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we always use octopus card whenever we are in Hong Kong. its convenient and east access wherever you go. its cheaper too than buying ticket every jourbey

Cherry · 26/01/2021

OCTOPUS CARDS IN HONG KONG IS A MUST! The best place to get it is in the airport when you have just settled from your arrival to the country. You can top up the value in 7-11 stores and the merchants you can use this with is virtually endless! Everywhere you go in Hong Kong, an octopus card will always come in handy!

Cedric Eduard · 18/01/2021

Using this card around will make your life in Hong Kong super easy. You can use this in every transport and in some store and if there is some money left you’re about to go home you can claim it before leaving their country. So nice!

Khatte June · 04/12/2020

A MUST HAVE ITEM WHEN YOU GO TO HONG KONG!!! Saves everything -- time: for transportation, just tap and go, food: you can use this card for purchasing food in 7-11, discounts: we used this until -35 for our purchase of chocolates before going home and can even use it as a souvenir after trip. Yay, HK tech was so amazing.

Elaine · 20/11/2020

an octopus card is very useful and makes riding the train easier and it is easy to reload.. you can use it to buy in 7/11 especially before leaving hongkong to use up all the money in it

Shazel · 16/07/2020

very useful train smart card in Hongkong. useful since most tourist attractions in hongkong can be accessed using their mtr. will definitely book again using klook for my other international trips in the future

Michael · 25/06/2020

Very convenient. We pick it up in the airport upon arrival and instantly used it when we rode the bus going to our hotel. Easy to use as there are plenty of 7/11 in HK

Leano · 17/05/2020

So convenient! Exploring hong kong is so convenient having this octopus card. You can just load it into any 7-11 stores or even on the mtr stations. having a pre-booked octopus card via klook is also convenient since we just pick it up from the airport, its already preloaded and ready to use. We can also return our octopus card but we opt to keep it as souvenir. ?

Rosabelle · 27/02/2020

its a must when you visit hongkong.. if youre fond with extreme rides.. its only 1 or 2.. this really intends for children. a lot of children wi enjoy all attraction offered by disneyland. better to buy at klook if you want cheaper entrance to the attraction??? you must buy the octopua card for their mtr payment... also iwas sa airport express sobrang mahal.. if you plan to stay in hongkong for 3 days. better to buy the unlimited mtr so you wont think from time to timw if you still have balance.

Jonathan · 24/02/2020

hi thank you this is my first time using this card. and this has already been a great journey for me because it's very easy to use and I'm happy because the reload is easy and you can do it anywhere not just in station

wahyu ika · 20/02/2020

highly recommended to everyone visiting hongkong. good service and great option for people who are traveling. check the details and information provided in the app. definitely worth your money.

Camille · 04/02/2020

Go cashless in Hong Kong!! These cards are the bomb! Use it anywhere to pay - food, convenience stores, malls, trains, buses, even local shops accept Octopus Cards!!

Mary Jeika · 04/02/2020

Octopus card is a must have whenever you travel in HK. Use it to pay to mtr, buses, 7/11 and more. Just book it here and claim it to Klook kiosk at the airport. So easy. Thank you Klook!

Jenelyn · 02/02/2020

A very convenient card that you can use roaming around Hong Kong. We received this octopus card at Airport and it has preloaded 50HKD that you can use at trains even on airport express which makes travel more convenient, you can also use it on bus, and selected stores. You can go cashless using this card. It can also serve as your souvenir ❤❤❤

SHEILA MARIE · 28/01/2020

I would say that it is a must to purchase a Hongkong Octopus card specially if you want to explore Hongkong by subway. Fares are discounted compared to regular ticket. You can even used it convenient stores, Mall, Fast foods, and restaurants. The card is preloaded with $50 hkd. Loading stations are available in all subway stations.

Lorenz Christian · 26/01/2020

Super fast transaction. Just show the qr at the counter and you have your sim and octopus card ready. SIM is pre activated, no need to do any thing. Just make sure your phone is open line. SIM has really god signal. I use the Octopus card in trams, buses, mtr, and even paying for my grocery.

John Marco · 25/01/2020

this is amazing. the tour is worth evry penny! this is so much fun. i recommend it to every one. easy to redeem. sure thing that every age will enjoy here. cheaper here in Klook

Christine Mae · 24/01/2020

we were able to use our octopus card buying food inside the park and even used it in Hongkong while travelling the MTR and airport express. Hongkong experience became easier because of the card.

Joylene · 22/01/2020

Very convenient way to get around the city and buy something at the convenient stores. Highly recommended that you only fill this up only a 100 HKD until it runs out.

Mark John · 17/01/2020

Easy to redeem at counter to the airport. Easy to use. hkd50 we used to ride a bus go to the Hotel. this tourist octopus card is easy to reloadable at 7 eleven and many stores. at easy to use at the restaurant and mtr. i will buy again until we will come back to the hongkong thankyou

Reynalyn · 16/01/2020

Octopus cards are widely accepted in HK. Trains, trams, buses, convenient stores and some restaurants accept them as payment. You can reload them at the MTR stations or at convenient stores. You will be refunded of the amount left after you return the card.

Marie Kim Tanya · 14/01/2020

Booking a rental octopus card and sim card is a good idea. We were already loaded and ready as soon as we arrived in HK. Octopus card is widely used in the country. Trains, trams, buses, convenient stores and some restaurants accept octopus card as payment. Local sim card is useful for maps, instructions and for updating your social media accounts.?

Marie Kim Tanya · 14/01/2020

A MUST HAVE when you travel to Hong Kong. Super easy to use when travelling on public transport and there's a rebate too when you use the Octopus Card on the MTR. Can be used to pay when shopping as well. The counter was easily located outside the arrival hall and no hassle.

HUI KUNG · 12/01/2020

Having a local SIM and travel card is a must have for all travellers wanted to explore Hong Kong easily. The SIM is great value when combining with the Octopus card.

Kwet Kooy · 08/01/2020

Tourist Octupos card is fun and easy to use, and is accepted all over Hong Kong! We use it for public transport, dining, entertainment, shopping and more. It is the easy way to get the most from our time in Hong Kong! Thank you klook for this wonderful experience

Cyril · 06/01/2020

The Hong-Kong octopus card was really helpful. We redeemed it in the airport with an ease. They even explained to us the inclusions of the card and how to use it. The attendant speaks English. We will be availing this again on our next Hong Kong trip. It is highly recommended to purchase this on your trip!

Justine Xyrill · 05/01/2020

Convenience!! This card helped us alot! Very easy to use, just tap tap tap! We used it mainly on MTR. We also used it to buy food at McDo. Can be reloaded!

Danilo Jr · 04/01/2020

Very easy to use. ? we just presented the voucher at the counter and it was already approved and can be used immediately.. no long lines. will recommend to friends as well ?

Shelly Jane · 03/01/2020

Octopus Card with sim Card, Very Convinient and Easy to used at any part of hongkong, like trains, restaurant, and convinience store like 7/11, it was past and Easy transaction, we will definitly booked again at KLOOK, thanks you so much More power!!

ronualdo · 02/01/2020

Hongkong Octopus Card Very Convient and Very usefull u can used it every where in hongkong like trains, buses, convinience store, and it was past easy to redeming at Hongkong Airport. I used it to our Way in Disneyland, Ocean Park, and going to Macau. and you can used also to purchased at any 7/11 stores. thank you KLOOK for this wonderful experience.

ronualdo · 02/01/2020

Very important when you go to HK. Convenient if you have it. It can be used for transpo and buying. Can be reloaded at any MTR station and 7eleven. We got ours thru KLOOK. And it was fast and easy redeeming at Airport. Thanks to KLOOK.

Andrea Ligaya · 30/12/2019

It was very easy and convenient for me to travel in Hong Kong using Octopus card. Claiming at the airport was fast and no hassle. And then, I just tapped it to ride the train and bus and off I go to my destination. I used it on my way to Disneyland, in Kowloon and back to the airport. And, I also used it in eating at a famous fastfood. Loading was easy too at convenience stores. Plus, the card is a cool souvenir.

Genevieve · 30/12/2019

Octopus card helps us a lot especially we were on a Do It Yourselves Travellers.. It is preloaded 50 HKD and we add 150 HKD only! ?? We did save a lot in this travel.. It is amazing that subways are interconnected with one another. It is our first time to travel abroad and there were no subways like in HongKong in our country. ?

Dainalyn · 28/12/2019

Hong Kong transportation is one of the best in the world and octopus card is the best way to enjoy it. being a tourist the number one thing to learn is the way to travel but because of this card we got less worried with transportation and the best thing is you can redeem the points that you didn't use. Awesome?✊?

Jedalynne Rose Omega · 28/12/2019

I got this for a friend who is visiting hong kong Octopus card is a must have for any kind of public transportation and this was really easy and cheap to get

Yu Jung · 28/12/2019

It was really convenient for tourist to have this one, Lucky to have klook who offer like this.. Store was accessible which was inside the front door of the HK Airport terminal.. You can easily see the counter Number after baggage claim..

Maricon · 28/12/2019

Easy to find and collect the Octopus Card. You can use the card in their bus, train, convenience stores and almost all restataurants. 4G simcard is a must for me in every travel to other country for navigation.

ROMULO JR · 26/12/2019

Octopus Card is a necessity to get around in Hong Kong. It will save you a lot of time aside from being convenient to use. Also, Klook Counter can be easily found in the Airport.

Jelly Mystica · 25/12/2019

Octupus card is a must buy when traveling to Hong Kong. You can use it in MTR and bus and travel from one place to another. You can use it 7/11to buy something or reload it there. We bought it here because its cheaper and its also easy to pick up.

MA KATHYRINE · 24/12/2019

It was totally easy to find the Klook counter at the airport and get our Octopus cards and our SIM cards. Very convenient and highly recommended when staying in HK for some days.

Christina · 24/12/2019

One of the convenient ways to move around the city is to use the Octopus Card. Less hassle and receive big discounts when you use it. We picked it up in the aiport and we used it instantly in visiting different spots of HongKong. Than you Klook for the incredible MTR experience.

Jan Rainier · 19/12/2019

Hongkong Octopus Card is very easy to claim and convenient to use. You just need to show the printed voucher or QR code from your phone via the Klook app at the airport's counter. Right after claiming it, (1 for me and 1 for my son) we loaded HKD300 each at 7/11. We were able to use it in McDonald's and KFC to buy food, in all MTR stations to go to our destinations and back to our hotel, and stuffs at 7/11.

Hyacinth · 18/12/2019

Very easy to redeem, and very useful. We’re able to go to a lot of places, and we’re able to try different mode of tranportation to, very useful in a way that you can also use this to different establishment, fast food, bookstore shopping etc.

Maxcel Darren · 16/12/2019

Everything went so smooth during claiming and using octopus card. We used immediately the preloaded 50hkd from airport to hotel hassle free. Thank you so much to this!

Resannie · 14/12/2019

It was a fast and easy transaction. The klook counter is just in front of the airport main exit from the arrival hall. There are different counters from various travel agencies, don't be scared to ask if unsure.

Angeli · 13/12/2019

It was very easy to find A13. It was just in front of me when I arrived at Arrival Hall. The man at the counter was very friendly by telling us that there is HK$50 inside the card & it only requires HK$33 to take the A21 bus to the hotel. I will recommend this purchase to others because it is so convenient to pay online and then pick up the octopus card upon arrival. The card was able to be used in all the buses, tube stations and many stores.

Lionel Chuen Kwang · 13/12/2019

It’s so comfortable to use. You will use for everything which needed such as shopping in minimart or 7-11 or use for transportation bus or MTR or use paid stuff at Disneyland coin machine as well . Easy to add money by machines. Can refund the rest of money at Airport or Metro station but if you didn’t want to refund it’t can keep card to use for next time.

Aermporn · 11/12/2019

Having Octopus card is a must when going around Hong kong. You will save more time than falling in line and getting your ticket. You can use this for Bus, Ferry and even paying for your food! We got this for discounted price too! Thanks too klook 11.11 for the big discount!

Mary Ann · 10/12/2019

A must need in hk! Thank God there is Klook where you can buy octopus card with an ease! No hassle, just book it and claim it in the counter near the arrial hall ! thanks klook

Ynah Gabrielle · 10/12/2019

Octopus Card gives me an access to travel via bus or train very conviently. i dont need to line up since its already free loaded. i also love the fact that im connected to my love ones 24/7 using our stay in Hong Kong using the 4G sim. I also gives update from time to time using my social media account. thanks klook

Ma Lourdes · 07/12/2019

Product information

The convenient way to travel in Hong Kong

Insider Tips:
Additional Information
  • You can use this card to make cashless payments in select convenience stores, food courts, vending machines, and more
  • Place your card steadily over an Octopus reader. Hold and wait until you hear a "Dood" sound. There will be an indication that the transaction is completed and the remaining value is shown on the screen before removing your card. If the transaction is incomplete because you held it too quickly over a reader, please place it over again
  • Do not hold more than one Octopus, or an Octopus with another contactless smart card, over an Octopus reader at one time
  • Do not tamper with your card, such as bend, write on, scratch, tap, or cut it, or paste stickers, photos, or accessories on it. In these above cases, transactions will not be honored and the remaining stored value will not be refunded
  • If you’re getting a Rental Octopus Card, please make a HKD50 deposit at the counter during redemption. Upon return, the staff will refund the deposit along with the remaining balance, and collect HKD11 service fee for each card
  • If the value on your Octopus card is zero or negative, it cannot be used until it is reloaded
  • Your Octopus card can be reloaded by cash at thousands of locations throughout Hong Kong (ex. 7 Eleven, Circle K, 759 Store, McDonald, VanGO, Watsons, Mannings etc)
  • Refund your unused card balance at any MTR station (except Airport Express Counter)