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You're always my travel buddies. Thank you so much Klook!

Maricel · 25/02/2021

Hassle free collection and is worth for multiple entries without queuing to get the ticket

Lau · 30/12/2020


YINHUNG · 02/12/2020

Definitely worth it and did not have to worry about transport!

Zhen Yan Claire · 13/08/2020

We used this really well especially if the places you're going to are far from each other. Super sulit!

Cielo Jhoanna Yvette · 03/07/2020

Very convenient and nakatipid since we make the most of the unlimited mtr ride. We easily roam the country since it was very accessible to mtr stations.

Kathrena · 07/06/2020

Very good value for money. Works out to be cheaper than using an octopus card unless you plan on rarely using public transport.

Daniel · 24/02/2020

Just don't forget them at the airport when you land, as there is no we're else to redeem them, can't be used on buses ONLY for trains and light rail.

Michelle Tean · 12/02/2020

Very Good✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️???????????????????????????????✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️????????????

Ner · 10/02/2020

Very Good✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️???????????????????????????????✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️????????????

da · 10/02/2020

Very useful! Definitely cheaper than you bought from the counter! Thank you klook

Po Chieh · 10/02/2020

We do not have to wait for a long line plus it is easy to avail the voucher. The klook service is also fast and informative. We will always book in klook as it makes our travel easy, smoothly, and fun.

Roand · 06/02/2020

Always plan your itinerary as it will definitely save you a lot of money and time. We use this specifically when we travelled to Lantau Island to visit Po Lin Monastery, Tian Tian Buddha and experience Ngong Ping 360 ride. CityGate Outlet was a bonus. When doing our itinerary I realized that this will save us a lot that reloading our Octopus card everytime. Plus this is a 1 day we get to do night market hopping with tjis pass.

Angie Lou · 01/02/2020

We redeemed our vouchers for MTR tickets at the airport. The process was really easy and convenient. We used the tickets to get around Hong Kong from Disneyland to Ngong Ping to downtown, very easy to use and worth the money over buying incidental tickets.

John Edward · 30/01/2020

Easy to use, save quite a bit if you travel a lot in Hong Kong and like to get on and off a long the way. I usually look for a few places that I want to go and they are on always at the same area. With this card, you don't really care, just get on and get out wherever, whatever time you like.

Racky Kwok Wah · 27/01/2020

When visiting different places in HK, this is a great affordable booking. You can go to different places in the city without worrying much on the transportation costs. Love going from HK Island to Mongkok then back again with this pass

Karen · 27/01/2020

Very convenient to use the card. I can use it on almost everywhere. You cant use this in Macao so bring cash there. ? thank you Klook

Jomer · 25/01/2020

Plan your itinerary before buying as it may be cheaper to buy single journey ticket

Katrina Marie · 24/01/2020

Availing this day pass was a great help for me since I can only travel around Hongkong for only one day. Their mrt is efficient and help me to go to the places I must go and even go to another places I wanted to visit. Also, day pass is cheaper than the topping up or buying directly to each station! It’s best if you want to travel and save at the same time.

Diana · 16/01/2020

Easy redemption and definitely a value for money for a good 24-hr upon first tap.

Asma binti · 15/01/2020

Easy to pick up and at least now cheaper than buying from MTR. NOTE currency - for me it showed price in PHP same as MTR but when changed and paid in HKD it came cheaper.

Soininen · 11/01/2020

It was easy to spot Counter A13 where the Octopus card is retrieved. Used my card all day today.

Sancho · 09/01/2020

I buy only one card of this for my 10 days visit to HK. use this card when you plan to travel a lot from one place to another, I'm using this for my "Instagram Tour Day", when I visit several Instagram spot in HK, in my calculation, it cost around $65, use it when the calculated cost of your MTR travel is above.

Muhammad Gilang · 05/01/2020

It was very convenient to use the NYE Tourist Day Pass everywhere. Recommended to everyone traveling to hongkong

Justine Nicole · 04/01/2020

amazing experience with the mtr worth to buy it and explore Hong Kong with this single card

AMIT · 04/01/2020

Great value, pre purchasing this not only saves us money but time as well, collected from Airport and can be used immediately.

Marios · 03/01/2020

Easily redeemed at Hongkong airport. Very useful and budget friendly. Will surely use this next time! :)

Clara Isabel · 03/01/2020

it was realy easy to use and helpful. we had a smooth travel throughout our stay

Venize Ariane · 30/12/2019

Very convenient and economical, get one if you plan to go around hongkong all day.

Alona · 30/12/2019

Convenience and cheap. Important thing is you can go any places without worry the fares.

SOOK KWAN · 30/12/2019

Easy to locate the pick up counter. This card is convenience and you can go to any places by using this card without worry the fare. Will recommend it to my family and friends.

SOOK KWAN · 30/12/2019

If you booked MTR pass, go for airport express too. It’s cheaper in klook.

Ellene · 30/12/2019

Easy to use and redeem at the airport counter. Just redeem the QR code at the airport counter, get the MTR card and u are good to go.

Ahmad Farhan · 29/12/2019

Hong Kong is generally expensive, so this unlimited pass is quite cheap and practical for tourists with many destination in 1 day. Claim at arrival hall.

ALDRIN ROY · 27/12/2019

hassle free travel via MTR for a day. worth the purchase though bus rides were not included

Charlwin · 27/12/2019

Cheapest and most convenient option. Easy pick-up on arrival area in HKIA.

ALDRIN ROY · 26/12/2019

this is very useful & convenient as you dont need to que to buy your tickets which is really save your time!

Zulkanain · 23/12/2019

Definitely get the day pass if you are going to be using the public transportation system! Picking up the passes was super easy and painless. We simply showed the pick up voucher, received the passes, and were promptly on our way.

Mia Kristine · 22/12/2019

Let’s explore HONG KONG! This card is worth to buy. I have explore around Hong Kong for 1 day. I love this city. Many acitivities you can do here such as Disneyland, Fine art museum or just strolling in the town are all excellent!

FAH · 22/12/2019

Bought a one day pass just so the kids experience the MTR and it didn’t disappoint! The pick up area was quick to find, just present the voucher and you are good to go! I would recommend this for those who have a quick trip in HK!

Cherrie Mae · 21/12/2019

Easy to redeem. Once exit custom, turn left to arrival hall A, go straight, on the right there are many counters. Look for counter A 13

ZULKANAIN · 16/12/2019

Very easy to book and easy to claim tickets at their designated area. Price is just right and worthy of money, a hassle free travel good for 24hrs. and can take you around Central Hong Kong. A must thing to do when you are visiting Hong Kong for the first time, my mom and sisters loved it! Purchase via Klook is very recommended and makes your travel worry free. Kudos!?

Geneve Loresca · 15/12/2019

Very Good✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️???????????????????????????????✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️????????????

Wong · 14/12/2019

Very Good✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️???????????????????????????????✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️????????????

Wong · 14/12/2019

Very good even I was misunderstood that the card was a mock-up one. Again the staff at counter to redeem this ticket wasn’t that helpful as hoped. MTR is very punctual and on time which makes plan easier. Totally worth buying.

Piamsuk · 14/12/2019

go everywhere are fast??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

qe · 13/12/2019

Unlimited mtr rides. Should be claimed at the airport

darlene jasmine · 13/12/2019

go everywhere are fast??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

voucher · 10/12/2019

Highly recommended when you will use MTR a lot during your visit to HK, it will save you a lot of money

Brigid Michael · 09/12/2019

Very easy to use. Just go directly to the counter and avoid the line in the ticket counter. Really recommends this for you to enjoy your trip and stay in HK.

nichole alexis · 08/12/2019

Product information

Unlimited travel all around Hong Kong

Insider Tips:
  • Heading to China? Instead of buying a single trip ticket, use the MTR Tourist Day Pass and take the train to Sheung Shui Station. Exit the station using the pass then buy yourself a single trip ticket for Lo Wu / Lok Ma Cha
Departure Routes & Schedule
  • Inclusive Of:
  • 24 hours consecutive travel on MTR and MTR Light Rail Services
  • Not Inclusive Of:
  • Travel on the Airport Express (buy your ticket here), MTR Bus, East Rail Line First Class and travel to/from Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau stations
  • Travel on buses or trams (this is not an Octopus Card)
Additional Information
  • The pass is restricted to tourists (non residents of Hong Kong) who have been in Hong Kong for less than 14 days at the time of purchase
  • Travel on the Light Rail is only available after the first journey has been made on the MTR