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The cooking class and basket boat were super fun and exciting. Even the kids enjoyed cooking thanks to the Patient chefs. The basket boat rower were diligent

Fen Nee · 09/01/2021

Super fun trip indeed. Total worth every penny we spent on it! Fantastic guide tour and service! Will definitely go again when we travel to danang next time:)

Julieta Beatriz · 21/08/2020

We stayed 2 nights in hoi an. Less activities we can do in such small ancient town. It was first time (I think will be last) my family re ‘learn & cooking’ together. It was unique & memorable during my da nang trip. A pair of long bamboo chopsticks was given as souvenir. Food portion & choices are too much for us... :-) good to explore food culture in Vietnam

Huey Jiun · 05/05/2020

We had such a fun day doing this - it started with shopping at the market for ingredients, then a boat ride to coconut island, a coconut boat ride, crab fishing, cooking 4 delicious Vietnamese dishes and a return journey. Thoroughly recommend!

Margaret · 10/03/2020

Enjoyed this experience - from buying ingredients to the basket boat tour to the cooking itself. Guides were friendly as well. Would recommend!

MAX · 08/03/2020

Can try cooking, crab fishing in basket boat together, very nice arrangement

Pui Yin · 07/03/2020

I would 100% recommend this trip for anyone that’s visiting Hoi An. Love the whole program, we started by visiting the market and we took a 40 mins boat ride to the coconut tree village. We then took the coconut basket to the cooking class. We managed to make spring rolls, fried noodle, vietnamese pancake, and pho. We absolutely enjoyed the class and our chef/guide (Nii) was very pleasant!!

Jane Clarissa · 27/02/2020

Amazing cooking class! Got to experience the market and a bamboo boat ride which was so much fun. Lee our chef was very friendly and a great cook! Food was amazing

nickelson · 27/02/2020

One of the coolest experiences I've had on all my travels. Our guide was super friendly and shared lots of info about food in Vietnamese cuisine, then the food we made was amazing and plentiful! The basket boat ride was also a highlight but I wish it was longer.

Alexandra · 26/02/2020

Love the basket boat tour and the cooking class. my partner and i really enjoyed ourselves.

Bee Suan · 24/02/2020

Very interesting tour; our tour guide, Ms. Qui, is very nice and patient. It's worthy to join.

Shufen · 23/02/2020

dont think it is worth going. guide dont look like she is interested to entertain us. basket boat tour is too short and not satisfying at all. eco cooking is not fun. Suggest to just book a tour for basket boat, other basket boat tour groups look like they are having more fun.

jia qi · 23/02/2020

It was a great tour. The English tour guide was very courteous and handled the entire program professionally. We cooked four different Vietnamese dishes, and they were all delicious.

Insook · 23/02/2020

Nice experience, well organized, the team is fantastic, especially Flower, our guide.

Alexandre · 13/02/2020

It was a nice experience to walk through a local market to watch how bustling it is. It was good to incorporate it into part of our cooking class. The cooking class was good and simple enough for everyone to do. The basket boat ride was too short. And I would have preferred it to having a longer ride than to stop to watch a random man do his 'performance'. A waste of time to watch it. The guide, Hiep should have practice a little more EQ in how she communicated to her group. I didn't appreciate her exclaiming when she was collecting our marketing baskets back and said loudly "Your basket is empty!" She did not need to make anyone feel embarrassed.

Shu Zhen Winnie · 11/02/2020

we love cooking. thats why we enjoy it. is really a great experience. Recipe is true and delicious.

Tony · 04/02/2020

It was so much fun ! Enjoyed all the experience in that cooking class. Because maybe you think its going to be only a cooking class but no ! When you wander in the market to shop your grocery ot make you feel like a vietnamese person in the city. Then you fish some crab with the locals on a basket boat and finally you cook. Amazing teacher, very dynamic and enthiusiastic, super nice atmosphere and great food in the end. Amazing experience, highly recommended

Min · 02/02/2020

We really loved this tour. Everything went smoothly and it was exactly as described. They picked up us from hotel, we met our guide at the market each of us got small basket to carry the products bought there... Very interesting experience in a good way. Then we travelled by boat about 40 minutes and we had a basket ride with a crab fishing which was really funny. Cooking was amazing, they showed us how to make rice milk in a traditional way, we learnt and cooked 4 recipes. We received a present in the end and they dropped us at our hotel. Very nice tour. We really enjoyed it ? I highly recommend this tour to anyone who will stay in Hoi An.

Nikola · 23/01/2020

We are picked up promptly and brought to gathering point to join 7 others. At the market we buy herbs, pineapple, meat bones, meat, vegetables. The market is busy with motorbikes, people, and all kinds of colors of clothing, people and food. Shuttled up river to Bamboo boats (2 per boat) and doff conical hats as we are rowed to coconut grove. We fish for little crabs with meat baited poles. One was foolish enough to be caught by us. Then we go up to stilted covered platforms for lessons on grinding rice and making rice flour and steaming rice flour skins. Cooked 4 dishes: rice flour rolls, pancakes, stir fry shrimp w bai cai, pho bo. They set up and cleanup, so we get to focus on cooking and eating and mango drinks. Clean bathrooms and sinks and nice cool breeze make experience pleasant. Van gives us recipes and guides us back to vehicles for return to hotels. A good time, and we are very full. White rose for dinner was enough.

Beatrice · 19/01/2020

very fun experience, we especially enjoyed the basket boat rides. the guide was very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic throughout the entire experience. I’m not great at cooking, but the guide made instructions quite clear, would highly recommend!

Hannah · 16/01/2020

Initial confusion on collection at hotel however only minor. Slightly delayed start due to terrible traffic around Hoi An. The market was interesting learning about the different ingredients & their origins. Enjoyed the boat ride to the Coconut Forest (about 40mins). Wished the Coconut basket ride was longer. Cooking class was great and in natural surroundings (the loud music being played for the nearby Coconut basket guests was tolerable). Recipe booklet given at end to try to repeat at home. Our teacher “Nee” was lovely & spoke good English.

Sin Denh · 15/01/2020

Great experience with this tour. Started out the day in a local market. Chef shared with us how to differentiate the different ingredients she's about to use later that day. Learned a lot and the food was delicious! Recommend.

Peizi · 13/01/2020

Fun-filled tour, enjoyed the visit to the market (wished the guide introduced more types of food), the boat ride to get to the basket boat could be shorter. The basket boat ride was fun. Our guide (May) was funny and gave clear instructions while we cooked a very sumptuous meal! All the ingredients were prepared and the staff cleared/washed the dirty dishes.

Jian Fen · 11/01/2020

The cooking tour fits perfectly with the description. Pick up was punctual. The activities were also fun, started with market visiting and followed by a boat trip to the village where we were transferred to a basket boat which allows us to do some fishing. The cooking class consists of 4 different local dishes, which were easy to prepare and delicious. We were provided a recipe book and big chopsticks as souvenirs. Drop off was provided too in a comfortable limousine. Overall, it is a very good experience! Also, our guide (Flower) was very friendly and informative.

JUSTIN · 10/01/2020

Tour was fun-filled. Tour guide was very friendly and knowledagble. Dishes cooked were scrumptious and overall satisfied.

WENG JON · 09/01/2020

We had fun during the afternoon! There wasn't much to see during the boat ride but it was nice to have a different mode of transportation. The market tour was interesting, there are loads of different vegetables that I have never eaten. The cooking portion was great! simple and delicious!

Joelle · 08/01/2020

Well worth the money. We had a great time at the markets learning about the ingredients we were going to cook with our tour guide Ni. After the markets we went on a slow boat ride which was nice and steady. I often get motion sickness but I didn't with this boat. We were on the basket boats for about 20 mins, which is a good amount of time. The cooking class was thorough and we were very full at the end. At the end of the cooking class, you receive chopsticks and a cook book. I would recommend this tour to everyone.

Matthew · 08/01/2020

Overall the tour gets to experience a variety of things. However the boat traveling to the fishing village is too long and the basket boat tour is too short. The cooking class is fund and great to learn about the local dishes. As the cooking class took about 3 hours, there should be something prepared for the kids during the cooking class so that they are occupied.

chen · 04/01/2020

It was our first time in Hoi An, and we were introduced to our tour guide name Flower. She was an amazing tour guide, with plenty of enthusiasm and excellent chef. The entire cooking class was an absolutely pleasure and the floating boats were a small treat. Stacey and I thoroughly enjoyed the cooking class and look forward to using the recipes back in our home country. Thank you Flower for all the help you provided and the fantastic experience. cheers Long and Stacey

QUANG THANH LONG · 04/01/2020

Really fun tour! Qui was good at guiding and teaching us. Market shopping, basket boat ride, and then the cooking class! During the boat ride we even got to try catching some crabs (although we did release them back as they were small ones). Food that we cooked were good too, filling! Pleasant experience, worth going for!

Kylie · 03/01/2020

We had a great time making our way to the cooking class on the basket boats. Our guide was great and taught us how to cook four local Vietnamese dishes. Highly recommend!

Bonnie · 01/01/2020

Coconut and You is the provider. Very earnest guide with fantastic cooking instruction. His English could use a bit of improvement. The market tour could use more instruction. The basket boat tour was a little disappointing and not that interesting.

Cosmo · 30/12/2019

everything went smoothly. shared taxi came to accommodation and fetched us to shuttle bus meeting point, we were then brought to local market and introduced to various vegetables and ingredients for cooking. then we went on a boat ride, and a basket boat ride where we do fishing of crabs. last part was cooking- where we made 4 dishes, got back recipes and souvenirs. very full. then we were brought back to old town/ hotel. i like basket boat ride fishing and market shopping the most. (actual trip was sightly different from the description but it’s ok)

sai woon · 29/12/2019

Friendly tour guide with nice place for learning cooking. Good experience in fishing inside coconut boat

Ka Li · 27/12/2019

Guide was very knowledgeable and absolutely lovely. A great opportunity to learn how to make delicious Vietnamese dishes, and we also had a lot of fun with the other people in our group. Highly recommend

tamika · 26/12/2019

Awesome experience. Miss 6yrs & Master 10yrs loved it. From shopping at the markets, to the basket boat ride & fishing for crabs. It was a very family friendly experience. Qui are guide/chef was amazing!

Adele · 25/12/2019

The chef is friendly and it was a wonderful experience in cooking Vietnamese cuisine. Chef can speak Korean. Most our teamates are Korean. It's perfect for us to experience two different activities on the same day.

LOK YIN · 25/12/2019

Our family of 4 had an awesome time on this trip! Would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting Hoi An

CARRIE KEI · 25/12/2019

Was really nice tour. We were picked up on time and went to the market. The cooking was nice and we learned a lot. Thank you very much!!!

Nadine · 23/12/2019

Great tour around the markets and cooking experience to learn more about the food and culture! Would recommend!

Jennifer · 21/12/2019

Nice tour of the market and cooking class was easy enough for even a non-cook like me! Guide was clear and friendly. Basket boat was a little disappointing though, the one rowing our boat wasn't too interested in rocking it and making it more exciting for us.

Peh · 20/12/2019

Nice experience and we enjoyed a lot! Highly recommend:)

Yan Ping · 18/12/2019

Do not miss this great opportunity when you're in Da Nang or Hoi An! The coordinator was very efficient and the guide/chef did a wonderful job bringing out the energy of the group and activity! Boat ride and cooking were both very enjoyable!

XUAN LE · 18/12/2019

great activities to do. nice staff pick up with comfortable minivan to old town when finished.

pherasin · 17/12/2019

excellent cooking class at bay mau by wee. my 4yo was happily occupied as she always passed the food from her demo to him.inspiring class

lim · 16/12/2019

Fun activities for adults and children. My son enjoyed the basket boat ride very much. The cooking class is interesting too..

Ai Huey · 14/12/2019

Highly recommended. Very interesting cooking class. I am so surprised that I can actually cook good food too!

Yi Yin · 12/12/2019

The people their are great! And the tour guide are friendly and tries her best to engage the people. Thanks chef flower :3

Ka Hung · 11/12/2019

Very good tour. Nice tour guide. To buy the grocery first in the market and then taking the boat is a nice idea. The cooking lesson is great fun. Everyone can cook by their own. Four different meals. All together: worth it.

Marco · 11/12/2019

Joined the afternoon tour, glad that the weather is nice so it doesn't affect the tour. Market tour was shorter than expected. The first boat ride is too long (~30 minutes), but the basket boat and cooking class was great fun. Cooking pace is relatively fast, but there are tutors assisting in case you need help. Cook book and souvenir (chopsticks) were given. The tour guide/ cooking teacher is friendly but can have more interactions with us. Great that she tries to speak Cantonese and Korean while giving cooking instructions which is a bonus.

Wing Yan · 09/12/2019

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