 24/12/2019

Nice view despite fogs from bushfire. Experienced air balloon team. If you can wake up early, you must not miss this event

Ka Fai · 20/12/2019

Great experience!!! Views were great and landing was smooth.

Yeow Hong · 15/12/2019

The hot air balloon ride is a must try if you have never experienced before! For me, helping to fold and keep the balloon after the ride was an exciting activity too!

Pooi Joo · 12/12/2019

The hot-air balloon activity was truly very engaging. My whole family had great fun especially during the balloon packing game which involved everyone in the balloon trip. A definite yes for alternative funseek.

Chin Yong · 09/12/2019

Great experience and felt really safe in the hot air balloon. The crew was very professional and had great time viewing from the above.

pei yen · 18/11/2019

Was a very good experience.. weather was good and we manage to catch the sunrise. it was beautiful.

Yong Chye · 13/11/2019

The Staff very funny and friendly. Nice experience in life . Very enjoy viewing natural~ must try !

Yoke Guey · 07/11/2019

The trip was great!

Chris, our driver was friendly and great! The entire experience was smooth, and amazing! The weather was nice, initially cold but the heat from the hot air balloon balance it up. We met the cows while packing up. The breakfast was good too! There’s alpaca farm nearby! So we went for a while after our breakfast before Chris dropped us.

Guest · 29/09/2019

It was a beautiful experience. But it is a little pricey and the photos taken (option to buy) aren't really amazing. That's why the 4 stars instead of 5.

AMIRUN RASYID · 25/09/2019

Great experience! They fetched us from our place and allowed us to help in packing up the balloon. The 1-hour ride is just enough. Bring a jacket.

Noel · 22/09/2019

Great hot air balloon ride experience. Good service.

Foong Wan · 14/09/2019

Very good experience and the pilot is funny, tho the rest of the tourists are all from China and seems just few of them understand what he’s saying.

Tsz Wai · 30/08/2019

unforgettable experience

The driver, Chuck Chen, was very nice and patient. He explained the details of the ride and safety precaution very clearly to all of us. The hot air balloon ride was amazing and the view at the peak was breathtaking. Breakfast and champagne at the vineyard was really good as well. My whole family enjoyed the tour a lot and would definitely do it again when we come back to Gold Coast in the future

Wei Han Ho · 30/08/2019

There were lots of people joining the tour on that day. As we were assigned to go onto the second fly, it was a bit disappointed that we could not see the sunrise. Though, the view was great.

Cherie · 31/07/2019

Very impressed by the way our chief pilot Chris handles the balloon. It was a smooth flight and the experience was one of its kind. Well worth the value and the super early wake-up time! Highly recommended!!!

May Khim · 19/07/2019

Great experience from the start, where they pick us up from Mecure Resort, all the way till the end where they sent us back. The drivers were friendly and funny. The pilots were experienced and the whole flight was great with smooth take off and landing which allows you to enjoy the views with ease.

Abdul Latif · 10/07/2019

great experiences from the gold coasts, such a very memorable and meaningful experiences for me and my partner, both the crew and the drivers and very kindly and helpful

Chun Hung · 29/06/2019

Great guide from Scenic Tour Group. A very humorous guy. It will be wonderful if Klook offer tours (e.g hot air balloon with glow worms) from the same company. Reason being, the tour company offers free glow worm tour with purchase of an hour ride on the hot air balloon to hotel guests.

Christine · 17/06/2019

Despite the early wakeup, it’s indeed a once in a lifetime experience. Started off drizzling but we were lucky to be blessed with good weather upon take off and a full rainbow view! Very worth it.

Reine · 01/06/2019

Need to wake up very early for sunrise, however the basket is a bit too squeeze to fit everyone. After all, is an amazing experience for the view!

Aiqin · 01/06/2019

It was a great experience. Everything was perfect! I've already shared this a my friends.

Treize Zou · 08/05/2019

Such a splendid experience. The whole ride was really enjoyable and one of the best things that I did in Gold Coast.

Nurul Dafinah Binte · 29/04/2019

Good wonderful trip excellent and nice and polite guidance and pilot More safe than I experience Very nice view

Pui Yan · 02/04/2019

Great experience and definitely the affordable price to get here! Everything was smooth and easy to redeem. Great views and don’t forget to catch the sunrise and bring along a jacket!

Syed Afiq · 10/03/2019

A thoroughly enjoyable experience. The view is amazing, definitely worth the price.

CELINE · 19/02/2019

worth the wake at 230am. bring jacket and ear plugs ( very loud when supplying hot air). majestic view, took on 60 mins ride and it's the right choice, time flies when you are riding on the balloon.

zhe yang · 25/12/2018

Love the view so much. But you have to wake up really early for this. When it wants to land you have to wait pretty long time

vanessa phingsky · 09/12/2018

This is the best experience ever. The pilot was very experience and that makes the flight take off and landing less scary for our family of 5. My husband enjoyed the after flight activities - keeping the hot air balloon with the rest of the males passenger. The view was enchanting and the sun rise was beautiful. For once a lifetime experience, travellers should try this!

Beng Suan · 13/11/2018

Wonderful experience indeed! Shuttle bus picked us up on time(3 am) and we went to launch site at 5am. Luckily the day we went there was mild wind so we could fly immediately when we reached the site. Captain was friendly and professional. Worth every penny.

Piyakarn · 28/10/2018

Nice English breakfast near alpaca farm. The agency do their best for this trip.

HUIYA CHENG · 24/09/2018

We were worried initally whether the tour operator will turn up to pick us as there wasn't any confirmation from them before hand. Glad they did turn up on time to pick us at our hotel lobby. Overall experience is good. Very professinally operated. The view up there is fantastic.

Loong Ann · 08/09/2018

The tour was well organized and operated seamlessly. The view up there was astonishing especially with the sunrise. Landing and folding balloon experience was team work and fun as well. Recommend for solo, couple and family travelers!

Congmin · 17/08/2018

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