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It was really nice. We get to experience the mud bath and it was fun because you float. the place was clean and you can borrow swimsuits at the changing rooms. there are lockers and showers, too. You can bring your own food, or eat at their restaurant. they have multiple pools, some of them are heated, and some of them are not. overall a very pleasant experience!!

Manuel F · 25/02/2021

i came here in low season but the service and facilities were still available and clean to take. The staff were very nice and supportive. This offered package from Klook is worth money ever! I spent 2 hours here and had a great experience.

thi my hoa · 24/01/2021

Relax and retreat by mud clone spa and swimming pool.have good food voucher include in packages.nice activity for leisure time

Nantaporn · 22/12/2020

The spa js a great relaxing experience. Any ages can join! First virgin muddy experience and it went smoooth

reiko · 22/12/2020

Possibly the best mud bath in Nha Trang so far!!!!

TUAN MINH · 03/12/2020

Although the facilities didn’t open much, but we still have good time there. Good place and special experience. We would go there if next time come to Nha Trang.

YING YU · 30/11/2020

Highly recommend! very very nice, we love this place so much enjoy the facility and environment there.

Chen Nee · 16/07/2020

I enjoyed the waterfall more than the mud bath. I purchased waterpark ticket as well but no one told me how to get there (actually there was a shuttle). Average.

Huy · 30/06/2020

Great service, friendly staff who gave clear instructions. The mud bath was awesome.

Van Huyen · 29/06/2020

Mud bath was very pleasant and soothing. my skin became very soft after the bath. there is a variety of different pools but the layout and signage is quite confusing. they should provide a map that labels all pools and fix the signage. you often don't know what pool you are entering without touching the water first to know if it's hot or cold. lunch was ok at the onsite restaurant. worth a 2 to 4 hour stay.

Sang Heun · 20/06/2020

Mud bath was best part, felt great afterwards and nice waterfall to clean yourself off in. Mineral pools were nice and relaxing as well. A bit far to get to though but not too expensive when split with friends. Overall good experience, rate a 6.5/10

Rattany · 04/05/2020

Very interesting mud bath experience. Also have big swimming pool for relaxation afterwards. However , the voucher need to wait about 2 hours to be sent to account .

wilson · 02/04/2020

Great value and a super relaxing day! The mud bath was revitalising

Natalie · 07/03/2020

Nice place to unwind, Just 20 minutes from Nha Trang Beach / City.. Do try their mineral / Mud bath.

MOHD FAIZAN · 06/03/2020

The experience was enjoyable as the mud bath is one of their must try things in Nha trang. The resort provides space for storage, so no worries on your safe keeps. They also has s water park, but sadly, we did not managed to enjoy any of those rides as their water park allocated a distance away from their spa area, its such as shame that we couldnt tried it. However, after the mud bath, you're entitled to enjoy from a hot spring Jacuzzi style swimming pool to a cold pouring waterfall pool. So, my advice is to relax and don't rush through your schedule for the day and indulge in their hospitality

Gregary Chin Khiong · 21/02/2020

A MYST try activity in Nha Trang.

wai ming · 13/02/2020

Mud spa was very comfortable, spent few hours of greag time there, went on a Monday and it is quite crowded, hard boiled eggs was very delicious, would definitely come back again

Chun Keong · 11/02/2020

good good good good good

pei sun · 05/02/2020

Great experience and everybody enjoyed having mud spa. Just the fact that the bathroom is to small and crowded with people.

sze nga · 03/02/2020

great place , great place to relax had fun in the water park as well. enjoy

Shu fang · 31/01/2020

The resort is excellent. It’s such a pity that the standard ticket only allows 20-min enjoyment of the mud spa. Be there before 10am so it wouldn’t get too crowded. The food is good with a very reasonable price.

Mei Yu · 20/01/2020

Easy redemption. Beautiful place with great environment.

Syed Mohd Zahid · 15/01/2020

Natural retreat is one of the activities you cant miss. I like this program very much but the time for mud treatment is too short, just 20 mins.

Kraisak · 15/01/2020

I experienced the VIP package which offer a great and excellent service there. You will have your golf car for transportation and privacy pool for VIP guest. And the package include a meal that is perfect.

Pui chung · 12/01/2020

An unusual experience with mud spa. Warm and relaxing. Although it feels weird initially! The water park is very cooling.

Shue Fan · 11/01/2020

Great place to for family. Over there the food portion is big and tasty. Shower, Mud and Food place is clean.

KOK WAI · 08/01/2020

First time with mud bath and I resort is a very big resort that provides more than mud bath. you can enjoy at least 1/2 day inside the resort. For us we really enjoy with all the hot spring pools and others facilities from - 1pm.

Chee Yuen · 04/01/2020

Works, seemless quick process of issuing tickets after showing QR code. Nice savings. Attaching current price schedule from i-resort.

Onon · 03/01/2020

It was a very great experience having a mud spa in I-resort. The location is not too far from the town area, about 7km which cost around VND 120k by grab car. Free towel and locker is provided. We do enjoy it!

NYEK CHIAO · 02/01/2020

mud bath and hot spring is good. swimsuits and towel are provided. the water at waterpark is too cold for kids to play.

chiau mei · 02/01/2020

Staffs there were friendly and helpful. Place was clean and huge for the price we paid. Surprisingly the food sold at the resort tasted pretty good too but the fried rice though for 1 was huge enough for 3-4. Would definitely go again if ever in Nha Trang. Was easy to redeem through Klook as well.

CHONG KIONG · 31/12/2019

Very good experience, all the staffs are very friendly. The environment is nice and relaxing. The water park is quite nice but nothing much to play. Only a few type of slides, others are suitable for kids to play.

Qixiu · 30/12/2019

Really nice and so relaxing. great place to spend half a day

Jeremy · 28/12/2019

Very good services with many swimming pools. I and my kid love the water park a lot. There is a very nice swimming pool there.

minh anh · 27/12/2019

Bath in mud is a great experience. The swimming pools are with warm water, and well maintained

marco · 27/12/2019

Booked for a 6:30p.m. session and reached at 6:00p.m. Didnt know and wasn't notified that the facilities other than mud bath and swimming would already be closed at time of reservation. The experience was alright. Quiet and enjoyable at night. Had the whole place to ourselves. Price on klook was slightly cheaper than the resort's rate. Would recommend to include this in your itinerary.

Xin Hui · 26/12/2019

The hot mineral mud spa is incredibly great! It is worth a try when you pay visit to nha trang~ however, the waterpark is just a bonus, don't expect too much on it. But it is still suitable as a family activity, not for those looking for adventurous and challenging activity! There have several hot springs pool available and it is great to spend your time too!

Yi Ying · 25/12/2019

Very organized changing rooms with free lockers and mud bath area. A few hot springs to try out after that, and there is a water theme park where the kids had fun. Overall enjoyable experience but do note the water theme park is accessible by a buggy ride which we were not aware of initially, so check with the staff where to take the buggy.

Yen Ling · 24/12/2019

Big park and many swimming pools. Spend 2 hours at pools & lunch. Have massage on site too. Very relaxing experience.

Siew Nee · 20/12/2019

We went for the mud bath in the evening before it was closed and were thrilled to experience it with few visitors around. Staff were friendly and the mud bath itself was a cool experience. Would love for more lights around the bath area and perhaps more privacy if possible, still overall a cool experience!

BRITNEY · 17/12/2019

my family had a good time here. we went on low season so it was not so crowded. the food was not so good here but reasonale price

Hoa · 16/12/2019

There are good place for adult and child. They have spa and water park. It is so fun.

Yukiko · 16/12/2019

we used klook voucher and it was very fast, easy and efficient. booking with klook also can get some discount. it was fun and enjoyable because our children loved the water park so much.

Woon · 15/12/2019

There were four of us in a private tub. There are hot springs pool and waterpark as well in the park. The park is well-maintained, clean and the facilities are good. A towel will be provided for each person, but I suggest to bring an extra towel on your own. We enjoyed ourselves in I-resort.

SING CHEAH · 15/12/2019

It is excellent experience. after mug bath. we still able enjoy hot spring water. and kid have fun here together.

PIOW TECK · 13/12/2019

Great experience to dip in mud spa , then enjoy hot spring while kid have some water park for them. overall can spend a nice 4hours in it.

Lee Ling · 12/12/2019

Amazing experience with KLOOK. Their service is very efficient and professional. Thank you KLOOK for the best pricing! Great value for money.

SHI CHOON · 11/12/2019

Nice resort! Staff are friendly. Entrance ticket processing is fast when you show them KLOOK bar code. Only a scan to enter the resort! Great.

Shuyi · 11/12/2019

Very relaxing! We enjoyed it very much

Chi · 11/12/2019

nice relaxing place , went alone and spent 2 hours here

HWee Yatt · 11/12/2019

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